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Massage Can Be Used To Relieve Stress In Cancer Patients

November 16, 2019 by Smith Jones  

Massage is one of the oldest therapies around. This ancient method is now sometimes incorporated into cancer treatment in order to relieve anxiety and stress.  There is  myth that having a massage may spread the cancer. The only precaution the trained therapist will take is not to passage directly where the cancer is.  On the contrary it brings comfort and helps combat any sense of despair the patient may have as well as aiding relaxation. there are many complimentary therapies to be incorporated into a cancer treatment, but massage is possibly the most popular as it brings on the feel good factor. It helps relieve a few of the things a cancer patient may be suffering from apart from the main disease namely stress, anxiety, headaches related to the stress and muscle tensions as well as general pain elsewhere which is caused by the illness.

A few Massage techniques can be helpful for cancer patients

The most common type of massage is Swedish massage and it is also appropriate for cancer patients as it uses gentle sweeping hand movements and nothing too vigorous. One thing that Swedish massage usually achieves is to make the patient feel revitalized and energized. This massage technique boosts circulation and generally promotes well being as well as being a useful treatment for pain and stress related ailments. Depending on the side effects of the cancer then other forms of massage prove to be effective too. Shiatsu which is a Japanese technique which promotes physical and emotional calm and relaxation as well as working for stress anxiety and depression will also help in relieving muscle tension. From that description you can easily see how someone suffering from cancer would benefit from this type of treatment. Aromatherapy is a gentler form of massage, using essential oil. Due to the softness of the massage therapy it may be more appropriate for some patients. This type of therapy also has restorative powers, giving a sense of positivity and well being as well as relieving pain and muscle tensions. https://www.manchestermassage.co.uk/  

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Sports Massage In Manchester – Why You Need It

October 18, 2019 by Smith Jones  

A sports massage in Manchester is usually an amalgamation of many massage methods that are customized to your affected muscle groups according to the activities you do. A properly done sports massage can help eliminate the lactic acid from your body. There’re 2 kinds of sports massages that can benefit triathletes relying upon when they schedule their appointment & they race schedule.

If there is a race around the corner, you’ll wish to get a lighter massage. Whereas, if you’re in between events & have particular problems, your session may be focused on deep tissue massages in problem regions. Here is how a sports massage in Manchester can benefit you:

Improve athletic performance:

Continual improvement is the reason you train hard all through the year. And that is the same reason why you should get a sports massage. Following a massage session, you will feel lighter, more flexible, and more powerful and all those annoying aches can be addressed helping to decrease the possibility of injury.

Injury prevention:

Sports massage helps your muscles, tendons and joint move in motion and remains in optimum shape. It is much like that pre-workout warm-up you are supposed to do. Before your competition you wish your muscles to be flexible & your joints warmed up.

Several injuries are brought about by the excessive use of particular muscles. Regularly scheduled Manchester sports massage session can help decrease the possibility of your muscles becoming overused & can also reduce the primary inflammation that guides to injury. Also it helps in decreasing the odds of injury recurrence. Moreover, massage is very effective at treating soft-tissues injuries like strains, sprains and stress injuries.

Relaxation & focus:

Our sports massage will help you in decreasing stress & increasing focus, putting you in an excellent psychological condition prior to your upcoming competition. The fast movement of sports massage can also leave you feeling revitalized.

Post-race recovery:

Sports massage can help accelerate the healing & recovery process following an intense competition by melting away waste fluids like lactic acid.

On average, a triathlete must get one massage per week or a minimum of one per month. Our Manchester sports massage can help whether the injury occurred from football, cycling, running or work outs in the gym. Whether you are a weekend jogger or semi, or fully, professional athlete, you will be benefited from our highly advanced sports massage session.

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Enjoy The Relaxing Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage In Manchester

October 3, 2019 by Smith Jones  

Many people believe deep tissue massage is supposed to be painful in order to be beneficial. As the saying goes, “No Pain, No Gain”, doesn’t always apply to massage. In fact, many people fall into a deeper state of relaxation when they get a deep tissue massage in Manchester.

Deep tissue work is not just about the amount of pressure used; it’s true intention is to work on all the layers of the body’s soft tissues and particularly the structure which covers and encases them

This type of massage is highly beneficial for people who suffer from consistent muscle pain, especially in the muscles around the neck, lower back and shoulders. This can be caused by work related postural problems, leisure activities such as gardening, sports and exercise related injuries, and can also be the end-result of long-term emotional stress and tension.

