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Hair extensions

August 20, 2019 by OneMoreHair  

Many women hack their hair short to attain that boyish hairdo, a growing trend among famous people, rebels, and those who are uncomfortable with dangling hair during humid summer months. However, some girls, after having a short hari cut, cry over this choice and wish to grow their crowning glory back when possible;But some girls eventually regret this decision-perhaps out of fickle-mindedness or they just missed their hair-and simply want their long gorgeous locks back ASAP. Getting your hair back to how long it was before can take a lot of time. Some even take years. Fortunately, ladies who cannot wait to get out of their rooms once they have their flowing curls back could now choose to attach synthetic hair extensions that will easily return that old look sans waiting for a long time. Hair extensions are available in a variety of types and styles. Those that are getting attention nowadays are international hair extensions, which are locks collected from ladies in regions where particular hairdos unique to the place is the majority of their populace. You will also find extensions that sassy ladies can use for a short while, while there are styles wore for a long time. Due to the fact that many women would certainly want to grow their hair back to their original length, they might wish to think of getting a hair weave, which is an extension that women can use for long-term use. Nonetheless, some may wonder why these ladies feel awkward with short hair. If Emma Watson can carry it, why cannot they? The solution can be found in the perception of oneself: If you feel good, you will look good. Many feel sexier when they sport long hair. Hair extensions, especially hair weaves, supply solutions that last for weeks to provide you that instantaneous improvement in self-confidence. You may select from a range of extensions accessible in the market-Brazilian, Peruvian, and Malaysian hairextensions to name a few-that could look great if you recognize how to choose very carefully. For example, among the best crazes in extensions now is the Brazilian hair extension, primarily of the virgin type. A favored style with girls with naturally shiny hair, Brazilian extensions look natural as if they did not undergo mechanical processing after collection. Check out www.onemorehair.com.htm for more on the benefits of hair weaves and extensions.

Best Hair Extensions For Women

August 12, 2019 by OneMoreHair  

Hair extensions are very popular among women, because sometimes they desire to have long beautiful tousle on a special occasion, but the tousle is not something that can be extended naturally in a day or two.


Where to find these best hair extensions? Well, this is one of the most frequently asked questions. Find best human tousle extensions might be easier, but the right kind is quite difficult. However, one of the best ways to find original is Internet. In what is a part of one of the online stores www.onemorehair.com sale cheap extension, where you can buy the original and a variety of best hair extensions. So try something different every day to fill your wardrobe with tousle extensions style.


Therefore, stylists and designers have developed best tousle extensions. Most times, the wefts are made of synthetic or human weaves. Wherein, professional stylists suggest a natural human tousle, you can find the best hair extensions. You can get the colors in the context of your tousle.


As mentioned, there are a variety of wigs available to women, some of which are Brazilian Human Hair wigs, which can be used on a special occasion or on a daily basis. However, as recommended by the experts, try using a real human hair and not use synthetic or other things. One main reason is that natural human tousle are safer and harmless than synthetic or any other material. However, you can find a variety of best human tousle extensions, such as natural Malaysian weaves, best virgin wigs, etc.


One of the best things about the Brazilian weaves extensions that can be used by women of any age for any special occasion weaves wigs. Provides the look of chic and glamour. Well, for the young, it can be one of the best options for a night or for dating.


In addition, the "other style is the most popular nowadays is virgin Malaysian hair extensions. Where you can find other models such as natural or natural curls, soft wavy. Well, you can find many in her unnatural tousle, but the best option would be to choose best Virgin human tousle may be the best move you can color as you want, Nevertheless, you can also choose some non-virgin weaves that are already colored and ready to use.

African American Wigs - Oh Yes! I'm Talking About Lace Wigs

August 8, 2019 by OneMoreHair  

African American wigs have come a very long way over the past few decades and can offer you an attractive natural look. With a carefully chosen human hair wig, no one will be able to tell that it's not your real hair!

Today's hair wigs can be a quick and beautiful way to be fashion ready when you don't have time to wash, dry and style your hair. These wigs can be constructed of synthetic hair or 100% real human hair. Choosing  from real human hair wigs allows you to purchase the most natural looking wig.

Oh Yes! I'm talking about Lace Wigs. Thousands of women are searching the net everyday for african american wigs, and they are finding themselves more and more being presented with hundreds of lace wig sites offering custom lace wigs, lace frontals and even high dollar ticket items, like the "Invisi Wig".

