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How to update Dragon Naturally Speaking

August 20, 2019 by nuancedragonsupport  

Dragon, the speech recognition software gives complete access to the users and complete text control in browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. You can install the software in the system and with the help of microphones command the system to open different websites, make excel sheets, word documents or perform other tasks and that too with your voice. Moving further, this blog presumes that you have already installed the software in your system and are now looking forward to update it. To update Dragon Naturally Speaking, you need to implement a few steps shared below. However, if you come across any issue and require technical assistance, then the connoisseurs are available at the Nuance dragon customer care Portal on a twenty-four hourly basis.  


Moving with updating Dragon Naturally Speaking

To enable a software update in the Dragon, you can proceed through three different ways.

üFirst one is by ‘notification in the system tray.’

üSecond is by ‘Manual check in the Dragon Bar>Help>Check for updates.’

üLastly, when attempting for the new installation, the software asks you to ‘check for updates when setup is finished.’

Before beginning with the updates, check those following things are done:

üEnd all the running applications/programs in the system

üClose Microsoft Office and the web browser

üClose Dragon Naturally Speaking. To do the same, click on ‘Dragon Bar’> Exit Dragon. Do not forget this step.

Installing updates through the notification message

1.    Click on the notification window message in the system tray.

2.    A tab indicating the Software Manager updates will appear.

3.    Click on the update shown and then further click on ‘Read More.’

4.    It is beneficiary to read the article thoroughly so as to have an idea of what new updates are introduced. This will display general information for the updates, which is a must-read.

5.    Once done, click on the exit icon and move back to the Software Manager Window

6.    Put a tick mark near the ‘Software Update.’

7.    Now, click on ‘Download Only’ button at the bottom. Do not click on Install.

8.    The process can take a few minutes, based on your internet connection speed.

9.    Once it is complete, you will receive a notification from the ‘Software Manager.’

10.Click on Finish

11.Go to the Download folder and then double click on the Dragon File Extension to launch the upgrade wizard.

12.Choose the language for installation and then click on ‘Okay.’

13.This will start the installation process. Wait till it is finished.

14.A new window will appear. Click on ‘Update.’

15.When the installation is finished, the window wizard will confirm the process.

16.Click ‘Finish’ to exit

17.You have now successfully updated the software.

If you want to update Dragon by using the other two steps, then it is advised to take guidance from the professional experts at Nuance dragon customer support by reaching them through their toll-free number.


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How to create an AOL account

August 8, 2019 by nuancedragonsupport  

AOL email is one of the most prominent email services that is intended to provide maximum security and a lot of cool and useful features to users. Creating an AOL account is quite an easy process, and one can quickly complete the process. You only should be 13 years old, and nothing more priorities are required. You can follow this blog to create an account, but you can also get additional support at AOL customer care at any time round the clock.

Easy steps create an account on AOL email

Step 1. Go to the AOL home page and click on the ‘sign up’ link that you can find on the top of the page.

Step 2. Now a form like a page will open, and you will be asked to enter your first and last name that will be displayed as sender name when you sent an email to someone.

Step 3. Next, you have to type a user name. AOL will give you a suggestion that is available. You can choose a unique name. Your username will become your email address and will be essential for login.

Step 4. Type a password to ensure that it is strong and unique and hard to guess. AOL will tell you the strength of the password, and for a good one, you should use symbol and numbers in your password.

Step 5. Further, you have to enter your date of birth. You need to be at least 13 years old, and only then you would be allowed to create an account on AOL.

Step 6. Select your gender that will help AOL to customize your news feeds.

Step 7. You have to enter your ZIP code. AOL doesn't require your full address, but the ZIP code will help AOL to find local stories for you.

Step 8. Next, you can get a drop-down menu and to select security questions. This is an important step and will guide to reset your password in the worst-case scenario when you forget your password.

Step 9. You need to enter the mobile number that will help you to verify your account in a difficult time logging in to your account. However, this step is not mandatory.

Step 10. You can also choose to provide an alternate email address that will also help you to recover your account when you cant access your AOL account.

Step 11. When you complete entering all the details, you have to click on the ‘sign up’ button to finish the setup. Now you can go to the login page and log in with your username and password.

For further support, you can avail expert guidance at AOL customer support and get complete support and fix your issues related to AOL.

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Nuance Dragon has stopped working

August 7, 2019 by nuancedragonsupport  

Nuance Dragon is a speech recognition software that is used as an application to transcribe spoken words into written text. It comes with a microphone that a user plugs into the laptop and with the help of voice commands, dictate the software to follow various orders. Some common issues can be related to Dragon. This blog discusses these matters and provides secure solutions for fixing the same. You can read this until the end for gaining knowledge about Dragon Troubleshooting tips. And, for any further assistance can get in touch with Nuance Dragon customer care number. If Nuance Dragon works as per your expectation, it can be a fantastic and timesaving tool. However, when it stops working, it can become a hassle. Look out for manual troubleshooting shared below.

One of the primary reason why errors in Nuance Dragon occurs is when you do not follow the ‘Order’ or do not use the Microphone properly. Do you know that almost all of the bizarre errors can be resolved if you follow the proper order while starting the program. It can also lead to lack of speech recognition by the software when you are dictating something.

Order matters to solve Nuance Not working error

If you are coming across vague error messages and the speech recognition software has stopped working, so follow these steps in the given order every time you use it.

Firstly, plug the Microphone to the USB port of your laptop/desktop.

Then, click on the Dragon software icon installed in your system. It will be a green flame icon

After that, click on the program you wish to dictate into for commands.

Once you have finished dictating the program, log out of the program

After that with the help of voice command, close Dragon

Lastly, remove the Microphone

Tip: Do not remove the Microphone until you close all the applications.

How to use the Microphone for avoiding the issues

Always make sure that you use the authentic microphones that are meant for Nuance Dragon.

If you find that, your Microphone is not working, as it should be, then:

Try to recalibrate it using the audio wizard

Open Dragon software and click on ‘Tools.’

Now select the option of ‘Accuracy Center.’

After that from the given menu, click on ‘Check your audio settings.’

Now run through the audio wizard that follows

Remember the Half Second Rule with your Microphone

It means that you should press the record button on your Microphone for half a second before you begin to dictate.

Look for the light on your Microphone and see if it is turned on.

You can also view the Microphone icon on the Dragon bar and see whether it is green in color.

These are some suggestions that you can follow to solve the issue manually. However, if you still come across errors and are not able to use the software to its full use, then do get in touch with Nuance Dragon technical support number. It will connect you with the certified experts who will guide you with the best solution possible.

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