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Best Surgical Razor Manufacturers In India

May 20, 2019 by khuranareet  

Disposable prep razor or Surgical shaving blades are specially designed for shaving patients prior to surgical procedures. These razors and shavers are separately packaged, manufactured of stainless steel, and are safe and effective, requiring only one razor per procedure.

Razorex Disposable Razor for Women is a premium stainless steel edge and presents a hygienic & medically safe body hair Shaving experience to prep your patients. RazorEx Disposable Prep Razor is safe, hygienic, sterile, Hospital Supplies that are scientifically designed to give you a clean & convenient patient prepping experience. 


Even in the case of major operations, one of the most important things is shaving. Razor can be taken as one of the most effective hospital consumables that are required as a preparatory for operations. However, the hospitals mostly use surgical shaving blade which is quite different in feature than the razor that you use at home. In order to get effective and long lasting results, you should know the best way to shave your body hairs.

Razorex has also been popular as a disposable razor for women due to its following advantages:

1. The unique long handle design allows for an effortless glide over skin contours.

2. The dotted grip handle provides a firm, precise grip while allowing the razor to move smoothly over the skin surface without the need to apply excessive pressure.

3. The wider viewing window provides an unfettered view of the area under prep.

4. The laser sharp, stainless steel cutting edge delivers a clean prep area, in a single pass, without the risk of cuts or nicks.


5. The comb teeth contraption, preceding the cutting edge, helps detangle all curves & avoid painful hair pulls.


6. Can be used without the sticky Shaving Gel or Foams.

Razorex is recognized as the best surgical razor manufacturers in India. Most of our products are Hospital Consumables, used during surgeries – with regular usage and have a recurring demand. Our products stand out for their excellence.

Types of Bathrooms

April 20, 2019 by khuranareet  

Types of Bathrooms 


Master Bathroom 

The master bathroom in a home is generally connected to a master bedroom suite. Master bathrooms are often located within or directly adjacent to the master bedroom, and they often mirror—either subtly or directly—the style of the master bedroom.


Guest Bathroom 

Guest bathrooms can be located directly in or adjacent to a guest suite in the home, or they may be "free standing" and located in a hallway. 


Half Bathroom & Powder Room

Half baths are often used to accommodate houseguests, but they're also a convenient and heavily trafficked space for anyone in the home


Our Proven Track Record & High Reputation 

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We have successfully completed numerous bathroom remodeling projects of different sizes, types and budgets in the last 20 years. 

At National Home Improvements our bathroom remodeling contractors NJ combine experience, training and hard work to deliver renovated and remodeled bathrooms of your choice. 

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Hair Care Services in Salons Near You

March 30, 2019 by khuranareet  

Do you own and operate a salon in the heart of Delhi? Then, you might have faced hair care problem with your clients. So, here we will discuss how you can care for the stylish hair of your esteemed clients. Summer is approaching fast, so get ready to beat the heat.

Beat the Heat on Head

We regularly apply sunscreen on our face and skin but, what about hair? We forget it. However, the UV rays damage hair and its color in the same way as it does for your fluffy skin. Another greatest damage comes when people go for swimming into the chlorinated water of the pool. Hence, give your clients tips to wash and apply UV protecting hair spray enthused with Vitamin E, if they come complaining to your Hair Salon in Delhi  about hair damage, this summer.

Having Problems with Humidity?

In summers we often go out for giving an extra supply of oxygen to the skin. However, hair left entangled due to sweaty frizz. Clients having curly hair face greater risks from such problems. Ask them to use weather-proof spray that can give the hair extra moisture for polished, sleek hair all day long.

Bright and Blonde

Inform your clients coming to your Salon Services in Delhi that it will take some upkeep to keep it bright and not brassy, if they are new to the blonde. There are many perfect coloring lines in the market, for the clients new to the blonde. Let them try four shades of blonde matching their skin tone, and add protection against summer hair hazards.


Hair becomes too dry in summer due to sun, heat, and swimming in the pool. So, if a lady comes with dehydrated locks to your Best Beauty Parlour in Delhi, masque their hair to replenish well and give them soft and supple locks.

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Medical Cannabis Bus a mobile smoke shop

March 14, 2019 by khuranareet  

Then is nothing better than a mobile shop coming to your place an offering your cannabis. Yes! This is made possible with the Medical Cannabis Bus that offers you a comfortable spot for smoking weeds. These buses are converted school buses which are also known as skoolies. This skoolies offers you the spaces to have a comfortable place to smoke and feel rejuvenated. Before understanding what is a weed bus or cannabis busit is important to understand the effect of medical cannabis. It is important to evaluate the benefit of the same and the ways the cannabis bus helps in reaching out to the people with medical conditions.

What is medical cannabis?

Cannabis has been researched to have various medical benefits. This is one of the reasons why this plant has been legalized in 33 states of the US. Though there is constant research being done on this there are some of the proven benefits of having cannabis. Cannabis helps in treating health disorders like Alzheimer, insomnia, eating disorder, Crohn's diseases and even cancer. This is one of the reasons why the usage of cannabis within a limited quantity is allowed in various states of the US.

How does the Medical Cannabis Bus function?

Understanding the medical needs of cannabis the Medical Cannabis Bus tends to reach out to the patients who are in need of cannabis. The bus is also known as weed bus. So, what is a weed bus? A weed bus or the cannabis bus is a mobile weed store that offers you weeds and a place to roll one to have a smoke. To all the potheads, the good news is that you can now get on the bus and trip different places while having your favourite cannabis.


Cannabis bus is an innovative way to reach out for the people in need of weeds. With intensive research on the subject, it is found that cannabis has various medical benefits and reaching out to people in need of cannabis and organizing a trip is a brilliant idea. This also helps in forming a mobile community and helps in promoting local businesses across the different parts of the world.