I have to agree, that lace wigs (a.k.a. lace front wigs) are becoming an upcoming force in the hair industry , hence fueling a lot of consumer interest and questions. Lace wigs are the best solution if you searching for an all natural appearance for you hair. Lace wigs are lightweight, comfortable and give you the perfect look. When you first receive the lace wig put your hands inside the wig and give it a gentle shake. This is to loosen up the hair strands from being recently packaged.

I can attest personally that lace wigs are completely undetectable, and can be worn for up to 6 weeks at a time, and depending on how well you care for your lace wig, they can last for a year or so. Also, something to keep in mind, lace wigs are preferably custom made to order. This is always a better option, as the fit is very important in order to achieve the perfect look.

Choosing the proper size is crucial for a natural appearance. Most heads are 21-23 inches in diameter, and the majority of wigs fit that average size. Most reputable lace wig sellers will have a head measurement guide on their site for you to download and use. This makes it more easy and convenient for you to do your own head measurement at home and in private.

I have to admit that there are many african american wigs available today that look and feel very natural. However, it is important to know that the quality of your wig depends on the origin of the hair used. What I mean is that you will need to decide if you want Indian hair, Brazilian hair, Chinese hair, Malaysian hair, European hair, etc. Now, not all the lace wig sellers offer many hair origins to choose from, and some just sell only one type, and that's typically Indain hair (Raw Virgin and Remy).

But let me tell you from experience, the best of the "BEST" type of quality hair to custom make your lace wig from, hands down, is "Brazilian" hair! It is the cream of the crop, and it is also very expensive! But you know the old saying...."you get what you pay for" right?

The next top of the line quality human hair is Malaysian and then Chinese. But before you disagree, let me explain, the Malaysian and Chinese hair does not tangle much at all, and typically this is because the origin of the hair and the texture in itself, in which they are more thicker and stronger in strands (Brazilian too!), therefore, tangling is hardly ever an issue with these hair types. Which means you will have more durability and a longer life span from higher quality hair such as those hair origins mentioned above.

But don't get me wrong! Indian hair is a very good quality hair too, the only difference is that it easily tangles because indian hair strands are not as thick and sturdy, rather it is more fine and limp like. But indian hair is more ideal for african american hair textures and to be honest, it is the most versatile texture when it come to accommodating almost all nationalities!

In conclusion, african american wigs made of lace material are the best way to have a flawless hair look each and every day. It is the celebrities best kept secret and steadily taking the hair care industry on by storm!

Short Natural Hair Styles--The Time to Go Natural is Now!

August 6, 2019 by OneMoreHair  

Black hair products for natural hair are on the rise, and there is an abundance of amazing new products to benefit our hair. The time to go natural may indeed by now! Just take a look at your television screen. Nearly every woman of color you see is "going natural" and sporting a spiffy hairstyle with dignity and glamor. I have decided to join the ranks of thousands of black women all across America who have cut off their permed hair. Those two-strand twist styles or coils are pretty, but they take so much time. If the styles look too complicated or you don't have the time, here is a simple style for short natural hair you can wear that won't take long at all to perform on a daily basis.

Now that I am natural, I will show you a quick wash and wear method you can use to style your hair that is convenient, looks great, and you don't have to spend a lot of time or money getting this style.

After I co-wash my hair, I apply a leave-in conditioner while my hair is still soaking wet. Next, I use a bottle of one part water, three parts olive oil mixture and spritz my hair all over. Then, I use a fantastic new product that is called, "Eco Styler Gel with Olive Oil." Store owners can barely keep it on their shelves. I apply as much or as little gel as I want and use a large toothed comb or a pick to fluff up my curls. The gel will define your natural curl pattern without you having to do two-strand twisties or coils that are time-consuming. Also, you will notice the gel in your hair will appear white, but eventually this will disappear as your hair dries. Your hair will not flake unless you try to comb through it after it dries. You will be amazed at how pretty your natural curls look, and you're ready to seize the day.

In order to maintain this beautiful style daily, make sure your hair is soaking wet when styling. You don't have to co-wash everyday, but just wet your hair under the facet making sure your hair is completely soaked, very lightly towel dry just to get rid of the drips, and then apply the products I listed above. If you apply the gel when your hair is too dry, you will have far less curl definition and the gel won't work as well.

