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Tips for Buying Used Cars in South Florida

January 16, 2020 by majesticautofl  

Buying a formerly owned automobile may be a first-rate manner to save massive on one in every of your most pricey purchases, however most effective in case you do it right. Don’t get caught up inside the pleasure of your car buy and emerge as with someone else’s headache. If you’re seeking out relied on the way to buy a reliable used car for sale Florida, observe those tips:

Tip 1: Get Pre Approved & Set a Budget

We will by no means be able to explicit the importance of getting preapproved for any loan, particularly one for a used vehicle. Walking into a dealership with a pre-approval will assist you now not best persist with your budget, however, it additionally shall we the provider recognize you’re serious about buying an automobile.

Are you thinking of cheap used cars near me? Just because that feels like a good concept doesn’t mean it is continuously a satisfactory strategy. Spending the bulk of your price range on the vehicle itself can do away with the financial flexibility to pay for car insurance, any deductibles (have to you have an untimely accident) or for any possible destiny vehicle repairs. This is where we'd recommend considering low hobby financing prices as an option to keep coins in your pocket, even as still having that economic flexibility.

Tip 2: Use Auto Advisors

Auto Advisors is our dependent on in-house new and used car dealer buying program. As a member of Tropical Financial, this free carrier is there that will help you keep away from the stress of buying a brand new or used automobile on your own. They do all the legwork, work to get you the excellent pricing, meet you at the supply is for the smooth delivery and are there for you from begin to even after the sale. The auto dealership is a helpful manner to buy your next automobile, and those who use the service are eligible for lower hobby charges on their automobile financing.

Tip 3: Begin the Research Process Yourself

If you opt for shopping on your very own and to do your studies, it's recommended to apply countrywide online sites along with Edmunds.Com, NADA.Com and AutoTrader.Com for reliable used car values. Be cautious about looking out for motors with accidents, which can be flood-damaged or with better miles as they can lower the fee of your vehicle after purchase.

Most franchised new car sellers have a big choice of used automobiles on site. Many of these vehicles are Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) and come with a prolonged factory warranty, which is an excellent choice for consumers deciding to buy a used car.

Tip 4: Purchasing from an Independent Dealer

There are many reputable independent dealers in South Florida; however, be sure to test their yelp reviews (yelp.Com) and make an effort to review their customer service records with the Better Business Bureau (BBB.Com). The short time you spend on this research may save you from a potential headache.

Tip 5: Always Get a Vehicle History Report


Once you’ve narrowed down your search, and earlier than you buy any used vehicle, make sure to ask the seller to offer a CARFAX or AutoCheck report. This will show any collisions, specifically with airbag deployment, approximately that you should be aware. It's endorsed not to purchase any used vehicle without reviewing this kind of reportsOR /

Used Cars to Consider and Avoid

January 10, 2020 by majesticautofl  

Resale value is very important for buyers who are looking for a used car for Sale Florida, a few years down the line. Most buyers often overlook this aspect while finalizing their new vehicles. Here's a quick tip: cheap used cars near me with the lowest form of depreciation. A vehicle with a low depreciating value is easy to sell at a higher price, considering the high demand. Resale value depends on various factors like face-lift and newer versions and waiting time for new models.

There are a lot of used car dealers and models on the market right now. Here are the models which have a high resale value inMajestic Car Service.

Renault Kwid

The Kwid has a massive variety of fans and garners enormous demand, both inside the new vehicle marketplace and pre-owned section. Primary shoppers include youngsters and first-time shoppers who are inclined to choose a used Kwid and is one of the primary reasons for its high resale price.

You can get a sparingly used 2017 Kwid for Rs 3.5 lakh, and a 2016 RTX model which has run for a measly 11,000 km for as little as Rs 2,90,000. You can negotiate the rest.

Maruti Suzuki Swift

The hatchback from Maruti Suzuki has forever topped the charts within the new and used vehicle marketplace. The release of the latest technology has no longer affected its demand inside the used car marketplace at all. Instead, the six-week ready can also have some clients defecting to the used car market.

