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How to Fix AOL Email Login Issue

July 16, 2019 by AOL Email Technical Support  

AOL email is one of the top-rated email services meant to serve at best to provide complete support to the users. So when you get some issues using AOL email, you will get frustrated and feel separated from the outside world. AOL login issue is such an issue that can abort all the connection from your side because you can’t even log in to your AOL email account. There could be various reasons for you to not being allowed to enter your email account so you need to know about them and fix them. You can have the AOL Email Customer Support Number for further support, but also you can simply follow this blog till the end to get to know about the issues solutions.

Easy methods to fix the AOL log in issues:

There are multiple methods to fix the issue that depends upon the reason what is not allowing you to access your email account:

1.    Try to sign in again:

The first step would be trying again to sign in to your email account. You should stop attempting with another password and shut down the AOL mail sign up page. Then open it again and try to sign in back using the correct password that you can remember. If the password is correct and the issue was related to internet access, then you would get entry to your AOL email account.

2.    Reset web settings:

There would be a problem related to web settings. Opening multiple browsers can be a problem and prevent you from getting you into your account. So you should try to reset general web settings but without touching all web browser settings on your computer.

3.    Solve the password issue:

When you get the error message stating that your password is invalid and try again, then you can be sure that you are trying a wrong password to log in to your AOL account. In such condition, you should try to reset your AOL account password by clicking on forgot password option.

4.    Log in with different browser:

If the problem is related to the browser, then it would be a great idea to try logging in with another browser. You may be able to log in to your AOL account.

5.    Clear your web browser:

You can try to solve the issue by deleting cookies, caches, and history from your browser. That may solve your issue easily.

6.    Enable Java Applet scripting:

If you have disabled JavaScript and cookies, then it may be the reasons. So you can try to fix the issue by enabling JavaScript.

Get the AOL customer support for further assistance:

These methods will be solving your issues easily, but in some cases, you may not be able to get the right direction. So you can contact at AOL Email Customer Service and get the most prominent support and expert guidance.


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How to cancel AOL email Subscription

July 9, 2019 by AOL Email Technical Support  

AOL email is among the top rated email services which are available in the market. Amidst the various options available, there are chances that the users would want to discontinue the services provided to them by AOL email. For this, the users would have to cancel their AOL email subscription. The process of canceling the AOL email subscription is a natural process, and AOL provides the users with complete support. There aren’t significant formalities that you would have to and can quickly get done with the whole process. The users can learn about the actual process which they would have to follow by undergoing this entire blog; they can also seek assistance by connecting with AOL Email Technical Support Number.

Accurate way to cancel AOL Email Subscription

The users can easily undertake the below-given steps when they wish to cancel their paid subscription with AOL email:

·        The users would have to access the official website using Myaccount.aol.com.

·        Then you would have to navigate to the option of ‘My Services’ and further into the option of ‘Subscriptions.’

·        You would then get the plan details of your subscription and then you would have to select the option of ‘Manage’ which would be next to your plan.

·        Further, you would have to verify your account for security purposes.

·        After you have verified your account, you would then have to click on the option of “Cancel.’

·        Then on the page, you are currently viewing, look at the bottom where you would see the option of ‘Cancel My Billing’ click on this.

·        You would then receive a drop-down menu where you would have to mention the reason for canceling the subscription.

·        After you have completed all the above-given steps, click on ‘Cancel My Billing.’

Steps to cancel your Premium Subscription

If you are using the premium subscription and now you wish to cancel it, then you can follow the below-given steps to discontinue the subscription:

·        Access the Myaccount.aol.com and then select the ‘My services’ option.

·        Further, you would have to choose the ‘Subscriptions’ option.

·        Then you would have to find your plan from the list and then choose the ‘Manage’ option which is in front of it.

·        Now you can choose the option of ‘cancel billing’ and then put in the specific reason for canceling the subscription.

·        You would also have to click on the cancel link option which is at the bottom of the page to complete the process.

When you follow the above-given steps accurately, then you would efficiently be able to cancel the AOL email subscription. The steps that have been mentioned above are straightforward and does not require much assistance. If you do get caught up with some issue, then you can connect with AOL Email Customer Support. This service is effectively accessible on a 24-hour basis and is free of charge. The professionals at this service are highly trained and experienced. They would ensure that you get complete guidance on how to cancel the subscription.


