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Buy New Toilet Seats By Using Our New Toilet Seat Selection Tool To Help Identify Your Toilet

August 11, 2018 by My Toilet Spares  

All the toilet seats come in different shapes sizes, durability, affordability and different Shades of colours. The different shapes and sizes not only make it difficult for homeowners but also confusing. Again, most of the Toilet Seats now come with Top Fixing Stainless steel / Chrome Hinges as unlike the olden days when most of the seat Hinges were Plastic and bottom fixing, all this has changed because our buildings are getting smaller and we want to maximize the smaller spaces we have in our bathrooms.




To help make choosing a new Toilet Seat very simple and less daunting we have now introduced the below Tools






After a continuous research, investigations and customer feed backs we have develop the above tow Toilet Seat selection and identification tools which are already providing positive response among our customers why not click on this Toilet Seat selection tools to find out more.




No matter the size and shape of your toilet seats be it oval, square, Round, D Shaped or Elongated Toilet Seat Selection Tool will help you choose the correct seat for your Toilet Pan, just follow the three simple steps below, all measurements should be in ‘mm’


  • Measure the distance between the two fixing holes of your toilet Pan
  • Measure the width (wider end of the Toilet Pan)
  • Measure the distance from the Hinge Holes to the Tip of the Toilet Pan




Secondly, you need to consider the hinges by choosing Top mounting or Bottom Fixing.


  • Top fixing toilet seat hinges – work by feeding two bolts into the toilet pan
  • Bottom fixing toilet seat hinges – fixes with two bolts that fit down into your pan and are tightened from underneath.


Top fixing toilet seat hinges are a great choice for those pans where there is no access to the bottom of the pan such as the back to wall toilets and the modern one-piece style toilets. Another type of hinges available that are quick release type that help in removing the seat and lid from the pan easily making toilet cleaning job much easier.




My Toilet Spares provides great range of high quality cheap Replacement toilet seats and hinges including top fixing toilet seat hinges and bottom fixing toilet seat hinges. To know more visit our website  Or call our office 01482291992 for more help and advise Send images to our office Mobile number 07379115591. You can stay connected with us on our facebook , twitter  and google+ pages .

How To Replace Your Fluidmaster Fill Valve Seal

June 23, 2018 by My Toilet Spares  

It’s relatively easy to repair a toilet fill valve if you happen to have a Fluidmaster valve. Usually, fixing a fill valve is performed by just substituting the complete fill valve, but Fluidmaster fill valves can be done by just substituting a seal within the unit. If your Fluidmaster fill valve isn’t closing down all the way or not filling fast like it used to be when it was new, then replacing the fill valve seal will most probably sort out the issue.




Not sure how to replace your Fluidmaster Fill Valve Seal? Here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Close the water flow to the toilet by rotating the handle on the shutoff valve clockwise until it stops.
  • Then flush your toilet to take off most of the water present in the tank
  • Untie the plastic lid located on zenith of the fill valve: enfold one hand around the fill valve tube, then slide it to thrust the float cup up towards the summit of the fill valve, and grab the shaft steadfastly. Make use of your other hand to rotate the lid on summit of the fill valve counterclockwise 1/8 of a turn. It may aid to push down on the lid while rotating.




  • Elevate the lid from the crown of the valve & put to one side.
  • Put a mug upside down over the top of the valve & keep it in place with one hand.
  • Make use of your other hand to cautiously open the shutoff valve by rotating it counterclockwise. Waters will stream out of the fill valve, into the mug, and then down into the toilet tank. This will flush away any wreckage from the valve. Close the shutoff valve by turning clockwise until it stops.



  • Take off the existing fill valve from the valve lid.
  • Fit the new valve seal, placing the nipple on the seal over the steel needle in the lid so the nipples goes up into the cap; this must match the placement of the existing seal.
  • Install the fill valve cap again by fitting it onto the valve as before and rotating 1/8 clockwise to lock the lit in position.
  • Slowly open the shutoff valve by rotating counterclockwise until the handle stops.




To conclude the task, allow the valve to refill the toilet tank, and then flush the toilet & check out the operation of the fill valve. Also check if there’s any leak at the shutoff valve.


