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How to wash jeans like a pro at home?

December 14, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

If you are looking for the best way to wash jeans like a pro at home, you are here at the right place. We give you some simple tricks which are suggested by Cleaners near me so that your jeans keep the color and shape as the first day.

Jeans are a must-have item in any closet. But do you know how to wash them so that they remain the first day? We tell you how.

While it is true that it is a sturdy garment, if you want to keep your jeans as new for longer you must follow these steps:

Step 1:

Turn the cowboy around before putting it in the washing machine. This will prevent them from rubbing on other clothes and wear out.

Step 2:

Make sure there is nothing in your pockets. Coins and some papers can fade and cause you more of a surprise.

Step 3:

Button up and close zippers to make sure they don't damage the rest of the laundry.

Step 4:

If it is the first time you wash your jeans, wash them alone or with similar colored garments, since in the first wash you can release color and, therefore, they would spoil the rest of your laundry.

Step 5:

Use a special detergent for dark clothes that takes care of the tissues, keep the shape and color. The detergent, the best liquid to dissolve completely. In addition, we advise you not to use fabric softener, since there may be remains in the garments.

Step 6:

Wash in cold water, maximum 30 degrees C and use a short spin, so you will prevent your favorite jeans from losing their shape that you like, spoil or shrink. And you will save on energy.

Step 7:

Lay them upside down to prevent the sun from hitting the pants and causing them to lose their color. Hang them with the tweezers holding the waist area, in this way the marks will not be noticed.

Step 8:

When ironing your jeans, do it the other way around. Start with the part of the pockets and the back, then follow the waist and finally the pants legs.

Follow these simple steps by Cleaners near me service and you can enjoy your jeans for longer.

When washing the jeans, it is important that you do not use bleach since it would totally spoil the garment. You can use a dryer at a medium temperature but, we recommend that you let them dry on the clothesline.


Know here how to clean shower curtains?

December 14, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

Bath curtains, be they cloth or plastic, are a common solution in the bathrooms of our homes. They allow us to avoid the costly installation of screens and fulfill the same function: to prevent water from leaking out of the shower or bathtub.

However, they have the great inconvenience of cleaning. And it is common that our shower curtains accumulate moisture, which ends up leading to the appearance of mold. These spots, which are profoundly unsightly, do not disappear only with water and are difficult to remove, so the first step will always be to prevent them.

Thus, to prevent moisture stains on the curtains of the bathroom it is advisable by Laundromat near me to apply a layer of saltwater over the entire surface every time we clean the bathroom or every 15 days at least.

We can apply it with a soaked sponge and let it act for 15-20 minutes. Then, we just have to rinse and extend the curtain well so it dries well. If you wish, to avoid dampness, you can dry the curtain with a cloth.

If your curtain has spots, you can try the following effective remedies:

- If your curtain can get into the washing machine, it will be the most effective remedy. It usually happens with those of cloth especially, although you should always check the labels. If the curtain is white, you can even wash it with bleach to remove these unsightly stains. It is very important that you then hang the curtain outdoors so that it does not accumulate moisture.

- If you do not want to lift your shower curtains, you can directly treat the stains with a cloth moistened in water with bleach. This provided it is white and there are no drawings that can fade.

- Use the disinfectant properties of tea tree oil to remove moisture stains from the shower curtain. Mix a tablespoon of this oil in a glass of water with a splash of alcohol and pour it into a spray container.

- Spray mold stained parts of the shower curtain with the hydrogen peroxide solution and running water and leave it on for about 15 minutes. Do not use this remedy in colored curtains, as it could discolor them.

- Make a paste with baking soda and water and spread it well through the curtain areas affected by moisture stains. Leave it on for an hour and then rinse.

However, the best and easy option is to use Laundromat near me service.

Functions and features of washing machine for a more comfortable life:

December 14, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

Washing programs and functions are perfect so that the task of washing clothes is something simpler, and also faster:

Pause + Load function is the solution to occasional forgetfulness. You can add garments of any size, even if the washer is running. You just have to press the button and enter the garment. That way you won't have that dirty garment waiting for the next laundry.

With the latest function, you can save time or energy of your choice. Selecting the "fastest" key will reduce the washing time in half to have the laundry as soon as possible.

Hurry? If you need a specific garment, you need it now and it only has a slight degree of dirt, you can opt for the Super Fast 15/30 min program. It serves to have up to 2 / 3.5 kilos of clothes washed in these two-time intervals.

Look closely at the programs offered by your washing machine company, you will find one for every need: for shirts, lingerie, curtains, comforters, pillows, etc. And also the sports program to wash your gym clothes without wrinkle formation.

