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What is the Do’s when you are trying to conceive

December 17, 2019 by khuranareet  

We are aware that once you conceive then you shouldn’t drink alcohol or smoke or take lots of coffee etc. But have you ever thought what are things you should do during your pre-pregnancy period. Though it’s always best to consult the Best gynecologist in Bangalore so that you are provided with a detailed chart which you should follow regularly if you desire to enter into mother hood.

Let us quickly dig into the dos during your pre-pregnancy period

·        Most importantly you should take a proper eight hours sleep.

·        Start taking the correct medications so that your body is prepared to conceive.

·        It’s great if you can start taking the vitamins- iron and calcium supplements regularly, folic acid and also DHA.

·        If you drink then minimize your drinks to three drinks every week and please avoid having drink every day

·        No more coffee now and then. Minimize the consumption to 100 mg very day.

·        Don’t eat fast, junk or packed food.

·        Skip or avoid eating chicken, turkey, beef rather start eating lots of beans, eggs, fish, tofu, green vegetables and fruits.

·        Start eating the whole food, nuts, veggies, unprocessed grains etc.

·        Have filtered water

·        Be in good shape and for it you should start exercising daily

·        Don’t go for running , skiing or any heavy weighted exercise

·        Our heart rate should be below 130 beats each minute.

We often think that we cannot get pregnant due to certain healthy issues, but if you follow a good diet and do proper exercise daily then your body will be fit to conceive. So don’t take stress to get pregnant, just enjoy your life and you will surely get what you desire.


We hope that this article is very helpful for the budding pregnant ladies. If you can follow a strict diet by your won then it’s great or else if you are facing any issues then it will be great if you can visit the Best Lady gynecologist or the gynecologist doctor in jeevan bhima, so that all your doubts about getting pregnant is resolved from an expert.

Things to consider which you missed for so long in your playground

November 14, 2019 by khuranareet  

Playground is the best place where you can fresh your mind and also relaxes your body. So you have to be very particular that your playground should be well decorated and equipped with all the latest playground equipments. Though there are numerous companies which manufacturers these equipments but Kidzlet is the best playground equipment companies.

The following are the ideas which you should immediately include in your playground which you were missing from so long:-

1. Equipments for the special kids:-

Playground should be a place for all, so it should also have equipments which are best suited for special children so that they can also enjoy. But be sure that the equipments are safe and sound and the kids with special needs can play on them at ease.

2. Outdoor gym equipments:-

Usually the playgrounds have numerous playground equipments for children, but we forget to introduce certain equipments which are best for the elders so that they also visit the park in abundance and stay fit and sound after doing exercise in the playground.

If the same playground will be having the gym equipments and equipments for the children then it will be a place full of fun and activities for the children and their parents.

Some of the fitness equipments which you should include in your playground are balance exercises, back extensions, leg press, hand cycling, leg extensions, stationary bicycling and cardio walking.

3. Open space and best arenas for celebrations:-

Outdoors are the best places for parties for children and gatherings. It’s a new trend to have parties in the gardens Playground cane be the best place to celebrate your children’s birthdays and small gatherings as this place is free from the pollution and busy streets. This place can also be used for showcasing the talents of your children. this is the best place where both parents and children can be happy.


Kidzlet is the top notch playground equipments manufacturers. We you desire to buy the best rated outdoor playground equipment then you can surely contact them.

What are the best ways to deal with the morning sickness?

October 9, 2019 by khuranareet  

Morning sickness is very common in women who are in their early stage of pregnancy. Morning sickness is usually occurred in the first phase of the day which is described as vomiting or nausea and it continues till first two months of the pregnancy stage. If you are feeling very uneasy and looking to get relieved from it then you can consult the Best gynecologist in Bangalore.

The following are some Do’s and Don’ts through which you can control your morning sickness.



·        Eat in small quantities

·        Take lots of liquid – juices, coconut water, lassi etc to keep your body hydrated.

·        Eat biscuit once you are awake from your sleep in the early morning such as Marie gold or cream cracker.