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How to block emails on AOL Account

June 29, 2019 by AOL Email Technical Support  

Although email technology has improved the way we communicate and brings people closer together, as with any other technology, email services also have certain pitfalls. One of the most significant risks while using any email service is the presence of spam emails that are meant to steal personal data or damage your computer in some way. Hackers often send out emails with attractive get-rich-quick schemes or prizes to lure unsuspecting individuals into giving up personal or financial data. It is often reported that many people suffer financial loss because of email fraud. Even though email service providers have built-in spam filters to block harmful email, you should know how to block emails on your own and protect your account. This article will give you a general overview of how you can block unwanted emails on your AOL email account. Apart from changing the email settings or updating the spam filters, you should contact AOL Email Customer Service Number whenever you notice any suspicious email activity related to your email account. Email expert will be able to guide you and give you helpful suggestions so that you can protect your data and keep your AOL account secure.

Steps to block emails on your AOL email account

If you know the email address or the username of the account you want to block you can follow the steps given below and change your AOL mail settings to block any future emails from that account:

·        Step 1: Open your web browser and visit the AOL login page.

·        Step 2: Enter your login details and open your AOL Mail account.

·        Step 3: Click on ‘Options’ and open the AOL Mail settings.

·        Step 4: Navigate to the Spam settings tab to block the emails.

·        Step 5: Type the username of the person whose emails you want to block.

·        Step 6: If you want, you can also enter the email address in the given field.

·        Step 7: Click the small Plus icon (+) after you entered the required details.

·        Step 8: Once you added the relevant usernames and email addresses to the list, you can save the settings and exit AOL Mail.

In the future if you need to remove a particular username from the blocked list, or if you need to make any changes to the spam filter, you can open the mail settings and tap the ‘X’ symbol that is next to that particular email address or username. If you have any trouble completing the steps mentioned above, or if you find that you still receive emails even after you tried to block an email address, you can call the AOL Email Technical Support Number and ask for additional technical assistance. Experienced email technicians are available 24 hours a day and will be able to give you some helpful tips and suggestions on how you can block emails on AOL and keep your account secure.


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How to create Mail Filters in AOL Account

June 19, 2019 by AOL Email Technical Support  

Mail filters are something which is of great importance in the current age. In an era where the users receive several spam emails, it is important that the users filter their emails. AOL email provides the users with the option of creating Mail filters on your account. These mail filters further identify emails according to various categories that you have set and then move the emails to the specific folders accordingly. This option is available under the ‘Mail Settings’ option and is the ideal way to handle spam messages and to sort their mail folders.

There are various advanced features that AOL provides to the users. There are several features which the AOL users can use to attain optimum experience while using the email service. The process of setting up filters is also a very easy and straightforward and can be taken up any person on their own. The users have the option of connecting with AOL Email Customer Care to attain more information regarding this feature. The users also have the alternative option of going through this blog where they can attain a better understanding of how to create mail filters.

Accurate way to set up Mail filters on AOL account

The process of creating the mail filter is very simple. The users would simple have to follow the below-given steps accurately.

·       The users would have to start by opening their AOL mail inbox and then select the option of ‘Action’ where they can choose the ‘Create a filter’ setting.

·       Then you would receive an email manage popup, where you would have to enter a significant name for the filter.

·       Now you would have to enter an email address in the ‘From’ field where you can filter the messages from the sender.

·       The users can then write an email id in the given field of ‘To’ or ‘CC’ to sort the messages consequently.

·       To filter the email in view of keywords, you would have to enter it inside the ‘Subject’ or ‘Email Body Contains’ box. This method would be ideal for bulletins or newsletters with common titles.

·       Now configure up to three activities for the coordinated messages and then choose a folder from the ‘Move to organizer/folder’ dropdown to file these emails.

·       Verify the ‘AIM’ checkbox, and you would get an IM caution in the event where you are signed to live chat.

·       You would now have to check the previous checkbox, and then you would get an automatic instant message to your mobile phone.

·       If you wish to alter an email filter later, you can simply tap on ‘Alternatives’ and then choose the ‘Settings’ button.

·       To even delete an AOL mail filter, the users can easily navigate to the manage filter and tap delete button.

If the users come across any difficulty while following the said steps to create a mail filter, they would always have the option of connecting with AOL Email Tech Support Number where they would get all the required assistance.