The Swift may be located in large numbers on numerous used motors portals and bodily markets. I depend on the version, something between Rs 2.5-five. Five lakh is a great deal.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno

No, we are not speakme about Maruti Suzuki's sedan, Baleno. Although we do love that car a lot, considering the engine and build high-quality. The new Baleno is as of now the excellent selling premium hatchback within the country. Launched two years back, this model nevertheless has a sizeable ready duration of at least 3-four weeks which is another cause why customers do no longer thoughts shopping for a used unit. Well, that's if you find one.

Considering the 'one' posting we observed, we would say whatever around Rs 4-6 lakh, relying on the variant, is feasible.

Honda Amaze

Yes, Honda just launched an all-new Amaze at the recently concluded Auto Expo 2018, however, we are talking about the old run-of-the-mill Amaze, with its mediocre looks, a peppy engine, and maximum importantly, a diesel version beneath the Honda banner was sufficient for Indian customers. Value-for-money and after-income carriers make it the proper choice.

The resale cost is high. Anywhere among Rs four-5. Five lakh is a superb deal.

Honda City

Of course, we remembered the City. The sedan from Honda already began winning hearts since the first-gen was released and has been regular amidst other widespread players like the Ciaz, Verna, and the Vento. Buyers do not mind choosing a used model thinking about the build first-rate, and after-income service from Honda could be very reliable.

Resale price for the City anywhere among Rs 2.5-8. Eight lakh is a great deal, depending on the year of make, kms driven, and build the first-rate status.

Toyota Altis

It's a Toyota. Need we say greater?

There are not many models out there aside from the Corolla Altis first-gen that's good. However, you will discover examples that have run over 50-60,000 km. The new-gen Altis is a difficult car to see. Good luck finding a used model.

Maruti Suzuki Brezza

The Brezza has been a game-changer for Maruti Suzuki once they discontinued the Vitara citing weak income. However, the Brezza has been a tremendous player within the compact SUV marketplace and has a significant following both inside the used and new automobile market.

Used Brezza fees range everywhere among Rs 7-10 lakh.

Cars You Should Avoid

Crossover SUV

Compact crossover SUVs are all of the rage proper now. The phase represents roughly one out of each five automobiles sold in the US.


Models that include the Nissan Rogue and the Honda CR-V are amongst the exceptional-selling automobiles in the US.

The used-car market, however, is not where you need to look for compact crossovers.

Matt DeLorenzo of Kelley Blue Book said that "everyone appears to want a crossover SUV," so dealers of a used crossover hold the cards. Better to take into account a hatchback or at least a compact SUV that has undergone an extensive redesign.

Instead, look for a new one. With manufacturers keen to keep on to market percentage in a brutally competitive segment, you are probable to find incentive packages that would knock thousands of greenbacks off the sale fee of a brand new crossover.

Pickup Trucks

The Ford F-one hundred fifty was a long way and away, the nice-selling new automobile in America in 2018, with income topping 909,000 units, while the next pleasant-seller, the Chevrolet Silverado, sold more than 585,000 trucks.

With new pickups selling in such report numbers, preowned pickups also are in excessive call for and therefore are priced better than usual for a used automobile. Unless your work demands the usage of a truck, keep in mind other sorts of a used vehicle.

Discontinued Brands


You can frequently get a top-notch deal on a used vehicle from a brand that's now not around within the US, like a Saab or a Suzuki. But once that car needs maintenance or maintenance, you could well pay dearly for the upkeep. Parts will be harder to locate and accordingly much extra expensive, and finding a shop that can carry the car well can also prove a challenge. 

ar Resale FloridaC

December 27, 2019 by majesticautofl  

Have you been thinking, Used cars for salein Florida, though it can be a long drawn out and even a little confusing and complicated at times? We buy cars every day in Florida, and we make it easy for you, but we realise that not everyone is easily convinced of how fast, safe, and secure our process is. This is why we’re here to prove it. How? By providing information for buyers and then telling you how to sell cheap used cars near me take the hassles out in just a few easy steps. Before the Sale

The first thing you need to know is that you can get an instant cash offer now from Majestic Car Service and stop reading right now. However, if you're the one who thinks you can get a higher price for your car, truck, van, or SUV yourself then, by all means, give it a whirl.

