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Five ways to repair the power adapter

April 15, 2019 by keikeilaiy  

First, if there is a problem with the original power adapter, it can't be repaired or it can't be repaired, you can use other adapters instead, as long as the output voltage and power are roughly equal. There is also a voltage regulator circuit inside the laptop, don't worry too much about the output voltage mismatch. In the repair, the first step is to prepare the tool. We need a multimeter, a screwdriver, and a welding tool.

Second, there are four plastic caps on the power adapter. Do not damage the adapter casing as much as possible. After the shell is damaged, electromagnetic radiation will be strengthened and the machine will be stable. If the shell is damaged, try to fix it. During the disassembly process, if the external power supply is not powered, you can try plugging in the battery. If the machine can start normally, there may be a problem with the power cord or the adapter. Open the appearance, open the shielding layer, it is best to first check the soldering feet, the naked eye can be observed, the circuit is intermittent, usually poor contact. Then use a multimeter to check if there is any problem with the power cord to simplify the maintenance.

Third, during the test, if the resistance pin is found to be soldered, and then soldered with a soldering tool, the power adapter is installed again, and the test is started. The problem is solved. It should be noted that if there is a problem with a certain capacitor during the detection process, you can purchase a capacitor with a model and capacity (price is about 5 yuan), then solder the defective capacitor and solder the new capacitor. Just fine. If you find that there is a problem with the IC power chip, you can solve it in the same way. Of course, since the IC chip is definitely one of the most important electronic components in the power adapter, the capacitor is too complicated.

Fourth, the optional power adapter in the repair process, because the current power adapter has a large number of patch components, once the component is out of order, the maintenance is more difficult. The power of the power adapter is also increasing day by day, so that the test of electronic components is getting bigger and bigger. If the quality of the electronic components used in the power adapter is not good and the PCB is improperly wired, it is likely to increase the probability of failure. Therefore, the purchase of a good quality power adapter is very helpful for the stability of the notebook.

Fifth, check the capacitor resistance and inductance for any problems. If the capacitor has a bulge, it is best to replace it in time to avoid potential hazards.

USB 3.0 data cable VS USB 2.0 data cable – OEM USB cable

April 9, 2019 by keikeilaiy  

USB 3.0 data cable features:

High-quality oxygen-free copper pure copper core, high transmission speed, double-layer aluminum foil + inner membrane shield double-layer anti-interference, stable transmission, strong anti-interference ability, data cable twisted pair: minimize data cable signal interference


USB 3.0 data cable transmission specification, providing ultra-fast data transmission rate of up to 5Gbp/s, flexible PVC jacket: flexible, not easy to break, durable.

USB 3.0 data cable VS USB 2.0 data cable


USB 3.0 data cable VS USB 2.0 data cable


1. USB 3.0 data cable bandwidth is 10 times that of USB 2.0 data cable, can reach 5Gb/s (480MB/s), and synchronous transmission bandwidth can reach 384MB/s, which is the main difference between USB 3.0 data cable and USB 2.0 data cable.

2. Low power consumption (about 25% lower power consumption than USB 2.0 data cable at 20MB/s data transfer);

3. USB 3.0 data cable is more energy efficient than USB 2.0 data cable. For devices that are temporarily waiting, power saving mode can be used.

4. USB 3.0 data cable can provide more power through the cable (2.5W to 4.5W);

5. USB 3.0 data cable is backward compatible and supports USB 2.0 data cable devices, but USB 2.0 data cable cannot support USB 3.0 data cable.


Important features of the USB 3.0 data cable:


1. Added an important data transfer rate;


2. Point-to-point transmission to minimize the number of active links;


3. The asynchronous mode notification function removes the need for polling mode;


4. Based on link level power management, this is the basic design of the bus structure;


5. Backward compatible with USB 2.0 data cable, compatibility is achieved at both the driver and physical level.


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Apple will Upgrade iPhone Charger and Data Cable

April 4, 2019 by keikeilaiy  

According to reports, Apple will upgrade the next-generation iPhone charger, which sounds very good, at least you can upgrade without spending extra money.


According to sources, Apple’s next-generation iPhone’s standard charger will be equipped with USB-C output interface as standard, support USB PD fast charging protocol, and output power up to 18W, so you can spend no extra money for users. Experience the fast charge function. Before that, you need to purchase a USB-C to Lightning cable and a charger that supports USB-C PD.

charge the mobile phone correctly

In addition, the news also stressed that Apple will upgrade the current USB-A to Lightning interface to USB-C to Lightning interface, and also support USB PD fast charge protocol, which is a great news for MacBook Pro users.


