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How to Use McAfee VirusScan Plus

May 6, 2019 by maria hernandez  

McAfee VirusScan Plus completely redefines PC protection and internet security. Thanks to its innovative active protection technology McAfee VirusScan Plus provides users with immediate and extensive PC protection that is very easy to use. This article will give you a brief outline about how you can use McAfee VirusScan Plus to protect your computer from malicious activity. If you want to know more about the software you can also call the McAfee Customer Service and reach out to a trained expert to get more details about the different features and functions you can use.

System Requirements for McAfee VirusScan Plus

Before you use McAfee VirusScan Plus you must make sure your system meets the necessary system requirements mentioned below so that the software can run smoothly:

75 MB of available free drive space and 256 MB RAM

800 X 600 or higher screen resolution for optimal display

Microsoft Windows 2000 (32-bit) with Service Pack 4 (SP4)

Fast internet connection with Internet Explorer 6.0 or later

Types of Scan options in McAfee VirusScan Plus

Before you get down to actually scanning your computer you need to decide which type scan you want to run. Here is a brief description of the various scans available on McAfee VirusScan Plus

Scan 1: The ‘Full Scan’ will automatically scan your entire computer. Even though it takes a while to analyze your entire system, this is the most comprehensive system scan you will get.

Scan 2: The ‘Quick Scan’ on McAfee VirusScan Plus will check the most susceptible parts of your PC and eliminates minor

Scan 3: The ‘Custom Scan’ option allows you to select the specific folders or drivers you want to scan.

Steps to scan your computer using McAfee VirusScan Plus

Once you decide which type of scan you want to run you can refer to the steps below and begin scanning your system using McAfee VirusScan Plus:

Step 1: Go to the system tray on your PC and right-click the McAfee icon

Step 2: Press ‘Check for updates’ and complete any pending updates

Step 3: After you update McAfee, click ‘Scan’ to check your computer

Step 4: Choose the type of scan you want to run and click the relevant option

Step 5: Once the scan is complete you will get a message with the scan details

You can see the results of the scan through the ‘View Results’ option and check if there are any malicious files or software stored on your computer. If you cannot see the ‘View Results’ option you do not have to worry since it means that McAfee VirusScan Plus did not find any errors on your system.

If you find that your McAfee VirusScan Plus software is not working properly you can call the McAfee Technical Support number and speak to a certified software expert to clarify your doubts. Experts are available 24 hours a day and will give you the best solution for any software error so that your system is always secure.

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Get missing key of McAfee

April 25, 2019 by maria hernandez  

Mcafee is a company that provides extensive cyber security solutions for both desk/laptop and smartphone products. It provides with a comprehensive range of anti-virus software which can be installed in the system so as to safeguard the device from the potential threats. It helps you to protect your personal data from the cyber hackers and also the device from the attack of virus and malware in the system. You need to purchase the Mcafee antivirus and once you do that you are provided with a license key also known as product or grant key. The key is used when you are activating the software after you have installed in the operating system. But what if you have lost the product key and need it urgently? For that, you can read the content that has been written in the blog and can try the methods that have been suggested or can reach out to the Mcafee Helpline Numberif the given suggestions do not turn out to be effective.

There can be many ways by which you can restore the missing key. Look at them one by one and apply the one which is the most convenient for you.

Method 1- Retrieving the key from the installed copy of Mcafee

  • Launch the Mcafee antivirus product.
  • Now in the main menu, search for the Help option. And if you are not able to find Help, find the option for support and click on that.
  • Once done, look for the license details and if you had created a password while you had registered for the product, then enter the password and after that search for the license key.

Method 2- If the product was purchased from an online retail store.

  • Look for it in the confirmation mail. The retail store owner would have provided you with the license key via an email after you had purchased the product. If you are no longer to find the mail or had deleted that, then move to the next step.
  • Get in touch with the support number and provide the following details to them, the purchase date, number of the online order and personal details(name and email address)
  • When you will dial the toll-free number, an automated menu will start playing in the background. Proceed as suggested and find the missing Mcafee license key.
  • Note down the key number and save it in at least two or three different places.