What can the Brazilian Hair Straightening System do for you

July 24, 2019 by OneMoreHair  

Also known as the Brazilian keratin treatment, this system is said to be unlike any other chemical relaxer or straightener on the market. Even though it isn't a permanent treatment is it a natural one and unlike other treatments this one will work on all hair types, no matter how damaged! So ladies and gentlemen, the Brazilian hair straightening system could be just what you have been looking for to tame unruly, frizzy, curly and generally wild hair!The more damaged your hair is the better this treatment will work. If you have coloured, bleached, damaged or afro hair you will be able to have this applied and the results that you will see are amazing. This treatment will leave your hair poker straight, glossy and sleek. When you step out of the salon you will truly feel like a celebrity and your hair will have never looked so good! As the treatment isn't permanent you will need to go back to have the treatment reapplied as your hair will return to how it was before when the treatment has run its course. What makes the Brazilian hair straightening system so good is the fact the product that is used is a mild chemical solution that is enriched with keratin. When this chemical is applied to your hair it sits on the cuticle but doesn't penetrate into the cortex. This allows the keratin to work at it's best and condition, moisturise and reconstruct your hair. Once the treatment has worked it's magic the result you will see is shiny, soft and more manageable hair. Having the application applied to the hair will generally take one or two hours and the length of time that this treatment will last is anything up to about three months, after which the treatment will have gently been washed out.


Keratin is what makes the Brazilian hair straightening system so impressive, it is a natural substance that comprises approximately 88% of your hair. What the keratin does is penetrates the hair while repairing any internal damage and coats the hair preventing further damage. It is one of the hottest new fads to hit the beauty industry and salons across the UK. So if you are on the lookout for a treatment that eliminates frizz, adds strength and shine to your hair and washes out evenly and still allow you to style it with curls or natural waves - this treatment is for you.The technique that is involved in the application of this treatment is similar to what is involved in the Yuko system but unlike the Yuko system, the Brazilian treatment won't make your hair flat. Also the Brazilian hair treatment uses straightening irons close to the hair cuticle but this treatment isn't as strong as what is involved in the Yuko system. Thanks to the high demand of people requesting this fantastic hair treatment, it is now available at a wide selection of salons all across the UK. The one thing that you should make sure of though is that the salon you are going to for the treatment is correctly trained in doing it and I honestly think that once you have had this treatment done you won't want to use any other one. Brazilian Hair Straightening is just one of the many treatments that is available at Inanch, one of London's top salons. So get in touch with them today and get the Straight Glossy Hair you have always wanted.

Types of Hair Beautification Extensions

July 17, 2019 by OneMoreHair  

There are numerous hair extension solutions available in the market which can add a sparkling and shiny beauty into your personality. Though a number of extensions require some attention if you really want to look gorgeous and hot. We are going to examine some of the commonly available hair extensions that are available in the market. Looking pretty and beautiful everywhere is the dream of every woman. And that crave is highly utilized by different cosmetics and fashion accessories producer to make some big bucks on that. The wigs are commonly misunderstood with hair extension though they can be similar by their appearance but there is a difference between both of them. The wig comprises of a complete set of hair which covers all the areas from front to back and sideways. On the other hand the extensions are different they are acquired to enhance the length or cover a particular area on the head. That is why you might have heard of a number of terms like full lace hair, virgin hair extensions, natural Indian half lace, wavy Indian hairpieces etc. By any definition these are not wigs but more of a modern form of hair enhancing solutions. Let's examine a fewer extension types:

Indian Extensions:

These Extensions are significantly higher in demand as compared to other types of such products available in the market, their dark black color and a sleek contour can never be ignored by a women craving to look the best in a particular event.

Virgin Extensions:

These are demanded all over the world and considered as the top notch demanding item in this industry. It is more of a branded terminology solely created by the money makers. These products are more or less the same but with some added shiners and chemical that give them the look that adores the eyes of buyers. Normally these products are quite expensive compared with the normal ones.

Brazilian Extensions:

They owe a great fame to their name due to their fabulous contour and curls. Brazilian hair extensions are the second most expensive products in this category.

