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The Trendy Villa Plots in Sarjapur Road

November 8, 2019 by Pionier Lifestyle plus  

The trend of buying villa plots in sarjapur road remains surging, and the reason can be land prices rising over 800% in the last 20 years. Nowadays, People prefer purchasing affordable price plots in Bangalore rather than owning a residential property. There are numerous factors support this increased demand for affordable and in here have tried to quote some of them.

Affordable Cost

With several choices of the affordable plot for sale in sarjapur road to pick from, people are not enthusiastic to splurge extra on the more pricey constructed residences. Maintenance of property is the first and primary financial burden which comes with a built property. Property tax is also comparatively less cost when it comes to the villa plots versus residential properties.


People are increasingly investing in villa plots in Bangalore due to the flexible nature of plots. Individuals who are not still definite in their decision to settle down are seeking this as an investment possibility and hence, purchasing attractive price villa plots in Bangalore. This investment is giving them the freedom because plots can later be expanded, sold off for profit, or used for constructing the property.

Profit Earning

Since the market interest for villa plots in sarjapur is progressing, placing money for gated community plots in sarjapur road is an assured method to enhance the property holdings. Most of the people are considering land as an asset and not only using it for residential purpose but also an investment. These attractive plots for sale in off sarjapur road can prove to be a key asset down the coming years as the market is seemingly booming.

Here are 100+ affordable villa plots in Bangalore which are selling in the market every day owing to the high demand. The necessity for the land is something which is ever-surging, and with the selling side being limited, this is indeed a real stake in putting your bet on investment in attractive these properties.

Points to Consider Before Invest In Villa Plots In Sarjapur Bangalore

October 31, 2019 by Pionier Lifestyle plus  

Many people love to buy some ready to move in properties like apartments or villas. But, in cities beyond metros, people still prefer to invest in plots or land and construct a house or villa of their choice as and when they want. In fact, it is also a known fact that investing in plots is considered as a big investment with higher returns. 

Moreover, the steps and procedures involved in villa plots in Sarjapur are considerably different from apartment-purchase. 

So, it is necessary to conduct a careful analysis before finding your villa plots in Bangalore:


Location is crucial when considering plot-investments. You have to do deep research on the area properly to understand the neighbourhood, infrastructure and social and public amenities. Try to buy some plots for sale in off sarjapur road with water, sewer and drainage systems before going ahead with the deal.


Another key factor is the size of the plot. Set your requirement and then choose the right plot before you make a purchase. You can buy villa plots in sarjapur road which is clearly protected from encroachment and squatters, hence a survey of the land and clearly defining its dimensions and area will go a long way in preventing legal disputes.


  • Title deed: Check if the real estate dealer has a legal right over the property. This you can ensure by title deed of the property.

  • Encumbrance certificate: This document is proof that the property is out of monetary and legal liabilities. It declares that these villa plots in Bangalore is free of any legal hassle and unpaid dues.

  • Release certificate: This is essential for resale plots to ensure that the property does not have any loans or bank commitments.


  • The plot should be approved by the city development corporation. Collect all approval documents and it is better to get it verified by a lawyer.

  • Property tax receipts and bills: Clear all tax-related issues, the buyer must request previous property tax receipts and other bills from the real estate developer.


  • Cost is an obvious one, but the cost may differ in different places depending on the locations and the liabilities come with your choice of land. Land appreciation, neighbourhood, key distances from prominent places may be the determining factor for the price of your dreamland.


  • The size of the land you need depends on the size of the house or villa you want to build. So consider all your priorities before you purchase the villa plots in Bangalore as you may have several plans to do for your home in the future.

EMI and Loan Options:

  •  It provides a great relief to those who can’t pay the full amount at a time. It also gives you the flexibility to pay in several instalments and take loans as required. Loan approvals on the property also assure the authenticity of lands you are going to buy.



Reasons Why You Should Buy Villa Plots in Sarjapur Road

October 23, 2019 by Pionier Lifestyle plus  

Are you looking to buy villa plots in Bangalore? Then, Sarjapur Road is one awesome region to consider! What was once a landscape with a lots of flora and fauna is now a bustling yet peaceful and verdant business centre, attracting numerous world-renowned IT companies, automobile industries, educational institutes, and healthcare centres.

Here are the 4 reasons to buy villa plots in sarjapur road

Affordable Budget

Though Sarjapur road has witnessed exploding growth in the past few years, you can still find well-planned and well-structured plot layouts for every budget. This offers the opportunity for people from all financial level to buy a plot, with proper amenities and conveniences.

Close to Major Work Places

Rapid growth and career prospects turn Bangalore into a residential haven for working professionals in the IT and non-IT sectors as well. So when you hunt for plots for sale in off sarjapur road, chances are, you can find a good site very close to your business place. That implies that more time to spend with your dear ones and concentrate on the things, you love to do the most.

Quality Life

Imagine staying away from the busy life of the metropolitan city, yet experiencing the comforts and pleasures of the city life. Living amidst nature and fresh air while having immediate access to the best of what Bangalore has to ever offer. It is all you ask for, right?! Sarjapur Road and nearby areas promise exactly that.

World-Class Education Institutes

Whether you want to offer your toddler the best pre-schooling, join your children in the CBSE board, or graduate them in top universities, Sarjapur Road and nearby areas have got numerous sought-after educational institutions within its vicinity.

