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How to safeguard and restore Quicken backup files

February 14, 2020 by Maria Miller  

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Computer crashes, and data loss can cause you to lose valuable financial reports that may affect your business. This blog will give you tips on how you can safeguard your data and restore it whenever you need to. In case you encounter an error that prevents you from restoring your files, you can call the quicken technical support and speak to a professional software expert to resolve the problem.


Steps to Safeguard Quicken Backup Files

Safeguarding your data is a great way to make sure your business and finances are not affected when if your computer crashes. You can refer to the steps given below to create a backup of your Quicken data:

  • Step 1: Run Quicken, click ‘File’ and then press ‘Backup and Restore.’
  • Step 2: Choose any one of the two options to back up your Quicken data.
  • Step 3: You can back up the data to your computer or an external drive.
  • Step 4: Additionally, you can also use ‘Dropbox’ to back up the data. 
  • Step 5: Add the date on the backup files, so it is easy for you to recognize.
  • Step 6: You can also change the location of the backup file when you want.

Once you made all the relevant changes and entered the required data, you just need to click the ‘Backup Now’ option to complete the process.


Step to Restore Quicken Backup Files

As long as you backed up your files, you never have to worry about computer failure or data loss because you can simply restore them. You can follow the steps given below to restore your Quicken Backup Files: 

  • Step 1: Got to the File section and click on ‘Backup and Restore.’ 
  • Step 2: Select ‘Restore from your backup’ and then click ‘Browse.’
  • Step 3: Browse your device and find the backup file you want to restore.
  • Step 4: Be sure to select the file that has the extension.QDF-Backup.
  • Step 5: Click ‘Open then Restore Backup’ and open the following prompt.
  • Step 6: Choose if you want to overwrite the file or to create a copy.

Given that restoring a backup file replaces your current data, it is recommended that you avoid overwriting files. If you need help replacing your files, you can call the quicken customer service and ask for technical assistance. Experts will give you detailed solutions to help you overcome any Quicken software error.


Source URL: How to safeguard and restore Quicken backup files

How to Resolve the Issue When Quicken Download Transactions Not Showing

January 31, 2020 by Maria Miller  


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If the quicken downloaded transaction is not showing, then the user may get irritated. This error can not only halt their work but also make the task a little difficult. Therefore, if you ever come across this error, then it's best for you to call quicken contact number. Moreover, the experts of the customer service team are not only qualified but also are experienced enough to solve every small or big error of Quicken.



What to do when this problem occurs for the first time?

If you witnessed this error of downloaded transaction not showing for the very first time then you can read below-mentioned tips:

●     First, check whether the sort order has been changed in your account register.

●     Even make sure that the transaction history that you have downloaded should not be over 90 days old.

●     Some bank allows downloading the statement only after the closing date.

●      If the missing transaction incorrectly matches with another transaction in the register.

●     Make sure that the transaction you are trying to download has not been deleted recently.

●     Even check if you have transferred the transaction from one account to another correctly or not.


What to do when this error occur frequently?

If the error frequently occurs in your system then:

●     Go to Edit option, then hit on Preferences> Downloaded Transactions

●     Here uncheck the box next to 'Automatically add to banking registers.'

●     Then you can click on the Update Now option present in the Action Gear Icon.

●     Now confirm the ‘Sort Order’ in your account by date.

●     Now go to Edit section> Preferences > Download Transactions.

●     Uncheck the box next to 'Automatically add to banking registers.'

●     Now click on the Reset button that is present at the top of the account register.

●     Click on the Register Column present in the gear icon and then hit on Check Downloaded Payee.

●     Then hit on Tools> Account List and then check the option of Show Hidden Accounts.


If the steps mentioned above don't work out, then you can call quicken customer support number that stays active 24*7. The customer care team will surely resolve your issue and will make sure that you do not encounter them in the near future. 


