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Certified German Translation Services

February 20, 2020 by Maxwell M  

Vanan Translation provides the best German translation services and the highest accuracy that is most expected by our clients.Our translation services are offered in all languages combination of languages and to say such as English to German translation and German to English Translation services. We offer clear quality german translation services at a very affordable cost lesser than the market rates. We with the ISO Standards offer german certified translation services that meet all your requirements without any compromise. 

Certified French Translation Services

February 13, 2020 by Maxwell M  

Vanan Translation provides the best French translation services and the highest accuracy that is most expected by our clients. We offer clear quality french translation services at a very affordable cost lesser than the market rates. We with the ISO Standards offer French certified translation services that meet all your requirements without any compromise.

Things to Know About Best Arabic Translation Services

January 21, 2020 by Maxwell M  

The Arabic language is ranked the fifth most commonly spoken language with a total of 300 million speakers. It has two popular versions as modern and classic Arabic language. Classic Arabic version is considered as the language of the Quran, the sacred book of Muslims around the globe. Arabic alphabets consist of 28 letters. The interesting fact about the language is that it is written from right to left. In the Arabic language, we must pay more attention to dots, as dots are used to differentiate a letter to from another. If a single dot is mistakenly added, it can cause major changes in the meaning of the word. Being such a sensitive language, translation of any languages to Arabic or visa-Versa is difficult.

To overcome this, we provide Arabic to English translation services by our native Arabic translators. As they have more knowledge in the language, understand the language in depth. We have highly skilled native Arabic translators who can understand both the source and target language, and they help us to provide professional Arabic translation services across the globe. 

Our success in translation services lies with our translator’s collaborative teamwork. They understand the urgent needs of the customers and offer cheap and best Arabic translation services. Also, they provide fast turnaround time without making any compromises in the quality and accuracy of the work. 

We provide translation services in 100+ languages for all industries. For example, if you are in the need of birth certificate translation from Arabic to English, our best Arabic document translation services offered by our native translators help us meet your expectations. Being a member of the American Translators Association (ATA member), all your translated documents will contain the essence of your original document.

In Arabic document translation services, our customers have varying needs. By understanding them, we provide different types of Arabic translation services to all our customers such as

⦁Arabic legal translation services

⦁Arabic official document translation service

⦁Arabic medical document translation services

⦁Arabic financial document translation services

⦁Arabic technical document translation services

By valuing clients highly sensitive documents, we always prioritize to provide safe and secure translation services in all languages.

Why people prefer human Arabic translation agencies than Automatic?

Some words cannot be translated by machine and some are not accurate. Automated machines cannot understand the tone of the language. The dots in the Arabic language can be misplaced by machine translation and change the entire meaning of the word. Even though machine translations are cheap and fast, this cannot be used for translating complex words and sentences of the Arabic language.

To avoid the flaws made by machine translation, people prefer human translation services to give the best translation service without negotiating the tone, accuracy and quality of the original one. Depending upon the project size and hours of work involved, the cost and turnaround time may vary.

Different Types of Translation Services

January 20, 2020 by Maxwell M  


Document translation, including the document translation services Las Vegas, comes with different types of services. Due to that, opting for translation service in Las Vegas is difficult to accomplish. But, knowing the difference and purposes of those types of translation service in Las Vegas would help you to identify the type of translation that you may have to acquire. So, to give you ideas and be familiar with those kind of document translation, below are the most commonly used types of translation services.

Certified Translation Service

Translation service of this kind is commonly required for documents such as birth certificates. That’s why birth certificate translation services Las Vegas are of big help. Other documents that require certified translation services Las Vegas are college degree certificates, divorce papers, and death certificates. Businesses, establishments, or even individuals that demand for these kind of documents mostly hire the service of translation service in Las Vegas.

Legal Translation Service

This type of translation service in Las Vegas requires an skilled and professional translator in the legal field. A novice translator should not try to do this kind of translation service in Las Vegas because he should be fully knowledgeable with the terminology within the legal aspect. Additionally, translator of this kind of service should also be acquainted with the cultural utilization of the legal language in the source and target content aspects.

