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Making the Right Purchase of Homes in Potomac MD

February 13, 2019 by Aya Netanel  

Looking to buy homes for sale in Potomac MD? A seller’s market can be intimidating for buyers. There are steps you can consider to leverage your position. With a little research and the right experts in place, the home of your dreams in Potomac MD is around the corner.
You should think about the homes. 
If you are working with a realtor in Potomac MD, one who is vested in your home search, you’ll get a good feel for when the right home comes along. Despite being in the seller’s market, not every home goes under contract right away. 
However, the condition and pricing of homes are key factors. If you’re in the market for a fixed upper or if your house is overpriced, you may have enough time. If the criteria are more specific, or the price of a home you’ve been seeking for is reduced, it may be the time to act fast. 
You should work with a market-specific realtor. 
Once you know your time frame to relocate, your Potomac MD realtor will help you define specific search criteria for your new home. These considerations can include a specific neighborhood, or school district, number of baths and bedrooms, types and style of homes, and square footage. Keep in mind that, the more numbers you narrow down your criteria, the less option you’ll get at the end. 
You should be the first to know. 
Homebuyers love consumer home search websites. However, the information on different websites can be outdated and inaccurate. Multiple Listing Services (MLS) are only available to license and certified real estate professionals.
The MLS gets updated in real time as the current listings hit the market, homes go under contract or when the prices are reduced. The only way to get access to an MLS is to work with a licensed and qualified professional. 
If you still want to search homes for sale on your own, put your Potomac MD realtor to work for you. You should discuss the properties of interest directly with your real estate agent that can decipher the ones that may be worth showing, saving you time and aggravation. 
Final Consideration –
Are you thinking of purchasing a home in Potomac MD or surrounding areas? Alternatively, want to work with an experienced real estate agent that will stand side by side without throughout the transaction? 
Please get in touch with Magnolia realty, and our realtor in PotomacMD will save you thousands negotiating the right deal for you. To receive a realtor rebate, feel free to stay connected with our Potomac MD realtor today. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Finding Real Estate Agent in DC

January 19, 2019 by Aya Netanel  

Finding a reliable real estate agent in DC is important for anyone looking to buy a piece of real estate. Whether you are a first-timer or a casual home buyer, picking a real estate company in DC you can rely on is a must when it comes to buying or selling homes. 



You should check their experienced level.


The prospective goal of finding a great real estate agent is to finding someone experienced in doing deals that are same to the one you are interested in conducting. Are you looking to buy a home that will fit your family’s requirements? If yes, finding a real estate with experience in luxury sales is probably going to be a right fit.


You need a real estate company that understands the market, whether you are looking to sell or buy. In addition to, an experienced agent will have many connections; will know properties that are considered off-market that may suit your tastes and have negotiation skills.


Match these qualities


There are plenty of different personalities, experienced levels and success rates floating all across the real estate industry that may confuse anyone while choosing a real estate agent. Prepare a list of the personality traits you are looking for a real estate agent. Always look for someone that matches most of them prior to hiring them to help you buy or sell your property:


Make sure they are licensed


Being a realtor is not needed. Your real estate agent’s license should have good standing. Additionally, they should have zero complaints against them. You can just Google the information.


Knowledge is a key


You should find a real estate agent that excels in the type of real estate transaction you’re interested in. Both residential and commercial properties are different in nature. Foreclosures or short sales have their own different issues to contend with. Buying versus selling makes a great difference.


Communication is a key


Communication seems like an obvious point. With different real estate agents, communication is not a strong point. It’s your right to know what’s going on with your real estate transaction at all the time. 


Make sure that you are receiving daily updates in your desired procedure (email, phone, and text). You can get in touch with your agent if you have any questions or concerns. In addition to the qualities, you want to ensure that you find a real estate agent that is truthful has integrity. They perform their job with pride.


Investing in a property is a right deal and is the one that doesn’t come cheap. Someone that doesn’t understand this is not worthy of your time or money. 


Final consideration –


Are you looking for a real estate agent to represent your real estate endeavors? Magnolia Realty will go a long way when it comes to choosing the right real estate company in DC to represent you. No matter what, our real estate agent in DC will help you get the best deals as possible. For more information, please visit our website at https://www.magnolia-realty.com/

Understanding Magnolia Reality Rebate for Homebuyers

January 5, 2019 by Aya Netanel  

In the current real estate market, the prices of homes are increasing quickly. It’s quite common for homes to be sold above the normal price. In seller market, homebuyers use many tools for a competitive offer and stand out from the rest. This is where a cash back rebate at Magnolia Realty comes in while checking out homes for sale.


While considering homes for sale, Magnolia Realty is able to make a great difference in homebuyer’s life. They are dedicated to making the home sale or purchase process more wonderful as well as exciting. This is why they are providing a rebate for people seeking for homes for sale at Magnolia Realty.


Please check out our rebate process before hunting homes for sale:

Option 1 - Our Standard Rebate


While representing homebuyers, Magnolia Realty’s standard fee is 1% of the home selling price or $5000 whichever is higher. The remaining commission offered by the seller – 1.5% rebate when buyer agent commission is 2.5% and 2% rebate when the buyer agent commission is 3%) will be given to you.

Our services cover

    • A search of  properties that match your specific criteria.
    • Show you properties as many as you need.
    • Market and analyze price to help buyers know the right value of the home.
    • Prepare, review and present offers.
    • Negotiate offers, contingencies such as  inspection and appraisal.
    • Our realtor will be with you side by side from the beginning to the end.
    • Our real estate agent will review the final numbers and be present at settlement along with you.