Source URL: Resolve the Issue When Quicken Download Transactions Not Showing

How to Resolve Quicken Error code 101 or 103

January 17, 2020 by Maria Miller  

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Quicken Accounting software handles your personal accounting and financial mathematical calculations and also works with small startups. Working almost similarly as QuickBooks, it helps you to manage the payroll, inventories, payments, profit and loss statements and many more but on a variably small scale. One of the recurrent errors in Quicken is code 101 or 103. These errors will occur when you are downloading the transaction from your financial institution (bank) via one-step update service. To solve the snag, you can try to troubleshoot the error manually and later if required, get in touch with quicken phone number. However, if you want to attain direct assistance from the experts, then do dial the toll-free number.


Why does Quicken Error 101 or 103 occur?

  • When your Quicken password is outdated
  • When the Quicken password in keychain access is not up to date.


How to solve Quicken Error 101 or 103?

Proceed step by step and solve the snag within no time

Step 1- Deactivating the account that is associated with the error codes

  • Open Quicken software
  • Click on Accounts and then on Hide and Show Accounts
  • Look for the account that is showing hidden for the financial institution and disable the checkmark near the box
  • Search for the account register that is getting affected by this code and then tap on Settings
  • Tap on Troubleshooting>Deactivate Downloads>Save


Step 2- Updating the bank account list and reactivating your bank account

  • Launch Quicken software
  • Click on Accounts and then on New
  • Search for the option of ‘My bank is not listed’ and click on the question mark icon near it
  • After that click on Update list and once it gets updated, click on Show List.’
  • Select your financial institution and enter your login credentials


In case, you are unable to solve the dilemma via these two steps, then another one that can be seen as an option is deleting the Quicken Password from the keychain access. The prospect of getting in touch with quicken customer support is an option always available with the customers 24*7.


Source URL: How to Resolve Quicken Error code 101 or 103

How to convert from Quicken Windows to Quicken Mac

January 6, 2020 by Maria Miller  

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Quicken is one of the most reputed finance management software that helps users to keep a complete track of their personal finances. The best part about the software is that it can be compatible with both Windows as well as Mac. If you intend to switch from Windows to Mac, you still have an option to use Quicken on Mac. One may refer to the following steps in order to understand the process of converting Quicken Windows to Quicken Mac. Otherwise, you can simply reach out to quicken customer support phone number and take help from the experts.


Export files from Quicken Windows:

The steps explained below will help you to prepare to export your data from Quicken Windows:

  • Step 1: Go to the ‘Tools’ section of Quicken
  • Step 2: Visit the accounts list and see the hidden accounts by tapping on ‘Options.’
  • Step 3: Select the ‘Manage account’ option and then ‘Hide in Quicken.’
  • Step 4: Click on ‘Edit’ and rename the files by using uppercase letters
  • Step 5: Look for the files you want to export and then tap on ‘Accept all.’
  • Step 6: Visit the ‘File’ menu and use ‘QIF’ format to export all the selected files
  • Step 7: Go to the folder where you would like to save the file and type ‘Account.qif’ in the file name. Press ‘OK.’
  • Step 8: Find the option ‘Quicken account to export from’ and select the account that you want to transfer.
  • Step 9: Provide a date range on which you want to transfer the files.
  • Step 10: Here, you would have to select the group of files that you want to export.
  • Step 11: Use the FAT file format to open the formatted CD drive
  • Step 12: Visit the location where you had saved the file and then copy it on the CD.


Import files for Quicken Mac:

Once you have successfully transferred the data on your CD, you can easily import them for Quicken Mac:

  • Step 1: Go to the ‘File’ menu of Quicken on your Mac device
  • Step 2: Choose ‘New Quicken file’ and proceed.
  • Step 3: Fill the required information in the ‘Create Data File’ box and then click on ‘Create.’
  • Step 4: Insert the CD in the disk drive
  • Step 5: Revisit the file menu and select ‘From QIF’ under the import options


The methods shared above may vary depending upon which version of Windows and Mac you are using. In case you need some additional assistance, contact quicken customer service and speak to professionals regarding the matter. They will help you with the most suitable solution in no time at all.


Source URL: How to convert from Quicken Windows to Quicken Mac