The legal translation service under the translation service in Las Vegas encompass broad scope of distinct documents. Examples of such are warrants and summons, administrative contents likes registration certificates, corporate ordinances, and remittance bonds. It also includes technical documents like expert point of views and documents for administrative purposes.

Further, documents in conjunction with the reports of proceedings within the court are also under legal translation service of the translation service in Las Vegas. In some fields, legal translators are usually find having a job in courtrooms. Typically, they function either as juridical translators or official legal professionals.

Juridical Translation Service

In case a legal translator under translation service in Las Vegas is needed to convert lawfully-binding documents like translations of ordinances, directives, and statutes, that type of document translation is already known as juridical translation. Further, legislative contracts such as partnership agreements, commercial deal, and internal order are categorized under this type of translation service in Las Vegas. However, translators must be very careful in conversion of documents of this type as errors are not entertained for this type of document.

Medical Translation Service

Accurate translation is not the only requirement for this type of translation. It also demands for particular expertise in the medical field. Documents under this translation service in Las Vegas include medical references, medical equipment manuals, packaging of medicines, articles of medical publication, and clinical research outcome. Pharmaceutical analysis write-ups, drug interactions and guidance are also included in the list. For most translators, this type is the most challenging compared to the others.

Technical Translation Service

Technical type of translation service comprises of those documents like information sheets, product user manuals, financial reports, and instruction for use. Moreover, documents related to mechanics, electronics, industrial, and engineering procedures are also an example of this translation type. Further, this demands for high extent of expertise in vital areas. Normally, translators of this type of document opt for an area of specialization.







Things to Consider When Choosing an Academic Translation Services

January 14, 2020 by Maxwell M  


From college students to lecturers across the university; from marketing subdivisions to overseas language teaching school, academic certificate translation is a whole new world that is distinct and requires special mention. Translators who have experience translating super high-volume content and literary documents tend to work for professional companies. They also prepare technical reports and documents that are required for students or lecturers. Academic translation services are also done for international students who want their documents certified and translated.

The focus is mainly on international students as they are being accustomed to the new environment with new people and places. Whether it is translation for application material, job resumes, project files, academic records, travel documents, skilled people work hand in hand to get your documents translated without any hassle.

Service providers work across a range of various academic disciplines:

  1. Engineering

  2. Medicine

  3. Social sciences

  4. Nursing

  5. Physiology

  6. Arts and Humanities

  7. Computer

  8. Bio sciences

  9. Economics

  10. Business

  11. Chemistry

  12. Pharmaceutical

How to Choose an Online Academic Translation Agency?

  • To choose an academic translation service online agency that has high reviews is a priority. Professional experience in all the above industries is a definite must. Documents submitted have to be checked with accuracy and then precisely translated without any errors. Academic translator must be aware of all the terminologies and should format your files and must also be on par with the requirement of US admission offices.

  • It is also important to know if they work with native translators. Such translators would obviously be able to quickly grasp any topic in their language. Academic translation requires high maintenance in native translators, as your documents completely depends on their translation

  • Do check on their innovative approach to solve your translation doubts, ideas and requirements. A well-established company obviously should be able to work creatively and get their translations done in the most effective way.

  • Can they provide you or can you rely on them for a 24-hour. A company’s credibility always depends on its delivery time with accuracy in place. Do they work round the clock and are available for you whenever you need them? This is something very important to consider before you jump into deciding a Professional Academic translation agency.

  • Last but not the least, what are the translation prices they offer is a very important aspect to consider. Compare the prices with their competitors and check the difference in prices for different languages that they offer. Do they cost you per word or per file? What kind of tools they use? These are some ways you can find out how skilled the company is.

Apart from this, you must also check if the qualified expert also does Academic transcript translation services for the following documents

  • Birth certificates

  • Custom documents

  • Diploma certificates

  • Customs’ Documents

  • Driver licenses

  • Financial records

  • Immigration papers

  • Resumes and CVs

  • Medical records

  • Recommendation letters

  • SOP

  • Admission essays and more

We understand your urgency and importance. Try your free quote now in Vanan Translation!