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Grow Your Business with this Retail Management Software IT Solution Guide

October 9, 2019 by sara lee  


The principal issue you'll raise is, "the issue that specifically is that the definition of a Retail Management System?" A retail management system (RMS), is basically an associate degree integrated set of computerised applications that the merchandiser uses to work its business. Retail management software unremarkably includes the purpose of Sale (POS), client Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Order Management, Inventory Management, getting and Receiving, Reporting, and data-driven Dashboard applications. Some to boot provides e-commerce applications as a feature of their suite. 

Their square measure unnumbered alternatives for POS software and diverse software firms advertise as "retail management systems," nonetheless whereas researching, it all right could also be troublesome to see what retail POS options square measure very enclosed within the software. we tend to pattern it's going to be useful (as software suppliers ourselves!) to clarify what our definition of an RMS is and why we tend to believe it's vital. 

In any event, most retailers use straightforward sales register-like systems to execute sales within the store. These systems grew from sales registers and capability primarily as accounting packages. several have restricted or non-existent CRM and provide restricted sets of "canned reports". Some square measure entire while not purchasing/receiving, transfer, check, or versatile news and dashboard quality. they're helpful as a method to just accept payments within the store and for easy news and accounting, but not for abundant else. relying upon you would like, this could be adequate, thus it's imperative to completely think about however you would like to take care of your business. just in case you are centered on the development and wish your retail stage to reply, you are going to want a lot of flexibility and options. 

One of the essential edges of utilizing a POS with true RMS capabilities is that each one retail operation happens within the same technology impression enabling the merchandiser to take care of the business end-to-end with one system. information is definitely offered therefore the merchandiser has permeability on however the business is obtaining on overall capacities. Even higher, with a web-based application, the merchandiser will access this basic information in the period of time from any internet device (smartphone, tablet, digital computer etc.) 

Benefits of Retail Management System 


Increase revenue and optimize price by strategic reports anyplace anytime. 


Manage queue with quicker charging, auto-inventory update. No manual effort is needed. 


Husband to be your business with the most recent technology, use it on your smartphone and send FREE SMS invoice. 


Tap to the bill, auto-update the sales and inventory and stay organized. 


Offer clients quality and limits to extend the customer base. 


Auto-following and refreshing all sales and inventory stop misuse of materials and stealing. 


Embrace the automatic charging method and bid farewell to human errors. 


Count your sales with cash and bank statements or physical inventory to find the glitches. 

So for what reason wouldn't it be better for you to settle on to use an associate degree integrated retail management system? 

Ultimately, as a result of associate degree integrated RMS has less technical overhead than separate, disparate applications, and since it places you during a higher position to know and manage the progression of your entire business. you will be able to see a unified read of the info over your business capacities and over your stores and every one sales channels in one system. And ultimately, as a result of it amplifies gain for your entire hands. 

Need to learn a lot of concerning TokyoTechie.Com Retail's RMS options and the way they will facilitate your retail business support gain and edges? Our consultants could not imagine something higher than to share their knowledge! Let's discuss.


The Fastest Way To select Transport & Hospitality Services Company for Your Business

September 20, 2019 by sara lee  


The transport travel, Hospitality service is witnessing enormous scale moves and changes. 

Coordinations competencies developed significantly during the 1990s. Nonetheless, the scene in the digital age is limitlessly extraordinary. The web has released an enormous potential to communicate and work together, offering to ascend to cutting edge travel the board programming and instruments. In the interim, there is a gigantic flood in inventory network velocity, while the transport programming section develops a couple. This prompts decreased expenses through data sharing and synchronization between exchanging accomplices and transportation specialist organizations. 

Subsequently, companies are re-imagining existing structures, procedures, and frameworks around transport and coordinations the board – prompting an all-encompassing update of activities and techniques. The goal is to saddle the intensity of digital to drive down costs, improve inventory network joining, and increment market control through client satisfaction. 


  1. Travel 

  2. Transporation 

  3. Hospitality 


The travel fragment is witnessing a quick upswing. 

As of late, a large group of variables, for example, digital change, changing client desires, and cost weights have pushed associations to roll out certain operational improvements. Additionally, the exponential development in worldwide travel has influenced different players in the business, from aircraft to vehicle rentals. 


Travel industry taps innovation to prevail upon a client 

Innovation is opening new ways for companies in the travel and hospitality enterprises to draw in with a client, raise. 