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Flush Syphons Help Proper Functioning Of Toilet Flush

June 13, 2018 by My Toilet Spares  

Usually we get annoyed and frustrated when the toilet flush does not function properly and we keep on spending hours and days in pushing on the handle resulting nothing! But there is a simple solution to that i.e. a toilet flush syphon.


Syphon is a type of flush valve that operates as an internal plunger which means when you press the handle the syphon pushes water up and down within the syphon tube using a one way diaphragm.


Then the water passes through a folding diaphragm washer before passing over the outlet of the syphon. This in turn helps the syphon suck more water from the cistern. From here the gravity takes over and continues drawing out remaining water until the cistern empties completely. Once the cistern is emptied the syphon breaks.


Features of toilets with flush syphons:

  • Water surface area is larger
  • Water level is high in bowl
  • Trap way is long and narrow with a S-shape
  • Bowl base is Longer


Advantages of toilets with flush syphons:

  • Cleaner bowl with lesser possibility of skid spots
  • Powerful yet quieter flush
  • Saves water with lesser consumption
  • Free from odors

Disadvantage of Toilets with Flush Syphons:

  • Bigger in size


If you are looking for high quality and durable flush syphons from a genuine and reputed dealer then MTS is the best choice for you. For more information you can stay connected with us on our facebook , twitter  and google+ pages .

5 Useful Tips to Replace Broken Cistern Levers

June 1, 2018 by My Toilet Spares  

Improperly tightened cistern levels or handles are the common cause of flushing problems with toilets. Check whether your toilet is flushing completely and also see if you have a loose toilet handle. If it’s loose, you can tighten it easily with the help of an adjustable wrench.




Does your toilet run continuously? If yes, then make sure your toilet handle isn’t so tight. Again, if the nut on the toilet handle is too tight, the handle arm won’t fall into the resting position after flushing.


You need to make sure the handle has enough space to allow the arm to move freely. Tightened handles can be loosened using an adjustable wrench. If the toilet handle is broken, it will prevent the toilet from running and need a replacement.




If a toilet flush handle is badly worn, it looks unsightly and can be unhygienic. The cracks collect germs and become tough to clean properly. Replacing this flush handle will give your toilet a refreshing look. But how do you replace broken cistern levers?




Unscrew the retaining screw.

First remove the cistern lid and keep it aside in a safe place. You will need to unscrew the retaining screw on the syphon actuation lever – the back of the toilet flush handle and unhook the wire connector precisely.






Remove the plastic retaining nut.

To remove the plastic retaining nut, you need to hold the handle in one hand. You should use an adjustable wrench to remove the plastic retaining nut.




Remove the handle.

You should remove the broken flush handle, lever, and wire connector to replace them with the new one.




Install a new handle.

You should hook the wire connector onto the cistern lever and pull it slightly upward direction to tension the syphoning mechanism. You need to insert a new handle through the toilet and hold the handle at the right flush syphons starting position while pushing the square axle into the lever. After that, you need to tighten the lever retaining screw and handle retaining nut.


Tip – 5

Check the new handle.



Replace the cistern lid. You need to check whether the toilet flushes perfectly. You should inspect the handle and find out whether it’s in the right position.




Conclusion –

Looking to buy cistern spares online? Choose no other than My Toilet Spares. Sometimes you may be quite unsure what type of cistern levers will be ideal for your toilet or perhaps you have an older toilet whose original flush lever has been stopped working.


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Top 4 Advantages of Using Flush Plates in Your Bathroom

April 30, 2018 by My Toilet Spares  

Contemporary, clean bathrooms can feel like a sanctuary in this modern life, but there is one thing that might hinder this experience; the old-fashioned toilet cistern. The bathtub is non-compulsory and the shower bath can be distinctive, but there’s not much that you can do to make the urinal look upscale.


However, you can certainly conceal the cistern so that the sanitary bowl can merge with the bathroom more perfectly. With the growing emphasis on space-saving options in modern style homes, an easy and attractive option is available for making reformation.




The secret technical element is the flush plates and the mechanism operating behind it, which keeps the toilet cistern hidden in the wall. Also referred to as an in-wall cistern system, the flush plates are the only parts which keep visible to outside containing the buttons to flush the toilet, keeping the toilet bowl clean and an elegantly hidden duct system working behind the wall.




