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How can I fix Norton Antivirus Error 3035 2

August 21, 2019 by Sarah Logan  

Norton support


Runtime errors are something very common during the process of installation, activation of the software. This error is termed as error 3035 2 when you face it on the Norton software. This issue is caused because of various factors like improper or incomplete installation, corrupt downloads, missing files, etc. The users can easily troubleshoot this issue by undertaking some elementary procedure. The users also have the option of connecting with Norton Customer Support to understand this problem in detail. If you straight away wish to solve this issue, then you can go through the process that has been disclosed in this blog.


Reasons for error 3035 2 to occur

The users can encounter this malfunction due to specific reasons, some of which are:

·        When the installation process of Norton Antivirus is incomplete.

·        When the users have downloaded the corrupt version of Norton.

·        When the software files or programs related to this software has corrupted the Windows registry.

·        When the system is infected with a virus or malware.

·        When the program associated data have been mistakenly deleted.


Symptoms of Error 3035 2

The users can encounter this error at any given time while downloading, installing, or even while uninstalling. Some of the most common symptoms are as stated below:

·        Users would see that the active program window crashes repeatedly.

·        The user would see the error 3035 2 appear on the screen while trying to use the program.

·        The auto-protect feature shuts down while downloading and installing Norton Updates.

·        The windows would start responding slowly to any activity you perform.


Ways to fix Norton Error 3035 2

Some of the most suitable ways to solve Norton Error 3035 2 has been mentioned below for your reference. The users can easily take up the given steps and overcome the issue that they are facing:

·        The users can repair the registries that are linked with Error 3035 2.

·        The users can also initiate a complete malware scan for the system.

·        The users can also use the Disk Cleanup option to clear the junk files from the system.

·        The users must ensure that the device drivers of the system are up to date.

·        Using the Windows system restore option, the users can undo the recent changes that were made.

·        The users can try uninstalling and reinstalling the Norton Antivirus program, which is associated with Error 3035 2.

If the users come across any issue while following the steps given above, then they can choose to take help by connecting with Norton technical support. When users get connected with this customer service, they would be able to avail guidance from trained professionals. The users can connect with these professionals by using a toll-free number. Moreover, the users can also connect with them at any hour of the day. These professionals would ensure that your issue has been eradicated completely and that you would not have to face this issue again in the future.


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How to disable the Norton antivirus software from your device

August 2, 2019 by Sarah Logan  

Norton antivirus software is meant to protect the user’s data and important files and keep them secured. Norton has been successfully providing advanced security to the system and protect them against the threats of virus and malware. Once you install the software, you can be sure of the high-quality security service provided by the Norton, but it may also create some problem in some instances. It may start interrupting other software and application and even make them stop to work. It can detect the various downloading virus and may prevent you from downloading some important files from the internet. In such cases, you may need to disable antivirus from the computer. If you need further support, then you can contact at the Norton customer support number for a better approach of professional support, and you will be getting the complete description with the step by step guidance. For now, you can follow this blog to get the solution.

Easy steps to disable the Norton antivirus:

You can easily disable Norton antivirus at your will with these steps that are given below:

· Go to the Norton software icon: You need to go to the taskbar of your desktop where you have to locate the Norton icon. That you can find on the right side of the taskbar with several other applications. You can look into the hidden icons as well.

· Open the menu with a right click: When you locate the Norton icon, you need to the right click on the icon, and a pop-up menu will open with a list of options. There you need to click on ‘Disable antivirus auto protect.’ You activate this feature to turn off the running application.

· Select the duration: Now you will be asked to choose duration to disable the application temporarily. Within the period of disability of antivirus, you should not use the internet in your system. So choose the duration wisely.

· Re-enable protection: you should no longer keep your Norton antivirus disable from your device. You only need to disable the software when you’re not getting the permission to download any file or install any software. So once complete these activities you should re-enable the software. You need to the right click again on the software icon and click on the option ‘Enable antivirus auto-protect,’ and it will be started working like before.

Norton antivirus is made to protect your device, and you install in your system for protection. So when you disable it, you take your computer at risk. In this case, you may face some issues in your system. So if you need you should call at norton customer support and get the easy and professional approach of the solution.

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