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Urbanization Project Needs Advanced Cone Crushers

January 18, 2019 by kuangshanposui  

So far, our latest Stone Crushing Equipment hydraulic cone crusher made by our company have been widely accepted and praised by customers all over the world. As the urbanization project continues, the whole nation has entered the rapid economic and social development period of the urban mass transit system. Our company is well known in China as the leading enterprise in the mining machinery industry. The cone crushers designed by our experts are playing an incredible role in the sand aggregate production line serving the urbanization construction. The high efficient cone crusher has adopted the international advanced technology and combines the domestic traditional manufacturing technique.

This year, the Vertical Roller Mill starts many construction projects such as the highway, rail transit and hydraulic engineering. It’s reported that the construction heat will last as long as ten years or more and the urbanization will drive the crushing machine industry to grow rapidly. The great amount of demand for the sand and stones will provide the crushing equipment manufacturers with many opportunities. All these projects will need many kinds of construction tools such as advanced cone crushers. Completely different from the past machines, our new cone crusher possesses the most advantages of all kinds of crushers which can not only increase the productivity and the working efficiency, but also expand the range of applications. Our latest cone crusher can handle materials like limestone, basalt and realize medium crushing, fine crushing and rough crushing at the same time.

For more information about our cone crushers, please visit the homepage of our official website. Cement ball mill is also named natural material mill, material grinding mill and clinker mill, is key equipment for grinding following the concrete crush process, which can be trusted in the manufacture industries, including cement, silicate, new building materials, refractory material, fertilizer, ferrous metal, nonferrous steel and glass ceramics, etc. Cement ball mill may be used for the dry and wet grinding for all kinds of ores as well as other grind-able materials. Based on different materials and discharging methods, there are dried up cement ball mills and wet ball mills for option.

How to Realize the Perfect Grinding Effect of Ball Mill

January 17, 2019 by kuangshanposui  

There are many reasons influencing the Granite Impact Crusher fineness including raw ore hardness, particle size after crushing, screen grid holes, abrasion of ball mill’s scale board, rotary speed of the ball mill, and the size of the discharging hole of the ball mill etc. Considering the above factors, here our experts will give you some advice helpful to control the grinding fineness of the ball mill: 1.In the actual production process, we can do reasonable arrangement of all kinds of minerals in order to guarantee the uniform size of the minerals and the well distribution of the ore powder and bulks.

The abrasion Impact Crusher Quality degree of the ball mill’s blades is a core problem we need to care about. When the blades are worn, few materials will be fed back which will cause the grinding fineness to become larger. 3.We should also pay attention to the rotary speed of the ball mill. Before and during the operation of the ball mill and classifier, we should adjust the rotary speed to the proper one in order to guarantee the excellent performance of the mining machines. 4.The size of the ball mill’s discharge hole plays an important role in the ore beneficiation process. The bigger the size is, the larger the material feeding amount gets and the finer the grinding materials will become.

It’s a key step to adjust the particle size of the crushed materials and change the size of the screen grid holes. If there are changes of the particle size of the materials happening during the production, we must report this situation and adjust the grinding fineness to make it smaller. Decrease technologies to maintain the actual materials for 2 Areas parallel or even tangentially as well as utilize a lot how the areas collectively to create sufficient power for that materials to ensure that it's substances individual tend to be floor or even additional Alignment regarding one another.

Effective Data for Model of the Crusher Machine

January 15, 2019 by kuangshanposui  

The main method for the Stone Crushing Equipment preparation for the model of crusher machine is based on the relationship between the energy and crushing grinding process or based on the purely empirical methods. The experts and engineers of Mining Machinery have done a lot of researches to determine relationship between the energy and the more general dynamic method. It is very important to know the consumption of the crushing energy, especially in the design of the crusher machine. Therefore, further studying the relationship between the crushing process and the dynamic method can help us to get a better comprehensive model.

The experiment Quarry Crusher Plant research on the performance of the crusher machine has been done. The statistical professional qualification method is often used in the research. Initial analysis of variance of standard regression method is often used to analyze the number to determine the variables with significant impact. For most of the applications, the value for the empirical method is limited. There are two reasons. First, the model developed and researched based on the experience generally can not be suitable for the performance inference. For example, the empirical model developed based on the crusher machine with half the industrial test can not be used to predict the performance of the industrial trial test crusher. Second, when the empirical model can be effectively used according to the commerical test, it is impossible to complete a serious of the test. The large-scale crusher machine is often related to the closed circuit operation. Therefore, the feeding conditions of the crusher are determined by the performance of the classifying equipment, which can not use separately.