Washing machines that save:

Laundromat near me service takes the environment very seriously, and that is why we are especially concerned with the consumption of the washing machine during the years that accompany you.

It is the reason why almost all washing machines have energy certification A or higher, and many reach the highest score that exists today: A +++, consuming even 30% less than the models of this rating.

It is the best guarantee that you have an environmentally responsible appliance in your home. Thanks to the saving of resources they generate, you manage to save on the electricity bill.

Also, within the machine function, there is the “more eco” option, which significantly reduces energy consumption during laundry. And we do not forget the AquaControl technology, which is incorporated in a large number of models and serves to control the entry of water depending on the load to use only the essential amount.

Do you already know how to choose a washing machine? Did you like everything we've told you? Well, you have them all available in the online store. However, if you do not want to invest your money in buying, the best and cheap option is to use Laundromat near me service.


Zero waste for the wardrobe: make clothes durable:

December 14, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

Old clothes as disposable goods - We produce more than one million tonnes of clothing every year, which is thrown away. Much of it can still be worn. Some of it would have to be well maintained and repaired, but it doesn't belong in the trash. We buy too much and that also of poor quality.

What you can do: Make sure the garments are of good quality before you buy them. Are there any small cracks anywhere? Are the seams and buttons sewn well? Anyone who already pays attention to good quality when buying will also benefit from it longer. Above all, fair fashion and second hand take precedence.

Fashion awareness also means being aware of your clothes and treating them well. How can you wear your favorite pieces as long as possible? We have 3 valuable tips suggested by Laundry near me for you.

1. Store clothes correctly: prefer hanging or folding?

Fold thick and heavy sweaters better than hanging on the hanger because there they quickly wear out thanks to gravity. When folding, make sure you put the clothes in the closet properly.

This way you avoid creasing and damage caused by carelessness. If you want to hang them for aesthetic or organizational reasons, then you can count on the use of wooden hangers.

It is best to hang up dresses, blouses, and shirts to prevent creasing. With each hot ironing with the iron, you shorten the lifespan of your favorite part.

2. Wash your clothes less:

The warm wet environment, aggressive detergent, and the friction in the washing machine will cause your clothes to fade faster and become deformed.

What helps: wash less - You can clean small spots by hand and let the smell out in the open air overnight. If you wash with the washing machine, it will not fill up completely, separate your laundry neatly, wash with cold water and pack good clothes in laundry bags.

3. Do not wash denim clothing at all:

Some people even swear by it and don't wash their jeans at all. This extends the lifespan considerably. In the washing machine, the jeans easily get out of shape and fade.

How do you keep them clean anyway? Put her in the freezer overnight. Bacteria that survive at 30 and 40 degrees wash will not survive the cold. You can only get stubborn stains and germs with a 60-degree wash. It is best to turn the pants upside down.

We hope these tips suggested by Laundry near me will be helpful to you.

Chewing gum on clothing? Read here to know how to get rid of it?

December 14, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

If you could get the rubber stuck out, you will be able to deal with the stain. You just have to remember that manufacturers add vegetable oil to chewing gums to give them more moisture and make them softer for longer.

In other words, we are talking about an oil stain that is not going to dissolve in water only. You have to use other techniques. These are the steps suggested by Laundromat near me to follow:

- I put some liquid laundry soap on the stain or dissolved some powdered soap. Leave the soap for 5 to 10 minutes until it penetrates well into the fabric.

- Then massage the garment with your hands at the spot. Do it slowly because some fabrics can be torn.

- Rinse with cold water.

- If the stain persists, I repeated the procedure. It is more than likely that in this second attempt you solve the problem.

- When finished, I put to wash the clothes in the washing machine with the soap that you usually use.

Vinegar - a good ally:

If you cannot remove the stain, you can use an excellent ally for other economic: vinegar. First, heat a cup of vinegar in the microwave or a pot until it is about to boil. Dip a toothbrush in the hot vinegar and rub it on the stain.

How to get gum from jeans?

There are two tricks to remove gum from a jean:

- I put ice in 2 sachets and put them on the inside of the pants and, on the other side, on the gum. Since jean is a thick genus, in this way you make sure that the chewing gum cools well and hardens.

Another option is to put the jean in the freezer or freezer inside a bag suitable for this purpose. In a handful of hours, you can easily remove it.

Then begin to remove it slowly helping you with a spoon or spatula, again, nothing that has many edges to break the fibers of the fabric.

- Another option is to use heat: heat the gum with the hairdryer and start removing it with a spoon or spatula. Be careful not to burn yourself. Of all the options, the most recommended way is the cold mode.

However, the best and easy option is to use Laundromat near me service.

How to wash black clothes like a pro?