Peruvian Extensions:

Peruvian Hairs are coined as the top most appealing and quality hair extension type. They are expensive poses ultimate quality and can add some real charming beauty into your personality.

Spa And Facial Reviews In Gilbert, AZ Help Users To Make Comparisons

July 11, 2019 by OneMoreHair  

Many people use spa and facial reviews in Gilbert, AZ to guide them in making choices for services. Because there are so many providers and different types of services offered in and around this area, it is often hard to determine which one is the best choice. Fortunately, people can often find out a great deal from reading about each one.


The types of services for personal care that are found in this area can range from facials to massage. Hair removal and skin care are very big here due to the climate and lifestyle. People tend to wear shorts, halter tops and bathing suits for more of the year than people do in other climates. Instead of being a slave to the razor on a daily basis, many women like to find services for hair removal from many parts of their bodies. While legs and underarms are frequent sites for removal, the Brazilian hair removal method that takes the hair off the entire bikini region is also a popular choice. Men often seek hair removal services for their eyebrows, backs and chests.


When people are looking for services, they want information about the different providers. Some will be looking at the price ranges for services. For many, the concern is more about finding someone whose personality they like and that they feel at ease with. While they will be interested in finding someone who is skilled at the type of service they are looking for, they also want to feel comfortable with that person.


Looking at the reviews for these different services can often reveal considerable detail about each spa. People will want to find places that score well with users and that the users talk about in detail. They can often find out more about individual providers if they are mentioned by name in the reviews. This type of information often tells people quite a bit about how services are handled and whether or not the providers take any steps above and beyond the normal expectations.


Reading the information that appears on the web about each spa or salon can alert potential clients to new places or services. If they have been using two different ones because they each have a service the client wants, it is sometimes possible to find a new option that provides both types of services in one place. Checking the spa and facial reviews in Gilbert, AZ can also help people to find services they may not have been aware of.

Remy Hair Extensions Are Indistinguishable

June 27, 2019 by OneMoreHair  

Hair extensions have become the demand of the day with the increasing trends in fashion industry as women with long hair has always been considered as the most beautiful figure. Even there are many myths where girl used to have so long hair that with its help she saved hero by making his way down from window. Whatever the stories had been, this is an undeniable truth that almost every person in this world likes to look good, healthy and beautiful is utmost.


This brand's are known as artificial & also used by people today to improve their outlook, and also used by those people who have very thin and weak type or do not have healthy growth or is having very slow rate growth. One thing that should be kept in mind that it is a human hair product which are specially designed from those hairs that have never been treated with any kind of chemicals, either for dying or curling or straightening.


There are two types of Remy hair extensions and they are, virgin meaning by completely original that have never been treated before, and non virgin meaning by those that has been treated for alteration either in color or in texture.


For this brand purpose, hair is collected from different parts of the world as people from different geographical areas have different color and texture. Indian and Brazilian hair textures are the two most prominent textures of the world. Maker prefer to make their extensions out from these abiding people.


Remy hair extensions and Wigs are very useful for those people who have problematic issue due to medical problem e.g. in cancer patient due to the chemotherapy treatment, and for those who have family or also genetic problem and last but not least, the age factor.


Remy hair extensions are very easy to handle. They are indistinguishable when used as they are original so they easily mingle, but before going to use, this must be kept in mind that use only those extensions that resemble to your own texture kind. Some people think these cannot wash like natural hair, if you are using original, then you can wash and treat them as you do with your original hair as they are made from natural hair.


It is considered the best in its quality. The cuticles are kept intact and align in uniform direction to retain its quality. It is collected as it is from the head of the women and kept intact till it reached factory. The virgin type look just like the real one. That is why the demands are getting more day by day. Being one of the most expensive type because of its high quality and demand and supply gap, it can never be forbidden. The Indian religious women for their God mostly donate it. Non-Remy is collected off the floor after cutting in saloons. It becomes impossible to keep the cuticles aligned resulting in poorer quality of hair.

Transform Your Hair With the Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatment

May 10, 2019 by OneMoreHair  

There are a number of ways in which you can now gain the hairstyle you have always wanted. With more technology open to salons and stylists and more treatments appearing in the UK from overseas; unruly and unflattering locks are defiantly becoming a thing of the past. One of the biggest complaints however when it comes to our locks is defiantly unruly curly and frizzy hair, so what exactly are our options in this scenario? Well a lot of people have a tendency to turn to permanent straightening methods, however this isn't your only option, instead why not look into what Brazilian Hair Straightening could do for you.