These were the two methods by which you can restore the missing Mcafee license key. If these do not help then dial the Mcafee Contact Number and talk to the techies for the same and issue their advice for the same.


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How do I install McAfee in Windows 8.1

April 16, 2019 by maria hernandez  

Statistics show that internet usage is on the rise at a phenomenal pace. People use the internet to share personal information with friends and family and to connect with business associates and clients. However, the internet is also quite risky because hackers can steal your data and manipulate it for financial gain. That is why you should always have a trusted antivirus and internet security software installed on your PC. McAfee is one of the most popular computer security software companies in the world. Millions of users around the globe use McAfee to protect their computers from malware and other malicious online content. You can call the McAfee Customer Support Number and speak to a software expert to see which McAfee product is compatible with your system. The installation of McAfee software depends on the device you use and the operating system. This article will give you an overview of how you can install McAfee on your Windows 8.1 device.

Steps to install McAfee in Windows 8.1

·        Step 1: Open the McAfee website using the link ‘home.mcafee.com’. Go to ‘My Account’ and sign it using the email address for your McAfee account and your McAfee password.

·        Step 2: To start the installation of the McAfee software you will need to enter the device you want to install the software on and search for the McAfee software you want to install.

·        Step 3: You can quickly read through the McAfee License Agreement and click ‘Agree’. Once you have agreed to the given conditions you can click ‘Download’ and proceed with the installation of your McAfee software.

·        Step 4: You should remember to make a note of the serial number shown on the screen since it may be required later on. If you want, you can keep the browser window with the serial number open so that it remains visible.

·        Step 5: Once the download is complete you just need to open the ‘Downloads’ folder and search for the file. Double-click the McAfee file and follow the instructions given on the screen to continue with the installation.

Steps to use the McAfee Pre-Install tool

If you find that the installation is incomplete or fails for some reason you can refer to the steps given below to run the Pre-Install tool and fix the problem:

·        Step 1: Visit the official McAfee website and download the Pre-Install tool

·        Step 2: Save the McAfee file to a temporary location e.g. the desktop

·        Step 3: Go to the desktop and double-click the ‘Pre-Install_Tool.exe.’ file

·        Step 4: When the warning message pops up click ‘Ok’ and run the tool

·        Step 5: When the Pre-Install tool has finished scanning your PC click ‘Ok’

·        Step 6: Restart your Windows computer and try and install McAfee from scratch

If you still find it difficult to install McAfee on your Windows device then you should call the McAfee Technical Support and ask for additional technical assistance to check if there are any compatibility issues that are preventing the smooth installation of McAfee.


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How to Fix McAfee Installation Error Code ‘0’

April 8, 2019 by maria hernandez  

It has been constantly coming up that while installing the McAfee Security on Windows users come across a failure in completion and are often being confronted with the issue of McAfee Error 0. This error completely halts your installation process. McAfee installation error code 0 may indicate several issues because of which the installation is being halted. Users can immediately connect with the McAfee Customer Support and know more about this issue. As if you wish to solve the problem effectively it is necessary that you are aware of its root cause. By following this blog you would be able to understand better about this error code which would aid you in effectively solving the problem yourself. You can also take assistance from McAfee Customer Support in order to attain a better understanding of the situation.

Signs which indicate McAfee Error Code 0

·        You would experience constant crashing of the active program along with the appearance of Error 0
·        When you run the same program your system would automatically crash after displaying the error code 0
·        You would come across ‘McAfee backup filter error 0’
·        You would see that Windows is running sluggishly and is responding slowly to mouse and keyboard inputs.
·        You would experience periodic freezing of your system

You can experience these symptoms when you are installing the McAfee software, when the program is already running, during the windows startup or shutdown and even while installing the Windows operating system. It is always necessary that you keep track of when and where you experience these symptoms as it is critical for troubleshooting the problem.

