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How the Best Lawyer Websites Keep Visitors Clicking

December 15, 2018 by lawfirmwebsitesqz  



With so much information to tell people about your law firm and your services, where do you start to focus and what do you market? 


Interactive Law Firm Websites Are Fun for Visitors

Here are three key things you need to focus on to get the word out about your law firm, services and you – the attorney who does the hard work helping people get the justice they deserve. Make them fun to read, interactive, clickable, reversible, slide up and down, but make them attract a website visitors attention. It keeps them on your law firm's website longer increasing your chance of conversions.


Testimonial Slideshows

It is vitally important you have testimonials because just about everyone takes the time to read those before they decide to call or contact you. Everyone is looking for social proof that you're the best lawyer in town.


Interactive Attorney Bios

Attorney bios are the second most read page when someone visits your law firm's website. Take this space and brag, be personable, funny, serious, or a combination of all those things because it tells people whom you are and that you are trustworthy. 


Your bios can have interactive elements to showcase your successes and credentials.


What Makes Your Law Firm the Best?

You need to focus on your featured services because people need to know just what you do and can do for them – in other words, how your services can benefit them when they need help.


Making interactive elements to walk visitors through the legal process can help them trust you.