If a seller has already purchased a new car and the license plate has been transferred, then the seller is required to apply for a temporary demonstration the only tag so potential buyers can test drive the vehicle. You’ll need proof of insurance for a temporary card to be issued.

Notes for the seller:

The seller is required to transfer the title over to the buyer. If the claim is paper and has been misplaced or lost, the seller will need to apply for a duplicate title before the car can be sold.

Complete and submit an HSMV 82101 form along with the applicable duplicate title fee to your local DHSMV service centre. Some counties have expedited service available for a $10 fee in addition to standard title fees. Electronic titles require both the seller and buyer be present at DHSMV to secure a title replacement. The official odometer reading will be necessary, and both parties must have a valid photo ID.

Car for Sale Curbstoning Advertising

In Florida, you are prohibited by law to park any vehicle on private property or on public right of ways to sell it without permission from the property owner. This is known as “curb stoning”. Florida law also presumes a person, corporation, or partnership that offers for sale, sells, buys, deals, or displays a vehicle for purchase within three months, or more in 12 months, to be a motor vehicle dealer. Anyone meeting these criteria must have the appropriate state-issued license to do so.

Selling a Car with an Existing Lien

In the state of Florida, you cannot legally sell a car privately if it has an existing lien. The lien must be satisfied before the vehicle can be legally sold and the lienholder must have reported the lien release to DHSMV. Once this has been completed, the car is free and clear to be sold, and the title transferred. You can sell it to Majestic Auto Sales


When exchanging the auto in at a dealership, the lien can exist. The dealership then has ten days to satisfy the lien before they can legally resell the vehicle. You do not need to request a paper title when trading in a car at a licensed Florida dealership.

Out-Of-State Title – The VIN Inspection

If you have a title issued from a state other than Florida, you must complete and submit a Vehicle Identification Number and Odometer Verification form by the owner and one of the following:

  • Florida DHSMV compliance examiner/officer

  • Florida notary public

  • Licensed Florida motor vehicle dealer

  • Law enforcement officer

Are you starting to notice how much easier it would be to sell your car quick to us? We buy cars, and we are your go-to specialists.

Wrapping Up and Completing the Sale

To protect bother the seller and the buyer, it is encouraged by DHSMV to complete the sales transaction in a motor vehicle service centre for proper transfer of a title.

Transfer of Title by Seller section must be completed including:

  • Buyer name and address

  • Odometer information

  • Sell price

  • Date Sold

For the title to be successfully transferred over into the buyer’s name:

An Application for a Certificate of Title with/without Registration from Attach the form to the title Submit to a motor vehicle service centre

Note: To avoid a late transfer penalty fee, this must be done within 30 calendar days.

Recording the Mileage

Florida titles have space for the odometer disclosure reading and the odometer reading at the time of purchase must be written in on the title application. Both the buyer and seller must acknowledge odometer disclosures on title transactions.


Filing an HSMV 82050 form protects the seller!

As the seller, you are required by Florida law to file an HSMV 82050 form with a local motor vehicle service centre. By doing so, your name as the registered vehicle owner will be removed and release you from all liability. The new buyer becomes the responsible party from the date of the sale to apply and obtain a current registered titled. If the buyer fails to secure a new title, and the seller does NOT submit a completed HSMV 82050 form. The seller can still be held responsible and liable even if they no longer have possession of the car. DHSMV recommends the seller keep copies of the certificate of title, any other transaction type documentation, and bill-of-sale and have it notarised.


Just think, if you get your instant cash offer now you can sell your car quick to us and have cash in your bank fast, safe, and secure. We buy cars and take all the hassles out! So when you think, “sell my car”, think Car Buyer USA!

Pros and Cons of Car Dealership

December 24, 2019 by majesticautofl  

Learn the pros and cons of used car dealerships, how to find used car dealers ratings online, and how to get updates on dealership rebates.

Visiting used car dealerships can make it easy to find a wide variety of used vehicles, but limiting your search to dealership lots could keep you from finding the right car. This guide highlights the common advantages and disadvantages of going to used car dealerships to shop for your next car or truck and offers tips on how to find a dealership for you.