How TokyoTechie.Com can help you? 

These are the following Our Expertise In Travel, Transport, and Hospitality IT Solutions. 

Carry exciting innovation and endless skill to consistently develop and improve client-centered items and administrations 

TokyoTechie.Com is changing the universe of Travel and Transportation using incredible and exciting innovation. Our customers separate themselves before their visitors and clients utilizing our extreme structure thinking from Designit, Big Data investigation. What we produce is an interesting mix of a plan, business thinking, process the board and innovation to convey extraordinary client encounters.


Fascinating SEO Service Company Tactics That Can Help Your Business to Grow

August 14, 2019 by sara lee  



Do you want your Business Boom over the internet, get top-ranked in Google search engine result page?? And if an answer is yes then you are absolutely on the right page.

We are living in the Digital century. Each and everyone is aware of their digital presence. Especially Business owners are really focused on their brand’s popularity. One way to achieve this success by choosing Right SEO services for your Business. So are you Searching for Best Seo company in Pune? TokyoTechie.Com is the best Option for you.

In this article, we are not pitching you to hire us for our Best SEO services but going to tell you how to Viral your Business over the Internet.

 SEO  Services – Vital Part Of Your Business


There are two methods to get top ranked in SERP Page. First one PPC(pay per click) and a second one is Organic Search engine Optimization.

Organic Search Engine defines in simple terms, SEO is the method of optimizing your website Content so that a search Engine can understand your website content in a better way and show it as a top result of searches of certain keywords in Google Search Engine Result Page.

Following Are The Techniques Which Are Used In The SEO Process:

  1. Content: In the SEO process, this one is the most important thing. Generally, there is one famous quote “ Content is King “. For attracting interested readers to your website you should go for building the best quality content.

  2. Keywords in Content:  Insert focused keyword in content for getting traffic to your website and search engine can easily find your Business.

  3. Backlinking-OffPage Activity: A link from another website point to your website, that link is known as a backlink to your website. This can be achieved by including hyperlink In particular website page that point back to your own website page.

Our SEO Services Company In Pune Going To Nursing Your Business

1. Top Ranking on Search Engine: You will get the highest of Google ranking with the use of economical  SEO services. This is a vital part of each business in the result of simply having superior quality products or services isn’t sufficient, your potential customer will notice you simply on search engines. It helps to rank your website higher on search engines because of that once users look for an identical product or service like yours, they’ll notice you and acquire reborn into your customers. they supply you the concepts to decide on keywords for your web site.

SEO Search Engine

2. Getting Brand Popularity: If you will use SEO services for your brand then your brand will available in google first search engine page. In today’s era, people are more likely to click on the first three results in the search engine result page which ultimately result in brand popularity.

3. High traffic to the website: There are lots of SEO tools and methods in SEO. By making use of these techniques you can get the high traffic to your website which results in an increase in company business efforts. So our SEO Company helps your Business for getting higher traffic to your website.


4. Betting your Competitor: By choosing organic search engine ranking you can put protection against your competitor in search engine result page. For Climbing the Google ladder for your Business -far above your  Competitor, you should have to invest more in SEO services. If you do this definitely you can push your competitor down. TokyoTechie.Com is best Seo Service Company in Pune Our SEO specialist will help you for this.

5. Cost-effectiveness: SEO is known as the most cost-effective method because it focuses those users Who are actively searching for your products and services over the Internet is inbound marketing technique which helps a business save cash as against outbound marketing techniques. But cold-calling can still be an important method, the leads generated price 61% over leads generated by associate Inbound method. And since SEO conjointly targets users United Nations agency area unit actively finding out product and services like yours, the traffic ensuing from SEO is a lot of qualified than several different selling methods, leading to cost-savings for corporations.


6. Insights of Clients: What type of services your client is looking and for what. So it will be easy if you use SEO technique. So for getting more information to hire an SEO specialist for your business.

7. Less investment cost, more profit: Spending money on marketing your business is a big deal. But in SEO you will get the best result with the minimum cost because in SEO technique investment cost is inversely proportional to profit.

How to Choose the Best SEO Services Company in Pune?

August 13, 2019 by sara lee  


If you're deciding to choose expert SEO services for your brand promotion and digital marketing. Looking for instant ranking in SEO Results then you are at the right place. We are TokyoTechie.Com - the leading SEO Company in Pune

For each and every second, did you notice that an in which amount queries appear on Google every day? 

