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Complete Hookah Guide for Beginners

November 20, 2019 by allcare pt  

Those who could never smoke a hookah but always fancied to have one, this is your chance. Today, we have brought you a quick beginners’ hookah guide to help you get started in no time.

First and foremost, you need a few things for your hookah, which are;

  • Hookah Setup. Try Zahrah Spade 2; it is considered the best set up for anyone just
    entering the world of hookah.
  • Water. For a good draw, you need water in the base of the hookah. Make sure your water level is around an inch above the end of the hookah stem. In other words, your stem should be an inch submerged in the water.
  • A Hookah Bowl. There are several kinds of bowls available in the market, but the best one for you would be a phunnel bowl. It is thick and conducts heat very well. One more thing, go for bowls made of clay.
  • A Hookah Hose. There are many hoses with a metal layer inside, which can get rusted in a few
    months. If you smoke using such hose, then you would be inhaling rust along with the hookah smoke. Hence, the hose that you would require is a silicone one.
  • A Fork. Unless you won’t want to get your hands dirty, get a fork to pack your  bowl.
  • Tobacco. You can try any tobacco you like, but for beginners, we recommend tobaccos
    made using blond leaves. Slowly, you can proceed to dark leaves, which are stronger.
  • A Hookah Foil. You can either buy some pre-cut foils or go for ordinary aluminum foil.
  • A Pin or Poker. You will need it to poke holes on your packed bowl to facilitate airflow.
  • Hookah Coals. Always go for the coconut coals – they give clean smoke, and last longer.
  • Hookah Coal Burner. The only downfall of coconut shell coals is that you need to light them on a heater(less than 1000 watts). They need time to get heated.
  • Tongs. You can also need a pair of tongs to handle the hot coals
  • HMD (optional). Heat Management Devices aren’t mandatory, but they heat the bowl
    evenly and keeps the smoke clean.
  • Hookah Mouth Tips. Unless it is your hookah, you may want to have some of these while passing on the hose.

Let’s Start Packing

  • First thing first, get you coals out and put them on the burner, so they get ready by the time you finish packing your bowl.
  • Now, get your hookah bowl filled with water. Make sure you fill enough water, so your hookah stem end gets around an inch submerged in the water.
  • Take some tobacco and pack the bowl with it. Put it as if your sprinkling the shisha. Another way would be to stuff the shisha and then use a fork to make air pockets, but it means overpacking your bowl as well.
  • Now cover your bowl evenly with two sheets of foil. You can use pre-cut foils or even the
    regular ones. You can also use an HMD instead of foil if you have one.
  • In can you are using foil, make a point to make a good number of holes in circles all over the bowl. Add a few more in the middle. You can use anything like a needle, pin, or even toothpick for this. Now put the bowl on the top of the hookah stem. It should be a snug fit.
  • Check on the coals – they should be entirely red hot by now. If not, turn them over and give a few minutes more. Once ready, use flat tongs to place them over the bowl. Try to space them out and preferably towards the edge.

It’s ready! Give it a few pulls, and slowly you will be able to cherish your flavorsome hookah!

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Physical Therapist in New York City

June 21, 2019 by allcare pt  


Shoulder impingement is a very common condition experienced by majority of the youngsters which arises as a result of compression between the bone and rotator cuff tendon. Shoulder impingement can also be noticed at times, when the arm is raised above the head, it is also known as ‘frozen shoulder ‘. Allcarept is well renowned physical therapist in New York City who provides the best shoulder impingement exercises , it is America’s most desirable physiotherapy consultant who can be reached without any doctors prescription and has hands on experience and specialization in shoulder impingement exercises.

Spinal cord is part of the nervous system and is the most important organ in our body, we need to protect our spine from injuries and wrenching that could be fatal. This can be achieved by adopting proper body mechanics. Slouching, hunching, a body posture which is incorrect and harmful to the spine are the most common reasons of back and neck pain. Pain is an indication from our body which is nothing but a warning that certain part of body is strained out and they need relaxation, blood circulation or immediate medical attention.

People mostly facing Shoulder impingement problems are  :-

    • Weightlifters or athletes who practice on a regular basis to excel at their performances, exert tremendous pressure on their muscles to gain muscular strength and train their body.

    • Mechanical laborers perform vigorous physical activities because it’s their job requirement and to earn their daily bread they must work hard.

    • Senior citizens are unable to perform any kind of physical activity and most of their time passes away sitting on the couch or on their bed.

Shoulder impingement symptoms which can be easily diagnosed and the one’s that require immediate medical assistance are stated below: –

    • While driving.

    • While lifting moderately heavy objects.

    • While changing positions or even while resting on sides.

All these situations signal the clear signs of shoulder impingement and as the condition deteriorates, the pain may keep striking continuously and would become unbearable for the individual.

Shoulder impingement treatment comprises of four stages which are mentioned below: –

    1. Ultrasound scans and CT scans refer to the initial stage of shoulder impingement which highlights associated injuries in the painful areas along with dynamic impingement.

    1. The second stage achieves pain relief through anti-inflammatory treatment.

    1. The third stage includes regaining complete range of motion by personalized exercise routines and massage therapy sessions.

