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How to Troubleshoot HP Notebook Error Code 0XC0000225?

July 10, 2018 by HP Printer  

HP Notebook Error Code 0XC0000225 is a common error that is shown when the user makes possible efforts to boot the system. The error is related with BIOS and appears as the message, “an unexpected error has happened”.  When the system files are corrupted, you may see this message while booting the system. 


There are many methods, you can use to fix this error code. To recover the corrupted files, either select automatic repair or run a disk check. Here, we are suggesting the right methods to get rid of HP Notebook Error Code 0XC0000225 given below:-


Method 1:- Attempt to run the automatic repair tools-


The automatic repair tools are available to fix few common error codes shown while booting the system.  For repairing the error code automatically, you should follow the steps given below:-


  • Need to switch off the system.
  • You have to insert the installation media like flash or USD cable in the system.
  • You should restart the system.
  • Press any functional key to boot the system and choose the language.
  • Click on “Repair” for your computer and choose the button “Troubleshoot”.
  • In Troubleshooting option, select advanced options.
  • Select Automatic repair and wait for the procedure.

You need to restart your system when the repair procedure is completed. Still if this method is not sufficient to fix this error code, you can call at toll free HP tech support number 1-888-657-9666 for quick help.


Method 2:- Select command Prompt for Resolving this error code-


The command prompt method may be more useful in resolving such type of error codes. This system repairs the corrupted or damaged files smartly. Here are the instructions you can follow for command prompt repair:-


  • You have to insert the system’s OS installation disk in the drive.
  • You should restart your PC and press any key immediately.
  • Select the preferred language and choose repair my computer.
  • Choose troubleshooter >Advanced options> Command Prompt.
  • In the command prompt, you have to type the disk part and press “Enter” button.
  • Choose the option labeled ESP and press “Enter” button.
  • Allot a letter to volume and press Enter button again.
  • Select Exit and move back to “CMD”.
  • Now type “ bcdC:windows/s Z:/f UEFI ” and press enter
  • Open the UEFI boot files.


Finally, you need to restart your system and the error might get resolved. Still if you are facing HP Notebook Error Code 0XC0000225, you can call at toll free HP tech support phone number 1-888-657-9666 to get immediate technical assistance.

Learn how to fix HP Printer Error C4EBA341?

July 6, 2018 by HP Printer  

In the era of advance printing technology, HP is a well reputed brand which is manufacturing world class products like computers, laptops, tablets and printers and scanners. HP is a well-known brand which is globally recognized for offering latest products along with advance and amazing features. While using HP Printer, you can face some types of technical errors with the device unexpectedly. HP Printer Error C4EBA341 is one of them. This error may occur due to inappropriate installation of the printer ink cartridges.  There are other different problems which are answerable for this error such as lost CD driver issue which came with the printer, broken printer error, problem can arise due to cable broken and also because the printer spooler service is not running appropriately. Here, we provide best technical steps to fix HP Printer Error C4EBA341 given below:-


Online Technical Instructions to Fix HP Printer Error C4EBA341:-


Step 1:- Managing HP Printer-


  • Immediately, you should turn on HP printer, if not.
  • Wait until you see that the printing device is in silent position before you continue to work with it.
  • Next step, if the printer is turned on, you should unplug the power cord from the rear of the device. Plus, users are requested to disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet carefully. 
  • Wait for minimum 1 minute now.
  • Need to connect back the power cord into the wall outlet. Still if you are facing any difficulty regarding this step, you can call at toll free HP tech support number 1-888-657-9666 to get immediate help from experts.


Step 2:- Need to Reconnect the Power cord-


  • HP Technical Experts are required to connect the power cord carefully that must be directly to wall outlet area.
  • Reconnecting the power cord to the rear space of the printing device.
  • Now simply, you turn on the printer, if this is not turned on automatically. The printing machine may go via a warm up period and the lights will begin flashing and carriage might move.
  • Wait up until this procedure completes and then, the printing machine will get into an idle state as well as in silent mode before you continue to the next procedure. 


Still if you are not capable of solving HP Printer Error C4EBA341, you should connect with certified printer technicians through toll free HP tech support phone number 1-888-657-9666 to get best technical support or help immediately. Online experts are skillfully and technically proficient for solving HP Printer Error C4EBA341 completely from the root.