So all these reasons make villa plots in sarjapur is more convenient to buy other than any places in Bangalore.

The Best BDA Approved Sites for Sale | Pionier Lifestyle Plus

October 14, 2019 by Pionier Lifestyle plus  

Pionier Lifestyle is a premium residential plots, which will offer its residents a living experience of a different kind. Pionier Lifestyle, the premium plots for sale in Sarjapur road in HSR Layout, Bangalore South by Pionier Developers, the leading real estate developers. The project offers land with a perfect combination of contemporary architecture that blended with modern amenities and features to provide a comfortable living. Pionier Lifestyle is one of the popular residential developments in Off Sarjapur Road, a neighbourhood of Bangalore with 100 ultra-premium villa plots. 

Pionier Lifestyle offers facilities such as Gymnasium, Badminton court, Basketball court, Jogging track, Lawn tennis court, Swimming pool, Pool table, Banquet hall and car parking.

Pionier Lifestyle Facilities

Rainwater Harvesting
✔ Sewage Treatment Plant
✔ Storm Water Network
✔ Underground Network Lines
✔ 5 Star Quality Guest Rooms in the Club House
✔ Top of Line Quality Material Used for Electricals

✔ Underground Electricity Connection
✔ Use of Premium Materials like Wires, Taps, & Pipes
✔ Project Overlooking One of The Bangalore’s Most Pristine Lakes
✔ 30,000 Sqft Fully Functional Club House
✔ Easy connectivity to proposed Peripheral Ring Road

This property is the plots in Sarjapur and BDA approved plot in a gated community with clear title approved by all leading banks. It is located in a prime location close to Sarjapura road with easy access to almost prime locations of Bangalore. 


HSR layout is famous for BDA Approved Sites for sale which is lying in the confluence of Hosur Road and Sarjapur Road, It is a residential area sprawling over approx. 7 sq. km. This area (like most in the city) is divided into sectors (Sectors 1 to 7), with each sector comprising main roads and arterial by-lanes.



HSR Layout’s close proximity to areas such as Electronic City, Whitefield, Koramangala, and Jayanagar makes it one of the more desired residential and commercial markets in Bangalore, especially among young working professionals. 

Buying premium villa plots In Sarjapur Road Bangalore

June 4, 2019 by Pionier Lifestyle plus  


Real estate in Bangalore is reaching heights, with every part of the city being covered and become highly populated. People love being in this city as it caters to the major section of IT professionals.

The green surroundings and pleasant weather, along with amazing infrastructure also make the city ideal for retirees to reside in. With every area becoming populated, and people looking for a peaceful place to live in, the next hotspot in the city is Sarjapur Road, which consists of a swarm of lakes.

Buyingpremium villa plots in Bangalore is a trend now even though it is peaceful and less populated, as of now, it doesn’t mean that it is underdeveloped. The area is home to a number of IT companies, MNCs, schools, colleges, banks, hospitals, multiplexes, and more.

In fact, it has everything that can make the life of its residents comfortable and luxurious. Now again, living a luxurious and comfortable life does not always call for a huge sum of money.

Pionier Lifestyle PLus- The Right Choice

Pionier Lifestyle is a premium villa plots for sale in Sarjapur, being developed by Pionier Developers. Keeping in mind the needs of modern lifestyle of residents, the project provides various amenities.

Pionier Lifestyle is BDA plots for sale in Bangalorewhich encompasses amenities such as Children's Play Area, Basketball Court, Library, Power Backup and Cycling & Jogging Track. ATMS, medical facilities, education institutions, and parks are within easy reach. The area is also well-connected by bus and road network.

Why you should say ‘yes’ to BDA Approved Sites for sale?

May 15, 2019 by Pionier Lifestyle plus  

The city has been witnessing lives perching on to apartments in a concise space where they are packed in multiple storey buildings. Your dream of managing and growing a family inside the fast-paced atmosphere becomes lost in the oblivion. Even then, people are less motivated on the idea of buying a plot, as a better option than any other complex investment. When one puts thought into the resale value of the house, most of them look for an independent house. For that, you must definitely have a sound financial background first to invest then install. But then again, it depends on the access to nearby landmarks and quality.

When you wonder why investing in BDA Approved Sites for saleis more opted, just look around the already built houses where people are forced to get adjusted.Plots in sarjapur roadof land that you purchase today can yield better future options in its resale value as well as when you furnish a house there because at the end of the day the land is yours. Moreover, invest in land is a very cheap and transparent process. One of the major profits of investing in land is that it is a tangible asset which can increase the rate of demand and purchase. When compared to the property tax for a residence, the land is cheap and also, you can secure the maintenance cost. The cost of the land is also comparably lower than residential property. People prefer individual houses according to their tastes, rather than already built homes where they have to adjust. You become your own master as to decide the design, colour and space for your property.BDA plots for sale in Bangalore unlike a residential property won’t get useless or becomes unworthy in accordance with time since it will remain in the same condition in which you purchased. When you decide to make rental income from plots, you will have an in-hand option to lease the land for allotment of the parking lot or other businesses. Purchasing a plot at the right place at the right moment is the practice of sowing good opportunity.


Ultimately, you will be left with options to choose the best that you consider which fits for you. Isn’t it better to avoid the noise from the neighbouring apartments when you peacefully sleep in your couch? When the best plot is waiting for the best house to be built, a safe and secure place you can build is built future and grow the family you were dreaming of.