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Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Building Tiki Huts

November 5, 2019 by Big Kahuna Tiki Huts  

Do you have a free space in your backyard? Is the area looks dull? Do you want to provide a new look to your backyard? Well, if yes, then build a Tiki Hut? Tiki Hut, a new way of providing an attractive look to your backyard, offers various benefits i.e. offers shades, changes the look of the backyard, provides space for party, a place to relax, protect you from ultra violet rays and scorching heat, provides a vacation atmosphere and many more.



These huts are meant for both residential and commercial sectors. It serves as an Eco friendly shade solution and thus easily opted by the people. They can be built not only in the backyard, but also near the swimming pools, play areas for the kids, on pavement, on wooden decks, etc. These huts are made up of natural palm leaves and thus they can last for more than 10 years. But when it comes to building of the Tiki Huts, there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself. Some of the questions are as follows.


  • Why to install Tiki Huts?


Asking yourself this question i.e. why to install Tiki Huts can assist you in taking the right decision. Even this can help you in building the Tiki Hut, according to your wish i.e. whether you want to build the Hut for family occasions or for any other purpose.


  • What type of Tiki Hut do you want?


Design of the Tiki Hut is an important thing. So, before building a Tiki Hut, you need to ask yourself about the design, which can make you in deciding the size of the Tiki Hut.


  • At what price you want the Tiki Hut to be built?


Apart from the reason to install the Tiki Hut and the type of Hut you want to install, deciding the budget is also important. Deciding the budget can help you in building the right one at an affordable price.


Hence, these are a few questions that you should ask yourself before building a Tiki Hut. There are many companies that deal with building and repairing of the Tiki Huts and BIG KAHUNA TIKI HUTS is one of them. It is a reputed and insured company, located in Florida and offers Tiki Huts installation in residential and commercial sectors, repairing services, Rethatching, etc. to its customers. All of its services are offered at a reasonable price. For details, click on this link at https://palmhuts.com/

4 Advantages of Tiki Hut Thatching

September 13, 2019 by Big Kahuna Tiki Huts  

Tiki Huts Thatching is actually durable and strong as you think. No doubt, it looks quite delicate but in reality it can resist every weather conditions. There are many things on Tiki Huts with thatched roof that you may not know. If it is maintained well, you can enjoy it for more years. No doubt, you won’t get the same effect as it is on the initial stage, but it will last longer. No doubt, selecting the best materials for thatching of Tiki Huts is important as it can assist you in increasing the longevity of the hut, but it is also important to maintain the gutter system and to repair it if any signs of damages are seen.
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There are many advantages of Tiki Roof Thatching and some of them are as follows.
  • Out of all the various kinds of roofs, the ones made up of palm thatch are the best one. There are many Tiki Huts that are built with wooden frames and are covered with high quality palms. But selecting the right palms thatch is essential. These can be repaired easily as well as can be maintained properly. They are even not harmful.
  • Apart from the aesthetic importance, there are other advantages too. Temperature cooling is another important advantage. It is good for shade and also maintains a cool temperature. One can enjoy a temperature of at least twenty degree while sitting in thatched huts.
  • A Tiki Hut with a thatched roof is long lasting. Usually these huts get damaged, because of the water clogging, which affects the structure of the huts, but if your Tiki Huts have thatched roof then it can be dried in an easier manner and are resistance to winds.
  • They can be maintained easily. They keep insects and mildews away. You can enjoy it ti the fullest up to a great period of time.
Are you planning to build a Tiki Hut with thatched Roof? If yes, then contact BIG KAHUNA TIKI HUTS. It is a reputed company that provides services like construction of Tiki Huts, rethatching, repairs of Tiki Huts, etc. It custom designs the Tiki Huts as well as bars that can perfectly fit your area. It is fully insured and offers its services to both residential and commercial sectors. All of its services are offered at an affordable price. Do you want to get more information? For more details, click on the link at https://palmhuts.com/

Tiki Huts and Its Importance

August 29, 2019 by Big Kahuna Tiki Huts  

Tiki Huts, as you know is one of the huts that is liked by many people. Even when people think about visiting any island for vacation and they have no time, they can construct Tiki Huts in their backyard which can offer them an island feeling. Originally, these huts were built by Semiole and Miccosukee tribes of Florida. In the year 1800, it was a difficult time for the Native American as well as Seminoles tribes as they had to move from one place to another which was not that easy and thus they need a shelter that they can put and take down in a quicker manner. Thus, they construct these huts and referred these huts as chickees which meant houses according to them.



These huts comprise of raised platform so that the floor can be prevented from flooding. It also comprises of sturdy cypress posts and also a thatched roof. In the year 1900 a treaty was signed which allows them to construct chickee huts wherever they wishes. And thus people used to call these huts as Tiki Huts.


In Polynesian Culture, Tiki is a mythological figure that symbolizes in cylindrical wood carvings of faces. The first Tiki bar was opened in Los Angeles in the year 1934, but it catches the attention of the people in the year 1940. By 1950 these Tiki Huts become popular. In 1970’s Tiki Huts were found as bars, restaurants, etc. and thus started using by many people. While they were in style in 1970’s, they were found in perfect style and comfort.



These huts are meant for various purposes and are known for their aesthetics. Some of the benefits of Tiki Huts include the following:

  • Temperature Control

One of the important benefits of Tiki Hut is temperature control. Tiki Hut is great for shade and creates a cool environment. With a Tiki Hut, one can enjoy a temperature of up to 18–20 degree.

  • Durability

Tiki Huts are good in terms of durability. Usually the normal hut gets damaged in the rain. But Tiki Huts can dry easily and are resistance to wind. This means that they can withstand any type of weather.