And that queries are in billon, sound surprizing. yes but google handles this in a great way.

As a reputable SEO CompanyPune, India, TokyoTechie.Com is obliged to support you to achieve the most powerful ROI for your Internet marketing efforts.

If a startup, and are still to maximize the capacity of the internet to improve your startup, you're missing out on your game of internet marketing. 

Why SEO Services significant for you? 

We give a 360 degree read for your SEO strategies, being as a propelled web publicizing organization. Our SEO administrations are reasonable when contrasted with the extraordinary estimated. 

Being one in everything about driving professional SEO administrations Pune we tend to see that every business must procure clients. Website optimization is the least complex route for your business to amass clients on the web.

Your site is your window to the web world. Your leads square measure attempting to discover you on the web. In this manner, SEO encourages you to aggregate clients and increment visits to your site. 

Website design enhancement is cost compelling as unfriendly usurious systems of advancing in light of the fact that it gives the most extreme ROI. Search engine optimization is long-run speculation for your business on the grounds that the endeavors that you essentially place in a month to month can help you genuine gigantic focal points inside the months to come back. How would we approach your site's SEO? 

A great deal of companies battle to make sense of the right way to deal with SEO. A lot of companies have an operational site, and that they battle to look out for what reason they're not producing enough natural traffic. They deal with SEO for a couple of months and once nothing occurs, they offer up. 

Why Choose Us! 

TokyoTechie.Com is known to give superlative SEO Services in Pune that takes your site to the highest point of the Google SERPs. 

Our expert group of SEO specialists consistently endeavor to remain refreshed to the most recent SEO refreshes. This thusly helps in giving astounding outcomes eventually making progressively qualified leads for your website. Try our SEO benefits today! 

  • Ensured High Ranking in Google SERPs 

  • Get high traffic consistently 

  • Proficient SEO Services 

  • Standard Monthly Reporting Structure - Visits, Clicks, Impressions, and CTA


Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company Australia

August 6, 2019 by sara lee  


Let's Define What is Cryptocurrency Wallet Development?

Crypto software implements reliable and protected cryptocurrency wallet development services. 

If you are thinking to use a cryptocurrency wallet or bitcoin wallet, you will need to have a wallet which is called the Bitcoin Wallet or any other cryptocurrency Wallet.

A cryptocurrency wallet can be defined as it is a software program which stores two types of key, the first one is known as the private key and another one is the public keys. These two keys communicate over the different blockchain so that user can send and receive cryptocurrency and maintain their balance.

With the growing number of ICOs along with cryptocurrencies and the demand for redemption of digital currencies has also raised. 

If we see back, from a few years ago the cost of the Bitcoin has grown along with the other cryptocurrencies.

For each transaction in cryptocurrency, it is assumed that you will require a Cryptocurrency Wallet

Therefore, a bitcoin wallet is preferred by various of the business transactions. 

Let Us See one by one Blockchain Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Feature:

1. Two-Factor validation 

This Feature guarantees security identified with Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services 

2. Nonattendance of the outsider like Governments 

Cryptocurrency money is decentralized, it doesn't identify with the administration which results in there is of a monetary debacle.

3. Every exchange gives the new public auto-created key. 

Via naturally creating another open key for each new exchange, makes it difficult for fakes to pursue the proprietorships of coins. 

4. Auto dismissal of copy payments.

This element will help programmed disavowal of copy installments and the framework does not permit charge-back.

5. Repeating charging and invoicing 

That is for time and exertion 

6. Client possessed, User-created 

A client can contribute and mine their digital money. 

7. Secured against Inflation 

The money is protected from extension since this digital money could never cross-explicit sums.

8. Progressively dynamic and increasingly reasonable 

Exchanges with cryptocurrency and manages to be quicker and frequently without any charges. 

9.Free session logout 

This is for security estimation which naturally logout client after a specific time.

The Custom Cryptocurrency wallet application Australia allows the clients to 

1. Get wallet with a different address to dispose of security dangers. 

2. Send and get digital currency whenever with no issue. 

3. Include and offer wallet addresses. 

4. execute safely over any worldwide digital currency wallets. 