The effective data for the crushing process of the crusher machine include the following parts. The first is the characteristic of the equipment operation, which includes the diameter, length, the rotating speed and the discharging port of the crusher machine. The second is the quality flow rate of the feeding system of the crusher machine. The third is the screen for the materials. The forth is the X matrix elements value. The fifth is the function of the residence time for the ores in the crusher machine.

Crawler mobile crushing station

January 14, 2019 by kuangshanposui  

Crawler mobile Portable Concrete Crusher station and tire mobile crushing station is launched in the series we have developed silica and construction waste crushing equipment, greatly expand the crushing, crushing operations in the field concept. Depending on the composition of crushing process requirements first broken sieve can also be composed of broken after the first screening process, Crushing plant in accordance with the actual needs of a combination of crushing, crushing two screening systems can also be combined into crude and fine three sections of the screening system with high flexibility in Australia. Crushing plant to maximize meet the different needs of customers in Australia.

we has been primarily hammer Stone Crushing Equipment equipment , hammer crusher at the technical level between the industry has become the high-end positioning, equipment and production technology , good fitting materials, natural production cost is relatively high , but the price is quite reasonable , high-end product plus a reasonable price, to meet the various needs of customers , customers trust us more .

Our crusher equipment has already been named one of China top ten famous brand crusher , single has received three national patents , is the mining industry can not be ignored crushing equipment, hammer crusher at present due to the high quality , high yield, low investment , the advantages of high stability , have more customers tend to choose our crushers, recycling costs and faster , can be described as a multiplier effect.

Within the budgetary point of view-if the budget allows, try to choose the manufacturers have a rich experience in gravel line configuration. A price order, anyone who wants to use the equipment, but founded on the budget. In the context of budget allows, try to choose the manufacturers have a rich experience in gravel line configuration is a wise choice, which is also the maximum risk-averse way.

Stone Crushing Production Profits High

January 11, 2019 by kuangshanposui  

Stone crushing Stone Crushing Equipment Sale production profits high? What kinds of pebbles and sand playing well? According to statistics, nearly two years of sand measured dosage as high as 10 billion tons per year, and direct output value of 300 billion yuan, driven transport 235 billion yuan output value, output of 535 billion yuan, ranking first in the world. Mechanism of sand and gravel industry, China is in the sunrise period. Stone crushing production have an advantage that other professions do not have relying on mining resources, sales within a radius of typically 100 km, factory price was 25-20 Yuan per ton on average, return faster. Therefore, in the huge market demand, stone crushing production has a very high profit margins. Cobblestones, for example, the stone's main chemical composition is silicon dioxide, compressive strength, corrosion resistant characteristics of natural stone, is an ideal green building materials. However, due to the hardness of the stone itself, then, when one of the broken stone or sand, what kind of pebbles and sand is good?

Some owners use Jaw Quarry Crusher Plant cone Crusher + vertical shaft impact crusher for the traditional scheme of pebbles and sand, although the handle a large amount of impact sand-maker, but the low efficiency of sand, sand than in actual production as undiscovered, so two sand making machine output up to 90-100t/h. In addition, cone Crusher PYS1300-blasting efficiency is very low, adjusted to the best condition is only able to reach 20%, sand production in 50T/h, and thus get a whole line of pebbles and sand production line barely reached the amount of sand 150t/h.

If the Jaw breaking + Germany sand words R1200 Germany sand feed can be reached 80-100mm, sand and highly efficient production can reach about 100t/h at least, you jaw broken configuration screens form a closed circuit can implement two stage crushing of sand. Moreover, Germany sand sand rate is more than 1 time, times of impact sand-maker, not only greatly simplifies the production process and actual yield of the pebbles and sand production line in its entirety can be more than 160t/h, can meet the production requirements.

Thus, stone crushing production not only profitable, but if it of pebbles and sand, can significantly increase the productivity of pebbles and sand production line, and reduce the cost of stone crushing production line, so that Germany sand making machine is a valuable acquisition to the pebbles and sand.