Advantages of Going to a Used Car Dealership

Cost savings:

There is no doubt that going to a usedauto dealership can save you thousands of dollars over buying new. By existing the instant or third holder of a vehicle, you can avoid the large initial depreciation hit the first owner took. However, even though you are saving money on a used car, be careful to avoid overpaying. You can use a service like CarsDirect to get an idea of what cars are selling for in your area. You can also research trade-in and retail values online via Kelley Blue Book.

Large selection:

Exhausted auto dealerships commodity all sorts of vehicles, ranging from basic economy cars to luxury vehicles. If you attend a huge sufficient used car dealership, you should be able to find a vehicle that fits your needs and budget. However, it may be easier to find a vehicle by using the online search tools available via CarsDirect before visiting a dealership.

Good warranties:

Largely used car lots normally offer warranties on all vehicles, even those that are older. Although this contract may only wrap the main power train components, it provides some peace of mind as you make a large purchase. Additionally, some used car dealerships, particularly those associated with new car dealerships, are able to offer certified pre-owned programs. These programs provide extensions of factory bumper-to-bumper and powertrain warranty coverage. Certified vehicles must also undergo a thorough inspection and reconditioning process.

Ability to negotiate:

Gratitude to the vast markup in depleted cars, you should be able to negotiate an excellent deal when at the dealership. Just be sure to negotiate downward from the asking price based on research completed online.

Disadvantages of Used Car Dealerships

Unknown auto history:

When shopping for a used car dealership, you may not know the auto history of cars you are looking at. Although several dealerships give auto past reports, these may not be available in all cases. If essential, stipend for a car record on your own to make sure you do not buy a damaged vehicle.

 High-pressure sales tactics:

Depleted auto dealerships are famous for their high-pressure sales tactics. You may be "turned over" to multiple salespeople who will try to pressure you into making a decision today. Remember, you can walk away from negotiations at any time if you feel uncomfortable. Recall averting earning a purchase on your first visit to a dealership unless you have had adequate time to research pricing before visiting the dealership.

Depending on your situation and how far you must travel to reach a used car dealership, you may notice disadvantages when going to a used car dealership. In any case, be sure to do your research before visiting the showroom, and only purchase when you are confident you are getting the best deal.

Finding a Car Dealership Near You

In some cities, used car dealerships can be found on every corner. If you live in a remote area, you may have to do a little travelling. There are many ways to locate used car dealers near me. Further, you can narrow your search to include dealerships that have great reputations and offer decent vehicles at reasonable prices. By doing some research before you travel to any dealership, whether it's online, on the telephone or by speaking to others, you'll be able to gain valuable information to narrow your vehicle search and create a great used-car-buying experience.

Online Search:

Before travelling to any used car dealerships, it's possible to do a quick search online. This is especially effective if you already have a general idea of what type of used car you're looking for. There are many online sites that offer options to limit your searches for the type of vehicle, year, price range and even features such as power options, mpg and accessories. You can then enter a mileage range, usually based upon your zip code. All the matches in your area will then be returned with dealership location, directions and phone number. You may even find a picture and details of the actual vehicles they have in stock which match your search terms. This will help you to define your search and pinpoint the vehicles for you, before wasting time or gas money hunting down vehicles at all the nearby dealerships.

Determine an Online Dealer Rating:


Another useful action to take is to check dealer ratings, reviews and complaints on online forums. Get feedback from customers and consumers on particularly used car dealerships in your area. Use this information, bad and good, to determine if your time, or want for a certain used car is worth any hassle. You can usually search by zip code, or dealership name to see if any feedback has been submitted. People enjoy having an outlet to give thanks or complain about their experiences, so you might find some helpful results regarding the used car dealerships you have in mind, or information on a location you hadn't yet discovered.

How to Buy Any Used Car?

December 4, 2019 by majesticautofl  

Buying used cars for sale in Floridacan get you an excellent car for significantly less money. But they come with significant risks as well. How to select a utilised car---without getting taken for a ride.

There are a lot of advantages to buying a used car, rather than a new one. Price is an obvious benefit. Used cars can be a lot cheaper than new vehicles, and thus keep you from having a monthly payment.