We have seen the enormous ascent in enthusiasm for bitcoins and different cryptographic forms of money as of late. Consequently, there is no embellishment in referencing that the cryptographic money wallet applications are staying put. You can empower your clients or partners to profit from the advantages of Blockchain innovation and digital money wallet with the assistance of a component rich application.

Why Choose TokyoTechie.Com?

We are one of the advanced  Blockchain Wallet App Development Company In Australia with an expert team of enthusiastic developer. Our skilled cryptocurrency developer develops extremely solution for cryptocurrency development platform to generate a safe and including functional wallet platform. If you are a startup and considering planning to create a wallet with multiple cryptocurrencies, TokyoTechie.Com is willing to serve you for reaching your aim.

What Is Blockchain In Supply Chain Logistics and How Does It Work?

July 24, 2019 by sara lee  

Have You guessed, your product goes through loads of processes and middlemen? This type method of organization, people, activities, data, and resources involved in moving a product or service from provider to client is termed “supply chain”.

So, If you want to know in detail the Supply Chain and alternative Blockchain business use cases examine our Blockchain for the Business Accelerator.

TokyoTechie.Com is the best services provider of blockchain in Supply chain logistics Australia

So  What is Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management includes integrated coming up with likewise because of the execution of various processes among the Supply chain. Following are the  processes included in supply chain Management:

  1. Material flow

  2. Information flow

  3. Financial capital flow

The management of the flow of products, services, and knowledge involving the storage and movement of raw materials, building merchandise likewise as full-fledged finished merchandise from one purpose to a different area unit called “supply chain management”.

Do You Know How Blockchain Technology can Interrupt the Supply  Chain?

So, from what we've got distinguished to this point, the blockchain technology has properties of decentralization, transparency, and unchangeableness. As such, it's the right tool to use for the disruption of the Supply chain management trade.

Every time a product changes hands, the dealings may well be documented within the blockchain, making a permanent history of a product, from manufacture to sale. What this will, is that it reduces:

  1. Time Delays

  2. Human Error

  3. Added prices

Blockchain will positively improve the subsequent properties:

1. Recording the number of merchandise and its transfer through totally different parties.

2. Tracking all the acquisition orders, amendment orders, receipts, trade-related details

3. Verifying the validity of the certification of the merchandise. Eg. this could be wont to track whether or not a selected item meets bound quality standards or not

4. It will link varied physical things to serial numbers, barcodes, and tags like RFID, etc.

It helps within the sharing of all the data concerning the producing method, assembly, delivery, and maintenance of merchandise with the various parties within the offer chain.

So, if we have a tendency to were to appear into all the advantages that the blockchain will bring into the system:

Blockchain’s transparency helps within the careful documentation of a product’s journey from its purpose of origin to any or all its suppliers. This will increase the trust among the varied parties within the offer chain as a result of all the info is visible for everybody to envision.

The blockchain network will soak up any and every one participant of the provision chain network. Plus, notwithstanding their geographical location, everyone is going to be ready to connect with the blockchain.

Blockchain’s unchangeableness can certify that each one the records within the chain area unit honest and free from corruption. Plus, the sturdy security from its innate cryptography can eliminate unnecessary audits, saving copious amounts of your time and cash.

The utilization of blockchain conjointly exposes the doors to future innovation.

Conclusion: Blockchain and Supply chain

It appears like the blockchain technology and provides chain management systems were designed for every alternative. In fact, all the failings of this offer chains are often simply relieved by victimization blockchain technology. we have a tendency to believe that one among the foremost industries that the blockchain can disrupt and alter for the higher. Hopefully, blockchain-based offer chain management systems are often the norm within the future.


Are you a business skilled desperate to find out how blockchain technology is often employed in your business? Take the Best services of TokyoTechie.Com - Blockchain Supply Chain Australia.

Blockchain IOT Development Agency Australia

July 17, 2019 by sara lee  


In today's digital era we are listening to the two buzz words which are the blockchain and IoT( Internet of things)

In this block, you're aiming to recognize the connection and the way they each are going to be operating along.

It’s all regarding moving forward with the technology and with the assistance of it rising your potency.

To enhance the services with advanced security and governance to anyone’s info, Blockchain IOT Development will work collaboratively to deliver it.