When Apple released the new MacBook Pro, it replaced all the interfaces with USB-C. This caused the iPhone to pay extra for the iPhone when it was connected. So from this point of view, Apple’s charger and data cable. The upgrade is inevitable.


Buy a new iPhone and experience the fast charge function out of the box. This is indeed one of the most significant changes on the iPhone.

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How to use the car charger is safe

March 26, 2019 by keikeilaiy  

owadays, the car charger has been widely used in most car owners. However, the quality of car chargers is uneven, and many car owners do not know how to use them correctly. However, if there is a problem with a small car charger, it will also bring A huge loss. The car charger converts the 12V voltage of the car cigarette lighter socket into a 5V USB voltage, which is used to charge the mobile phone and other devices. Its characteristics are small power consumption, simple and convenient, and low price. Although this configuration is simple and easy to use, it can cause damage or even danger if it is not properly operated.


Precautions for use


Matter 1: It is best not to insert the car charger or connect the power supply to the mobile phone before starting the vehicle, so as to avoid the unstable voltage generated by the vehicle starting to damage the charger and the mobile phone.


Matter 2: When the car charger has been used for a long time, do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning agents or strong detergents to clean the charger. Wipe it with a wet tissue and dry it to avoid damage.


Matter 3: Pay special attention to not throwing, landing, knocking or vibrating the charger at random during use. When the summer vehicle is exposed to the sun and the temperature inside the car exceeds 45 degrees Celsius, do not use the charger for a while, otherwise the circuit board inside the car charger will be seriously damaged.


Matter 4: The car charger is an electronic device. During the use of the car owner, do not put it in a humid environment for a long time to avoid different degrees of corrosion or oxidation of its internal electronic components. If you accidentally spill water on the charger while driving, remove it immediately and wipe it dry to avoid damage to the board.


Matter 5: After the vehicle is turned off, the car charger should be unplugged. If it is plugged into the power connector for a long time, the contact between the two may be corrupted and difficult to remove. Although 80% of the vehicles are powered by the cigarette lighter after the vehicle is unplugged, some of the car's cigarette lighters are continuously powered. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to purchase a car charger with overload protection function, because when the output current is too large and exceeds its normal output value, the life of the charger component will be shortened or the temperature will be too high to cause damage or even combustion.


Select products with output currents above 1A


The input voltage of the car charger on the market is basically 12V~24V, the output voltage is 5V, and the output current is about 1A~4A. However, some "three no" or "cottage" products generally have a phenomenon of charging current imaginary. If you are charging while navigating with your mobile phone, the inferior charger will not only provide normal charging but will also cause the battery to continue to drop.


Choose regular licensed


To buy products that have been certified by regular manufacturers, do not buy or use three products, otherwise there will be no complaints about quality problems. In particular, you can't buy cheap brands. At present, the price of car chargers for domestic mainstream brands is around 20-100 yuan. When buying, remember to buy licensed products marked with Chinese characters.

USB data cable manufacturers’ future development trend

March 11, 2019 by keikeilaiy  

The USB data cable is currently widely used in the market. It can not only transmit data between electronic devices, but also facilitate the charging of mobile phones and other electronic products. The reliable USB data cable manufacturers are also facing a fierce market situation. Let’s take a look at the development trend of USB data cable manufacturers in the future.


First, the unity of diverse interfaces


At present, USB data cable manufacturers are faced with the diversified status of data cable interfaces. Many terminal equipment manufacturers have their own USB data cable interfaces, which makes the production of USB data cable manufacturers more complicated. At present, the future data cable interfaces need to be unified, and the difficulty in manufacturing USB data cables will also be reduced.

USB data cable manufacturers' future development trend


Second, the convenience will be enhanced


The USB data cable interface is not convenient enough in use. However, in recent years, it has been possible to change the direction from the past micro USB interface to the current type-c interface, and it can be directly inserted in any direction. Convenience and practicality will be further enhanced in the future.


Third, the appearance and material


In the future, the data cables produced by USB data cable manufacturers will inevitably produce more changes in material and appearance, from single-sided cables to double-sided cables, from two-color double-sided cables to crystal cables, from braided lines to metal-lined lines. The change of the material once brings better quality and performance to the USB data cable. In the future, the aluminum alloy and the glossy material will be applied more widely.


Fourth, the realization of one-line multi-function


USB data cable manufacturers will develop more functions in a USB data cable in the future. At present, there are a lot of applications for USB data cables, and the number of interfaces that one data cable can drag in the future will be more. There will be a variety of functional interfaces combined into one data cable.


The USB data cable has very important value in actual use. In the future, the manufacturer will be more based on the user’s actual needs and market feedback, more uniformity in the interface, convenience and practicability in product use, and through a rich appearance and Material changes to win the favor of more users.