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SAMEX- Service and Assets Management Solution

June 25, 2018 by nishiseo.triveni  

SAMEX Company was established in Shenzhen in 2007. And our business is mainly focused on asset management integration solutions and its promotionin major cities in china. SAMEX Systems Limited is a Hong Kong-based professional software development and consultancy company, focusing on the development and deployment of Enterprise Asset Management and Computer Aided Facility Management systems for many local and international companies and organizations.

Our Services:

This are the Services provided by SAMEX-

Software Online Services (ASP)- This service is also called 'SaaS - Software as a Service' and customers can choose to use the online application without purchasing the entire package, easily accessible through the client's browser and the Internet.

ASP has more flexibility and other benefits than traditional methods of purchasing software, including:

·        Save money and time

·        Free access to up-to-date software features

·        Assurance of services Level Agreements

·        Regular and Fluent software upgrades

·        Business can be more focused on improving their core business competencies

·        Add to the peer community


Business Process Improvement (BPI)–We have more then 20 year of experience in the EAM industry with 15 years in the business asset and equipment management and business services management.

Goal of methodology to guide a project in the improvement of a business process:

·        Understand Business needs

·        Understand the process

·        Model and analyse process

·        Redesign process

·        Implement new process

·        Assess Now process & methodology

·        Review process


SAMEX training- It is a very good product in the area of EAM(Enterprises Asset Management) and CMMS(Computerized maintenance Management). SAMEX Corporation will hold a number of training courses from time to time. These are the course:

·        Work management training

·        Inventory management training

·        Procurement management training

·        System Administration/ Customization training

·        SAMEX System implementation training

Our Products:

We have several products that are that are as follow-

·        SAMEX EAM Enterprise Assets management.

·        SAMEX FAM Fixed Asset Management

·        SAMEX Mobile Work Manager

·        SAMEX Mobile material manager

·        SAMEX Mobile Assets Auditor

·        SAMEX work @ Postman/mail sender

·        SAMEX micro service assistant

It is a leading Enterprise Asset and Service Management software, also known as Computerized Maintenance Management System. And our SAMEX system is mainly suitable for Hotel, Service apartment, Theme park or call centre and help desk, etc.

Contact Information:

Address: Room 1203, Wah Kai Center, 36 Chuang Yang Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong (Division)

Contact no: +852 8111 4289

Email: info@samexsys.com, hkinfo@samexsys.com

Website: http://www.samexsys.com/

Parking garage management with PF Parking Corporation

June 25, 2018 by nishiseo.triveni  

PF Parking Corporation is a full service for parking management it is a parking company that won't let you down. We are a quality full service Parking management company with over 40 + years’ experience in the parking industry. We have an experienced team with us to trust on them, you will always have the peace of mind that we will save you time and money.
Services provide by PF Parking Corporation
· Green service
· Painting and general repairs
· Security
· Parking planning
· Seasonal services
· Daily cleaning
· Facility Maintenance
· In-house sign shop
· Transportation
We are actively engaged in:
· Leasing
· Management
· Ownership
· Valet Services
· Design/Build
· Supply
· Revenue Control Equipment
· Security Equipment
· Signs
· Lifts
· Maintenance of Commercial Parking Facilities
Contact Information:
New York Office- 1924 Webster Street Merrick NY
Tel: 516-378-1220
New Jersey Office- 901 S Route 9 Cape May Court Course, NJ 08210
Tel: 609-335-0600
Fax: 516-379-1211
Melville Office- 606 Walt Whitman Rd, Melville, NY. 11747
Long Beach Office- 62 West Park Ave Suite 2 Long Beach NY 11561

Parking Management & parking valet serving in New York

June 25, 2018 by nishiseo.triveni  

PF Parking Valet is a professional transportation management company with over 40 + years' experience in the parking industry. We are heir because we survived heir with a lot of challenges. Now we are provide the parking management services in three States.

PF Parking Corporation Provide the services in area:

·        Municipal And Commuter Parking

·        Parking Valet

·        Convention Center Parking

·        Casion valet parking

·        Hospital and medical center parking

·        Shopping Mall

·        Hotel Valet Parking

·        Residential Parking, etc.

Our ownership, management, and staff provide consistently professional parking services.

Contact Information:

Address: 1924 Webster St Merrick NY11566, USA

TEL: (516) 378-1220

Tel Phone NJ (609) 335-0600

Email: pfparkingvalet@gmail.com

Website:  http://pfparkingvalet.com/

Luxury Apartment In PALS SPAIN

June 25, 2018 by nishiseo.triveni  

The residence Porta de Golf is located in the area of ​​the Pals Beach in front of the entrance to the Golf de Pals, 100km from Perpignan, 100Km from Barcelona and 40km from Girona Airport.