The benefits of Deep Tissue Massage include:

  • Release of tension and stiffness from muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and fascia
  • Pain relief
  • Pain management
  • Increased flexibility and suppleness
  • Breaks down old scar tissue and adhesions
  • Improved mobility, posture and physical performance
  • Faster, more efficient recovery from injury and surgery

What to Expect During and After a Deep Tissue Massage Session:

The technique usually focuses on specific areas. It can be offered in combination with other styles of massage, as a whole-body treatment or concentrated in one area, for example the lower back or shoulders. Your therapist will work with you to find a comfortable level of pressure, and will work with your breathing to help minimize discomfort and get the best possible release from the tissues.

When a deep tissue massage is done correctly, the benefits are experienced within the next few days. You may feel rejuvenated, or a bit sore, depending on the particular therapy session. Any slight stiffness or pain experienced after a deep tissue massage is a completely normal reaction and will subside within 24-48 hours.

It’s advisable to rest & relax as much as possible after your Manchester deep tissue massage session, take a warm bath, and drink lots of water and/or herbal teas in order to help the body eliminate any waste products that have been released from the soft tissues. Avoiding caffeine & alcohol is also to be recommended, for the same reasons.

To enjoy the best deep tissue massage in Manchester look no further than Manchester Massage. Call us on 07415 831969.

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Help Reduce Osteoarthritis Using Massage

September 5, 2019 by Smith Jones  

Osteoarthritis is a common complaint and is a painful condition in joints. There has been extensive studies and research which has come out favourably for massage to be used as an effective complimentary treatment to help with pain management caused by this chronic ailment. The main type of arthritis comes with age as the condition of the joints deteriorate. The joints swell up and movement is both restricted and painful. Although symptoms and severity of pain can differ, the condition is caused because the cartilage, cushioning the joints starts to wear away and deteriorate over time. 

Various Massage techniques can reduce the pain caused by arthritis

Whereas for some  massage is a luxury or indulgence those with osteoarthritis it is a blessing as it helps ease the pain and suffering. The most recommended massage for this is Swedish message as it promotes general well being as well as tackling the main issue of pain relief. The use of light to deep circular movements stimulates blood circulation and is good for relaxation and pain relief.  The use of Shiatsu is more for targeted pain relief. It is an acupressure massage where pressure can be put on one area and it affects somewhere else on the body. Aromatherapy massage is another popular method of combating the pain endured by arthritis  and there are quite a few essential oils that are thought to be particularly good for relieving pain caused by osteoarthritis. Some of the most common of these oils are Cedarwood, Cypress, Ginger, Juniper, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Marjoram and Rosemary. Some of these have properties that aid relaxation or helps you sleep as with lavender, which is a good byproduct if you are kept wake with pain.  https://www.manchestermassage.co.uk/

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The Difference Between Deep Tissue Massage And Swedish Massage

July 25, 2019 by Smith Jones  

When we go through the list of services provided at a massage center, we usually tend to visualize how every massage practitioner be like, before deciding on what’d like to avail. Quite often, we end up availing a random massage, as the name is pretty interesting. In the end, after the massage, we wind up that all massages are the same. But in true sense, each massage is different than the other & every massage has its own pros. Here in this post we will throw a look at the difference between Swedish massage and deep tissue massage in Manchester.

Swedish massage is a kind of massage that uses firm pressure on the muscles. Also it includes a string of long sliding strokes. This massage employs different essential oils which have different aromatic benefits & these oils help decrease friction also.

Swedish massage improves blood flow in the muscles which relieves the strain in your body & enhances flexibility. It kindles the skin & nervous system, hence, soothes the nerves & decrease both mental and physical stress.

A Swedish massage includes the application of 5 strokes, including:

  • Effleurage – Long flowing strokes that let the practitioner to spread the oils on your body & feel the muscle tone.
  • Petrissage – Kneading strokes that lifts & squeezes the tissue, flushing the metabolic waste in that region.
  • Friction – A kind of stroke that includes quick brief movements producing heat in that region that brings blood flow to that area. This aids in relaxing the ligaments.
  • Tapotement – This stroke involves a string of light blows to the body which helps in unwinding the muscles.
  • Vibration – This stroke makes movement in the whole body.

Deep tissue massage in a kind of massage that aims in targeting the deep tissue structure of your body muscles. This massage is mainly focused on the connective tissues. Deep tissue massage aids in quick recuperation of minor muscle injuries & chronic issues. Also this massage is a great way to deal with postural misalignment, sports injuries healing spasms & muscle tension. Moreover, it helps in releasing chronic muscle strain such as muscular knots & adhesions.