·        Always take light breakfast in the morning

·        Tulsi leaves and the ilachi lemon drops can be helpful in stopping vomiting

·        If you are not comfortable tin taking warm milk then go for the flavored milk such as roohafza , kesar , badam etc

·        Eat lots of green salad and fruits

·        Be own doctor make a list which food curbs the feeling of vomiting and start including them in your diet.

·        If still not relieved then consult the gynecologist and take medicines.


·        Never sleep or lie down after eating a meal

·        Never eat spicy food

·        Do not skip any meals

·        Do not exert any pressure on your body and mind

·        If you are comfortable in drinking water along with your meal then go for it or drink water before or after the meal which ever suits you.



It’s really difficult to find the Best Lady gynecologist  and also the experienced  Gynecologist Doctor in Jeevan Bhima Nagar, so if you are struggling to find one then get connected with NativeCreativ and know the best gynecologists in this area.


What are the safety guidelines of the playground equipments?

September 14, 2019 by khuranareet  

We all love to buy the best looking playground equipments from the best playground equipments suppliers but we forget to know the guidelines for these equipments.

In this article we will discuss about the safety measures/guidelines of the outdoor playground equipments and they are as follows:-

1. Slide Safety Measures:-

·        Children should step one by one on the stairs and strongly hold the rail while climbing the ladder. Never climb up the sliding to go to the top of the equipment.

·        Children should always put their feet straight and forward and never put their head at the first place

·        One child should climb the ride at a time.

·        The bottom surface of the slide should always be checked so that the landing of the children is safe.

2. Swing Safety Measures:-

·        Swing should be made from the soft material such as plastic, rubber and not of the wood or the metal material

·        Only one person should be allowed to swing at a time.

·        Children sitting on the swing should keep safe distance from other children, so that none of the children is hurt.

·        Kids should never be allowed to stand or knee on the swing. They should always sit on the swing.

3. Seesaw safety Measures:-

·        Kids should face each other and never turn their backs

·        Children should firmly hold the handle of the seesaw and not touch the grass or the ground. Their feet should always be kept on the seesaw.

·        Never stand r play with a seesaw; children can get hurt from the sides of the seesaw.



If you are looking to buy the best quality playground equipments then you can buy it from the top ranked playground equipments suppliers which are Kidzlet.

Why to choose Sri Lanka as your wedding destination?

July 6, 2019 by khuranareet  

Gone are the days when destination wedding was considered as the costly ones or only associated with the rich folks. Today destination marriages are accessible to many because of the cheaper flights, travel prone folks and improved connectivity. No one desires to get into that time consuming rituals and spend lavishly in them rather the couple’s focuses to travel and have fun on their special day, so Sri Lanka can be one of the beautiful yet luxury destination wedding venues for the couples.

SriLanka is a beautiful place which a perfect combination of the alluring beaches, beautiful garden, mind-blowing beaches and wonderful caves. The natural beauty is the prime reason for which Sri Lanka is considered as the best destination for wedding. And apart from everything who would not like to have the best wedding in an island with the beautiful sunset and sound of water waves.

Why to choose destination wedding SriLanka?

1. Dynamism:-

The following are the wedding options from which you can select which makes you more thrilled and excited:-

ØJungle based wedding

ØMarry in the ad mist of the sandy beach with an elephant

ØGet along with your partner in the boat on the smooth waves of the beaches.

ØGo for a private island wedding

ØTea plantation wedding

ØMarry in the old church in the hill country

2. Affordability:-

Sri Lanka is more affordable than its beauty and this is the reason why Indians are attracted to this wedding destination. Starting from the currency, cheaper flights to cities like Kandy & Colombo, and the affordable stays all these are enough to make it the most demanding wedding destination for the couple’s .the tax is lesser than India and Sri Lanka doesn’t possess any tedious formalities which most of the eastern countries possess.