Pals has a historic center on a hill surrounded by plains with a medieval Romanesque tower built between the 11th and 13th centuries, known as the Tower of the Hores. The beach at Pals, on Spain's, is known as Platja de Pals and is perfect for beach games and water sports.

Fully equipped kitchen with induction hob, oven, microwave, fridge / freezer, dishwasher, coffee machine, food processor, blender, Laundry room with washing machine, ironing board and iron, hot water tank, heat pump. Our main focus is on Excellence. We try to satisfy our clients need by providing them commendable services at good rates. We want that our clients come to us again & again.

Boasting accommodation with a terrace, Apartment 60 is located in Pals. Guests staying at this apartment have access to a fully equipped kitchen.

Contact information:

Tel: +352 621 400 145

Address: 18 rue Chingiz T Aitmatov L-1161 Luxembourg

Email: otsil@aol.com

Website: https://www.otsil.org/


June 25, 2018 by nishiseo.triveni  

Kent Nelson Painting is an old market player in painting domain. We do both commercial & residential projects. Started in 1984, still in the race of market player. We try to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We use good quality products in completing our projects. We serve in Chester, Old Say brook & Connecticut.
1) A Team of experts who have great knowledge of painting.
2) Complete our project within the timeline.
3) Great range of products.
4) Good quotations on reasonable pricing & no hidden cost.
Contact Information:
Address: 17 Pratt St., ChesterCT 06412,USA Phone: 860-227-2436 E-mail: kentrobertnelson@gmail.com

Fiberglass Chopped Strands Fabrics & Fiberglass Entry Doors

June 25, 2018 by nishiseo.triveni  

China Beihai Group has three factories with 2100 workers specialize in producing 3D Glass Fabrics, Chopped strand mat, fiberglass products in China.

Your focus should be on buying entry doors that have 3D Woven Fabric fiberglass as the major make. If you were buying one 20 years back, you would have purchased one that would have been made with only one of the choices - steel, wood and fiberglass. Now, buyers are most convinced at the use of other ‘make’ or materials teamed with Fiberglass Chopped Strands. If that confuses them more, they straight away go for fiberglass as a whole.

You must consider the fact that only the professionals and the reliable manufacturers or Fiberglass Factory, should be trusted. With that, we don’t mean ‘only the popular names’. The idea is to make informed choices with respect to both design and functionality.

Their choice affects the overall architectural look that you, as a home owner, have been trying to achieve. They guarantee security, energy efficiency and appealing look only when you buy from the right glass fiber factory!

Contact Information:

Address: Beihai Industry Park, Changhong Rd 280#, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi China

Tel: 0086 792 8322300/8322329/8322322

Fax: 0086 792 8322312

Email: sales@fiberglassfiber.com

Website: http://www.fiberglassfiber.com/

Lance Timmerman is Master in Cosmetic Dentist

June 25, 2018 by nishiseo.triveni  

Lance Timmerman is Master in Cosmetic Dentistand he has studied with some of the world’s most renowned and respected oral care educators. including Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, the Kois Center, Nobel Biocare Implant Institute, Dent spa, and Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics.

Dr. Lance Timmerman can say something about Botox To Slim Jaw Muscles, he suggest you CAN use Botox to slim jaw muscles. If your diet includes very tough foods that require a lot of force to chew, or if you chew gum frequently, then these muscles can get very large and even flare out on the sides.  Some ethnic groups also tend to have larger muscles or a more square jawlines, so to change this appearance, Botox can help.

Dr. Lance Timmerman also told about Seattle Bioclear Method in this he told that Bioclear is not a product, The Seattle Bioclear Method is popular due to the conservative approach to a smile makeover. There are several factors when “fixing” a smile, including:

·        Tooth color

·        Tooth shape

·        Tooth size

If you've decided to invest your time and budget in a beautiful smile - you want it to last. Dr. Timmerman stands behind every service that he offers, you are getting the very best cosmetic dentistry in the Seattle area.

Contact Information:

Address: 7100 Fort Dent Way #270, Tukwila, WA 98188

Contact no.: (206) 241-5533

Website: https://www.drtimmerman.com/

China beihai fiberglass & alluminium-foam panel

June 25, 2018 by nishiseo.triveni  

China Beihai Group has three factories with 2100 workers specialize in producing fiberglass & aluminium foam products in China. We produce fiberglass roving, fiberglass chopped strands, fiberglass continuous mats, fiberglass stitch combo mats, powder and emulsion binder fiberglass chopped strand mats, fiberglass woven roving. We are the first company in China who has set up own factory producing AFP (Aluminium Foam Panel).