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Recover Mail and Other AOL Data from a "Saved on My PC" Backup

June 11, 2019 by AOL Email Technical Support  

One of the most common problems of living in the digital age is data loss or data corruption. People send a number of emails and messages every day and some of those emails may even contain important documents or files. In order to protect user data, AOL offers users the chance to save the emails they want using the local AOL ‘Saved on My PC’ filing cabinet. If you regularly back up this filing cabinet you can safely retrieve your important email in case they were accidentally deleted or the data go corrupted. This article will help you recover your AOL email or other data using the ‘Saved on My PC’ backup option. You can also call the AOL Email Customer Support Number and speak to a certified professional to know more about how to manage your data while using AOL.

Steps to Recover Mail and Other AOL Data from a "Saved on My PC" Backup

The Personal Filing Cabinet is a filing system that allows AOL users to save their emails on the computer hard drive so that they can access them even when offline. It consists of a binary file type which includes stored email messages, favorite places, data related to the download manages and so on. You can follow the instructions given below to recover your AOL email data or any other information that is stored using the ‘Saved on My PC’ backup option:

·        Step 1: Use your screen name and login to AOL at least once

·        Step 2: Open the ‘C’ Drive and navigate to the ‘Application Data’ folder

·        Step 3: Go to the ‘AOL’ folder and open the ‘organize’ section

·        Step 4: Look for a file with the name “.adi” (e.g. myscreenname.abi)

·        Step 5: Type new name for the folder, such as ‘Organize Save’ and continue

·        Step 6: Open the folder with a backup of your previous ‘Organize’ folder

·        Step 7: Use Ctrl+C to copy the folder and switch to the AOL window

·        Step 8: Use the mouse to highlight the ‘C-America Online 9.0’ folder

·        Step 9: Press ‘Ctr+V’ to paste the folder and the contents to a convenient location

Once this is done simply log in to your AOL account and check if the email messages and other data you wanted to recover is available or not. If you have successfully recovered the data then go ahead and delete the folder with the name ‘Organize Save’. If you still have trouble retrieving your data you can call the AOL Email Customer Service and speak to a trained expert to see if you can implement any advanced troubleshooting steps so as to resolve the problem. You will find that experts are available 24 hours a day to give you detailed solutions to fix any error related to your AOL email account.



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Repair of Blerk Error in AOL Mail

May 31, 2019 by AOL Email Technical Support  

Blerk error or Blerk error 1 is associated with AOL mail and occurs during the sign in process. This error is displayed on the window screen indicating that due to some possible reason, you are denied the access to sign in to your AOL mail. There can be many factors behind the issue. Keep on reading this blog to know the reasons and their simultaneous solutions. You can also dial AOL Email Customer Support Number any time when you feel the urgency of technical assistance.

Availability of junk files:

When the browser is being overloaded with junk files comprising of cache, cookies, history, and bookmarks, it can cause sign in troubles for different mail accounts. Delete all the junk from the system and certify to do it on a regular basis.

AOL Desktop Gold issue:

If you are using or accessing AOL email through the desktop application, then you must first look out for any cause of worry in AOL Desktop Gold. You can update the software, ensure to use the updated AOL mail URL, and tackle any problem with the desktop software to solve the issue.

Browser incompatibility:

Due to some technical issues in the web browser you are using, there can occur problems in signing in to AOL mail. Look at the settings that need to be done for different web browsers.

·        Internet Explorer

üAlways use the advanced version

üYou are required to expand Internet Explorer and go to ‘Tools.’

üChoose Internet Security and once done, go to Internet Zone in the security window.

üEnable the protection mode by checking the box associated with it.

üLook for AOL mail and add it to the trusted site zone. For that follow the procedure; Tools>Internet>Security>Trustedsite zone>Sites>AOL

üOnce done, restart the system to update the changes.

·        Mozilla Firefox

üDisable the add-ons from the help window

üIn the dialog box that appears, select the option of ‘Start in safe mode.’

üDoing this will disable the themes and extensions

·        Google Chrome

üUpdate the web browser to its latest version

üDelete the browser’s history, cookies, and cache

üScan the system and run an antivirus scan

üSwitch off the privacy and the security settings

Internet troubles:

This is the most basic issue. When you are trying to sign in, just verify whether the system has been connected to the net connection. If it has lost the connection, then secure it first. But if it is facing troubles even after maintaining the connection, then ask your internet service provider to fix the issue.

