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Netforchoice Launches Portfolio of Professional Services for AWS

June 15, 2017 by khushinetforchoice  


Netforchoice has been trying to implement broader efforts in developing professional services that aims to deliver end-to-end support and professional guidance to help the users move their workloads out of their Data center hosting India and into the world’s leading cloud platforms. Netforchoice is the No.1 cloud managing company that provides the help, businesses need, to use the power of cloud computing without experiencing the complexity and the cost that comes from managing it all on their own.

The engineers at Netforchoice delivers the best services from genuine expertise, to easy-to-use tools, to Fanatical Support, which helps you with leading technologies like, AWA, Google, Microsoft, OpenStack and VMware. The company’s customer base includes more than 100 Fortune companies spreading across 150 countries.

Not only is Netforchoice, offering professional services to Amazon Web Services (AWS), but it is continuing to improve managed services offerings for AWS as well.  By investing in the expertise and the software tools that are necessary to keep in pace with the growing complexities of AWS business support pricing services, Netforchoice has shown great confidence on AWS. Netforchoice has expanded its managed service offerings for the AWS Cloud to include a portfolio of Professional Services. The Fanatical Support that Netforchoice is going to provide is modified to support customers who are new in availing AWS. The support will give the customers deep, personalized expertise on how to enable their AWS Cloud journey; and it will specifically be based on key areas like, architectural design, migrations, cloud automation and DevOps.

Due to an increase in significant interest from AWS customers for personalized expertise and value added services; AWS and Netforchoice has come together to provide, exactly that. Netforchoice is famous for its quality support and AWS has been using it for any projects that they are incapable of doing in-house. Netforchoice possesses a good market reputation and this relation between AWS and Netforchoice is projected to improve both the party’s quality in the future.

Netforchoice’s Fanatical Support for AWS Professional Services addresses three key areas to guide customers through their cloud journey. They are:

·         Architecture Strategy and Guidance: It delivers extensive planning, reviewing and consulting around architecture best practices, on customer environments, on account planning and review of customers’ proposed virtual private cloud (VPC) infrastructure design.

·         Cloud Migration: Using tried and tested migration tools and methodologies, this helps to provide services that will assist in moving web and database workloads to AWS. Fanatical Support for AWS Professional Services, in addition, gives customers solutions, expertise and ongoing support throughout the migration process to attain optimum results.

·         Cloud Automation: It offers the assistance that you will need while building and delivering products using AWS and DevOps best practices, which includes server less and containerized workloads.  This also includes the implementation of Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), infrastructure automation and application deployment, and also integration of third party tools and services.

As the president of Netforchoice Jeff Cotten implied, Netforchoice will continue to invest in its managed AWS practice as it is the fastest growing area of business the company ever had. Recently, AWS recognized Netforchoice as their Premier Consulting Service, the highest honor in the AWS Partner Network. Netforchoice was also bestowed with the title of leader in Gartner’s new Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure Managed Service Providers, Worldwide.

Not only is Netforchoice offering professional services to AWS, but it is also developing its managed services offerings for AWS by investing in the expertise and the software tools that are necessary to keep in pace with the growing complexities of AWS services.

The company says that the recent development in service offerings is at par with its broader efforts around professional services, which includes the highly regarded Global Solutions and Services (GSS). Netforchoice had launched GSS earlier in April. The Global Solutions and Services are designed for enterprise customers who require support in planning, designing, migrating and managing their cloud journey.  The offer supports AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

The Fanatical Support provided by Netforchoice for AWS team of experts has crossed more than 800 AWS technical certifications. Netforchoice’s support team has been awarded AWS Competency designations for their expertise in supporting DevOps and Marketing & Commerce workloads on AWS. The productive relationship that Netforchoice and AWS have entered shows great possibilities for the future.

The benefits you can get with Netforchoice

Netforchoice is the leading web solution provider in India. It has been providing internet solutions since 2012.  It is based in New Delhi and provides its services all over India.

Netforchoice is a member of the elite Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elite Circle. As a result, Netforchoice has made it possible to get the full range of Deployment Planning Services (DPS) for AWS in India as both Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). Through the Platform-as-a-Service, AWS provide complete assistance to your IT team, so that they can develop customized solutions and are able to manage their own design, development and deployment.

On the other hand, through the Infrastructure-as-a-Service, AWS initiates its Hyper-V technology to implement virtualization. Please visit our official website to get more information on Netforchoice and AWS.



