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Logitech Laptop Keys not Working? How to Fix Them without Paying through your Nose?

November 14, 2019 by Replacement Laptop Keys  

Most of the Logitech laptop owners have faced a situation even once in their life when the keyboard keys stop working all of a sudden. Have you ever thought of why it happens? Reasons could be sticky keys or damaged keycaps. No matter what the issue is, it may cause a big problem because it’s not possible to live with a broken key for a long time.

In this situation, some people leave their Logitech laptop to the closest computer repair shop for a week or more and pay lots of dollars to get their keyboard repaired. And others call up their laptop manufacturer to send the laptop off for six to eight weeks and get the laptop with a shiny new keyboard. However, sending the laptop to the manufacturer makes sense only when the laptop is under warranty, otherwise, it can cost more than $200 for the keyboard keys repair. Also, all this can cause major delay in your work.

To overcome the problems, there is a solution that makes a sense and is affordable as well, which is replacing broken or non-working laptop keyboard keys by your own. Most of the laptop owners are not aware that even a single Logitech keyboard key can be replaced. Replacing a key by own costs only $5 or less and anyone can do it in a couple of minutes at the comfort of their home. But there are some questions that come in everyone’s mind when it comes to key replacement. Here we have mentioned few of them:

Where to Shop?

Replacement laptop keyboard keys are very easy to shop for. You just have to search for an online replacement laptop keys provider on the search engine like Google.com, Yahoo.com or Bing.com and you will get ample of websites. Choose the right one that provides perfect-fit and OEM keys without breaking the bank, such as Replacement Laptop Keys.

What Comes with the Key?

Often when a key is bought, it comes with all such things that are needed to let a key functioning again, such as complete replacement kit (consisting of keycap, hinge clip, and rubber cup) and free video installation guide. All these are required so that you can fix the key by your own.

What is the Process for Purchasing?

The purchasing process varies from website to website. But if you are purchasing from Replacement Laptop Keys, the process is very simple.

·         First of all; choose which brand’s and model’s key you need.

·         Now select the key that is needed to be replaced, such as numeric, ctrl, alphabetic or fn key from the option named, “SELECT YOUR KEY.

·         Choose how many keys you need from the option named, “QUANTITY.

·         Now click on “Add to Cart

·         Proceed to check out and make your payment.

How to Replace the Laptop Key?

Once you have purchased the key, it’s a matter of minutes to replace them. Fixing the key is very simple just like ordering. Our installation videos will guide you step by step on how to correctly put the key back to the keyboard.

As you have read how easy it is to replace the broken or jammed key with Replacement Laptop Keys, so the next time when you face broken keys, think about how unproblematic it is to fix a broken key at home.

Fix MacBook Keyboard Key Malfunction

November 1, 2019 by Replacement Laptop Keys  

Apple MacBooks are quite famous among business professionals and college students. If you also have a MacBook and you are having a problem with its keyboard, then good news for you is that you can fix your MacBook’s keyboard keys yourself.

Though MacBooks come with durable and quality keyboard keys, but with time they start getting worn out. Sometimes keyboard keys get broken due to laptop falling from table or shelf. And, it may lead to interruption of work for the laptop user. However, you can take your MacBook to a repair shop to install replacement MacBook keys. The repair shop will diagnose your MacBook and replace the broken keys in some days. Now, when your laptop is at the repair shop, you can’t do your office/college work. Moreover, getting your MacBook repaired from a repair shop will cost a good amount of money.

Here is the SOLUTION!

Instead of giving your MacBook to a repair shop, you can fix broken or worn out keys yourself with replacement MacBook keyboard keys from Replacement Laptop keys. We are a leading online supplier of 100% genuine keyboard keys. Whether you have a single or multiple broken keyboard keys, you can replace them from the comfort of your home with Replacement Laptop keys. We stock quality replacement keyboard keys for MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro Retina, and MacBook Pro TouchBar. Our replacement keys are highly durable and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well as free video guide. Our video will guide you step by step on how to put the keyboard keys back on the keyboard in just a couple of minutes. Make sure your laptop is turned off and the power cable is disconnected.

Placing order for MacBook keyboard keys is simple and easy. You just have to select the model, key type, and quantity, and then add your desired key to the cart. We ship to all 50 U.S. states with same day shipping. Orders placed are usually delivered within couple business days from the day of purchase. Customers who ordered an incorrect item by mistake can exchange it by sending it back, and we will glad to exchange it for you. So, order your piece confidentially today and get it delivered to your doorway!

How to Replace Macbook Laptop Keys?

October 24, 2019 by Replacement Laptop Keys  

A laptop is an essential piece that most of the businessmen & entrepreneurs use. One thing is very important about it that it should be functioned properly. Sometimes while working, we feel intensive or hard typing which leads to slow down our typing speed and affect the work. It is due to the dust in the keyboard keys, or liquid spilling on keys. At that time, it becomes essential to replace the non-working keys. Replacing the key is not a difficult task as people think of. There is no technician required to replace it. Simply follow the steps given below:

     · Firstly shut down your Macbook and disconnect the cable.

     · Before going for replacement process, make sure that you are aware about keyboard’s internal parts.

     ·  Gently insert the screwdriver beneath the corner of your Macbook key and lift the particular lettered key cap up and set it away to notice how the key retainer is situated.

     ·  Adjust the retainer of new Macbook replacement key into the space of missing key retainer.

     ·  Press down the retainer firmly to ensure that the retainer is properly seated in the base of the connection points.

     ·  Now it’s the turn to position the replacement cap of Macbook key into the keyboard so that the letters can be read carefully. Press the key down until it fits securely in its space.

There are lots of stores from where you can buy the replacement keys. But depending on your make and model of laptop, your options for ordering keys will vary. Replacement Laptop Keys is one such store that stocks laptop keys of all brands’ all models with 100% OEM guarantee plus fast and timely delivery. Most of their replacement keys are just $4.95 or less. So, buy with confidence by visiting https://www.replacementlaptopkeys.com/