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The Maintenance Issues of Sand Production Line

March 25, 2019 by kuangshanposui  

The sand production line, also named Working Principle Of Grinding Mill production line, is a dedicated production line for the sand and stone production of buildings, highways, railways and other industries. The main equipments of the production line include Jaw crusher, Impact crusher, Hammer crusher, crushing machine,sand making machineand so on. The stone production line is generally applicable to the limestone, river gravel, quartz sand and other materials. Among them, the river gravel belongs to the higher hardness materials. So in crushing and processing the river gravel with crushing equipment, except for the regular maintenance and repair, we should also pay special attention to some other aspects.

1. The maintenance of the Jaw crusher in the Artificial Sand Making Plant production line. The maintenance work of jaw crusher usually includes two main parts, one is the lubrication and the other is the maintenance. Pay attention to the lubrication work of the friction surface work can ensure the normal operation and extend the service life of the machine. In the maintenance of jaw crusher, it is necessary to change the components and check the whole equipment regularly, at the same time, do the maintenance record well. If crush the hard materials, the wear of the equipment will be more obvious, therefore, for the quick wear part of jaw crusher, such as the jaw plate and the wrist plate, it is necessary to establish a detailed use detection, being familiar with the operation limit of the equipment.

2. The maintenance and advantages of the Impact crusher in the sand production line. 1) The impact crusher should have large feeding throat, high crushing chamber to adapt to the high material hardness, big volume and less product powder. 2) Leave a clearance between the impact plate and the plate hammer, which makes it easy to adjust the equipment, control the feeding size effectively, and get suitable particle shape. 3) The impact crusher should be compact in structure and have strong machine rigidity, so that the rotor will have a large moment of inertia. 4) With the high chrome plate hammer, the impact crusher has great performance in impact resistance, abrasion resistance and attack force. 5) With the seamless connection, the impact crusher is economical, reliable and easy to maintain. 6) The impact crusher has full crushing function, high productivity, small parts abrasion, and high comprehensive benefits.

Impact Crusher For Stone Crushing Chamber

March 22, 2019 by kuangshanposui  

In today's society wants to encourage competition in the Coarse Aggregate Making Machine industry gain a foothold , stability and sustainable development must continue to strengthen their team , innovation , and strive to play the leading role in the industry ! Machinery honed through years of efforts development, innovation , realized from manufacturing to innovation huge shift to independent research and development of advanced technologies impact crusher praise of our customers in the industry .

Impact crusher is equipped with PLC computer automatic programming system that automatically detects operation status Sand , safe and reliable. Set display and vibration alarm device , if the device occurs dysfunctional , may issue a warning , so that the device automatically stop working, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the machine . Large capacity, high yields. Compared with traditional equipment under the same power output increased by 30 %, and stable operation. Low consumption of wearing parts . The best material impact angle crushing chamber design , less friction and wear parts , compared with traditional equipment , annual savings 30-50 million, or directly reduce the cost of using the equipment. , A multi-purpose , flexible application . Unique feeding crushing structure, designed specifically for the S-curve river gravel crusher cavity to facilitate the realization of rock stone and stone blacksmith conversion , thus solving the lower river gravel sand production problems .

The impact crusher is designed for highway, railway , high-rise buildings , municipal , hydroelectric dam construction , concrete mixing stations to provide quality sand and gravel aggregate, artificial sand and stone shaping field device of choice. Widely used in various metallic and non-metallic minerals , cement, refractories , abrasives, glass raw materials, construction aggregate , sand mechanism , metallurgy and other industries. Suitable for crushing various mid -hard ores and rocks, such as iron ore , nonferrous metal ores, the crushing operation emery , bauxite, quartz sand , corundum, perlite, basalt high hardness materials.

Micron powder mill for stone and ore grinding

March 20, 2019 by kuangshanposui  

For the use of Vertical Mill Grinding Roller machine, is now very common , not just mining, industrial , and many scientific research, high-precision industries were using this mill, although the use of this model to a wide range of ten rounds , but many industry in the use of the above does not fully play out its strengths and role , it is best according to their own needs, the corresponding function machine for more in-depth detailed understanding of the function so that the mill can play a more thorough.

Ring medium speed micro powder Advanced Raymond Mill ( calcite powder mill, powder mill, limestone , calcium carbonate powder mill, talc powder mill, powder mill, barite , gypsum powder mill, marble powder mill , feldspar micro-grinding machine, fluorite powder mill ) is mainly applied to ultra-fine powder processing of medium and low hardness , Mohs hardness ≤ 7 level non- explosive brittle materials , such as calcite , chalk , limestone, dolomite , carbon black , kaolin, bentonite, talc , mica, magnesite , illite, pyrophyllite , vermiculite , sepiolite, attapulgite , rectorite , diatomite , barite , gypsum, alunite , graphite, fluorite , phosphate rock, potassium ore , pumice and other 100 kinds of materials , fine product size be adjusted.

