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4 Ways to Keep your Escort Visits Secret

September 24, 2019 by Soniya Ayer  

Discretion is a big reason the escorts in Chennai are so successful. Making information about escorts and their clients public will not help anyone. It will push some hundreds of women out of jobs. And it will create all kinds of issues in the lives of many clients. So, discretion is good. But few men are aware of how important secrecy it for their own good. Some of them even make mistakes which they later regret. You do not have to joint their ranks. In this article, you will learn some handy tips to maintain a veil of secrecy over all your activities with escorts. You should definitely read it if you are new to the field.

Use Multiple Anonymous Email Accounts

And communicate with escorts in Chennai through only these anonymous accounts. It will offer you an extra layer of protection. Even if someone gets the password to your account, they will not be able to link it back to you. (Remember, the email is anonymous!) An extra safety measure can be to browse incognito during your correspondence and use public devices—such as those found at a cyber cafe. Never use the computer you work on. It can have disastrous consequences.



Get a Prepaid Phone

It is the safest option in the sense that it is hard to trace. But you will have to keep your phone hidden from the family and coworkers. Take it out only when absolutely needed and use it only to connect to your favorite escorts in Chennai.

Be a Smart Driver

Prefer to take your business to those escorts in Chennai who can either in-call or meet you at a place that is on the way to your normal routine. Going out of your way will be an invitation to disaster, especially if someone sees you. When you are driving to meet your lady, try to observe traffic rules with extra diligence. Any negligence will attract the cops, which means you will have a lot of explaining to do to your family members later on who will be interested to know why you were where you were.

Shower after the Encounter

Finally, do not forget to take a shower after your encounter with your escort in Chennai. It will prevent any unwanted smells from entering your home or office, where they can create a scandal. You do not want that.To sum up, discretion is not an option but an absolute necessity for everyone involved in the escort business—including you as a client. Do not forget to use an anonymous email, a prepaid account to communicate with your escort. Be a smart driver, take a shower after the encounter. Thankfully, with some commonsense and the tips mentioned in this article, you can remain discreet.