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GST Filing Consultants in HSR Layout | Kros-chek

November 20, 2019 by kros-chek  

When we start a new company, GST Registration is a most important aspect to implement for our business nowadays. It registers our product and services for GST code. The Indian government has made it compulsory for Goods and services tax for every business. Let us discuss, how to implement & what are the benefits you will get from GST.  Kros-chek Company is the top GST registration consultant in HSR Layout, Bangalore.

Benefits of GST Registration

Elimination of Multiple Taxes

One of the benefits of GST is the elimination of multiple indirect taxes. Every tax that currently exists will not be in a picture. It means current taxes like excise, octroi, sales tax, Service tax, CENVAT, turnover tax etc will not be applicable and all that will fall under common tax called GST.

Saving More Money

GST applicability means the elimination of double charging in the system for a common man. Through this, the price of goods and services will reduce & help common man for saving more money.

Ease of business

GST brought the concept of “one country one tax”. It will prevent unhealthy competition among states and will be beneficial to do interstate business.

Cascading Effect reduction

From manufacturing to consumption, GST will be applicable at all stages. It will provide tax credit benefit at every stage in the chain. In the current scenario, at every stage, the margin is added and tax is paid on the whole amount, in GST you will have tax credit benefit and tax will be paid on margin amount only. GST will reduce the cascading effect of tax thereby reducing the cost of the product.

More Employment

It is expected that demand for a product will increase and to meet the demand, supply has to go up as GST will reduce the cost of the product. Besides, the requirement of more supply will be addressed by only increasing employment.

Increase in GDP

Higher the demand, higher will be the production. Hence, it will increase the gross domestic product. Moreover, It is estimated that GDP will grow by 1-2% due to GST.

Reduction in Tax Evasion

Goods and services tax is a single tax which will include various taxes to make the system efficiency with fewer chances of corruption and Tax Evasion.

More Competitive Product

It will make manufacturing more competitive as GST will address the cascading effect of the tax, inter-state tax, high logistics cost. It will be beneficial to the businessman and consumer.

Increase in Revenue

Under the GST regime, 17 indirect taxes has been replaced with a single tax. Apart from this, the increase in product demand will ultimately increase tax revenue for state and central government.

What is GSTIN?

The first 2 digits of the 15 digit GSTIN will represent the state code. For example: 01 for Jammu and Kashmir, 02 for Himachal Pradesh, 03 for Punjab, etc.

The next 10 digits will be the PAN of person or entity engaged in Business.

GST Registration Process (on Government Portal)

GST Registration will give the following advantages to a taxpayer.

Go to the Government GST Portal and look for Registration Tab.

Fill PAN, Mobile No., E-mail ID and State in Part-A of Form GST REG-01 of GST Registration.

You will receive a temporary reference number on your Mobile and via E-mail after OTP verification.

You will then need to fill Part-B of Form GST REG-01 duly signed (by DSC or EVC) and upload the required documents specified according to the business type.

An acknowledgment will be generated in Form GST REG-02.

In case of any information sought from you and intimated to you in Form GST REG-03, you may need to visit the department and clarify or produce the documents within 7 working days in Form GST REG-04.

The office may also reject your application if they find any errors. You will be informed about this in Form GST REG-05.

Finally, a certificate of registration in Finally, a certificate of registration will be issued to you by the department after verification and approval in Form GST REG-06.


GST Registration Consultants in HSR Layout Bangalore | Kros-Chek

November 11, 2019 by kros-chek  

Since the introduction of GST, the interest for GST registration in HSR Bangalore and wherever around had expanded definitely. Numerous people and agencies have confronted lot many tax disputes and tax related issues. Kros-chek is one of the best GST filing consultants in HSR Layout and gives numerous expert guidance and advice to numerous organizations and associations that manage Goods and Service Act. The few elements have been given as below the mention the related to GST Registration.

Eligibility to apply for GST Registration

Those who are registered under the Pre-GST Law (i.e Excise, VAT, Service Tax etc.)