    1. The fourth stage includes the clinical assessment made by the physiotherapist.

Whenever the need of a physiotherapist arrives, remember, professionals at allcarept are just a click away and their therapy won’t be harsh on your pockets as well!

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Best Physiotherapy at Allcare pt

May 31, 2019 by allcare pt  


We belong to a generation of robust and smart technology but weak immunity and lifestyle diseases that are spreading like an epidemic. The human body is beautifully designed from within and perfectly crafted from the outside, it is a living miracle which is often taken for granted by the resident of the modern technical world. It can heal, grow and adapt itself in its natural habitat but automation and sedentary lifestyle has hampered its functionality to a greater extent. Not only the functionality has been hampered but it has also weakened the immune system leading to many newborn diseases that never existed before.

People are living a lavish lifestyle but keeping their health at stake, many are unaware of the impact of the damage caused by adopting an unhealthy lifestyle as a result of which many people leave for their heavenly abode before attaining old age. A well-balanced healthy diet, a good body posture and physical activity are the most important factors for a healthy body, lack of which causes severe lifestyle diseases and chronic pain. Pain is a response given by the body to alert an individual that something is wrong within and it needs immediate attention or medical assistance to function properly.

People don’t even take this signal or alarm seriously and keep suppressing it with different pain relief medication which in return harms the body more than benefiting it. Pain persisting in any part of the body should never be ignored especially if it continues for more than two weeks because it’s an alarming signal for an underlying health condition.

Physiotherapy is that field of science which gives the power to an individual to heal itself without pain relief medication or surgical treatment that weakens one’s body. It helps people to adopt healthy lifestyle which includes a well-designed exercise routine, a nutritious diet and a lifetime care and support in implementing proper body dynamics.

Allcarept is one of the most efficient physiotherapists in Brooklyn who believes in self healing and has started the pain free revolution in the United States. The physiotherapist can be consulted without any prescription and a free telehealth appointment can be fixed through their website . The professionals have hands on experience in treating frozen shoulders or shoulder impingement, accidental injuries, sports injuries, neck pain and lower back pain. Their well designed and personally customized exercise routines have eradicated the need of surgeries in many cases.

Physiotherapy is a slow treatment, but it gives significant result that is beneficial, it works on the root cause of the problem and pain removal rather than suppressing the pain. Physiotherapy increases the muscular strength and regains complete range of motion in cases of sports or accidental injuries.


If you feel any kind of pain which lasts more than two weeks then you should seek immediate medical assistance and if you are a resident of the United States then you should consult Allcarept  physiotherapist right away because they give the best health advice and a physiotherapy treatment with minimal risk and a very affordable consultation fees.

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Best Physical Therapist at Allcare pt

May 9, 2019 by allcare pt  


Uncertainty of life can hit an individual at any moment, a famous celebrity or a common man, for one and all the life is unpredictable and so are the challenges of it. Every individuals reaction to change is different, some take up the challenges of life and fight back bravely while others give up easily and put their precious health on stake forever. Good health makes your life more enjoyable and it is considered to be one of the greatest gifts that we ever get in our lives.

Having a good health requires eating a good quality of well nourished food, working out in a proper way and staying away from destructive elements that could have the potential to degrade your health in near future.

Automation and modern technologies have blessed us in numerous ways but one major harm it has caused us is the lifestyle adopted by the residents of this modern world. Restricted or no physical activity is the root cause of many illnesses and lifestyle diseases. Lack of physical movements makes our muscles weak and results in muscles stiffness which requires proper physiotherapy treatment and in worst case it puts the individual under the knife.

The best way to eliminate lifestyle diseases is to adopt a healthy lifestyle which guarantees slow but sure health recovery. Healthy eating habits, good nutrition, well designed and well planned workout routine along with simple stretches throughout the day can boost your energy level, enhance your mood, increase your daily active time and reduces your potential health risk. In contrast,  an unhealthy lifestyle makes an individual weak, frustrated, unhappy and depressed.

Our human body is one of the best creations of our creator and so are the functions of it. The body has an excellent way of identifying the underlying area of concern and unusual happenings within the human body. It not only protects us from the potential harm by proper coordination of different organs and muscles but it also initiates the self healing process to increase the chances of survival. ‘Pain’ is one such signal given by the nervous system when it detects a problem which may cause harm to a particular body part.

The physiotherapist of Brooklyn named ‘Allcarept’ are doing their jobs well and have started a pain free revolution that gives the power of healing to the individual himself. Professionals at Allcarept have hands on experience of treating frozen shoulder, neck and back pain, shoulder impingement, lower back pain, sports and accidental injuries and many such health conditions. They have a good understanding of their patient’s needs such as moral support and motivation required during the pain elimination process. A polite and humble staff along with a good quality of service is all that o e requires. These health care professionals can be consulted online and in person  without any physician’s prescription. The free telehealth appointment can be booked from their website . Amazing customer care service, professional expertise and availability makes them a team of best physical Therapist in Brooklyn.

If your pain has been there for more than two weeks then book online your free telehealth appointment today and save yourself from the potential risks and enjoy your good health as long as you live.

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