This form of massage involves a string of slow, precise, and delicate strokes, which is ideal for postural deviances & anomalous muscle tone. The practitioner here applies different strokes relying on the kind of muscles that they’re working on. During the massage, the muscle will slowly start to relax, letting the practitioner move along it.

Feel free to schedule a Manchester Deep Tissue Massage session at Manchester Massage. We are waiting to pamper you!

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How Massage Can Help You In The Golf Course

July 12, 2019 by Smith Jones  

The saying goes that the worst day of golf beats the best day of work. This is an apparently famous outlook, as gold persists to capture the minds, hearts, and spare time of folks of all ages, with all skill levels. For many, there’s simply no better way to relish a sunny morning than on the manicured greens club in hand, traversing the eight holes of a golf course.

The Good:

Golf can be an excellent form of workout. All through the round you are offering your core muscles (back, hips, glutes and abdominals) an exercise, as well as reinforcing your upper body by swinging your clubs & in some events carrying them on your own. Your forearms and chest get taxed, also.

What to watch out for?

If you are going into your round with stiff muscles, of if you aren’t conditioned properly, you can fall prey to some typical gold-associated injuries. From shoulder injuries to straining the lower back, and neck pain, golf can either aggravate existing sore regions, or make new ones. You could develop strained tendons in your foot or ankle if your stance is off. The frightful “golfer’s elbow” is a throbbing swelling of the inner or outer tendons of the elbow.

What to do?

Since the major part of golf involves so many repetitive movements, metabolic waste can accumulate around those muscles that are taxed recurrently. This can prompt ache & poor suppleness in those muscles, which are 2 things you certainly don’t wish as part of your game. Moreover, many injuries happen during a round of golf due to already stiff muscles that are flexed & strained during the swing. To keep muscles healthy and loose, regular Manchester massage therapy is an excellent way to practice defensive care during golf season. Your therapist can focus on the muscles in your back, arms, neck, glutes and hips to help make sure that your muscles are lengthened, loosened and more flexible. He can also pay special care to the muscles that help support good posture, which is a critical part of your golf stance.

Massage therapy is excellent for helping to improve metal concentration & reducing stress and anxiety. Since going into a golf course is already stressful, especially after a couple of your favorite golf balls end up in the lake. A massage therapy can really help you deal with such stress better.

Contact Manchester massage to schedule a professional massage in Manchesterbefore your next golf season.

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Some Surprising Benefits of Full-Body Manchester Massage

June 6, 2019 by Smith Jones  

A full-body massage – low lighting, soft music, a sense of serenity, it is bliss. But what a lot of people don’t know is that while you might be in a condition of absolute recreation your body is going into full-activation mode during the course of a massage. A full body massage kindles your nervous system; wake up your organs, muscles, and moves blood & lymph fluids, and gets many cells to create and discharge chemical and hormones.

Here are some surprising benefits of full-body Manchester massage:

Nervous system relaxation:

When you unwind, your nervous systems get into a “rest & digest” mode. If you’ve areas of tension and pain in your body, it is feasible that they’re the outcome of strain on nerves prompted by stiffen muscles, and a full-body massage done by a professional therapist may relieve it.

A stress-free nervous system entails that hormone creation will balanced out. Creation of stress hormones like corticosteroids reduces, as “feel good” hormones such as endorphins boost. Hormones that control menstrual cycle, sleep/wake cycles, blood sugar, immune cells, and even how much food you consume, all respond constructively to the relaxation that comes with a full-body massage.

Musculoskeletal benefits:

Your muscles are quite like sponges – when they squeeze, lymph and blood are contracted out, and when they unwind fresh blood gets in bringing fresh oxygen, nutrition, and immune cells. Improved blood supply also speed up the elimination of lactic acid & other products of metabolism that source cramps, muscle tiredness, and DOMs. Your therapist may also integrate stretching & range of motion movements into the massage, which musters the joints & places helpful tensions on your ligaments, muscles, and tendons.

Enhanced bone blood supply:

Do you know that your bones also have a blood supply & obtain the same benefits from massage as your muscles? Proper blood flow brings calcium & other minerals to your bones to support their function and strength; hence your skeletal system gets a major boost from full body massage.

Improved digestive health:

Stress can cause havoc on your digestive system, and a full-body massage can have a pretty healthy effect on how your body process foods & nutrients. The parasympathetic nervous system controls your digestion, creating required chemicals such as gastric juice, saliva, and insulin which stimulate peristalsis to move foods via your intestine.

So what are you waiting for? Schedule your full body Manchester massage now to rip all the advantages mentioned above.

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