One of the biggest straightening methods at the moment revolves around Brazilian Hair Straightening, so what makes this so different? This is a semi-permanent method that lasts roughly around three months, after which the treatment will generally fade out and after it has faded you can simply have the treatment re-done. Plus best of all this is a method that can be performed on pretty much any hair type, unlike permanent methods and the more you have the treatment carried out, the better the condition of your hair will become.

This is a treatment that actually works best on hair that has been chemically treated or that is very damaged and even if you have had other permanent methods applied to your locks you can still have this performed. So what exactly is involved in the process? Well it basically revolves around the main ingredient, which is keratin; a natural substance that strengthens your hair. It coats the hair and protects it from further damage. It is very effective for any hair type and makes the hair follicle really smooth and shiny. The actual process involves the hair being washed with a special salt-free clarifying shampoo and then being blow dried before it is sectioned off in order for the solution to be applied thoroughly to each strand in every section. All of these sections are then straightened with a 450-degree flat iron, which infuses the keratin solution into the hair.

Once the treatment has been completed you will find that in future all you have to do is wash your hair and then leave it to dry as it will dry completely straight, if anything all you will have to do is run your straighteners over it for about five minutes. However when the treatment is carried out there are a number of aspects that you need to keep in mind, which includes not washing or getting your hair wet for up to four days after. You are also unable to place your locks into a ponytail, clip or anything that could cause a kink in your hair. The last thing that you need to ensure is that up to four days after the treatment has been completed is that you don't use styling products such as gel or hairspray.

The results that you gain with the use of the Brazilian Hair Straightening treatment can rival that of other methods and the advantages associated with this are almost endless. So if you are hoping to have such a treatment carried out I would highly recommend looking further into this one.

The Brazilian Keratin Therapy Have Excellent Hair For The Festive Time period!

May 7, 2019 by OneMoreHair  

If you have curly hair, frizzy hair then the possibilities are you have tried using each therapy and products out there to attempt and tame your unruly mane. There are so many products out there on the market all claiming to be the resolution to all your undesirable hair day difficulties, but couple of merchandise in fact deliver. That is right up until the Brazilian Keratin Treatment method!

The Brazilian Keratin Remedy is one particular of the very best techniques to straighten your hair and boost the condition of dry, broken locks. Brazilian Hair Straightening uses keratin, a protein by natural means identified in hair, nails and skin to inject moisture immediately into your dry, broken or unruly locks. The keratin rich remedy is applied immediately on to the hair and allowed to sink in to fix any past hurt and lessen the danger of additional harm happening.

Not like other straightening therapies, the Brazilian Keratin Treatment doesn't use any harsh chemicals to alter the shape and texture of the hair which can trigger injury. The Brazilian Keratin Remedy is a fully all-natural treatment that truly improves the situation of the hair leaving it soft, sleek and as manageable as at any time before.

If you are 1 of people females who spend the first hours of her day slaving away in front of the mirror desperately hoping to tame her unruly curls ahead of stepping out of the door, then you want the Brazilian Keratin Treatment in your lifestyle. The therapy will basically half styling time in the morning and save your hair from the trauma of becoming subjected to hours of damaging warmth styling. The condition of your hair will increase many thanks to the absence of daily straightening and blow drying routines and could even develop a bit!

The process is relatively basic. Initial the hair is washed, and then the keratin solution is applied straight on to the hair. The moment the products is applied the hair is then blow dried. The last phase is to use a distinctive hot iron that is amazingly very hot to seal the solution. Soon after the procedure is comprehensive you can't wash or get your hair wet for up to 72 hours and need to refrain from tying hair up or utilizing any clips or headbands as these can lead to dents in the final outcome.

The Brazilian Keratin Therapy is a entirely natural and safe treatment and can risk-free you loads of time when styling your hair. If you want problem-no cost straight, shiny hair then the Brazilian Keratin treatment method is for you!

The results will very last up to four months, so that's 4 months of silkysmooth hair! The treatment method will wash out steadily so you don't require to feel concerned about any re-progress. As soon as the effects have worn off you can just have the therapy re-completed and the moment again have the lovely hair you have usually needed!