Those businesses whose turnover is above the threshold limit of Rs. 40 lakhs (Rs. 20 lakhs for the North- Eastern States, J&K, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand)

For the casual taxable person/ Non-resident taxable person.

Those who are the agents of the supplier and Input service distributor.

Individuals who are paying tax under the reverse charge mechanism.

Those who supply via e-commerce aggregator.

All E-commerce aggregator.

Those who are supplying online information and database access or retrieval services from a place outside India to a person in India, other than a registered taxable person.

Documents required for GST Registration / Filing:

For Sole Proprietorship / Individual

Adhaar card, PAN card, and a photograph of the sole proprietor

Details of Bank account- Bank statement or a canceled cheque

For Partnership deed/LLP Agreement

Aadhaar card, PAN card, Photograph of all partners.

Details of Bank such as a copy of canceled cheque or bank statement

For Private limited/Public limited/One person company

Company’s PAN card

Certificate of Registration

MOA (Memorandum of Association) /AOA (Articles of Association)

Aadhar card, PAN card, a photograph of all Directors


A copy of PAN card of HUF

Aadhar card of Karta


Details of Bank- bank statement or a copy of a canceled cheque

For Society or Trust or Club

Pan Card of society/Club/Trust

Certificate of Registration

PAN Card and Photo of Promoter/ Partners

Details of Bank- a copy of canceled cheque or bank statement

GST Registration Consultants in HSR Layout Bangalore - Kros-chek is the right company for services as mentioned above. Contact Kros-check also for the goods and services tax details such as gst migration, gst return, & filing services etc.


Company Registration Consultants in Bangalore – Kros-chek

October 17, 2019 by kros-chek  

India is the most thriving economy in today's world as one of the top-ranked countries in South Asia which has become a major business source for national and international companies.

Since we have a talented and innovative young generation who are coming in better ways entrepreneurship mindset with a better solution to change the life of everyone. Since most of the startup founders are either engineers, marketers or any profession.

However, building a core foundation of any startup business is also just as important to get legal registration too. It is considered important while starting your entrepreneur journey. It assures legal protection for any fraud by also relieving the taxation burden. Those days are gone where company registration services in Bangalore are used while under the complexity of registration, with several appointments and other legal formalities.

With the advent of modern technologies now, the process of registering a company has become more paperless, also quite easy and affordable for any small or emerging startups with just a few details to fill.

Here are some great benefits of using company registration services at the following points below:

Safety of personal assets

Any loss made to the company's assets will only be taken from the investment made while registration keeps personal assets safe.

Special Recognition as a legal entity

Any medium or small-sized business grants special recognition as a legal business entity. As it separates from being personal but more part of the company. Since it helps to get more recognition from any industry providing great market value.


Value of Business Brand

A Registered company has more trust and value in its business brand among its customers in the market. Since companies are legalized and registered from the central government to do the business.

Easy loans from banks for small businesses

The government is facilitating the easy availability of business loans for registered companies from banks with long term repayments with a nominal rate of interest.

Business Credit facility

The structured regulatory and laws facilitate credit from economic and bank organizations for private limited companies.

Special Reputation

A registered company always holds a special reputation which establishes a reputation among customers with a mark of value and trust.

Therefore, registering a company will not only give your business a great market value but will give more power and authority in marketing to make your business stand out from the competition.

Kros-chek Company is providing various types of services like Company registration, Startup registration, Financial Services, Auditors and Tax, Chartered account, Accounting Services, Company law, Corporate legal Advisor, GST registration for office, Tax Return Filing, Income Tax Filing, LLP, PF account etc., The company is located in HSR Layout Bangalore. For more information visit our website and contact us.


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Examination of Company Registration Services in HSR Layout and other services offered by Kros-Chek

October 1, 2019 by kros-chek  

Are you looking for Company registration consultants in HSR Layout, Bangalore? Kros-chek is one of the leading financial consultants in Bangalore for prompt company Registration services & private limited company registration in HSR layout Bangalore.