Get Closer to your Dream with Machinery

January 4, 2019 by kuangshanposui  

If a person wants to keep a foothold in the Mica Stone Crushing Machine society, he will have to own super hand and excellent skills, so is an enterprise. As for an enterprise, it means excellent technology, product quality and service. Technology is the core power of a company, if it develops without this core, everything will lose its meanings. Quality is the life for the development of a company, and if the quality of the products cannot reach a standard, then the company can never develop for a long period of time. If a company wants development and survival in the fierce competition, advanced technology, excellent product quality and service are the vigorous source of the development of an enterprise.

We know deeply that the premise of the Quarry Crusher development of an enterprise is to stress technology, product quality and service. As one of the professional crushing equipment manufacturing companies in China, we realize that if we want to have a place and stand out in the huge market of the mining machinery industry, we will have produce high quality products with exquisite technology and best serve our customers so that we can win over t their support.

People always believe that if we want to win the market, we must emphasize the technology, invest more into independent research and development, closely cooperate with the scientific organizations and selectively introduce the advanced technology and experience from other countries. In addition, we should also pay attention to the quality of the products because quality creates value and only products with high quality can win trust of the customers and then stand out in the market. Service is also a principle that People lays much emphasis on and we are trying our best to provide qualified products and first class services to the purchasers that come from all over the world. The last but not the least, we will have to strengthen on management which should be synchronous and personalized and focus on people. Only doing the above points step by step can we develop stably.

As a big stone crushing and industrial products manufacturing base in China, Machinery always stick to the management concept of “thinking determines the future and people build product”. For the past more than twenty years, people constantly innovate, go beyond ourselves, challenge the limit and try our best provide one hundred percent excellent products like sand maker and ball mill for our clients. When we are working, we are full of youthful spirits, vigorous and with full enthusiasm. We build the professional brand and glory and make progress together with people in the whole world and create a harmonious world, and we serve you with heart and soul and make the RedStar light always shining. We hope to create more benefits for you and get you closer to your dream together with us.

How to Choose the Production Line for Construction Waste

December 27, 2018 by kuangshanposui  

In recent years, the step of Trends In Mining Machinery Manufacturing urban village reconstruction, old city to new, New city of beautiful is faster and faster, and our city becomes more and more beautiful. However, in the construction process, it is inevitable to produce different kinds of construction waste. At present, the illegal dumping of construction waste seriously affects the daily life of people. The utilization of construction waste has drawn unprecedented great attention from all circles in the society. For the problems that many investors meet when they want to engage in the utilization of construction waste, the engineer from we which is one of the most famous crusher company in China, will give a detailed answer on how to deal with the urban construction waste.

First of all, the Vertical Mill Coating Mill investors must take the investment project scale into consideration. If you want to invest a small or medium sized construction waste factory, the mobile crusher is the best choice. Although the crusher fixed has little direct investment, the cost for factory site and transportation is high. Thus, the overall investment of crusher fixed is large. And the crusher mobile with strong mobility reduces the cost greatly. If you want to invest a large sized construction waste factory, you'd better choose the crusher mobile and crusher fixed at the same time, which will bring you the best interest.

Second, choose different equipment based on the purpose of the recycled product of construction waste. At present, the main purpose of the construction waste includes: 1. Be used for producing recycled aggregate; 2. Be used for making bricks; 3. Be used for subgrade. And used for making bricks is the most popular choice for the investors. The degree of crushing is different, thus the needs for crusher is different. The unsuitable crushing equipment will increase the cost of investment greatly, so it is very important to choose the suitable crushing equipment.

Economic Benefit of Investment in Pebble Sand Maker

December 26, 2018 by kuangshanposui  

The return of investment is the Construction Waste Crusher issues concerned by vast number of investors and business owners. After all, the great deal cost to implement the project is for better return. For this issue, Machinery makes an analysis on some issues in the investment of sand maker or sand making machine. How is the use condition of river and pebble sand maker? China carries a wealth of river gravel which is qualified raw materials for artificial sand making. Pebble is generally rolled through long-term weathering of other rocks, losing angular shape to be the egg-shaped, so it’s also known as river gravel. Currently, the stone resource of more than half of the construction of buildings, roads, bridges and culverts, water conservancy and hydropower are from highly processed pebble.

Sand stone is a hot investment Lead Zinc Ore Crushing Machine projects for investors. For environmental protection, the Government has banned River sand mining, while encouraged the building of quarries, and made sand by sand making machine. River gravel sand production line has short payback period, usually 3 months can recoup their investment, so the demand for large, medium and small sand stone plant equipment is increasing. River gravel production processes is similar with other mining and quarrying machinery. River gravel production line mainly composed of the vibration feeders, jaw crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen and belt conveyor, sand washer, sand collector, precipitator equipment and other machinery, which can combine various types of equipment depending on the process requirements.