Resources URL : http://hptechsupporthelpnumber.blogspot.com/2018/07/learn-how-to-fix-hp-printer-error.html

How to Fix HP Printer Issues: Download & Installation of HP Driver

July 5, 2018 by HP Printer  

If you use HP printer and scanner and your computer or laptop doesn’t detect the device or it is not working, then there is a possibility that there are certain issues with your HP drivers. You can either choose to contact HP help number in order to troubleshoot such issue or you can also do it on your own. More so it could be the case if:


You have updated your HP device but the drivers are still the old one then the device would not be working properly

You have updated your Windows OS and the old HP drivers are not working properly with your new OS

You have mistakenly uninstalled the driver file of HP


Step 1: Diagnosis of HP Printer Issue:


Make use of the Device manager to recognize the problem in your HP printer. Just in case the problem is pertaining to outdated or absent HP driver then it would come up in the device manager, You can easily access the device manager by following the below-mentioned steps: 


  • Open the Control Panel
  • Double-click on System
  • Click on Device Manager


Step 2: Downloading and Installing HP Driver:


You can download the HP driver from a reliable source and then double click on the driver file which you have downloaded and then follow the step by step instructions. Once the installation is finished you can restart the system.


Step 3: Switch On Automatic Driver Updates:


Here, make sure that your printer driver is updated to the latest release, for this you just need to use a driver update tool. It is efficient and ensures the updates are downloaded from reliable sources.


If you are still unable to resolve the issues in your printer or scanner you can simply get in touch with experts on our helpline HP help phone number +1-888-657-9666. Our team of experts can be reached at any time of the day, since they are available round the clock on our helpline. Moreover, you can also visit our website to explore more about our support service and troubleshooting methods. 


Resources URL : http://hptechsupporthelpnumber.blogspot.com/2018/07/how-to-fix-hp-printer-issues-download.html

How to Troubleshoot HP Envy Touchpad Not Working Error?

July 4, 2018 by HP Printer  

HP envy is a latest laptop series that is well designed with top quality materials to provide ultra-thin metallic finish body shape that set a comprehensive advanced computing platform. This laptop needs higher level of configuration to perform the complex task with quick speed without any trouble. In the case, if any technical problem is found with it, that error needs to be settled fully without any delay.


HP envy laptop can encounter by technical errors such as driver repair, windows update or software installation, printer connectivity concern, tune up & optimization, Data backup and restore errors, remove or scan virus and malware, HP envy touchpad not working properly and many others. All these issues including HP envy mouse pad not working can be resolved with the help of certified technical experts.


The HP users seeking for the assistance as how to resolve HP envy Touchpad not working, they can connect with technical specialists through toll free HP help number 1-888-657-9666 to get proper guidance. As well, you should follow some important instructions given below:-


Some important steps to Fix HP Envy Touchpad Not Working Error:-


  1. Having latest features on some touchpads, you can turn on or off the touchpad just by double tapping in the upper left corner of the touchpad.
  2. After this, you must perform a hard reset which clears the driver steps and also read again all the steps from the drivers and software which are stored in the operating system that can resolve few issues.


The users need to install the new drivers. This can be downloaded and installed with the following instructions:- 


  • Firstly, you need to open HP drivers and from there, you should download web page just by entering the computer model number and then click over the “GO” button. 
  • After this, the computer model list will be shown and choose the particular model number of the computer system and follow with next option.
  • Next step, scroll the mouse cursor down and choose the driver category driver such as mouse, keyboard and input devices.
  • Click on “Download” button which could be found just next to Click Pad or Touch pad driver.
  • Finally, you should open the file from download folder and install it with on screen prompts.


Resources URL : http://hptechsupporthelpnumber.blogspot.com/2018/07/how-to-troubleshoot-hp-envy-touchpad.html

Learn How to Print Double Sided on Apple Mac with HP Printer?

July 2, 2018 by HP Printer  

HP printers are mainly used for different requirements for home purposes, small offices or by the company for printing of the documents. They are majorly used for various printing tasks. HP printer gets configured on various operating system devices such as windows and Mac. It provides the top quality printing with fast speed without displaying any error but there are various technical errors which can be experienced and it must be resolved instantly.


The common printer errors are such as driver installation & repair problems, HP wireless printer configure & set up issues, installation problems, spooler problems, slow performance or low printing quality issues, Ink or cartridge errors and how to set double sided printing on HP printer. All these errors may occur, while using printer. All these issues can be resolved by certified technical support team through HP technical support number 1-888-657-9666 to get best technical support or quick assistance.


HP printer customers are needed to just get in touch with technical persons to grab the quick online assistance through remote access technology process to solve the issues of printer in the right ways. Therefore, users can also follow the instructions for double side printing via HP printer or they can get connected directly with certified technical professionals to help the users at their best.


Technical Instructions to be followed for How to set HP Printer to double sided-


Method 1:- Initially, the users are needed to set up the print job in the document print setting.


Step 1:- Initially, you need to ignore page ordering problems just by loading sufficient blank paper into the input tray.

Step 2:- You should open the document want to print, after this click file and hit over the print button and click “Show details” if necessary.

Step 3:- Now, find out for a two sided selection box.

