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Top 8 Reasons to Book Bahamas Private Boat Charter Now

December 4, 2017 by Luxury Yacht Charter Bahamas  

The Bahamas vacation is all about exceptional relaxation and sensational adventure. No luxury villa or expensive cruise can give the unique feel of freedom you get with the Bahamas private boat charter.


If you want to gaze out over the vibrant hues of the Caribbean, then you should charter a private boat in the Bahamas. Here are a few reasons why you should consider chartering a private boat in the Bahamas:


  1. A Dream Vacation –


When you charter a luxury boat in the Bahamas, each and every aspect of your vacation comes down to your own desires. Every crew member – from captain to personal chef has been available to attend to your requests and needs in a way that a luxury resort can match.




In short and simple words, you can indulge and relish in your dream vacation with the Bahamas private boat charter.


  1. A Family Time –


Want to make good memories in the Bahamas? What’s stopping you? Take a charter boat and rest assured that your family, friends will value nothing more than the gift of the quality time spent with you.


When you hire Bahamas private boat charter, you are going to make an investment in the sentimental experiences with your near and dear ones.


  1. A Complete Seclusion –


The mobility of a luxury boat charter can reward you with an ultimate level of freedom, privacy, and seclusion. Your captain and crew will be only at your service. Let them know your each and every whim and they will be happy to oblige you.


All you need to do is to relax and recover in the seclusion, luxury, and the comfort of your Bahamas Private boat charter.


  1. Endless Adventures –


Are you thinking you’ll have boring sightseeing on the water? Think again. You can take part in endless adventure-filled activities including snorkeling, kayaking, and much more water sports. You won’t be bored with water for sure.


  1. The Picturesque Views –


You can enjoy an idyllic scene while in Bahamas private boat charter. Whether you are on the visit to Staniel Cay Exuma or the Rose Island, charter a luxury boat and you can explore the world together.


  1. A Holiday Getaway –


Luxury boat charters in the Bahamas can make for exciting and fun-filled holiday escapades. When choosing a boat charter, one thing is sure that your yacht crew will make sure an enviable experience.




  1. No Boating Experience –


No boating experience is required to charter a yacht. You feel fortunate that your yacht crew will be available all the time at your service.


You can get to enjoy a private getaway, fully crewed luxury experience in the Bahamas. You will just relax and enjoy the ride while letting the crew do the rest.


  1. Exotic and Remote Locations –


You won’t need to stay in a thatched roof hut for a week-long vacation. But when you charter a luxury boat in the Bahamas, you are able to go to places which you’ve only read about while enjoying all of the comforts only a yacht can afford.


Conclusion –


Book Bahamas private boat charter through Luxury Yacht Charter Bahamas and enjoy every moment at the best while leaving behind all the hustle and bustle of busy lifestyles.


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Enjoy with Luxury Yacht Charters to explore some best beaches in Bahamas

October 5, 2017 by Luxury Yacht Charter Bahamas  

The island of Bahamas with its amazing beaches, rich culture, always attract and create a great travel experience all year around.To relieve you from the stress of your tense work, busy city life Bahamas Party Boats and Yachts can be a better option of relief and experience an incomparable taste of freedom, elegance and style. Bahamas Luxury Yacht Charters offer a professional, and friendly opportunity to enjoy an event on water – be it a wedding reception, dinner cruise, corporate event or a theme night, you get this special day unforgettable and make every special day memorable.


Few top beaches for your special events in Bahamas-




Tahiti Beach-


Tahiti Beach Located on the southern tip of Elbow Cay, this picturesque beach with soft white sand is lined with coconut trees and arcs out into calm and clear water. It is a beautiful Caribbean beach on the small Bahamas Island with its big on scenic beauty let you give a relaxing and truly supreme experience option of special events. You can sit on the beach and soak up the sun, or go exploring in the waters perfect for snorkeling. Peacefully relaxing in the sun or observing the sea creatures in their natural setting, Tahiti Beach is a great place to visit. Reach out to Tahiti and hire a boat or yacht charter of your choice.


Exuma chain-


Exuma chain a small island known for its hospitality, well known cave, most outstanding snorkeling attractions and have a reputation as a luxury travel destination. Bahamas Luxury Yachts Charters cater to your every need and bring you to the world’s most glamorous destinations in style and comfort. The thin banks to the west provide sea gardens, anchorages, shallow reefs and roads between the islands. There are beaches everywhere and the ocean beach, with reefs just offshore for great option for swimming and diving with mask. Diverse range of red, black and white mangrove along with typical Bahamian swimming Pig and Anolis lizards can also be found on the island.




Blue Lagoon Beach –


Blue Lagoon Island, also known by its official name Salt Cay, has been an interesting part of The Bahamas’ history for centuries. Located just three miles from Nassau, it is now the home of the dolphins and sea lions owned by a local family. You can reach their through Bahamas Party Boats and Yachts for Premium Water Sports like Kayaks, Paddle Boats, Water Bikes, and Snorkeling. Blue Lagoon Island offers a safe family friendly environment with gift shop, changing rooms, restrooms and shower facilities to relax in a private peaceful natural environment. Breathtaking clear water including thousands of native coconut palm trees, pristine white sandy beaches, beautiful natural vegetation, tropical birds and coral reefs in Blue lagoon beach offers you a dream travel in Bahamas


Pink Sand Beach-


Located along its eastern Atlantic Ocean Pink Sand Beach considered one of the very best beaches in the Islands of Bahamas. It is thought to be one of the best pink sand beaches in the world. Away from the booming resorts and gaudy casino complexes of Nassau, pretty little Pink Sands Beach offers a more typically Caribbean experience. Luxury Yacht Charters are the best options to reach this place in Bahamas.


Castaway & Dolphin Cay –


Castaway Cay is a private island in the Bahamas which serves as an exclusive port for the Disney Cruise Line ships within a thousand acre island used by Disney cruise line guests and crew Members. Castaway Cay Family Beach is the main beach on the island, and as the name implies, is for everyone. This beach is sort of like multiple beaches connected into one, and it’s the area that is closest to the ship. Early in the morning is the best time for enjoying the beach.




Dolphin Cay-


Dolphin Cay offers an Eco-tourist attraction featuring a marine habitat, animal play & water sports. Dolphin Cay offers an intimate and one-of-a-kind Atlantis resort experience. Dolphin Cay is an amazing environment showcased on million gallons of crystal clear seawater. It is one of the largest and most sophisticated marine habitats and animal rescue-rehabilitation facilities, unlike anything in the world. It is a place where swimming with dolphins has redefined creating memories of a lifetime for you and your family. Hiring Bahamas Party Boats and Yachts for a smooth trip to Dolphin cay is full of fun.


Conclusion –


It is always wise to hire a Bahamas Luxury Yacht Charters company with a good reputation. A reputed Yacht charter company may ensure you and all your guests enjoy every moment of the cruise. Luxury Yacht Charter Bahamas, with its yachts, crews, menu, itinerary and your budget offer you an Unforgettable Experience. We are your Bahamas Luxury Yacht Charters Specialists and we know Bahamas Best. We have many choices of diverse fleet of Party Boats and Yachts for a wide range of destinations from the pink sands of the Caribbean to different islands in Bahamas. Speak to our specialist team on +1 416-871-8524, Alvin@LuxuryYachtCharterBahamas.com or live contact for an online quote.