Octave Events is the best wedding destination planners which have also become the most reliable overseas destination wedding planners in India. So if you are the one who desires to make your D Day special by organizing your wedding in Sri Lanka then Octave Events is the best organization which can plan for you the best in affordable rates.

A note on the Tattoo Power Supply

July 4, 2019 by khuranareet  

Tattoo artists always try to make the best tattoo in the world and for this they try to find out the best tattoo machines without keeping any stress on their rates.

But you should have the correct tattoo machines just like the tattoo needles and tattoo cartridges so that perfect tattoo can be made.


The tattoo power supply comes in various voltages so be aware about the voltage which is best for your tattoo machines based on its power supply. Fe w of the power supply machines           run on three volts. And you can find the devices which can produce till fifteen volts.

There are portable power supplied devices which can run at low as 1 volt whereas there are devices which can run on 15 volts. Please comprehend the concept that if there will be high voltage then there will be more power exerted from the unit.

As there is different kinds of voltage persisting in the markets you will find digital and analog tattoo power supply units which are regulated as well as unregulated models.

You can choose the right one based on your confidence and the tattoo which you desire to made, but don’t forget that your budget is also important.

If you have a high budget then goes for the digital machine because the reading is very accurate but the rate is high as well.

You can even go with the regulated devices which are great as they can offer constant voltage irrespective of the fact whether the machine is working or not.

If you are an experienced tattoo artist then you will be aware that different pressure should be exerted on different points while making the tattoo, so the power supplied by the tattoo supply will be fluctuating relying of the piercing of the needle inside the skin. The regulated power supply will be compensating for these fluctuations but the cheap units will not. So buy the tattoo power supply 

How to check whether the pork is cooked or not through the thermometer?

June 20, 2019 by khuranareet  

Pork is best cooked with the help of the thermometer as it’s becomes very easy to know what temperature is pork done so that neither the pork is over cooked nor it is under cooked. In this article we will discuss how the pork is prepared with the help of the thermometer.


1. You have to take at least 2.5 cm thick pork so that the thermometer is easily inserted into it. If there are fine cuts on the pork then it’s not good to insert the thermometer into while cooking, so thickness is required if you want perfect cooking of the pork with the help of the thermometers.

2.Firstly you should prepare the pork as you desire because once you have inserted the thermometer then it becomes troublesome to add spices and other ingredients which you want to add up to the pork.

3. The thermometer should be inserted on the thickest part of your pork; mainly it’s suitable if you can insert the thermometer in the middle portion because it’s the last [portion where the temperature reaches. If by mistake you have inserted the thermometry in the bones of the pork then you will be getting incorrect reading.

4. You have to have patience till the temperature of the thermometer does not reach 60 degree Celsius or 104 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want then you can take out the thermometer before the temperature reaches to 145 so that the pork is not overcooked.

5. Once you take the pork out of the oven allow it to settle down, because the hot temperature reaches from the outside portion to the middle portion and it will increase the temperature inside it.



Smartro is the best company from where you can buy any kind of cooking thermometers as they are experts in making them especially they are well known for manufacturing the best meat thermometers in the town through which you can easily figure out the correct medium rare steak temp.


Why you should choose the destination wedding?

June 7, 2019 by khuranareet  

Destination weddings have become very common these days which has turned to be very realistic and great.

If you desire to travel and make your wedding a memorable one in one of the favourite places of both of the partners then its best to go for the destination wedding. It’s best to hire the destination wedding planner for Goa if you both wanted to hiver a wonderful wedding near the beaches.

The following are the reasons why you should go for destination wedding:-

1. Vacation with your family & corporate delegates:-

Destination wedding can be excited as it will be a vacation cum wedding and everyone your friends and corporate friends can enjoy their visit and this will be more cherish able and enhance your relationships as well.

2. Cost effective:-

It is very cost effective than the normal wedding because in the traditional wedding there is lots of ritual’s and arrangements which has to be done and maintained such as doing arrangements for the food, decorations etc . In destination wedding everything is done by the destination planner.