Step 4:-Before enduring, choose the printer kind as this is front loading or rear loading.

Step 5:- Choose paper handling via unidentified menu and then pick out “Odd” option only from the pages to print menu.

Step 6:- The next step will be to choose one of the following settings from page order menu:-

 For Rear loading paper tray: Select “Automatic” option.

 For Front loading paper tray: Select “Reverse” option.

Step 7:- At the end of the procedure the users are needed to click over the “Print”.


Method 2:- Now, the next step will be to print the other side of the pages.


To print on other side, you have to reload the pages in the input tray according to the setting which depends on the printer input tray type. 


Resources URL : http://hptechsupporthelpnumber.blogspot.com/2018/07/learn-how-to-print-double-sided-on.html

How to Fix HP windows 10 computer not starting problems?

June 28, 2018 by HP Printer  

HP computers are well organized with configuration system and high end software to perform the task outstandingly. These computer devices can be used for long period if users are aware about its usability and settings of the system.  To use it without any trouble, users must install the operating system, other software and configure all main key settings.


It has different parts and hardware configuration which can raise few problems such as Windows Operating System problems, drivers update issues, drivers installation problems, computer set up & configuration issues, Scan or Remove virus and malware, PC optimization and restore errors and HP laptop not starting after windows 10 update problems.  Some users can face the problems as HP computer not starting windows, so you can contact us at HP tech support number 1-888-657-9666 to get immediate technical support.


Method 1:-Disconnect Unnecessary Devices 


Step 1:- Disconnect any discs and devices not including keyboard, mouse and monitor.


Step 2:- Now, Turn off the computers and eliminate all the devices connected.


Step 3:- Turn on the computer system.


If the computer system starts, reconnect the disconnected devices and try to restart the computer system again and find out which device is creating problem.

If the computer system does not start and same errors occur, then turn off the computer system with holding power button.


Method2:-Do “Hard Reset” Process 


Step 1:- Unplug the power cable from the computer system and press the power button at least for five seconds and the power light indicator will be on.


Step 2:- Next, reconnect the power cable again and turn on the computer system.

Check carefully whether the error is resolved or the same error displays. If the same concern seen, you try to troubleshoot correctly.


Method 3:- Reinstall windows using “Refresh your Computer System”


Step 1:-Visit at select an option window and click on “Troubleshoot” button.


Step 2:- Click on “Refresh your PC” button and click on “Next” button.


Step 3:- Wait for windows procedure and follow the prompts displayed on the screen.


Step 4:-Go to choose a selection screen to click over “Troubleshoot “menu.


Step 5:- Next, users may click “Reset your PC” option and hit “Next” option.


Step 6:- Finally, delete personal files and wait for the windows computer procedure.



Resources URL : http://hptechsupporthelpnumber.blogspot.com/2018/06/how-to-fix-hp-windows-10-computer-not.html


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How to fix HP Printer when it cannot Print from a Mobile Device?

June 27, 2018 by HP Printer  

Wireless printing is a benchmark in the today's’ imbibed technology world and almost every brand has introduced air printing feature in its devices, and HP is one of the brands that is come with the race. The brand offers a very effective and strong wireless printing in almost every update or new model. With this feature, you can connect a number of devices without moving them from its place or near the printer, just connect your device with the printer wireless network. Here, to assist the users with the best guidance regarding the connection between the mobile device and the HP printer, our technical support service is available right here at HP support number, where you can get instant support with complete guidance over a call. The best thing HP printer serves its wireless connectivity such as it can work seamlessly with Android and IOS devices. But most of the time user face problem while connecting the mobile devices to the HP printer. 


Check out the basics factory that would help you to troubleshoot the error related to the connectivity of your mobile device with HP wireless printers:


Use the HP service plugin:


Make sure that you have connected your both devices on the same network as this is the basic rule of printing. 


  • From the app store of your device, you need to install the service plugin.
  • Next, run it on your device after completing the installation.
  • In case you have already installed the service plugin, then you should update the plugin. Here you need to go to the “Settings”, “More”, “More Networks” and “More Settings” and further go to the “Print”.
  • Now, you should go to the HP Inc. Service installed or HP Inc. and then click “ON”.
  • In case there is any plugin is interrupting, then it is better to close it.  


Now print using the plugin:


  • Here, you need to begin by clicking on the page you want to print and then click on the three dots. Once you complete the task, tap on “Print”.  
  • Next, check the preview of the item that you wish to print.  
  • Next, hit the download arrow and choose the printer command.  
  • Moreover, change the setting in the printer by clicking on the downward arrow and then tap on “Print” icon.



Resources URL : http://hptechsupporthelpnumber.blogspot.com/2018/06/how-to-fix-hp-printer-when-it-cannot.html


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How to Fix Hard Disk Error Displays before the HP Computer Starts?