Ring medium speed micro powder mill advantage

First, the iron content is low: The mill is particularly low in the use of a feature that is made out of flour iron content, so for some of the metal content requirements more demanding industries use very helpful , can be well ensure the quality of the powder , and it does not matter for some accuracy requirements for the iron industry, this feature of this mill is not much effect. Second, long-term work : use of ultra-fine grinding machine to another big advantage is that you can work for long-term treatment , even 24 hours non-stop operation can be sustained and steady grind of work , in the middle you can load large quantities of production process does not interrupts , can provide users with the most efficient grinding efficiency , and in the grinding process, you can always have a special design for lubrication and oiling treatment to ensure the machine is not running conditions.

Small Scale Cement Crushing Machinery

March 19, 2019 by kuangshanposui  

The process of cement Impact Crusher Boot Sequence production involves complicated procedures and machines. Among the entire process of cement production, the crusher is used to turn big-size stones to small particles, which paves the way for next steps. PEW series jaw crusher is suitable for primary crushing, even in the most challenging conditions. So, that is why it is highly evaluated as the most popular cement crusher in Pakistan. Nowadays, many cement investors choose our PEW series jaw crushers as their selection of small scale cement crushing machinery in Pakistan. The cavity of PEW series jaw crusher employs the V-shape structure, so that the actual width of feed is the same as nominal width. Besides, the lubrication system is safe and reliable, so it is very convenient when replacing jaw plates, easy to maintenance. As for the capacity of this cement crusher in Pakistan, it can achieve to 650 t/h.

Third, energy saving Excellent: The Bentonite Mining Processing Plant savings in electricity very use of the above , to the best energy-saving effect , the need for large-scale use or prolonged use of industry, one month down , the electricity savings is a pen very considerable expense , we can say good reduces the subsequent investment of the machine, while the mill is also in the installation and maintenance of fully continue this style , for the user, which is a mechanical device without additional charges.

Fourth, dedicated blade : the use of the above , there is a dedicated ultra -fine grinding of feed blade , you can make the machine feed and grinding efficiency has been greatly improved, such devices also need to pay attention to the user who because after use, the blade needs to be cleaned and maintained every time , can help maintain a more efficient use of the machine effect , extend the life of the device, so that the mill can be more long-term , outstanding land use.

Large-scale aggregate production line process

When a large aggregate production line work, chunks of stone by the hopper evenly sent by the vibrating feeder gigantic jaw crusher for primary crushing, crushing the stone from the conveyor belt to the crusher further broken. Chunks of stone by the hopper evenly sent by the vibrating feeder jaw crusher for primary crushing, crushing stone after by belt conveyor to a crusher for further crushing; stone after crushing by the belt conveyor sent vibrating screen for screening, screening out several different sizes of stones, gravel to meet the size requirements of the finished product by the belt conveyor sent to the finished product stockpiles; gravel does not meet the size requirements of the return expected by the belt conveyor to counterattack the crusher again repeated to form a closed loop. Finished size can be combined and graded according to the user’s needs, protect the environment, can be equipped with auxiliary dust removal equipment.

Crushing production line to avoid pollution sources

March 15, 2019 by kuangshanposui  

Our society entered a period of Raw Mill rapid development, but with the development of society, the environment has been destroyed. We called for, don't let the environment to pay for social development, the harmonious development of modern industrial development and environment is the most important theme of contemporary times. In the mining machinery and equipment industry, but also pay attention to environmental issues. As a green environmental advocates, our starts from oneself, reduce dust pollution generated during the production of mining machinery equipment. To reduce pollution in mine front, must first learn to analyze the source of pollution, in order to avoid, in crushing production line as an example, pollution is comes from where?

The PEW Crusher material humidity when, into the bag filter is easy to adhesion in the filter bag, feeder blockage, leads to a decrease in ventilation bag filter, dust serious. We should break with lower moisture of material, not only less dust, also has a protective effect on crushing machine; 2 jaw crusher dust filter smaller machine, air amount is insufficient, the dust outlet plate cover and the crushing cavity to form the micro negative pressure, dust will be relatively large. Should choose the filter type large, paired with crusher corresponding; 3 if the fault more cloth bag dust remover and supporting components, not only affect the normal dust, but also increase the workload of equipment maintenance. Should choose reliable quality of mining machinery and equipment.