3. Wedding & Honeymoon in one expense:-

There is no requirement of preparing two trips as one destination wedding will be enough to cater both your expenses. As the wedding will be done in your favourite place so there is no requirement for going for honeymoon .so wedding destination idea is a great time saver.

4. Prolonged Celebration:-

Traditional wedding is done in one or two day but destination wedding can be done for at least 4-5 days which makes the wedding full of full, enjoyment and the best mode of celebration for the couple, their families and also for their corporate circle. So you can celebrate the wedding ceremony for a longer period of time.


We are sure you will be fascinated to have a destination wedding and you can hire the Octave Events as it’s the best destination planner for Rajasthan if you a lover of deserts. If you desire to have corporate meetings in India then you can also rely on Octave Events as it’s the best corporate event management company in Delhi NCR.

Which are the elements which makes a wonderful playground?

June 6, 2019 by khuranareet  

summer holidays are in and the children loves to spend their time in the playground .we all know that the children loves to play slide and swing and if you are lucky enough then these playground equipments will be in your nearest parks or you have to find out the parks which have children’s playground equipment.

The following are the elements which makes the playground great:-

1. Motion:-

Children should be given ample space to run; hop, jump, slide, throw etc and all the play equipments should be comprised of swing, balance activities, activities panels with all the moveable parts.

2. Beautifully constructed:-

Parks should be beautiful and all the playground equipments should be colorful and new so that children will be excited to ride on it.

3. Place for all:-

Playgrounds should be a place which should be apt for every person irrespective of the age, so that everyone can come to the playground and enjoy. Playground equipments should be placed in such a manner so that the playground should be divided for different portions i.e. for children and adults.

4. Easily accessible:-

Playgrounds should be constricted near to the societies or apartments so that everyone can visit it regularly and relax.

5. Friendly completion:-

Playgrounds are the place where children play with their peers and this place should have playground equipments through which children can have competition with their friends. The playground should also have the basket ball or badminton net so that children can have healthy completion games between themselves.

6. Groundcover:-

The playground which has all their equipments with soft groundcover makes it a great playground, because the soft ground cover will be safe for the children while they will be playing on them. The playground equipments which are fixed in the coarse ground should be avoided because these playground equipments can be risky for the children as they might get hurt from them.


After reading this article, you will also try to find out the playground which has numerous playground equipments which are great for the children. So you can buy these playground equipments from Kidzlet because it’s the best playground equipment manufacturers and is the top rated among the

playground equipment companies in India. 

For Best Qualities Of Primary School

June 4, 2019 by khuranareet  

Schools are the most important place where your child spends 4-5 hours regularly and it have lots of impact on your children mind, so you should be very vigilant while you select the primary school for your children, because if it’s not up to the mark then it will result in dissatisfaction in you and your child. In this article we will discuss about the top 4 qualities which makes a best primary school in domlur. 

1. Value –oriented:-

This is the era where you should choose the school which has value oriented education system, where your child learns the basic values of the life and this will assist him, to lead the best life ever. Though education have become totally different in all the schools but still there should be value in the curriculum and this makes that school the a level school in Bangalore.

2. Experinced Faculty:-

Its damn important that your children is studying under the supervision of the experienced faculty because your children will be learning from their teachers and if the teachers are well educated so it will surely have a positive impact on them .

3. Well constructed:-

The school should be well equipped with the entire infrastructure and the necessities which make it the best place for your children as those is the place where your child’s future is framed. So while selecting the school knows what are the amenities which are there in the school and what are the special features of the school.

4. Safety & security:-

Last but not the least this is the prime important factor on the basis you whom you should select the primary school for your child. As it found that there are numerous lost cases of the children from the school. So being a parent you should be alert about the safety and security offered by the school authorities towards your child.

Also have a note where is the class of your child, which floor it is, whether there will be any caretaker to take your children to the class or not.


If you are searching for a school which has all the above qualities then just enroll your wards in Nalapad Academy. Enroll your children now as the IGCSE admission in domlur in Nalapad Academy is going on and there are limited seats.