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Another Carroll's apprentice graduate

December 27, 2019 by nflgoods4u  

San Francisco 49ers lost to the Seattle Seahawks on the 24-27th week, but the reason for losing is not much related to the defensive, and defensive coordinator Robert Saleh doesn't care. He is one of the best defensive masters in the league. This is the belief that Saleh's entire coaching career has persisted. It is also the defensive foundation of San Francisco 49ers. It helped San Francisco 49ers achieve an impressive record of 8 wins and 1 loss this season. The fans who bought the 49ers NFL Player Jerseys are already satisfied. Now San Francisco 49ers defense ranks second in the league in terms of both averaging loss yards and averaging loss scores. It ranks first in the league in efficiency, and almost all defensive data is not ranked first in the league or second.



Saleh has also become one of the best coordinators of the season's NFL, and fans who are likely to buy the San Francisco 49ers Jersey next season will lose him. Saleh's success this year has caught the attention of other teams in the league. His name has appeared on the list of coaches of some teams. The former Carroll disciple may have to be alone in the near future.

Stigma continues or breaks the regular pattern

December 25, 2019 by nflgoods4u  

The NFL2019-20 season regular season will usher in the first game of the 10th week, with 4 wins and 4 losses Oakland Raiders against the District's opponents 4 wins and 5 losses Los Angeles Chargers.

Both the Los Angeles Chargers and the Oakland Raiders joined the NFL family in 1960. Since joining the league, the two teams have been in the same division, and they have been killed for 60 years. But Oakland Raiders wearing black NFL Player Jerseys has never beaten Los Angeles Chargers so far. Of course, this is mainly because the Los Angeles Chargers have placed their home stadium in San Diego for 56 seasons.


Oakland Raiders played against Los Angeles Chargers in six games. In 1960, Oakland Raiders lost, and in 2017 and 2018, they lost. Before the upcoming season will be renamed Las Vegas Raiders, Auckland Oakland Raiders wearing black Oakland Raiders Jersey has two chances to break his record against the Los Angeles Chargers, this is the second last.

Dallas Cowboys fight away in New York

December 24, 2019 by nflgoods4u  

The NFL2019-20 season 9th Monday night game, New York Giants sits at home against the current East of National Football Conference Dallas Dallas Cowboys.

As fans who bought NFL Player Jerseys know that don't look at Dallas Cowboys' current record of 4 wins and 3 losses, but only two of them lost only two points. And they averaged 437.9 per game, ranking first in the league, and if they can stay until the end of the season, this data will become the Dallas Cowboys team history record, not only that, they advance the number of advances (6.9), third gear conversion The success rate (51.9%) and the number of offensive touches per game (3.3) are all in the league.


Although the difference between the two teams in this game is not small, but in one position can be said to be the collision of strength players, that is running back. Moreover, in recent games, the two are in a wonderful state. Both of them They didn't let the fans who bought Dallas Cowboys Jersey down. 2016's fourth rookie Ezekiel Elliott and 2018 third rookie Saquon Barkley, the two started in the 2018 season, ranked 2, 3 in the total number of advances, averaging more than 120 yards per game. 

The happy trouble of Jacksonville Jaguars

December 23, 2019 by nflgoods4u  

The history of Jacksonville Jaguars was not long. They became the 30th team of the NFL on November 4, 1993, and only entered the competition for the first time in 1995. In the team history of Jacksonville Jaguars in just 24 years, only two quarterbacks entered the professional bowl, but now they may have two professional bowl quarterbacks. The two outstanding quarterbacks competed for the start, and head coach Doug Marron faced a happy annoyance.

In the past seven games, rookie quarterback Gardner Minshew stood firm after Nick Foles was injured. In the offseason, Nick Foles will wear Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Player Jerseys and signed a $88 million contract with Jacksonville Jaguars, including $50.125 million in security. There is no doubt that Nick Foles was originally the team's optimistic starting quarterback.


Jacksonville Jaguars should choose a veteran who proves himself, holds a big contract, has won the Super Bowl MVP in the big picture, or chooses to have deep into buying Jacksonville Jaguars Jersey fans, has potential, and may become Jacksonville Jaguars in the next 10 years. The rookie of the candidate? This is a problem. This may be the most popular decision of Doug Marrone's coaching team for three years, and perhaps the most interesting decision of his career.

Aaron Rodgers's way of getting along with the offensive line: glory belong to every teammates

December 22, 2019 by nflgoods4u  

One interesting thing is that by the end of the season, you will always find one or more excellent offensive line players wearing Green Bay Packers NFL Player Jerseys. And this season? David Bakhtiari may be in the AFC-NFC Pro Bowl for four consecutive years, Bryan Bulaga and Corey Linsley may also be on the AFC-NFC Pro Bowl, Elgton Jenkins may have a wonderful rookie season, Billy Turner may become One of the most successful signings on the free market.

And all of this may be inseparable from one person - quarterback Aaron Rodgers. In the 42-24 victory over Oakland Raiders, Aaron Rodgers, wearing a Green Bay Packers Jersey, made five touchdowns and rushed out of a touchdown to win the first time in his career. After the game, he mentioned this excellent "protection net" in front of him more than once. "I now have the best pocket protection in the league." This sentence is almost hanged by Aaron Rodgers.


Indeed, as Aaron Rodgers said, this offensive line is currently one of the best offensive lines in the league, and one of the reasons that makes them so cohesive is because of Aaron Rodgers' personal charm.

Another star quarterback is going to quit?