Zimbra collaboration suite server

May 24, 2017 by khushinetforchoice  

It is very important that the right web hosting be chosen by people so that they can get the right facilities from the service. A web hosting software should consist of both client and server components, which can help to control email, group calendars, documents and all those that are important and should be stored in a proper way. The Zimbra collaboration suit server is a full suite server that is used to run Open Source zimbra Platform projects and it is a commercial supported version. The best part is that Zimbra includes the two-factor-authentication system, which makes the mailbox much more secured than ever, ensuring a physical layer in order to produce a secure and successful login.

Dedicated Web Hosting with Linux or Windows

May 19, 2017 by khushinetforchoice  

When it comes to choosing website hosting service, many people go for obvious choice of shared hosting. The logic for them is that shared hosting is affordable. Well, from the perspective of affordability, it is true that shared hosting is the most suitable option. However, shared server would not be as secured as dedicated server. Data loss is a major cause for the failure of startup or small businesses. If you want to run business successfully, you have to opt for better website hosting solution, and that can only be achieved with dedicated server hosting. Find a good service provider for Linux or Windows based dedicated hosting.

Unlimited web hosting services

May 15, 2017 by khushinetforchoice  

When you are looking for web hosting services that allow sharing you will see that many of them will promise you of a different online experience. But have you thought of the fact that if your bandwidth allocation along with your disk space is limited how can your shared hosting provider function properly? That is where you need unlimited web hosting Plans. Your website will have boundless chances of expanding itself over the years. To top it all, there will be no extra charges levied for the expansion of your website. Moreover, the unlimited plans are entirely budget-friendly are cost-effective. So now you can have unlimited emails and unlimited FTP accounts.

Unlimited Online Backup Plans

May 15, 2017 by khushinetforchoice  

Unlimited Online Backup Plans are very simple. They are plans given to you by online backup service providers. With them, it is tremendously easy to get an unlimited storage space for all you data. If you have a free online backup plan then you can store only some of your tax returns, a few of your music albums and maybe a couple of videos and you can get a bit more space with the standard plans provided by several other service providers. But with an unlimited online backup plan, you can store almost anything whether it is your favorite blu-ray movies or your video games. 

Managed cloud VPS provider

May 12, 2017 by khushinetforchoice  

Secured website hosting is required for two major reasons. The first thing is maintaining data security as well as confidentiality. You data should stay secured as well as confidential. For this, simple steps are required to be followed. You need to find professional VPS hosting service. The second benefit is efficient web performance. Your website should perform effectively and efficiently, when you have a proper website hosting service. Shared hosting can cause a lot of disruptions. It can make your website slow, as one browser has been shared by many users. With VPS hosting or Virtual Private Server hosting, performance of your website will remain seamless for always.

NetForChoice provides many top most services & has emerged as the leading

May 5, 2017 by khushinetforchoice  

NetForChoice emerged as one of the best website hosting services for businesses and individuals. Choosing the right hosting service should be priority for a business. If you are planning for better business exposure, you need to have a good website obviously. But, along with that, it is imperative to choose a trusted hosting solution. Web hosting will decide performance of your business website. Websites, hosted in secured servers, get more traffic and they do well in terms of search engine ranking. To get obvious SEO benefits for your website and to make your website to work in superb speed, choose Web hosting solutions from NetForChoice.

Powerful Zimbra Email Hosting Solution

April 24, 2017 by khushinetforchoice  

Free email services are good for personal emailing purposes, not for official or professional purposes. If you have confidential data to share with someone, it is better to opt for paid email services rather than using unsafe free email hosting solutions. Powerful and premium email hosting shall provide excellent data security along with seamlessness in emailing facilities. Nevertheless, users shall get personalized email addresses which look more professional as well as impressive. Zimbra Email Hosting Solution is the right choice for the people, who want to have secured business email hosting service. This ensures seamless facilities for the users with perfection.

Use cloud hosting

April 13, 2017 by khushinetforchoice  

Cloud servers are similar to a VPS hosting environment. The key difference is that instead of having a single server that’s dedicated to your site (as is the case with VPS), the resources are spread out amongst a bunch of different physical machines.Thus, it is better to get into contact with the Web server hosting experts and get done with the rectification of the issue in no time. Call up now! 

Netforchoice Provide Managed Dedicated Servers

April 12, 2017 by khushinetforchoice  

Netforchoice provides Managed dedicated server, managed VPS server, and managed web hosting services. All plans come with proactive service monitoring and restoration, 24x7 toll-free phone and helpdesk support, server-grade hardware, a 100% network uptime guarantee, and more. All plans also feature Netforchoice's unique ServerShield server security package which includes the latest in spam filtering, an advanced firewall, HTTP filtering, and much more.