The web of Things is that the physical Internet, the important world web. It seeks to attach associated management objects remotely across an existing network infrastructure. IoT practice is over technology. It starts with rethinking organizational strategy in its ability to dramatically add worth to all or any of its stakeholders. It continues with dynamic the method of organization’s processes operate, however it obtains it provides and the way it serves folks be they client or subject.

IoT world encompasses a ton to realize from blockchain, and also the capability for purchasers to manage their digital identity and potency to opt-in or out of exchanging their non-public info reciprocally to be used to services or money rewards is appealing. simply imagine a world wherever once providing a period of time access to your physical activity knowledge, you'll be able to get a reduction on associate degree insurance product. For any money product, you'll be able to request a quote, as an example, automobile insurance and you'll be able to save yourself from finishing those on-line quote request kind abundant time. this will be potential by granting acceptable firms one-time access to the relevant components of your non-public knowledge so as to supply you a quote. There would be such a lot of advancement in everything you are doing once the involvement of blockchain with IoT. Things can get additional advanced and simple with tremendous speed. now's the correct time to adopt this technology.

Actions enclosed in Blockchain IoT 

Fabricate answer

Once the matter is known, the future step is to seek out the answer. Fabricating solutions suggests that tracing the origin of the problem and forge the ways that to resolve it.

Recognize and Fix the matter

Starting with the initial answer that is distinctive the matter and its nature, this offers a headstart when making a decision future course of action with relevant solutions.

Implement the app

Upon the creation of the app, its readying takes place with utmost attention to details. watching the conduct of app and gauging its potency at varied levels.

Design app derived from the answer

Creating an associate app which supplies the answer to the posed drawback, running varied tests and checking if the app is capable enough to troubleshoot the issues.

Maintain and Increase

Having created positive that the app is providing an answer it's meant for, providing continued help and checking if there's a need for the app to be updated or repaired.

Why TokyoTechie.Com Is best for Blockchain IoT?

We Provide the On-time Delivery

We give projects to our customers within the time frame.

We have Expert Team

We have an expert team of game development, blockchain development, and digital marketing solutions.

24X7 Support

We are available 24x7 for our client supports.


Extremely competing price packages with seamless communication for 100% customer fulfillment.

If you are searching for Blockchain IoT Developers  In Australia then TokyoTechie.Com Is going to best Choice For You!


The Ultimate Guide To Hyperledger Fabric Development Company in Australia

July 13, 2019 by sara lee  

The Ultimate Guide To Hyperledger Fabric Development Company in Australia 

Hyperledger is known as the venture-class distributed ledger which utilizes blockchain technology by using smart contracts Develop Retail, Financial, Health Care, etc. private blockchains.  It is hosted through universal collaboration and Linux Foundation and a which involves, supply chain, finance, banking, internet of things (IoT), etc. at the one place.

TokyoTechie.Com  is one of the best leading aHyperledger Development Company in Australiawill support you to develop decentralized enterprise applications utilizing Hyperledger.


The Hyperledger provides the foundations for identity, privacy, and process. it's best used in capital markets wherever there's an oversized volume of transactions through chain-code execution.  The other necessary factor behind its implementation is to satisfy the necessity for knowledge privacy with the avenues.

Apart from this, Hyperledger will minimize the price and involvement of needless things within the world to boost leads to the business. the most expression behind it's to support open protocols worldwide.

 As of these days, prime IT firms square measure providing the Hyperledger blockchain development services to bring transparency and answerableness to their organization so they'll build extremely advanced and secured applications. 

Hyperledger blockchain technology provides some crucial options like network platform, higher accuracy, reliable business model, etc. once it involves choosing a Hyperledger application for your business development, TokyoTechie.Com Technologies is that the right selection as we tend to use most gifted developers UN agency square measure specialists within the field of Blockchain Technology. The Hyperledger provides the foundations for identity, privacy, and process. it's best used in capital markets wherever there's an oversized volume of transactions through chain-code execution.  The other necessary factor behind its implementation is to satisfy the necessity for knowledge privacy with the avenues.

Apart from this, Hyperledger will minimize the price and involvement of needless things within the world to boost leads to the business. the most expression behind it's to support open protocols worldwide.

 As of these days, prime IT firms square measure providing the Hyperledger blockchain development services to bring transparency and answerableness to their organization so they'll build extremely advanced and secured applications. 