If you have a good understand on river sand investment, you must know that river sand and stone prices accounted for a large proportion, and production and distribution of the finished product of river sand is also very important. River sand gradation is determined by the performance, material hardness, moisture content and other decisions of the equipment. According to the market demand, our constantly improves our production technology to produce sand making machine for coarse, medium, fine and super fine sand making, for the diversified needs of the market. Machinery believes that election a good project is tantamount to selecting the wealth, and selecting the right equipment can speed up the success and close to the wealth.

Two types of grinding machines of our company

December 25, 2018 by kuangshanposui  

In materials processing a grinder is a Ultrafine Mill machine for producing fine particle size reduction through attrition and compressive forces at the grain size level. See also crusher for mechanisms producing larger particles. In general, grinding processes require a relatively large amount of energy; for this reason, an experimental method to measure the energy used locally during milling with different machines was recently proposed.

Ball mill

A typical type of fine grinder is the Artificial Sand Making Plant Design ball mill. A slightly inclined or horizontal rotating cylinder is partially filled with balls, usually stone or metal, which grinds material to the necessary fineness by friction and impact with the tumbling balls. Ball mills normally operate with an approximate ball charge of 30%. Ball mills are characterized by their smaller (comparatively) diameter and longer length, and often have a length 1.5 to 2.5 times the diameter. The feed is at one end of the cylinder and the discharge is at the other. Ball mills are commonly used in the manufacture of Portland cement and finer grinding stages of mineral processing. Industrial ball mills can be as large as 8.5 m (28 ft) in diameter with a 22 MW motor, drawing approximately 0.0011% of the total world's power (see List of countries by electricity consumption). However, small versions of ball mills can be found in laboratories where they are used for grinding sample material for quality assurance.

Operation of a ball mill. The power predictions for ball mills typically use the following form of the Bond equation: Rod mill. A rotating drum causes friction and attrition between steel rods and ore particles. But note that the term 'rod mill' is also used as a synonym for a slitting mill, which makes rods of iron or other metal. Rod mills are less common than ball mills for grinding minerals. The rods used in the mill, usually a high-carbon steel, can vary in both the length and the diameter. However, the smaller the rods, the larger is the total surface area and hence, the greater the grinding efficiency.

The new demand of construction waste crushing

December 19, 2018 by kuangshanposui  

When the sustainable Sand Making Plant Design development is becoming more and more important, piling up and landfills have gone against with life concept of creating low carbon, environmental protection and energy conservation and emission reduction. Hence, it is urgent to dispose of the trash during development. So it comes to us how to deal with it. In recent years, along with the crunchy building, collapse road and demolishing and building frequently, a great number of construction trash is inevitable to be generated. Therefore, the garbage is produced at the speed of hundreds of millions of tons every year. Nevertheless, it can be seen everywhere that these building rubbish is buried simply and piled up arbitrarily that make the garbage siege approach to us quickly.

As a matter of fact, the Mobile Crusher Machine Sale construction trash is chiefly composed of solid wastes, which can be reused through crushing and screening. In other words, the construction rubbish can be turned into building materials via professional disposition, such as brick, stone and concrete. They can replace the sand to apply in masonry mortar and front mortar after being crushed; after being crushed, the waste concrete block can be blended with the standard sand to plaster the wall and ground, in roof mortar leveling and masonry mortar, to make floor tile etc. that have greatly save the energy as well as the resources, achieving clean production and self-closing recycle economical industry chain. This also can protect the environment of the human beings to realize the sustainable development—a virtuous road to realize economic benefit and social benefit thus creating a maximal wealth.

On the disposal of the construction trash, We have done a comprehensive analysis of the garbage. It has developed a specialized mobile crushing station which is able to transform rubbish into gold answering the environmental requirements. This device embraces receiving materials, crushing, and conveying function together with low noise, no dust contamination, and small covering realizing high efficiency, saving energy and environmental protection. According to the engineers in our company, job reluctance never happened in this series of crushers during refuse processing. Its advantages can be displayed fully in the process of work. Moreover, the disposed construction trash is counted as a real hero no matter in building aggregate or paving the road.