Various Registration Services Offering from Kros-chek

Startup Support:

If someone interested for startup registration in HSR layout Bangalore, the Kros-chek company will take care. Additionally they provide several Company registration services in HSR Layout including Business startup consultants, EPF registration, Formation of partnership firm & Digital Signatures in HSR layout Bangalore.

Ongoing Support:

Kros-chek Company is providing the various ongoing supporting services like auditors and tax consultants, chartered accountant services in HSR layout, CA firms, Financial Services, Accounting Services in Bangalore HSR Layout.

Legal Support:

We are the leading providers of Company law Consultancy services HSR layout, Bangalore or corporate legal advisor in HSR. If you are struggling or looking for any legal activities, our kros-chek consultants will assist and guidance you.

GST Registration:

Since the introduction of GST, the interest for GST registration in HSR Layout and wherever around had expanded definitely. Many people and agencies have confronted lot many tax disputes and tax related issues. Kros-chek is one of the best GST registration company in HSR Layout Bangalore and gives numerous expert guidance and advice to numerous organizations and associations that manage Goods and Service Act.

Moreover if you want Income Tax Filing Services in HSR Layout, then rely on Kros-chek for the same. Few of their Tax Return Filing in HSR Layout, Tax Return Filing Services in HSR Layout & income tax filing consultants HSR Layout etc.,



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Analysis of Company Registration and other Services offered by Kros-Chek

September 16, 2019 by kros-chek  

Are you an inspiring entrepreneur who needs support regarding services such as company registration services in HSR Layout Bangalore, private limited company registration in HSR Layout, or company set up? If you have such requirement then Kros-Chek will be the right firm to contact.

In addition to providing assistance regarding business setup, experts at Kros-Chek can also help you in getting different types of licenses as required. In the following sections let us explore different services provided by Kros-Check.

Service Offering from Kros-Check

Support for Startups

If someone is interested in creating a LLP or limited liability partnership or similar other kind of legal body then it can be taken care of by Kros-Chek. Additionally, they provide several company registration services in Bangalore including PAN registration, ESI registration, and central excise registration. Kros-Chek can also take necessary steps for digital signature that you would require.

Ongoing Support

In addition to working as company registration consultants in Bangalore, they also offer ongoing support for various activities like share transfers, share certificate issuance, and many other types of secretarial services.

Moreover, if you want income tax services in Bangalore, then you can rely on Kros-Chek for the same. Few of their income tax services include income tax appeals, tax compliance, etc.

Kros-Check is also capable of meeting your auditing requirements like internal audit, concurrent audit, etc.


Income Tax Filing Services in HSR Layout – Kros-chek

September 10, 2019 by kros-chek  

Overseeing Income tax details is never a simple undertaking and this is the place Income Tax Filing Services in HSR Layout given by Kros-chek demonstrate to be very useful for citizens. Give us a chance to see Income Tax Consultants in HSR layout Kros-chek gives to tax citizens in the country.

Filling of Tax Returns

Kros-chek can assume control over the errand of web based documenting of your expense forms. A portion of the highlights of their service include:


Anytime, anyplace web based recording of ITR.

Administration expenses that exclusively relies on multifaceted nature of work

Complete data and information security


Advantages of e-Filing

Tax specialists at Kros-chek will be e-recording the tax returns after every one of the details are investigated and affirmed by you and you present a solicitation for documenting of assessment forms.

You will get your ITR-V with the goal that you can download the equivalent.

As a part of Tax Return Filing agents in Bangalore, you will likewise get direction and details of how to perform e-verification for the ITR.

Last yet not the least; Kros-chek likewise posts the ITR-V (signed) on CPC Bengaluru after you send the equivalent to Kros-check.


Income Tax Scrutiny

Another undertaking Kros-check has capability in is income task scrutiny. On the off chance that, profits you have submitted gets chosen for scrutiny appraisal then Tax Return Filing Services in Bangalore given by Kros-chek will demonstrate to be very useful for you.

Tax experts at Kros-chek can help you during the entire procedure and do every single related tasks , for example,

Examination of legitimacy of annual Income tax note.

Compilation of every single required data and information.

Presentation before tax office with the goal that final evaluation request can be acquired.