Option 2 – Proactive Buyers Rebate

Magnolia Realty awards clients for taking a responsible role in looking for homes either online or visiting open houses when possible. Once you know the list of homes for sale you are interested in, we will offer the complete representation of 0.89% of the sale price or $4,000 whichever is higher.


The remaining commission (1.61% rebate when buyer agent commission is 2.5% and 2.11% rebate when the buyer agent commission is 3%) is provided to you. For properties costing below $200K, the commission rebate for the buyer will be equal to 30% of our commission.

Our services cover:

    • Showing properties as many as you need.
    • Marketing and analyzing price to help buyers know the right market value of your home.
    • Preparing, reviewing and presenting offers.
    • Negotiating offers and contingencies like appraisal and inspection.
    • Reviewing the final numbers and attending the settlement along with you.

Please Note – To help you stand out from the other buyers, our real estate agent can create a unique MLS property listing alert only for you. It will generate an email to you whenever a home  matching your criteria becomes available or changes its price. Rest assured that we’ll show you as many homes as you want to make the right decision.


For more information, please visit our website at https://www.magnolia-realty.com/ and contact us as soon as possible!

Realtor Rebate Commission: Facilitating Satisfactory Business Transactions amongst Home Buyers and Sellers

December 10, 2018 by Aya Netanel  

The reason why many would rather stay away from purchasing a home is the cost of maintaining it. Therefore, the best option that many will still prefer sticking to is paying for rent monthly. In order to increase the turnout of home buyers, the realtor rebate commission was set up for this purpose. Interestingly, the realtor rebate commission has made home purchases a seamless exercise for whoever is unwilling to pay excess cash.
Perhaps, you are in dire need of a new home in which you can get back some cash gifts. The real estate commission rebate tends to offer several benefits to potential buyers and sellers alike in this regard.

1.    Home improvement

Are you planning to buy a home using a real estate agent? Whoever you buy from should be offering a realtor rebate commission. The fact is that some of the houses on sale may have one defect or another. Therefore, the rebate you will get after successfully purchasing a house can be used to help improve it. This way, you are able to get more value for the house you have paid for.

2.    Improved home sales

Are you thinking of selling your old house? You may necessarily not need the services of an advertising agency to announce its availability. Rather, you can work with the real estate commission rebate to value your house at an affordable price. This way, many clients can take a good notice of your property and be willing to buy immediately. Moreover, you are able to recoup more money really quick from an old property rather than spending on advertising.

3.    Cost-effective

Have you been in an endless quest to save more money in order to by your own house? You can turn your attention to the realtor rebate commission. Interestingly, you rest assured of getting a home that isn’t only cost effective, but also highly valuable. Moreover, you get to make a selection on the type of house that suits you. After all, the important thing is that you haven’t exceeded the amount that is needed to get you a home.
Finally, you need to explore your chances of doing good business transactions with the realtor rebate commission. Are you planning to buy or sell an investment property? Your dealings with the real estate commission rebate can assist in your decisions for facilitating a business discount. The fact is that you rest assured of not making any financial mistakes that may turn out regretful on properties.

Save Thousands of Dollars While Buying and Selling Homes with Realtor Rebate

October 25, 2018 by Aya Netanel  

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments we make and hence it becomes important for us to make all sorts of research before making the final decision. And if you wish to save a significant amount of money then taking help of genuine and experienced realtors is highly recommended as most of them offer generous realtor rebate. So you need to search for those real estate agents who offer you the best realtor rebate so that you can save more on your home purchase. Because most realtors do not offer a rebate. There are some who do but very little companies offer rebates around the 2%.



Few Things to Know About Realtor Rebate


What is realtor rebate?


Realtor rebates are cash incentives offered to buyers or sellers by the realtors that help them complete the sale.  Or we can say a realtor rebate is where the Real Estate Company or Agent lists your home and offers a reduction in commission or money back in the form of rebate to the buyer or seller at closing.


How these realtor rebates work?


Realtor rebates are offered by real estate agents to encourage home buyer and sellers to use their services. These rebates can be in the form of closing cost payments, including credits to cover home inspections, appraisals etc, a cash payment post settlement when allowed by the lender in situations where the purchase is financed or a reduction of the purchase price by the amount of the reduced commission. Cash purchases do not require lender approval.


What benefits the home buyers and sellers get from these rebates?


Realtor rebates help home buyers and sellers save several thousands of dollars in a single transaction. For an instance, if your real estate agent is getting paid a 3% commission then he or she will offer a refund of about one-third of his or her commission to the buyer or seller.


Are these realtor rebates legal?


Realtor rebates are legal in most of the states in the US. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, forty states allow real estate agents to give rebates to their clients. But as the real estate regulations keep changing time to time the buyers and sellers must check the website of the U.S. Department of Justice for latest information on the legalities of realtor rebates.


Do realtor rebates apply to all types of homes?


Realtor rebates make home buying or selling more affordable for you. You can take the best advantage of these rebates when buying or selling a family home, condo, vacation home, townhome or any other type of property and save a significant amount. But to save more you need to look for a real estate agent or company offering the best rebates in your area.



Magnolia Realty owned by Aya Netanel is a real estate company in Maryland that offers a realtor rebate of around 2.11%.