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How to start a soybean oil production business? What machines are needed in soybean oil processing plant?

July 3, 2019 by vegetable oil refinery  

If you want to set up a soybean oil processing plant, a set of soybean oil press machine is not enough for you. You need confirm how many tons of soybean you want to process per day and choose which method to process soybean oil.

大豆预处理_副本600 Soybean oil pretreatment machines

When the input capacity is more than 30tpd, you can choose to use soybean oil pretreatment and solvent extraction technology. After pretreatment, the soybean pretreated will be sent to the soybean oil solvent extraction plant. It is to use N-hexane to extract the oil out, making the final oil residue lower than 1%, thus you can get more oil output and increase the profit.

大豆浸出车间组合图 Soybean oil solvent extraction plant

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