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Plenty Of Benefits To Get From Stainless Steel Eye Bolt

January 11, 2019 by Oscar Lin  

There are different type of fixtures are available to fix your structure. An expert will properly explain properly which will be the best one to choose according to the requirement of the structure size and shape. If you have a job to do you must be certain that, you have the proper tool in order to finalize that structural work. When eye bolt is part of your supply needs, make sure that, you have the right one. 



If you are tasked to do a straight line pull, then a regular lifting eye bolt is what you’ll need. This is known as the anchor point of the connection between the wire rope and proper rigging apparatus that is fixed to an ending point. If you have stainless steel eye bolt there is nothing to worry about. It will popular for less corrosion to be the bolt which could compromise the strength and durability of the steel. 



An eyebolt that is constructed from stainless steel and has been welded is often formed marine grade steel that can withstand harass weather condition including wet, marine environments. The welding allows it to be employed as a heavy duty anchor point, connecting a wire rope or other rigging hardware to a surface or intended object. On the other hand, if you are going to non-welded stainless steel eyebolts, it may restrict to farm use. Most of the time these types of eyebolts will be used for lighter applications. Though, these types of light duty bolts are made from high quality steel and they can easily withstand against any challenges but one thing is to keep in mind that, you can’t certainly go for wide use of these types of bolts. It is known as the less expensive and sometimes it will work as anchor point. The working load limits specified by the manufacturer should be properly considered before going to purchase the right eye bolt for your need.




If you are tasked for any type of angular lifting, then a shoulder eye bolt will perfectly match to your need. It will allow you to safely complete the job. The shoulder, which is one type of collar between the eye and the shank, helps maintain the bolts strength. When you are involved with an angular lift, make sure that, you are properly following the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the placement, fitting of the bolt and washers for flexible functionality. If you’ll consider these entire things, choosing stainless steel will be the right way to go.


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Types of Stainless Steel Carabiner Hook That Are Used

November 3, 2018 by Oscar Lin  

The carabiner or Stainless Steel Carabiner Hook is a useful bit of kit; some even say they are the ‘unsung heroes’ of the climbing world. Using it is not only in climbing but also in various purposes in rigging and architectural industry. There are though many options in terms of types, parts, shapes, gate options, and how you make use of them. To have the best of such you need to be with us as at QMH Inc. we make available the best.


Types of carbine hooks

Use of Stainless Steel Carabiner Hook, which is a lightweight, metal snap-link, is in a variety of situations for numerous tasks but most often by climbers. Their purpose is to connect one thing to another, but different tasks require different types. Therefore, they do come in a number of different types, and if you are looking to purchase, it is important that you be with us.

The considerations required

 First, you need to determine if you need a locking or a non-locking carbine hook. The locking varieties are the ones with lockable gates having Stainless Steel Eye Nut, which provides extra guard against accidental opening. The use of a manual screw type mechanism or an auto-locking system is used to offer this security. The locking varieties are therefore heavier as they have more constituent parts but for safety reasons are the only choice in many situations.


The Stainless Steel Carabiner Hook that we manufacture as you may imagine, also come in a variety of sizes and weights. Larger ones are easy to use with their wider gate openings and ability for holding more inside. Smaller ones are lighter, take up less room and so could be better when you have a shortage of space. The life span of the lighter ones is shorter and can erode other equipment more quickly such as the rope. Therefore, you have to consider all the options.

Whatever type you wish to buy, we are the one who offer the best. We follow certain procedures, which makes our Stainless Steel Carabiner Hook the best.

The reasons for our superiority

There are obvious reasons for our superiority. It would be better to have a look at those before you settle to buy one.

Experience we have: We have a skilled force and best equipment infrastructure at our factory to produce such Stainless Steel Carabiner Hook. We have been doing so for years and have the required knowledge regarding such hooks. Therefore, we can make one, which is according to the requirement you have.

Stainless Steel Eye Nut

Use of best material: We use the best of material while manufacturing the hooks and the Stainless Steel Eye Nut. We understand that safety is a concern so we never use degraded material for manufacturing such.

Quality control in place: We follow strict quality parameters while manufacturing such hooks and accessories so you can have the assurance of having the best product.

Therefore, when you require the best of such units you need to give us at QMH Inc. a call dialing 909.548.2884.

A Guide to Use Stainless Steel Wire Rope Clip Properly

September 11, 2018 by Oscar Lin  

What is a Stainless Steel Wire Rope Clip?

Also termed as a clamp, wire rope clamp, U-clip or U-clamp, a stainless steel wire rope clip is used for fixing up the loose end of the loop back to the wire rope. Usually, it consists of a U-shaped bolt, a forged saddle and two nuts.








How to use wire rope clips properly?

Inspecting the wire rope clip before use

First of all, the wire rope clips must be inspected well before using them which will make sure that all the markings are legible, the clip is free from any cracks, gouges or nicks, the clip has the correct dimension, and the clip is not a repaired or reshaped one as it affects the performance.

The wire rope clip bridge must be placed on the load bearing part of the rope always and the U-bolt must be placed at the dead end of the rope. Now the wire rope length needs to be turned back enough so that the minimum required number of clips can be installed to it.








The first clip must be placed at one bridge width distance from the turned back dead end of the rope and then the nuts must be tightened according to the specified torque.

Now, after successfully placing the first clip, the second clip needs to be positioned immediately against the stainless steel thimble but in such a point that while tightening the clip it doesn’t create any damage at the outer wires of the wire rope after which the nuts need to be tightened firmly but not to the specified torque.

Lastly, one more clip must be placed between the first and second clip on the wire rope in such a way that they are separated by at least 1½ times the clip width. Now a light tension needs to be applied to the rope and tighten the nuts evenly alternating until the specified torque is reached.