December 13, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

We all love to wear black clothes but many times, it becomes a headache when we have to remove some stubborn stains from black. However, in this case, you can use Laundry near me service.

When washing black or dark-colored clothes, we have to take into account that, this one, can lose its wash color after washing and can even fade spoiling other garments. Therefore, for your black clothes to remain black, it is necessary to follow these steps suggested by Laundry near me service:

How to wash black or dark clothes?

- First, read the garment labels to make sure what care you need.

- Separate black or dark clothes from the rest of the laundry. This way you will avoid color or faded transfers.

- Make sure the pockets are empty and buttons and zippers are tightly closed so that they do not rub the other garments and end up leaving scratches or marks.

- Wash dark clothes always inside out, in cold water and a normal program. Use a specific detergent to wash dark clothes that care for and respects colors and fibers. Use the right amount of detergent: if you put more, it may not dissolve properly and there are remains in the clothes that make it lose its shine.

- When drying, hang them upside down, in a shady place avoiding direct contact with the sun's rays. Remember to put the tweezers in areas not visible as waist or seams to avoid noticing the marks they can leave.

For ironing, like washing and drying, always leave them inside out. Do not let the iron get very hot, to prevent the heat from spoiling the characteristic brightness of the black on the garment.

And finally, when you are going to put on the garment, pass a roller collect lint and hair through the garment: this way you will make sure that there is no ball of fluff that can make your black clothes look like it is not completely clean, especially if you have animals at home.

This way you will keep the black color of your clothes for longer, and your dark clothes will look like the first day.

If you are still not able to clean it easily, the best option is to use Laundry near me service. They also offer free pickup and delivery service.

What detergent converses you to each garment?

December 13, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

When putting the washing machine in place, we must not only take into account the most appropriate program, or the ideal temperature, before starting the washing cycle. We must also choose the detergent that suits our clothes and use the appropriate amount of it to really get the best results.

What types of detergents are there?

Although in many homes we use the same detergent for all types of fabrics, the truth is that there are several formulas specially designed for each of them, managing to improve and maintain the fibers and colors of each garment. Here are some of them:

- White clothes: Although bleach is still used in many houses to achieve this effect, there are detergents on the market that incorporate oxygenated bleaches to return the initial white to our garments.

- Black clothes: Black is a color that can easily lose intensity with washing, so there are formulas on the market designed to protect the tone of dark garments and even recover their initial color.

- Delicate clothes: In this category, we include fabrics such as wool or silk. These detergents, softer and creamy texture, act as a balm on these types of garments that require specific care.

-Sportswear: Specially designed for synthetic fibers, maintaining the elasticity and waterproofing films of the fabric. It is also prepared to end difficult stains (such as mud or grass) even at low temperatures.

How much should I use?

One of the most common mistakes, as said by Commercial laundry, is precisely to abuse the detergent, mistakenly believing that a greater quantity is synonymous with a cleaner wash.

Therefore, you should always follow the manufacturer's recommendation, which specifies the ideal quantity of that product for a machine wash cycle.

Of course, there is also an easier possibility not only to succeed but also to save on detergent. The most advanced washing machines incorporate an automatic detergent dosing function that saves 30% of this product per year. And how does it do it? The washing machine itself automatically distributes the built-in detergent during the next 20 washes and adjusts it to the needs of the laundry: type of fabric, degree of dirt and load.

If you have no idea which detergent to use, you can use Commercial laundry service.

How do you wash linen? Tips for linen care:

December 13, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

Although every Linen product comes with care instructions, we are often asked which methods of linen care are best - and this is especially important if your linen item has fine hand-embroidered detail, such as this tablecloth.

Here is a list of tips by Laundry near me service on how to wash linen fabrics:

- Regular underwear is really good for pure linen because it makes the fabric soft and beautiful, gives a cozy look to the beloved, often used fabric and you do not need to spare it for the special occasion. Linen fabric gets rid of the dirt more easily than other textiles, and then rinsed thoroughly, it always looks new.

- White pure linen things without special finishes such as hemstitching can be washed at temperatures up to 95 ° C. However, we usually recommend using the 60 ° C wash program because higher temperatures tend to cause laundry wear more quickly.

- Before washing, separate the dark, colored laundry from the white or partially white laundry.

- You can use stain remover on stains before washing, but avoid using bleach, as such agents can weaken the fibers and thereby also bleach the color of the colorful laundry. It must be noted that bleaching particles in conventional washing powder make natural linen color wither.

- Try to immediately rinse stains when they are still fresh and, if necessary, use natural stain soap. Sprinkle red wine stains with sugar or salt immediately to avoid discoloration. It is well known that sugar and salt absorb moisture well; then wipe the sugar/salt off the tablecloth.