This clever sanitary system looks wonderful, saves space and is contemporary. When you are looking for renovation and want to bring serious changes in bathroom ambiance, take this occasion to install flush plates. As long as you research well and look around for branded units at discount price online, there’s nothing which can prevent you from realizing contemporariness.




Flush plates play a key role in the beauty of a toilet, so you need to choose them after considering their design, color, material and surface finish to let them fit into whatever bathroom style you have. Most of today’s bathrooms have WC cisterns and smooth as well as polished flush buttons. Functionally more efficient and aesthetically more elegant than the traditional buttons, the flush plates have the amazing advantage of minimizing water wastage. They are available in Single and Dual button models for your selection.




A WC cistern toilet is the best way of making clean, contemporary lines in the bathroom which includes the flush plates – the active mechanism for flushing the toilet. They are run mechanically, electronically or pneumatically.  They can have either one flush button or two if you have chosen a dual flush cistern.  The flush plates are mounted on the bathroom wall either on or over the cistern or even at a certain distance from it if that suits your flushing needs better.  The flush plates are the key technical elements of the concealed cistern toilet without which the toilet flush may not work.


Top 4 Advantages of Flush Plates

Flush plates are an effective flushing mechanism for many reasons.  Four of them are mentioned below.


The flush plates are compact in size and blend well with the bathroom’s structural design.


Based on the flushing requirements, you can select a manual or electronic command flushing plate. Moreover, there are different models in the market for special installations like drywalls, double walls, and toilet flushing.


Made with stain resistant, UV effect free and easily washable materials such as stainless steel or die-casted zinc, the flush plates are likely to keep on trend with 2018’s most modern style feature.


Heavy-duty plastic or shatterproof glass made surfaces make the flush plates safe to use for a longer period. They don’t need frequent cleaning or maintenance, thus assuring an extended lifetime for users.




Modest in their look but efficient in flushing performance are the flush plates that are the only visible part of a WC cistern system installed within the wall. Looking to shop for one at considerable savings? Go through the stock of flush plates on MyToiletSpares. It is an established toilet parts supply store in the UK offering the hottest deals to customers on flush bends, flush valves/ siphon, toilet seat hinges, cistern fittings, cistern spare parts and more.


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Top Three Parts Of Your Toilet – Leave these for Essential Plumbing Maintenance

October 5, 2017 by My Toilet Spares  

Toilets looks to be simple and glamorous from a naked eye but it has many fixed and moving parts; well you must know that moving parts wear out or break. Though it is not very interesting, knowing everything regarding your toilet can be super useful whenever you find some difficulties in the functionality of your toilet. It needs timely inspection to avoid a running water condition. For plumbing maintenance, there’re three most essential spares of your toilet that you must want to know about. So, what are they? Let’s find out:




Flapper: The internal sections of a toilet work collectively to make it flush. When you press on the handle, the flapper lifts immediately, letting waters to be blown through the waste pipe & into your gutter. Basically, the flapper is a stopper that prevents water from continuously streaming through the toilet.




Fill Valve: Water streams into the toilet gutter from a supply line. When the waters inside the gutter swells, a float on the fill valve swells alongside it. The toilet stops filling as soon as the float reaches the crown of the fill valve.


Flange and Wax Ring: All the toilets out there are secured to the floor with a flange & a wax ring. In simple words, the flange is usually a metal hoop employed for connecting one object to another object (for instance: a toilet to the floor). And the wax ring is simply a string of wax that rests between the toilet and the flange, prompting a seal to prevent water from seeping.





These above-mentioned spares are the most essential to get familiar with if you want to understand how your toilet works. Sometimes a good inspection helps you to determine if it need a fix or replacement. Apart from these there is a lot of chance the flush handle is found to be corroded and broken or It may be possible to get a broken toilet cover Seat and replacing this part is easy though.  By having ideas about these spare parts you may be able to troubleshoot a few plumbing problems with your toilet. However if you are using ultramodern close coupled toilets it make sense to invite a plumbing maintenance technician.


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