Hyperledger blockchain technology provides some crucial options like network platform, higher accuracy, reliable business model, etc.

 once it involves choosing a Hyperledger application for your business development, TokyoTechie.Com Technologies is that the right selection as we tend to use most gifted developers UN agency square measure specialists within the field of Blockchain Technology.

Why Create Hyperledger?

Nowadays Blockchain technology is the most advanced technology. The blockchain significantly let the companies attach to any or all department and levels of the corporate. because of these reasons, it appears like a natural development in business systems whose purpose is cooperative operating. making Hyperledger provides numerous benefits as follows:

  1. Uniformly distributed ledger

  2. Need-to-know basis data

  3. Performance and Scalability

  4. Permission membership

  5. Protection of digital keys

  6. Security of sensitive information

  7. Plug-in Component-based design

So all those Agency who need to manage all the data, then Hyperledger Blockchain development for sure play an important role in it. A peer to look appointed record system, the Hyperledger is made via agreement and helpful technologies that promise to convert successive generation of business applications.

Why Choose Us?


When you attempt to select the Hyperledger app for the event of your business, then the team at TokyoTechie.Com -Blockchain Development Company In Australia. within the field of Blockchain technology, our team is packed with talent that shows you what innovation you'll be able to liquidate your business with our system. The dedicated, skilled and accountable team at TokyoTechie.Com ne'er allow you to down relating to your wants. we tend to area unit here standing next to you to satisfy all of your has to bring home the bacon your target. Contact us and realize however we will assist you.

Blockchain Audit Services Is Bound To Make An Impact In Your Business

July 6, 2019 by sara lee  


In this Guide, you will get an idea about how  Blockchain be applied in an audit and 

What type of possibilities does blockchain return to the audit process? A Blockchain and Cryptocurrency  Is Buzz word in today's era and a blockchain can work as an open, distributed ledger that can enter transactions between two parties efficiently and in a valid and changeless way. Blockchain can be used as a source of confirmation for recorded transactions.

All Comprehensive Auditing Guidance for your Blockchain Technology but before that let us look at the definition of Blockchain.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain Can be defined as a blockchain can be recognized to be a distributed ledger which includes the related items for every transaction that has ever been prepared. The efficacy and authenticity of all transaction are preserved by cryptography.

These transactions processed by anyone by using the computing power of specialized hardware which is known as the nodes or miners. This miner can earn bitcoin in the form of rewards for this service. This whole process is done in the absence of the central administration.

What is the Blockchain Audit services?

Normally Audit can be defined as the involvement of an assessment which are the recorded transactions and which is supported by evidence. This evidence is compatible, safe, objective, systematic, and provable.


Over  Blockchain, the transaction for a product, the transfer of bitcoin is recorded.

The Things We Verify During Our Audit

1. Quality

Your blockchain is merely nearly as good as your quality set up. We will ensure you have proper testing approaches to ensure quality and security.

2. Project Management

If your plan is great then the execution of the plan is also great. We will prove your project plan to guarantee you meet your milestones and software transfer deadlines.

3. Constant Integration

Staying forward of your opposition with code updates and characteristic releases is crucial to progress. We will check your CI tools and rules to keep you leading in the game.

4. Dependences

Blockchain code is complex and depends on code from many complex libraries. One small change can perform your blockchain unusable. We will vet all your software dependencies to keep you in safe mode.

5. All in Documentation

Excellent documentation grants you to be clear to your venture society. We will give the assurance to you so your investors have all the report they need to be positive in your technology.

6. Code Classification

The main thing is to manage and organize your code as important as the code you write. We will decide your coding mechanisms and rules to guarantee your builds are performed directly every time.

7. The Code

 Whatever the code you write, but does it do the same what it is supposed to do?  This is the riskiest thing about your Blockchain Technology. We will support you find out by checking Each and every line of code you have written to assure it fits your speed and excellence standards.

Here are the Audit Advantages:

1. You will gain the trust for your community

2. The main advantage here is you get Maximizes market capitalization.

3. Returns for itself quickly

TokyoTechie.Com Auditing and Assurance Services

We provide full auditing and assurance services to customers in various fields. 

Our auditing and assurance services underneath.

1. Financial Statment Audit

2.Compliance and single audit

3. performance audit

4.Auditor of smart contracts

5.Arbitration Function

6.Administrator Function

Begun with TokyoTechie.Com

Ask TokyoTechie.Com - Ethereum Blockchain Audit Consultant about how to get professional, observant auditing services team on board, for a flourishing effect that the customer can show off to regulators or anyone else. We like to work with our customers to satisfy their needs and perform their services in a good light.

