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What do you gain with digital marketing?

October 10, 2019 by kyu tell  

Digital marketing is not just a trend or method that has little influence on the processes we develop from companies in the commercial field. How to learn digital marketing is a tool, and sometimes much more than that.


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  • Our potential clients are in the network; they are reviewing all the time, and it is necessary to interact directly with them. To buy, the user searches for information on the internet and also trusts it. There is a real power to influence the opinion of users (blog articles, opinions of other users, people who talk about their experience, etc.).


  • Performing digital marketing strategies will not only help us attract new users but also convert these users into loyal customers.


  • Digital marketing is not only for large companies. It is the perfect opportunity for small and medium businesses to compete and win the market. The fight is no longer about space but about attention. The user wants useful information.


 A mentor will train you.


Mentors train you and prepare you for change because, admit it, whatever path you choose, there will be obstacles in it. The economy today is not only moving based on hard work, but also thanks to doing it intelligently. You must wisely choose your people, your relationships, the processes to create your business, opportunities, and strategies. And a good mentor will help you be smarter in these matters through his wise advice.


A mentor will motivate you.


Mentors refine and transform your vision of seeing the world. They provide you with ideas and thoughts that will challenge you and allow you to see beyond your circle of influence. Amplify your horizon by increasing your abilities and your skills. They raise you to the top by making your shoulders your platform. But what is more important: they will motivate you in the moments when you feel weaker, miss something, or you are feeling very down.


 A mentor will challenge you to be better.


A mentor will push you to go further. He won't let you stay stuck where you are; and to achieve this, it will put you in challenges to go also then you would have ever imagined. You can Share your experience as well.


A mentor will protect you.


The great mentors are those who, when you stumble, will take your hand to get you up and move on. They will protect you and try to prevent you from falling into the same mistakes they made. They will teach you how to navigate a world in which sometimes it seems that there are only mines about to explode at every step. And they will make you make intelligent decisions for your company.


A mentor will give you excellent lessons.


A mentor will not only share his best advice so that your professional career is on track, but it will also give you valuable life lessons. The excellent mentor uses his stories and his perspective to paint images of what is possible for you. You can Ask a Question Get An Answer Instantly from them.

What is an online mentor and why do you urgently need one?

September 30, 2019 by kyu tell  

Online Mentors are coaches, a teacher, a guide or advisor who is willing to invest his time and share his knowledge with another person who is starting in a particular sector. There are mentors in many different fields: business, university careers, professions, or even emotional, spiritual, or sports guides. The relationship with these "teachers" is usually voluntary by both parties. It is not a profession that is studied in the university. It is rather a type of person who, thanks to the knowledge and skills that he has acquired in his work field, advises you and shows you the possible paths that exist. That is the basic definition given to explain what a mentor is, but in reality, this person - if he is a good coach - is much more than that. The mentor is someone who will offer you his wisdom, his advice, and his support; He is not a person who only observes and tells you what to do in specific situations in your daily work. You can ask Religion Questions And Answers also.




Having an Online Mentoring Platform is possibly one of the best things you've discovered nowadays. Sometimes if you have not this type of person by your side in the world of entrepreneurship, if I had reached where I am today, and if you could be reading these words that I am writing. Although more and more talk about this type of "coaches," in most pages I read on business every day I feel that they do not deepen the subject enough, or that they do not give it the importance it really has.


Eleven characteristics that great mentors have -

Find a Mentor Online, those who will be impossible to forget when you end the relationship with them. As well as those who will teach you great lessons not only in business or in your professional career, but also your life, are those who have these characteristics:


  • Show interest in your success, which is really very important.
  • They have the same interests as you.
  • They focus on helping you be the best you can be.
  • Great mentors do not compete with you but try to complete you so that you are better.
  • They are not afraid of your triumphs or feel threatened by them.
  • They guide you to take the first steps towards achieving your goals.
  • They motivate and excite you when in your low moments, you want to give up.
  • They help you see your potential that on many occasions you cannot see.
  • Great mentors are an example to follow, and they set an example with their habits and behaviours.
  • They help you think for yourself so that when they are not, you know how to make your own decisions.
  • They can offer you their respect; they do not actually treat you as if you were inferior to them.