But how you choose a cheap used car near me can make all the difference. Choose the right vehicle, and you can save a fortune over a new car. Choose the wrong one, and that brand new car will look like a bargain in hindsight.

Finding the Right Market Value

This is the initial step in your used-car-buying process. Majestic auto sales give the best market value. You should have at least a ballpark idea of the cost of any car you are seriously considering from used car dealer. You will first have to get as many details about the vehicle as possible. This will include making, model, year, mileage, options, and overall condition. The more information you can furnish, the closer you will come to the car’s actual value.

That value should be your starting point in any negotiation. It can moreover imply how worried the seller is to sell the car. For example, if the sale price is too high, the seller’s probably not motivated. But if it’s correctly priced—or price below-market value—you may be onto a good deal.

Inspecting the Car Carefully

The condition of the car is a significant indication of value. A well-maintained car will be near the top of the value expanse, while a poorly maintained one can be worth thousands less.

Pay particular attention to the following:

Make sure that the car is a comfortable fit. Check both the front and rear seats.

Carefully inspect every inch of the car. In the interior, inspect all of the seats, the floors, the doors, and the ceiling. Are there tears or stains? On the exterior, carefully check the paint job, the trim, and the bumpers. Are there any significant scratches, dents, or evidence of repair? Also look at the car lights, tires, and the muffler. Age of deferred maintenance will be apparent. Take a nice, long whiff of the car. Some smells, like cigarette smoke and mildew, can be particularly challenging to remove. But the smell of burning oil or burning gas is much more severe, as they can indicate deep engine problems. Test them after the car has been running for a while. Inspect the engine. A muddy motor can be proof of poor keeping. Check to see if there is oil on the engine. This could indicate leaks—or worse. Breaks down or tired-looking socks and sashes can be a valuable fix and another evidence of poor maintenance.

Test Drive the Car

This isn’t just about driving the car to see how you like it. While you are riding, you want to do a close examination, particularly of all the “little things.” They can include:

Do a thorough check on the car’s amenities. Are they what you want? Power seats, steering, and windows? Are they working properly? Check out the sound system. Does it meet your expectations? Or will you be constantly annoyed that it’s just not good enough?.

Test both the heat and the air conditioning. It may not seem essential to test the temperature on a sunny day in June, but come January, you’ll be thankful you did. Carefully inspect if any warning lights are on or flashing. Don’t presume they don’t mean anything. Attend up with the holder or seller about any mandatory maintenance.

How does the car handle? Test it under high-stress situations, such as stop and go, high speed, low speed, sudden acceleration/deceleration, hard turns and sudden stops. Make sure you get the car up to at least 55 miles an hour. Some things, like a bent rim, won’t be noticeable at lower speeds. Once you hit 55 or 60, it’ll be obvious something is off.

Listen carefully to the engine. A smooth hum is a good sound; sputtering or knocking can indicate serious problems. Check the brakes repeatedly. Listen for sounds of squeaking, grinding, or metal-on-metal.

Reimburse extremely tight awareness to how the car shifts. Does it do so smoothly, or is their hesitation? Watch the exhaust. Smoke can be an indication of a problem, and blue or white smoke can be an indication of a big problem.

Check the Car by a Mechanic

Think of it as similar to a home inspection performed on a house you’re about to buy. You should have the car thoroughly inspected by a mechanic. This is sometimes referred to as a pre-purchase inspection, and it can cost $100 or more. But it’s fortune well spent if it facilitates you to avoid selling a car with serious problems. Whatever you do, do not rely on the seller’s representations, or recommendations by his or her mechanic.

Get the Repair History

You can order this through Carfax, but you’ll need both the license plate number and vehicle identification (VIN) number to do it. A pattern of well-spaced repairs can be an indication of a well-maintained vehicle. However, frequent maintenance, particularly for the same malfunction, could be an indication of a severe problem. It could even be the reason why the seller wants to get rid of the car.



Buying a used car comes with different challenges than buying a new car. No one wants to pay too much money for a car or buy a car that will turn out to be a lemon. Keep these strategies in mind, and you should be able to get a good used car at a very reasonable price.