Why Prefer Us?

Our trials within the use of innovative technologies associated adherence to an improved level of and quality are getting Guide, the arrange audits are performed. we tend to ar in the process the audit of the long run by pull fashionable technologies, knowledge analytics, and remote audit delivery to ceaselessly improve audit processes and quality, contour processes, and deliver bigger ends up in a timely manner.


If you want the high-quality result then choose Us and Get the success In Your Business.

Do you Know what are Smart Contract Development and Its Use cases?

June 25, 2019 by sara lee  


Blockchain has its unsurpassed quality that is decentralized and this decentralized blockchain system is administered between inside the network with the dismissal of the third party.

As compared to the conventional option, Blockchain offers us the faster, cheaper and effective option. Because of this profit nowadays banks and other organization are switching to the blockchain.

The most utilized application of blockchain in today's time is the smart contract. In 1994 the smart contract introduction was done by Nick Szabo who was the cryptographer. He defined that any decentralized ledger can be used as a self-executable contract. And in the end that term is later known as Smart Contract. Then Smart contract could be turned into code. So these codes are authorized to be run over the blockchain. All these tasks are done by Smart contract Developer.Smart contract also is known as the Crypto contract.

A smart contract is simply merely amazing!


You're the one making the agreement; there is no have to be compelled to trust on a broker or attorney


Your record is encrypted on a shared ledger.


On the blockchain, your document is derived many times over


Smart contracts prevent cash since they knock out the presence of associate intercessor. You would, as an example, got to pay a functionary to witness your group action.


Smart contracts don't seem to be solely quicker and cheaper however additionally avoid the errors that come back from manually filling out the assistance of type.


Cryptography, the coding of internet sites, keeps your documents safe. there's no hacking. In fact, it might take an associate abnormally sensible hacker to crack the code and infiltrate.

Uses of Smart Contract in Real World 

Let’s see amazing concrete smart contract examples to get the use of the smart contract in the present world.


For governments, smart contracts running on the blockchain will create vote systems fully uncertain and far a lot of protected.

Applications like FollowMyVote use good contracts and blockchain technology to safeguard votes from fraud. once the vote dealings are written to the blockchain, it can't be modified. once the vote is over, the good contract can send a token to associate address that represents the winner of the vote.

This way, the vote is usually truthful, that means the winner is usually correct.


Businesses will profit massively from sensible contracts. rather than paying workers to run payrolls, they will use sensible contracts.

Businesses will simply establish a sensible contract that claims once the date is 28.03.18, the Business sends John two ETH. this implies John can perpetually be paid on time, and he can ne'er be underpaid. The business advantages as a result of it's all automatic, saving them legion time and money!

3.Supply Chain

The second example of a use case for smart contracts is in managing a supply chain. Delivering product to a client needs Associate in Nursing elaborate organization. it should appear natural to the customer’s purpose of reading, after all, it’s simply choosing the articles the client ordered and delivering them to him. From the vendor’s store to the customer’s room there are several processes:

  • Products are bought from completely different suppliers and keep in an exceeding warehouse

  • A client makes his order.

  • Products are packed within the warehouse.

  • They are handed bent a transporter and will be delivered in another center.

  • The product is delivered to the client

4.Real Estate

Generally, if you desired to rent your home to somebody, you’d got to pay a broker like Craigslist or a newspaper to advertise then once more you’d got to pay somebody to verify that the person paid rent and followed through. The ledger cuts your prices. All you are doing is pay via bitcoin and write in code your contract on the ledger. everybody sees, and you accomplish automatic fulfillment. Brokers, property agents, onerous cash lenders, and anyone related to the property game will profit.

5. Healthcare

Own health records could be encoded and saved on the blockchain with a private key which would allow access only to particular individuals.

Receipts of operations could be stored on a blockchain and automatically sent to insurance providers as proof-of-delivery. The ledger, too, can be used for general health care management, like supervision medication, regulation compliance, testing results, and managing health care provides.


There is an increasing variety of blockchain enthusiasts, smart contract’s use is going to be broader, and additional businesses can use it within the future. the primary massive step to realizing a perfect smart contract is to succeed in maturity.

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