On the belt material in the fall, the air flow and the material into the airtight dust cover, spread to cover gas containing dust, pollution of the environment. Device protection sleeve in the belt, not only can prevent dust pollution, but also to protect the belt machine under the staff, to avoid accidental falling material damage; 5 in the actual production, when the material drying is often in the broken water spraying machine at the entrance, the bag bag pasting exacerbating the bag type dust remover and feeder jam. The bag type dust collector is intermittent dust, to reduce the number of jaw crusher shell leakage caused by the dust, the grid round air leakage should be seriously.

Stone and ore impact crusher supplier

March 14, 2019 by kuangshanposui  

Australia's mineral 300 Tons Of Stone Crusher Per Hour resources, oil and gas are very rich, at least more than 70 kinds of mineral resources. Among them, the bauxite reserves, the highest in the world, 35% of the world's total. Australia is the world's largest bauxite, alumina, diamonds, lead, tantalum producer. Gold, iron ore, coal, lithium, manganese ore, nickel, silver, uranium and zinc production have ranked among the top of the world. At the same time, Australia is the world's largest bituminous coal, bauxite, lead, zinc and diamonds, concentrate exporter and second largest exporter of alumina, iron ore, uranium ore, the third largest exporter of aluminum, and gold. Therefore, all kinds of mining equipment are badly needed for mining industry.

Impact Stone Crushers

Stone Impact Crusher Installation in Australia are the most commonly used secondary crushing machines, and are suitable for crushing all kinds of medium hard rocks and ores, such as granite, basalt, limestone, shale, river stone, cement clinker, quartz stone, phosphate ore, bauxite, slag etc. Impact crusher is ideally suited for breaking materials with a grain size of not more than 300mm and compressive strength of not more than 350 MPa. The crushed materials with a cubic shape are widely used in the construction of highway, railway, airport, and others.

When the materials enter the field of the hammer, it is impacted by the hammers, thrown onto the impact plate, and crushed. The stuff springs from the impact plate, is impacted by the hammers again, and thrown onto impact plate. This process will last until the stuff meets the requirement and falls from the machine. Adjusting the distance between impact frame and rotor frame can change the shape and size of the output. When some foreign stuff enters the machine, the impact frame will fallback, the stuff falls from the machine. This device can prevent machine from damage. Impact stone crushers have high crushing efficiency, large production capacity, large crushing ratio, low energy consumption, reliable performance and convenient maintenance and so on, thus receiving more and more popularity from worldwide customers.

Raymond mill for gypsum powder production

March 13, 2019 by kuangshanposui  

The gypsum powder is made of natural Vertical Mill Characteristics gypsum ore taking up about 60 billion ton of the total amount. China is a big country which makes a large amount of chemical gypsum. As the national economy develops rapidly and the Chinese mining machinery industry focuses on the environment protection, the desulfurization process of the power plant has become the necessary link operated by the power plant. There is a lot of flue gas desulfurization gypsum produced by the power plant as well as lemon citric acid, fluorine gypsum and other chemistry gypsum. In the industrial powder process, to process gypsum powder has been one of the most important industries. As a member of the five gel materials, the gypsum powder plays a key role in the national economy and has been widely used in the fields of construction material, industrial molds, art model, chemical engineering, agriculture and food industry.

To make full use of the Vertical Mill Dust Removal Design natural resources and develop the gypsum industry is an important task for the construction of the recycling economy and also a new focus for the inventors. The Raymond mill made by our company adopts the advanced technology and is improved based on the traditional Raymond mill manufacturing mode. The new type of Raymond mill is quite suitable to process the gypsum powder. It has many features of high working efficiency, low power consumption, small occupation area and little investment.

Working Principle of Raymond Mill:

The grinder mill crushes and grinds the bulk raw material into the required feeding granularity, after that bucket elevator lifts the material into the storage bin, and then electric vibrating feeder transports it evenly into the grinding chamber where the material is scooped up by shovel blade and grinded between grinder roller and grinder ring, and then the blower blows the air into the grinding chamber from shunt plate and blows the grinded powder into the analysis chamber, the powder is concentrated by rotating analysis impeller that is driven by the speed motor with transmission gear, after the concentration, the large granular material drops back into the grinding chamber and is grinded again, and while the qualified fine powder enters into cyclone powder collector following the air flow. When the qualified powder separates with air, it is discharged into the final product from the discharging port. In the working process of the host machine, the shovel blade plays the important role. It is in the lower end of the grinder roller and they rotate at the same time when the material is scooped up and thrown into the space between grinder roller and grinder ring thus it shapes litter layer which grinds the material with the pressure force produced by rotating grinder roller so as to achieve the goal of making powder.