- Linen clothing, linen tablecloths, and linen bed linen usually do not need pre-wash (or soak). However, if you are washing a linen item for the first time, you can leave it in lukewarm water just before washing to avoid creasing on the fabric.

- Washing in a modern washing machine and high speed are recommended. Iron with a hot iron while the laundry is still a bit damp.

- Laundry has a so-called "characteristic crispiness" that you can impart to the fabric with a hot iron - no need to use a starch spray. However, if you prefer, you can strengthen the tablecloths after washing to achieve that "crispy" feel.

- Wash the linen items separately from other materials, especially during the first wash, because the natural fibers tend to give off fluff that you do not want to see on your other clothes.

- To reduce crumpling, load your washing machine only halfway. This rinses the linen with plenty of water.

We hope these tips suggested by Laundry near me will be helpful to you.

With which program should you wash underwear in the washing machine?

December 13, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

As suggested by Laundry service, panties and bras can be washed in the easy-care or fine wash program. These programs wash at low temperatures and are best suited for synthetic materials and delicate fabrics.

Some washing machines also have their lingerie program. This should be selected with fine underwear, which is not washed by hand, since here the spin speed is reduced and the laundry less wrinkled comes out of the machine.

How to wash a bra and how often?

Unlike underpants, which are usually changed daily and washed after being washed once, you can easily wear a bra up to 4 times before it should be washed.

Everyday bras can also be washed in the washing machine. However, the bra should never be washed above 30 ° C, and only when observing the care instructions on the label.

Important: Before washing, you should always close the closure of the bra, so that the hooks cannot get caught anywhere and do not break any holes. In addition, the BH wash works best when you put it in a laundry bag.

Is the complete underwear allowed in the dryer?

In short: No. Underwear that is washed by hand is air-dried because of its delicate materials. The heat of the dryer can stress the fabric and the garments can be damaged or lose their shape. When underwear dry with the tumble dryer is also not beneficial.

Underwear basic:

Underwear made of delicate materials. The heat of the dryer can put a lot of strain on the fabric and the garments can be damaged or lose their shape.

Better air-dry, otherwise they may come a number smaller from the dryer.

Bras Fine lingerie and bras are not part of the dryer as the temples may deform due to the movement of the drum in conjunction with the heat.

Robust cotton underwear, on the other hand, you can safely put in the dryer.

Should I iron underwear?

That seems to be a question of faith. Every 3rd person irons the underwear in his household. Not infrequently, one hears the reason that so really all germs are killed, which could have survived at a 30 ° C wash.

As described above by Laundry service, this is a problem only in exceptional cases, as in the case of diseases of persons living in the household, and there you should wash with at least 60 ° C or with a bleach-containing detergent.

How can the hygiene of washing machines be improved?

December 13, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

Hygienic washing is only possible with hygiene dishwashing liquid? This now widespread thought is far wrong.

There are other ways suggested by Laundry service to improve hygiene.

Pay attention to the correct detergent:

There are now a variety of different detergents, for the different temperatures and different types of laundry. But not every detergent washes as thoroughly as it should wash and how it is advertised. When improving the hygiene of laundry washing, therefore, it depends on the right choice of detergent.

Liquid detergents are becoming increasingly popular. Are they more practical to fill in the washing machine and the remains do not have to be cleaned after washing from the filling area?

Washing is easier and the machine is filled faster. After washing you save yourself the annoying cleaning away the sticky residues of laundry powder.

The flip side of the coin: although mild liquid detergents are easy to use, they are less thorough than washing powdered solid laundry detergents.

Only solid detergents wash thoroughly:

The mild detergents, whether liquid detergents, tabs, powders or granules, lack the bleaching agent. This may seem appropriate for environmentally conscious households. But has the big disadvantage that color detergents wash hygienically less pure than is the case with heavy-duty detergents.

The bleaches contained in proper heavy-duty detergents have the effect of a biocide. This means they can kill viruses and bacteria, as well as other microorganisms, during washing even at low temperatures.

The laundry is then washed hygienically clean. A hygiene rinse is not required when using the correct detergent.

In other words, if you want to improve the hygiene of washing machines, you can use the right heavy-duty detergent instead of having to work with a color detergent without proper hygiene effects.

Wash towels and Co. at 60 degrees:

Viruses are inactivated at 60 degrees wash and heavy-duty detergent. Bacteria die in this combination of washing temperature and the right detergent.

Experts, therefore, advise washing that is heavily soiled to wash at 60 degrees with a heavy-duty detergent. The same applies to textiles such as towels, dishcloths, washcloths, dishcloths, and others that are microbiologically contaminated.

If you are fed up removing any stubborn stains, the best and easy option is to use Laundry service. We also offer free pick up and delivery service.