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Sipani Royal Heritage| Sipani Royal Heritage Bangalore

September 4, 2019 by sipani1  

Who doesn’t want to live like Royalty and images of Majestic Palaces, Grand Architecture, Unending Spaces, Abundant facilities come to mind.    

Imagine for just a moment, suddenly you are transported back in ancient time & wonder how it would be like to LIVE in the PALACE. And then we sigh and realize that we CANNOT AFFORD to have such dreams for the time being!!

But there is a surprise because then some DREAMS have a way of manifesting from our dream themselves!

Just think how it will feel like to:

  •  OWN and LIVE in our PALACE?

  •  Be an integral or be a part of a Heritage Architectural Structure?

  • Live in an expansive 9-acre massive space?

  • Have three clubhouses to choose from?

  • Be passed by cascading waterfalls as we drive down to our PALACE?

  • Have an elaborately & intricately planned swimming pool that takes us back to the times of Kings and Queens or like prince and princess bathing in Royalty?

  • Be greeted by designer sculptures as we take a stroll in our PALACE GROUNDS?

  • Wake up to a panoramic uncluttered view of the world around us as the sun rises to greet us to and get us ready to LIVE another glorious day?

We can GO ON & ON & ON …

Now We would like to WELCOME Everyone TO ROYAL HERITAGE …

A relic from the past being created in the present by SIPANI.

A home we could be proud to call OUR PALACE.


Around 3 km off NH7

A short drive from Electronic-City

Proximity to daily markets, malls, hospitals & educational institutions 


For more information visit:https://www.sipaniproperties.com/home/project/sipani-royal-heritage