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Ways To Buy The Perfect Curved Shower Screen Replacement Handles

December 6, 2018 by My Toilet Spares  

You may be in need of curved shower screen replacement handles for your bathroom. In such a case, instead of searching at any other place you need to be at the official page of ours at My Toilet Spares. We have a variety of collection from which you can choose.




The qualities that make us the best for having such products

There are various sites which promises to offer you such curved shower screen seals replacement. We stand apart from the rest due to the facts that are detailed below.


Ease of searching: We have made our site such that you can easily search for the curved shower screen replacement handles that you are looking for. You do not have to waste much of a time in doing so. You can filter according to position, product name and price and add those directly to your buying cart.




Ease of payment: We at My Toilet Spares have made means of payment easier when you intend to buy curved shower screen replacement handles. You can pay through our secured payment gateway and your personal information would not be disclosed to anyone.


Return and cancellation policy: You can return the products if you feel that it are not the one that you ordered. We have a easy return and cancellation policy which will enhance your experience when you buy curved shower screen replacement handles from us.




Durability: You do not wish to have hinges that lead you to the store frequently. The curved shower screen replacement handles you can have from us will not be such. Though they may be made of different materials, they are durable and last long to give you best return for the money that you spend purchasing those. Durability is one aspect that we always keep in mind while offering you such hinge.


Variety available: Your desire to be at a store and have a glance of various types of curved shower screen replacement handles is possible when you visit our store. There are various types of such handles available from us depending on the necessity that you have and the budget of yours. You can easily select and order for the same by being at our online store.




We have a wide range of variety according to your desire to have. It would never happen that you being at our store could not find curved shower screen replacement handles that matches your taste and budget.


So, when you require such do give us at My Toilet Spares a call at 01482 291992 or be in our online site. You can stay connected with us on our facebook , twitter  and google+ pages .

Things To Know Before Purchasing Vitra Toilet Seat Hinges

October 4, 2018 by My Toilet Spares  

Numerous individuals feel that acquiring Vitra Toilet Seat Hinges is only a simple job however there are in reality a greater number of things you have to consider than one might suspect. There are a couple of variables you have to consider concerning having a new hinge. You do not need to stress as we at My Toilet Spares have recorded what you have to consider before acquiring it.


Vitra Toilet Seat Spares


The considerations to buy Vitra toilet seat hinges 

We have made possible to have best of toilet seat hinges along with other Vitra toilet seat spares so that you can have a seat, which meets all the requirements that you have. Let us see at the considerations, which will help you to buy the best Vitra Toilet Seat Hinges.



Vitra Seat Dampers


You may think they all appear to be identical; however, this is not the situation. A large portion of them comes in standard sizes. Nevertheless, there are others sizes that you can browse. In the event that you have spent your cash on a costly washroom, at that point there will be a hazard that the hinge that is made for that brand is not accessible in store. You should make an exceptional request or you have to go for another style to take care of this issue.


Vitra Adjustable dampers off button


The strategy to decide the size is to gauge the length of the latrine seat. The width of the pivots does not play a critical factor except if it is a designer seat. We have the Vitra Toilet Seat Hinges of various sizes, which you can select, at our site.


Selecting the right one for you

The expense of acquiring is not that costly. After you decide the size you require, the measure of screws required and the separation between the screws. These are the two types of Vitra Toilet Seat Hinges that you can consider.  One is of plastic and the other of metal. You need to select the one that you need to have depending on the type fitted.


Vitra seat hinge fo Vitra Pluto


So, when you have decided which one to buy you just need to be at the official site of My Toilet Spares to have it at an affordable rate. You can stay connected with us on our facebook , twitter  and google+ pages .

How To Select The Best Toilet Seat Hinges

September 25, 2018 by My Toilet Spares  

Can youimagine how many times your Toilet seat and cover gets opened and closed in a day, especially in a typical modern family of 4?


Nobody does as we have more better things to take care of than thinking of Tour Bathroom.We all need a durable seat Hinges and Toilet Seat for our Bathrooms, The Plastic Toilet Seat Hinges you can have from us at My Toilet Spares offers you that.




The Qualities That Need Consideration Intending To Have Best Plastic Toilet Seat Hinges

There are many online stores from where you can have such toilet seat hinges. We are one of that online storewhich you can depend on when choosing your Toilet Seat Hinges, as we will help identify your toilet, provide you with like for like Hinges as well as provide aftersales support on how to install it. In case your Toilet Seat Hinges has been discontinued we can provide you an alternative which fits like ‘’Glue’’






This comes to mind when buying any new product, you do not want hinges that you will have to replace every two years. The Plastic Toilet Seat Hinges supplied by us are the original ones and they come with warranty depending on the manufacturer. Though they are made of plastic, they are durable and long Lasting to give you best return and value for the money.


Variety available:




You are most welcomed to visit our office with a photo of the Seat Hinges needed or bring the damaged one with you and we can id this for you at no cost (Free) as we can understand there are variety of Seat Hinges out there. We have a wide range of variety and colors or size that you desire.



Reliability: We are in business of making available various products relating to toilets for years. We have a reputation and so the Plastic Toilet Seat Hinges that you can have form us are of quality. We do price comparison so if you get same item anywhere else within the UK cheaper and they have it in stock we will much that price for you.


Quick release hinges: Please be aware that Plastic Seat Hinges does not come in Lift Off or Slow Closing.


Therefore, if you wish to have such toilet seat hinges, it would be ideal to be at the online store of My Toilet Spares and have them. You can stay connected with us on our facebook , twitter  and google+ pages .

Buy New Toilet Seats By Using Our New Toilet Seat Selection Tool To Help Identify Your Toilet

August 11, 2018 by My Toilet Spares  

All the toilet seats come in different shapes sizes, durability, affordability and different Shades of colours. The different shapes and sizes not only make it difficult for homeowners but also confusing. Again, most of the Toilet Seats now come with Top Fixing Stainless steel / Chrome Hinges as unlike the olden days when most of the seat Hinges were Plastic and bottom fixing, all this has changed because our buildings are getting smaller and we want to maximize the smaller spaces we have in our bathrooms.




To help make choosing a new Toilet Seat very simple and less daunting we have now introduced the below Tools






After a continuous research, investigations and customer feed backs we have develop the above tow Toilet Seat selection and identification tools which are already providing positive response among our customers why not click on this Toilet Seat selection tools to find out more.




No matter the size and shape of your toilet seats be it oval, square, Round, D Shaped or Elongated Toilet Seat Selection Tool will help you choose the correct seat for your Toilet Pan, just follow the three simple steps below, all measurements should be in ‘mm’


  • Measure the distance between the two fixing holes of your toilet Pan
  • Measure the width (wider end of the Toilet Pan)
  • Measure the distance from the Hinge Holes to the Tip of the Toilet Pan




Secondly, you need to consider the hinges by choosing Top mounting or Bottom Fixing.


  • Top fixing toilet seat hinges – work by feeding two bolts into the toilet pan
  • Bottom fixing toilet seat hinges – fixes with two bolts that fit down into your pan and are tightened from underneath.


Top fixing toilet seat hinges are a great choice for those pans where there is no access to the bottom of the pan such as the back to wall toilets and the modern one-piece style toilets. Another type of hinges available that are quick release type that help in removing the seat and lid from the pan easily making toilet cleaning job much easier.




My Toilet Spares provides great range of high quality cheap Replacement toilet seats and hinges including top fixing toilet seat hinges and bottom fixing toilet seat hinges. To know more visit our website  Or call our office 01482291992 for more help and advise Send images to our office Mobile number 07379115591. You can stay connected with us on our facebook , twitter  and google+ pages .