Reasons causing McAfee Error Code 0

The causes of McAfee error code 0 is as given below:

·        Due to corrupt download or even incomplete installation of the McAfee antivirus software.
·        Your system is infected by Virus or malware which has corrupted your Windows System file or McAfee Antivirus related program files.
·        Another program on your system maliciously or mistakenly deletes or erases your McAfee Antivirus related files.

Understanding the accurate reason for the malfunction would make resolving the issue easier.

Steps to fix McAfee Antivirus Error 0

The steps that you can use to solve the issue of Error 0 of McAfee Antivirus is as given below:

·        Try and repair the registry entries that are associated with the error code 0
·        Run complete system Malware and Virus Scan
·        Ensure that you clean out your system junk using the Disk Cleanup option
·        Search and update your PC device drivers
·        Use the Windows system restore option to ‘Undo’ all the recent changes on your system
·        Uninstall the McAfee Antivirus and then reinstall it
·        Also, try using the Windows system file checker (‘sfc/scannow’)
·        Look for all the available Windows update and update it to the latest available option
·        In end execute a clean installation of Windows on your system

If you follow these given steps accurately you would be able to solve the error code 0 effectively but if you find any difficulty in following the process, you can connect with the McAfee Customer Service number, where you would be instilled with professional guidance on how to efficiently solve the problem in hand.


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How to Disable McAfee Auto-Renewal

March 19, 2019 by maria hernandez  

Internet and computer security are more important than ever in this day and age. More and more people are turning to online payments and shopping because it is so convenient. But the more active you are online the more at risk your computer is because of online threats. McAfee is one of the most popular antivirus software available today. It does not matter if you just want a simple antivirus software or a more advanced and comprehensive internet security package, you can call the McAfee Customer Service Number and consult a certified expert to know which plan is best for you. It is always good to test different software and learn more about them before you settle on one. So if you find yourself wanting to stop McAfee Auto-Renewal so that you can change your antivirus then this article is just for you.

Why do disable McAfee Auto-Renewal?

Every time you access the internet or download something online your PC is at risk from online threats and malicious software. That is why it is very important to keep your antivirus subscription active at all time. The McAfee auto renewal feature is meant to save time so that you do not need to keep checking the deadline to renew your subscription. On the other hand, this feature can be quite frustrating if you are looking to cancel your subscription in favour or another plan or software. If you do not disable McAfee Auto-Renewal then you will automatically be changed the relevant fee whenever your subscription ends. To avoid the recurring fee you should disable McAfee Auto-Renewal if you feel that you do not want the service.

Steps to disable McAfee Auto Renewal

The steps to disable the auto-renewal option in McAfee antivirus are very simple and straightforward. Just visit the McAfee website and follow the instructions given below:

·        Open your internet browser and go to McAfee homepage

·        You will see a small avatar image in the top right corner. Click on this image and open ‘My Account’.

·        Enter your McAfee login details in the fields provided i.e. your email address and password, click ‘Log In’.

·        (Optional) If you have not yet registered with McAfee you can select ‘New User’ to create a new account

·        Go to the auto-renewal settings and search for the subscription you want to cancel and select ‘Turn Off.’

If you decide to disable auto-renewal then you should routinely check your system to make sure you are protected through some other McAfee antivirus software. If you have turned off the auto-renewal but you notice that you are still being charged a fee when the subscription ends you should call the McAfee Customer support to clarify the issue. McAfee considers the security of the user's system as a top priority. That is why you will find that the customer helpline is active 24 hours a day so that you can always reach out to a certified expert and get the best solution for all McAfee related software.

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How to resolve McAfee login problems

March 12, 2019 by maria hernandez  

There are very few software companies that are as popular as McAfee. Millions of users across the world trust McAfee and rely on their antivirus software to protect them from all kinds of threats. Their journey into the world of computer software first began way back in the year 1987. The McAfee software is designed to detect and eliminate all kinds of threats including malware, suspicious bugs and worms, Trojans, computer virus and many more. McAfee offers its users total protection across all devices be it computers, mobile phones, tablets or laptops. To know more about the amazing features for McAfee in more detail you can always call the McAfee Customer Care Number and ask one of their trained customer representatives to guide you and clear your doubts.