If these issues and their respective solutions are not able to solve your query, then kindly dial AOL Email Customer Service and talk to the techies regarding the same.


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How to deactivate or delete AOL email account

May 22, 2019 by AOL Email Technical Support  

AOL has been providing a great service of email and browsing to the users, but it may get a tough job for you when you try to deactivate your AOL email account. As no services like to lose customer, AOL also does not provide options to delete your account. At one moment you may even find it impossible to delete the AOL account, but with some newer developed ways, you can now deactivate or delete your account. This blog will provide you complete information, but if you are unable to get the exact solution, then you should call at AOL Email Customer Service Number for better assistance.

Notable points before deleting your AOL account:

Now if you have decided your AOL email account, then you should focus on these pints before initiating the process otherwise you may land into trouble.

1.     You only can deactivate or delete AOL account if you have access the AOL account. If you have forgotten the password then before initiating the process, you need to reset the password.

2.     Once you delete the account, you will be no longer able to receive emails. So before deleting the AOL email account, you should have an alternate email address.

3.     If you delete your account, then all the premium services linked to your AOL account will be canceled.

A complete solution to delete AOL email account:

Now you may have noted these pointed mentioned above and ready to delete the account. The one precaution you can take and delete all your stored email before deleting your account. It is not mandatory, but you should process these to negate any risk. Now go through these steps to delete your AOL email account:

vGo to AOL sign-in page and provide your username and password and log in

vNow you can get the “Options” that you have to click and then go to “My account.”

vThen a new window will appear and go to the bottom of the page; you will find “Account options.”

vYou need to click on that option and then select “And more” option

vNow you have to provide the answers to security questions, and without a correct answer, you cannot proceed

vThen click on “Manage my subscriptions.”

vYou will see your existing plan and click to “change plan” next to it

vYou will get a pop up displaying that I already have a high-speed connection. Choose that option and then click on “View plans.”

vNow click on “cancel,” and you will see the services and benefits that you are going to lose

vGo to below of the page and click on “Cancel AOL” to delete your account.

Now you can easily witness that the process requires more attention and some important priorities before and during the deleting process. Now it is advised to you to get the assistance by calling at AOL Email Technical Support to easily tackle the issue.


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How Do I Change AOL’s Spam Filter Settings

May 15, 2019 by AOL Email Technical Support  

AOL email is known for its efficiency and security services that it offers to the users to keep them protected and provide them a sheer feeling of satisfaction while using the AOL email services. It has a lot of features to offer to manage the unique requirements of users. Now if you are worried about the spam messages and your inbox is full of useless messages then you should not worry because AOL provides proper protection from spam messages and allow you to review the settings as well. Now if you want to change the AOL’s spam settings, you need to follow this blog t ill the end. You can also contact at the AOL Email Customer Support Number to get the professional support from the AOL experts.

Easy steps to change the AOL spam filter settings:

AOL allows you to get into the settings and keep it as per your preferences and modify it whenever you want. You only need to follow these steps to make changes in AOL spam settings:

·        Go to the official site of AOL

·        Log in with your username and password

·        Then go to options that you find at the top right corner

·        Now select the “Mail settings” option where you will find “Spam settings.”

·        Click on “Spam settings” option

·        Now you can change anything you want in this spam settings

·        After making changes click to save

·        Then close the window

Manage AOL settings:

Now you can make some changes that are useful for you such as managing unwanted emails, mark as spam or mark as not spam, etc. You can follow these steps to make these changes:

Marking as spam:

You need to go to AOL mail and select the spam messages. You will find spam option top of the page. To mark as spam, you need to click on that option.

Marking as not spam:

If you want to remove any email from spam, just click on “Not spam “and finish the task.

Creating spam folder:

You can create a spam folder by yourself with these steps:

·        Go to the options and then mail settings

·        Navigate the spam settings tab and then enter the email address that you want to block

·        Click on the + icon and save the changes

AOL spam info:

·        AOL easily prevent the spam messages from getting into your account

·        AOL never provide your email address to the spammers

·        It offers several methods to stop the spam messages

·        You can choose a message to put in spam or remove from spam easily.

If you need further support related to AOL spam and want to ask something from experts, then you can contact at AOL Email Tech Support and get the proficient support and easy solutions within minutes.


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