December 21, 2019 by nflgoods4u  

Matt Ryan, who is wearing the Atlanta Falcons quarterback NFL Player Jerseys, will undergo an ankle MRI on Monday. Matt Ryan left the game in a 10-37 loss to Los Angeles Rams today. The good news is that the team thinks Matt Ryan's injury is not serious.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, Matt Ryan injured his ankle during the killing of Los Angeles Rams rusher Aaron Donald. Although Matt Ryan stood up later, he limped off the court and returned to the locker room. For the rest of the game, Matt Schaub replaced Matt Ryan, and in the face of Los Angeles Rams's defensive team 6th 6th advanced 65 yards and scored a touchdown.


Matt Ryan hasn't missed a game since the 2009 season. Before the end of the game, Matt Ryan27, who was wearing the Atlanta Falcons quarterback Atlanta Falcons Jersey, advanced 159 yards in 16th, was intercepted once, suffered 5 fights, and the lack of frontline protection was the main reason for Matt Ryan's injury.

Three-game losing streak Los Angeles Rams frequently took action!

December 19, 2019 by nflgoods4u  

Los Angeles Rams, who suffered a three-game losing streak, made big moves in succession. Los Angeles Rams first traded star cornerback Marcus Peters to Baltimore Ravens in exchange for linebacker Kenny Young and an undisclosed 2020 draft pick. They then sent a five-round signature to get the inside attacking striker Austin Corbett. A few hours later, Los Angeles Rams made another shocking deal, sending out the first round signature of 2020, the first and fourth rounds signature in 2021, to make the star cornerback Jalen Ramsey to take off Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Player Jerseys.


Although Los Angeles Rams' offensive firepower is still ranked in the top ten in the league this season, the defense is much worse than last year, lost averaging 25.7 points and ranking 24th in the league. Through the deal, Los Angeles Rams reinforces the offensive line and the defensive second line. Baltimore Ravens will also form a strong defensive backcourt consisting of Marlon Humphrey and Marcus Peters. Anyway, let’s buy Los Angeles Rams Jersey to support this new Los Angeles Rams.

NFLChiefs13-19Colts suffered the first defeat of the season. Both ends of the offense and defense were completely suppressed!

December 18, 2019 by nflgoods4u  

Kansas City Chiefs lost to the visiting Colts in the midnight game on Sunday night, but compared to a defeat, Chiefs is probably not the most concerned about this issue.

In the fourth quarter of the game, in the attack on his own end zone, the team's ace quarterback Patrick Mahomes was stepped on the his ankle by his retreating offensive teammate. The scene of his limping off the field touched tens of thousands of people. But now the Chiefs team and the fans who bought the Mahomes NFL Player Jerseys no need to worry about that the MVP of the regular season last season said that the left foot ankle being stepped on does not affect his mobility, nor does it affect he faces to Moral Texans  in the next round.


The fear of fans who bought Kansas City Chiefs Jersey is not without reason. Mahomes has an injury in the position of his left ankle. After five games, Mahomes has already blasted a super performance of 1831 yards and 11 passes. The Chiefs team was under his leadership and the offense was overwhelming. Although they lost to the Colts, they still led the American Football Conference in the Western Conference with a 4 win and a loss.

Lost four free kicks, Buffalo Bills 14-7Tennessee Titans, Tennessee Titans fired the kicker Santos

December 17, 2019 by nflgoods4u  

In the fifth week of the regular season, Tennessee Titans 7-14 lost to Buffalo Bills, Cairo Santos won a total of four free kicks, one of which was blocked, three times out of the goal, no goal, such a poor The performance was enough for Tennessee Titans to make a decision to let him take off NFL Player Jerseys.

Fans who bought Tennessee Titans Jersey were very dissatisfied with Tennessee Titans coach Mike Vrabel's practice of letting Santos play a 53-yard free kick 6 minutes and 31 seconds before the end of the game. After the end of the game, Santos teammates and Vrabel did not complain about him.


Santos' successor is also the "injury" of another team in the league. Tennessee Titans intends to sign former Chicago Bears kicker Cody Parkey, the most "notorious" kicker of last year, breaking the dream of the Chicago Bears in the Super Bowl. This will be the first job Cody Parkey got after being fired by Chicago Bears. In addition, Tennessee Titans also began to rectify the windy offensive line and fire David Quessenberry. Compared to the kicker, Tennessee Titans' offensive line is more problematic and harder to improve.

Is Philadelphia Eagles interested in Jalen Ramsey?

December 12, 2019 by nflgoods4u  

Before the NFL transfer deadline, the NFL2018 top 100 star wearing the cornerback NFL Player Jerseysof the Jacksonville Jaguars - Jalen Ramsey seems to be the most likely player to change the club.

The strength of Jalen Ramsey is unquestionable. The 24-year-old Jalen Ramsey is undoubtedly an elite cornerback, he can make any team's defensive second line better. Jalen Ramsey not only brings a lot of immediate power, but also has a lot of potential and upside.




Although Jalen Ramsey is a full of personality player, from the performance of Jay Ajayi and LeGarrette Blount who won the championship season after joining the Philadelphia Eagles, we can see that the Philadelphia Eagles team is very good at using such individual players. Which team needs the strongest player in the cornerback position in the 2019 season? - That is the Philadelphia Eagles. After suffering a multi-person injury at the beginning of the season, Philadelphia Eagles' defensive second line can be described as scarred. So, it seems that it is only a matter of time before Jalen Ramsey puts on the Philadelphia Eagles Jersey. There seems to be an inexplicable fate between Philadelphia Eagles and Jalen Ramsey.