The reason McAfee is called a comprehensive solution is that it addresses all the core issues on your computer. If you feel that your computer is running slowly or that there are some app or programs that are crashing frequently McAfee will get right on it. The software can scan your entire system to help you pinpoint where exactly the problem is and what is the reason behind all those error codes. McAfee will also issue alerts or warning whenever your system encounters an external threat and is at risk. Thanks to the quick warnings issued by McAfee users can take immediate action and protect their device from damage by malware.

What is a McAfee account? Why is it important?

Before you think of buying a McAfee product you need to register and create a McAfee account online. The McAfee account is very useful because it helps you manage all the McAfee products and subscriptions you are using. You just need to enter your login details and you will have all the information you need right there in front of you. But the login process for McAfee is not always smooth. This article will give you some helpful suggestion on how to face McAfee login errors

Steps to resolve the McAfee login problem

 There are two main reasons why you may encounter login errors on your McAfee account. One is because you have entered the incorrect email or password and the other is because you do not know the password and you need to reset it. Whatever the reasons, here are the steps to resolve the problem:

Method 1: Incorrect email address and password

·        Type the username and password exactly as they are

·        In case the fields are filled automatically, refresh and try again

Method 2: Retrieve lost McAfee password

·        Go to the McAfee homepage and enter your username

·        Click on ‘Forgot your password?’

·        Check your registered email account for a reset link

·        Click on the link to create a new McAfee password

If these steps do not work you should call the McAfee Customer serviceand consult a software expert so that you can get a step-by-step guide on how to retrieve your McAfee account. The helpline is available 24 hours a day so that you can call anytime and resolve the login error on your McAfee account.


Source URL: How to resolve McAfee login problems

How to download and install Mcafee Mobile Security for Android and iOS

March 4, 2019 by maria hernandez  

It has become really essential to secure your smartphones from threats and vulnerabilities. The hackers are on a continuous run to look for the methods for an intrusion into the personal details of the people and thus robbing them of their money, etc. Nowadays, people also have the habit to store all the information in the smartphones which makes it easier for them to access. So it should be taken into consideration that the Android or IOs device is thoroughly protected and for that, you need to download and install a mobile security. There are many mobile applications that can prove to be fruitful for this purpose, but one of the best that you can trust and is often recommended by the experts in Mcafee mobile security. You can directly download it and install it from play store in android and Appstore in iOS. For that, you need to read this blog and perform all the steps one by one in order to complete the process. And if desired, you can also take help from the Mcafee Technical Support and talk to the techies.

How to download and install Mcafee mobile security on an Android device?

·        Tap on the play store icon on your smartphone and in the search bar type Mcafee.

·        Look for McAfee mobile security and install it in the device.

·        You can see the icon of the app on the home screen after it has been installed.

·        After that select the option of “Find Device or back up”

·        Enter the email address that you wish to register and hit next

·        Navigate to create an account and create a 6-digit pin.

·        Now just tap on the option of ‘’Go to the main menu”

·        You can see an orange circle which contains a number. Select that circle

·        After that, set any security question and then type the 6-digit pin

·        You need to select any two security questions, provide answers for them both and save them.

·        Activate the Mcafee mobile security.

How to download and install Mcafee mobile security on iOS?

·        Navigate to the icon of the app store on your iOS device.

·        Type Mcafee Mobile security and install it in the smartphone

·        Once, the application will be installed, tap on it to open.

·        You can see three options asking you to log in, create an account and get an activation code

·        If you had already installed Mcafee app in the device before and had deleted it due to any reason, then you can provide with your previous username and password to log in.

·        You can also create a new account if this is the first time you are installing this app.

·        After creating an account, create a 6-digit code.

·        Follow the on-screen instructions to activate the mobile security.

If you do not have a play store or Appstore in your device, which is most likely not a possibility, then you need to take some other alternative to install the mobile security app. For that, you must consult the Mcafee Tech Support number and have a word with the professionals.


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