June 26, 2018 by HP Printer  

Before starting up your HP computer it might be possible that you may come across the error message, indicating an issue with sectors, data, or physical disks on the hard drive. And if the error message displays on your screen you just have to follow some of the tips, like make an immediate backup of all important data and files or try to perform a hard drive diagnostics test to check the conditions of the hard disk drive. Here, you can also consult experts for help via our HP tech support number, where you would get instant help from the certified technicians. 


Let’s check out the detail instructions to perform a hard drive diagnostic test to deal with the error message during the startup of the HP computer-


  1. First of all you need to turn off your computer by holding down the power button for at least five seconds.    
  2. Next, turn the computer on and then press Esc repeatedly. Press the F2, once the menu appears.
  3. Here the HP computer hardware Diagnostics open, click “Component Tests” on the main menu.
  4. Further click “hard drive” in the component test menu and then click “Quick Test” in the Hard Drive Tests menu.
  5. Now, you just have to click “Run Once”
  6. Here, the hard drive quick test starts. In case the PC has more than one drive, simply choose the drive you want to test. Further, choose “Test All Hard Drives” to test all the hard drives.
  7. Once the test is complete, you will see the results on the screen. Here, test results are also available in the “Test Logos” on the main menu. 
  8. In case, the hard drive passes the quick test, but there is still a problem with the hard drive, you need to run the “Extensive Test”. 
  9. Eventually, if the hard drive fails one of the tests, you need to write down the failure ID; therefore you have available once you contact HP Customer Support. Here, the information would be available in “Test Logs” on the main menu.



Resources URL : http://hptechsupporthelpnumber.blogspot.com/2018/06/how-to-fix-hard-disk-error-displays.html

How to Troubleshoot HP desktop not found error?

June 25, 2018 by HP Printer  

The error will display on a black screen and is due to when users have begun to work with the computer system.  Resolve HP desktop not found error with our experienced technical experts who are available round the clock.  Users will come by some indications like their notebook BIOS will not identify its hard drive. There will be hard drive that is physically damaged, users will get the chance to experience Windows MBR (Master Boot Record) and hard drive section will no longer exist. Here, we are going to describe some important methods to solve this error code or you can consult with certified technical support experts about it. 


Resources URL : http://techsupporthelpservices.blogspot.com/2018/06/how-to-troubleshoot-hp-desktop-not.html

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix HP Printer Error 0x07a74dd6:

June 22, 2018 by HP Printer  

HP printers are usually known for the delivering the great quality and performance to the users. HP printers are one of the most preferable printers preferred by the users across the globe, because of the fast printing feature, copy and scan of the documents. Nevertheless, users might experience certain major problems with their HP printers while accessing the printer and HP Printer Error 0x07a74dd6 is one of them.  The Error 0x07a74dd6 usually appears when the user tries to print by the connecting the printer to the computer. There might be multiple reasons behind the occurrence of the error, for which as a user of HP, you can take help from the experts over a call at HP help number. Here you would get reliable support and basic help to handle the printer problem.  


Below, we have discussed some of the best methods to resolve the HP printer error code 0x07a74dd6-


Power drain to remove the HP Printer Error 0x07a74dd6 message:


  • First of all you need to start this method by removing the cartridge from the printer.
  • Further you have to disconnect the power cord when the printer is turned on. Unplug the power cord from the outlet of the printer. 
  • Now, you have to remove the entire portable device connected to the printer such as USB cable, and wait for few minutes. Once you complete such process, press and hold the power button to prevent the extra charge. 
  • Next, plug the power cable back without an extension cord and then plug the power cord back into the printer again. 
  • Afterward, you have to turn on your printer, wait until the printer is idle and check if the issue is fixed. 


Resetting of printer:


  • Here, you have to unplug the power button first when the printer is on.
  • Wait for few seconds and then plug the power button again.  
  • Now, you have to turn on the printer and wait until it completes it's all setups.


Cleaning print head:


  • Here, firstly start by cleaning the print head to resolve the error. Then, pull out the print head manually. Clean the print head by using the clean cloth.  

Follow the steps mentioned below:


  • First of all you need to disconnect the power cable of your HP Printer
  • Further, launch your HP printer.      
  • Further, push the print head mechanic to the center.     
  • Afterward, you have to turn on the power when the printer is still open
  • While the print head begins to move and go towards Left, shut off the printer.   
  • Eventually, wait until it boots up completely.


In case of any sort of issues or problem, feel free to connect with our support service via our HP helpline number +1-888-657-9666. 


Resources URL : http://hptechsupporthelpnumber.blogspot.com/2018/06/troubleshooting-steps-to-fix-hp-printer.html