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The Science of Ceramic Coating, are You Ready to Try it?

August 19, 2019 by Lumilor India  

Literally everybody loves a vehicle that is fresh out of a showroom as it looks so elegant and shiny. But as time passes its appearance starts becoming dull because of many environmental factors like harsh sunrays, rain, dirt, dust and so on. This is the reason why it has become so important to get your ride coated with none other than ceramic coating.


Did you know that the use of ceramic coating on automobiles cuts down the washing time almost in half? Just imagine that you get more out of your Sunday and do other things that you love the most.  Where is Car Ceramic Coating Near me? Nasiol is the best place!


Did you know that ceramic coating increases the hardness of your paint by up to 200%? Yes it’s true, the hardness of the automobile paint is measured by pencil hardness. The hardness of the pencil range from 1B to 10H and the number denotes the hardness of the pencil that can put a scratch on the paint of your ride.


Even if you race through a filthy and muddy road, it won’t take much effort to shine your baby again. There are a lot of high quality car washing products that are available in the market. You can just go for the one that suits your preference and budget.  Not everyone can sell ceramic coatings in their shop. The detailers who want to own a flagship store must have an experiencing of coating more than 100 vehicles. In fact to sell more reputed coating brands, detailers must have at least 1 year of experience in detailing before they can attend a training session. Nasiol has the Best Ceramic Coating for Cars and is worth the try.


For detailing professionals, the differences between coating, sealant and wax are so astonishing. It is really difficult to point out the cons in each one of them. But for the inexperienced buddy or the customer everything is the same as he doesn’t know what is best for his vehicle and what is not. Nasiol has the Best Ceramic Coating for Cars and is worth the try.


The warranty of every ceramic coating job must also be provided by the detailer and also the responsibility of their priceless and beautiful ride must be taken so that the customer always feels relaxed while handing the vehicle for the job. Where is car ceramic coating near me? Nasiol is the best place!


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Create a Breathtakingly Perfect Visual with LumiLor LECs!

August 17, 2019 by Lumilor India  

World’s thinnest sprayable light LumiLor blends perfectly with everything. Doesn’t matter it’s a superbike or a normal one, everything lights up elegantly with LumiLor paint performance system. Anybody can invest a huge amount but whoever invests in the best thing steals all hearts.


If you want a high quality light technology with lots of swag then put your hard earned money in LumiLor paint performance system. 

LumiLor electroluminescent paint India, google now!

Bring every festival to life and light with LumiLor electroluminescent coating technology. It is a light for every occasion as you can design in limitless ways with it. A conventional light has its own limitations but not LumiLor as it is a sprayable light. Spray it literally onto anything and convert it into light.

Do you want to represent the colours of your flag in the most unique way possible? Do it with LumiLor and take your patriotic feelings on a high even on the hardest of days. LumiLor is one of its kind paint that can be lit up in different ways using electronics.


What is LumiLor paint cost in India? Seriously, it’s worth it!

Sync LumiLor with music and groove in the most stylish and illuminated way possible. Brilliance has its own definition and LumiLor doesn’t fail to impress every time it lights up. One of the great things is that the artists are getting more and more skilled at this beautiful technology day by day.


Are you ready for the world’s most unique light technology? Say hello to LumiLor! Which is the first Electroluminescent Paint on the planet. Spray it on anything and create your own light as it emits light when it is given an electrical charge.


LumiLor electroluminescent paint India, google now!

LumiLor premium coating is applied using a professional high volume / low pressure (HVLP) paint system. The skills needed to apply it are similar to the skills needed to apply other professional grade coatings with an HVLP system.

It is a four layer coating system and includes processes and specifications which are unique to our patents. Three to five hours are needed to apply all of the layers in standard conditions. It is available in eight native colors, these are colors you see when it is lit. Check out LumiLor paint price in India now!


What is LumiLor paint cost in India? Seriously, it’s worth it!

It is present in 19 nations and patented in 55 countries. The potential has been proved on several big projects and it is original equipment manufacturer for brands like BMW, Airbus, Ford, Lexus etc. It has been exhibited in international expos and has received many awards.


SOURCE URL: http://lumilorcarpaint.mystrikingly.com/blog/luminor-light-paint

Want an exclusive light? Check LumiLor Paint Price in India!

June 1, 2019 by Lumilor India  

No challenge is too big for the world’s thinnest sprayable light. Be it water or air this fantastic combination of art and innovation glows perfectly everywhere. In today’s age if there’s a technology you just can’t afford to miss out on, it is LumiLor electroluminescent coating technology.


An aquarium or an airplane, LumiLor transforms everything into a premium asset that you can show off with pride to your friends or relatives. Not only you but literally everyone around you will be delighted by the mesmerizing glow this LEC produces.


It’s really hard to imagine the level of vision, creativity and intelligence of the inventors of this mechanism. Even they wouldn’t be having the idea that their creation would leave millions in awe. It creates mesmerizing and soothing visuals and has a programmable illumination which you can control according to your preferences. Be an official dealer with LumiLor Dealership.

It is one of the inventions of this century as it has accomplished so much in a really short span of time. Be it harsh conditions like snowfall, rain or storm or normal conditions like still water, the vivid magic of LumiLor never goes unnoticed.


A light which is waterproof? Are you kidding me? Yes that’s what it is! It was developed keeping a lot of essential things in mind. The waterproof feature of world’s thinnest sprayable light makes it a unique attraction and innovation. Want to invest in the next level of elegance? Know LumiLor Paint Price in India.

Beautify your home and household items with this light and multiply the value of your products exceptionally. Paint the world blue with this paint performance system. This invention from USA has revolutionized the light industry with its power of perfection.


Ads, promotions or any other event, make massive impact everywhere with world’s thinnest sprayable light. It’s time you rethink about the beauty around because LumiLor has arrived. 

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