This are the types of product we are selling:

1.   Fiberglass Product

·        3D Fiberglass Woven Fabric

·        3D Sandwich Panel

·        3D GRP reinforced foam cement board

·        3D GRP foam concrete sandwich panel

·        Fiberglass roving

·        AR fiberglass roving

·        Chopped Strands for Thermoplastics

·        Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat, etc.

2.   Aluminium Form Panel

·        Closed cell aluminium foam panel

·        Open cell aluminium foam panel

·        Transparent aluminium foam panel

·        Aluminium fiber panel

·        Aluminium foam for building, etc.

3.   Other Products

·        FRP Door Mahogany

·        Planter

·        FRP pipe

·        FRP Tank

·        Carbon fiber tube

·        E-Glass roving for thermoplastic, etc.

Contact Information:

Address:280 Chang Hong Da Dao, Lushan Qu, Jiujiang Shi, Jiangxi Sheng, China, 332005

Tel: 0086 792 8322300/8322329/8322322 

Website: http://www.chinabeihai.com/

Aluminum foam shield Associations

June 25, 2018 by nishiseo.triveni  

China Beihai Building Material Group is a big group which has over 2300 workers with 6 different factories. We are special for producing different building materials for over 26 years.

Foam Aluminum panels in construction have always been considered to be a wise choice because it represents low weight, higher strength, super flexibility, great design and low cost. Such benefits make aluminum most preferred in construction work.

According to a report Aluminum Foam Board from the Aluminum Trade Associations, almost over 20% of the total aluminum production globally has now been consumed by construction industry. These days, very rarely, we see buildings that haven’t used aluminum components in any form. Top Foamed Aluminum Factory surveys for the building and construction industry suggest that aluminum is gradually leading its way into the promising future of buildings and construction industry.

Requirements for easy to maintain Noise Barrier, flexible and low cost-in-use buildings increase and with this, rises the demand for aluminum in construction and structural applications. They are capable of offering the most satisfying and elegant design solutions.

Contact Details:-

Address: Beihai Industry Park, Changhong Rd 280#, Jiujiang City, china

Contact no: 0086 792 8322300/8322329/8322322

Fax: 0086 792 8322312 

Website: http://www.chinabeihai.net/


June 23, 2018 by nishiseo.triveni  

I succeeded with the help of all those who believed in my choice. The periods I initially had with disagreements about how it would be to die breast cancer showed out so in 2016 I took courage to migra decided to be CT-scanned. I would know if such a test also confirmed that I was fast. CT scan five years after the CT scan in 2016 showed that the area that was lacquered in my lung still had the exact size and there was no longer any enlarged lymph nodes. According to the doctors, there were signs that it was scar tissue after the original cancer, they could see the lung. In addition, there was now a small intake further down the lung of eight millimeters. The little spot they would like, so I had another test done a few months later. The next test showed that there was still no slight change, not even in the small eight millimeters. Therefore, I decided again to say no thanks for entering the hospital's program for further investigation.

The worsening had not changed over five years, and there were no signs of enlarged lymph nodes or signs of cancer in my body elsewhere, I would not provoke the body with more physical and psychologically stressful studies. My GP, Thomas Børresen, wrote an enumeration that I'm going forward if I'm in doubt: "The patient sought help from Dr. Robert Young, Valley Center, CA, initiated a course that not only resulted in full but even lasting remission of the patient's cancer, which alone and entirely can be attributed to the given course, as the survival of conventional medical treatment and radiation therapy is 0%. "I no longer have life-threatening cancer in my body - and I also have documentary evidence that it is correct. Alkaline as healing and lifestyle I will continue to live alkaline no longer because I think I need it, but because I experience it's life-assertive on many levels. It gives me a very special energy and a life that I want to control. It's amazing and reinforces my idea that I still have many healthy and healthy years ahead of me. I have plenty of time to be there for those I love and those I can share an active working life with. In addition, I have the belief that there will be many years when I can grandmother my grandchildren when they day up. I've got the future back and will enjoy every single day of it.

Robert Young (MSc, DSc, PhD, ND). He has been awarded titles for various doctoral degrees in the United States. has studied microbiology in Germany. Sompraktiker works as American naturopath. He is also author of several books and YouTube videos about alkaline diet and lifestyle. After a few years, he now practices again and produces well-tasting, organic, alkaline (basic) products: www.phoreveryoung, www.phmiracleliving.comandwww.iJuicenow.com


Contact Information:

Email: info@pHoreverYoung.com

Office: (760) 751-8321

Address: 16390 Dia Del Sol, Valley Center, CA 92082, US

Website: https://phoreveryoung.wordpress.com/