  • Repaired and maintained easily

Tiki Huts can be maintained easily. These huts can be maintained by experienced professionals. Simply, you need to call them and the rest will be done by them.

There are many experienced professionals who can help you in building Tiki Huts and BIG KAHUNA TIKI HUTS is one of them. It builds custom TIKI HUTS and TIKI BARS for homes and businesses. It is a fully insured company that offers services like 3D Rendering and Architectural, Tiki Huts, Bars, etc. at an affordable price. For details, click on this link at https://palmhuts.com/

4 Fators to Consider While Installing Tiki Huts

August 23, 2019 by Big Kahuna Tiki Huts  


Would you like to make your backyard look like a tropical resort? Would you like to make your backyard look so beautiful that everyone would love to spend here? But yes, it’s true that every time you go outside of your house, it’s very hot..Alright there is nothing to worry about. You can install Tiki Huts-The best eco friendly solution for shade. They can be installed in various places in your backyard like near to swimming pools, on the wooden decks, kid play areas, etc. But before installing, there are few things that you should consider. Some of them are as follows.



  • Purpose

No doubt Tiki Huts are the best things to be installed, but before installing, it is important on your part to know the purpose of installing. It is because once you know the purpose, then it is easier for you to install it. If you wish to buy it for a hammock, then you can build it in a different way. If you want to install it for any event or any get together, then it will be installed in another way. So, knowing the purpose is of utmost importance.


  • Space

Space availability in your residential area is another essential factor to consider while installing Tiki Huts. It is because you have to think of the size of the Huts depending on the Space availability. The Tiki Huts can be installed in various sizes. If you have less space, then you can install single post Tiki hut umbrellas and if you have large space then you can install a larger Tiki hut.


  • Design

Designing a Tiki hut is not that easy. And thus hiring a professional for installation is essential. The professionals have many designs to install Tiki huts and thus you can select the best one according to your choice and requirements.


  • Budget

Apart from the above factors, the budget is the most important factor. As you know there is a saying you receive what you pay for. Before installing Tiki Huts, make sure to prepare your budget. Contact many companies for installing Tiki Huts. Compare their prices and quality too. And then opt for the right one.


Hence, above given are a few factors that you should consider while installing Tiki Huts. As discussed above there are many companies that deal with the installation and repair of Tiki Huts. And BIG KAHUNA TIKI HUTS is one of them. It is a reputed company that provides custom TIKI HUTS and TIKI BARS for homes as well as businesses at an affordable price. It is a fully insured company that serves Florida and surrounding areas. For details, click on this link at https://palmhuts.com/

Build a Tiki Bar in your Backyard with the Best Company in Florida

August 15, 2019 by Big Kahuna Tiki Huts  

Build a Tiki Bar in your Backyard with the Best Company in Florida


Do you often find yourself daydreaming, going to a different place and enjoying there!! Just leaving everything and enjoying in an island with Tiki Huts…How is it? Simply sit at a Tiki bar in Florida and spend time with a drink. Well, it’s not a dream..You can fulfil this dream even in your own house..Yes..in your backyard..Simply build a Tiki Bar in your backyard, a project that can be done in a few days with one of the wide numbers of Tiki Bar Company available in Florida. But before building a Tiki Bar in Florida, it is important to consider few points.


  • As you know Tiki Bar is the best way that can convert your backyard into a different and attractive place where one will love to spend time with. If your house lacks backyard, you can build a Tiki Bar in your basement itself. Here, what matter the most is to create a space where you can visit whenever you feel irritated out of your work or simply wants to relax. If you have ever visited tropical Island, then you might know the kind of services it offers. And if you want to create an island type feeling, then decide on the space where you want to build the Tiki Bars.

  • Apart from this, decide the size of the Tiki Bar that you want to build. There is no issue in building a Tiki Bar if you have a large backyard. If you have a limited space, then ensure to build a Tiki Bar of the size that can suit your backyard properly. These bars are available in various sizes, styles, shapes, etc. Thus, you can choose accordingly. And hence, you need to decide the size that can fit your space requirements.
  • After selecting the size, it is now on your part to think on which company to hire for your work. As discussed above, there are many companies in Florida to select from. In order to choose any company, it is better to talk to your friends, relatives, and colleagues and ask them for recommendations. Try to know in details about the services they offer, the price they charge, etc. in details. Compare the price, the services and then opt for the company.

BIG KAHUNA TIKI HUTS is one of the reputed companies that deal with TIKI HUTS and TIKI BARS for home as well as business purposes. It also deals with rethachting and repairs of Tiki Huts. It offers its services at an affordable price. For details, click here at https://palmhuts.com/.


Want to Build a Tiki Hut? Things that you should take care of.

July 9, 2019 by Big Kahuna Tiki Huts  

No doubt it’s good to have fun, but it’s not always easy to pack your stuffs and fly to any island every time. Yes.. You can have the same fun in your backyard too by converting it to a place that can offer you the same charm of an island. When you think of holidaying in any island, the first and foremost thing that comes to your mind is Tiki Huts. These Tiki Huts offers an environment of beach or any island making you to have fun.


Are you thinking of building a Tiki Hut or a bar in your garden or your backyard? This is a great choice because the materials needed for construction of  Tiki Huts are available easily. Even there are many companies that are dealing with the construction of these huts.



But while constructing a Tiki Huts, it is on your part to take care of few things.


  • Bamboo

As you know bamboo looks great on Tiki Huts, but do not build the entire hut with bamboo. Bamboo is difficult to slice, can easily break and its colour changes to grey when it comes in contact with the sun and moist air.


  • Rope

It is better to opt for metal piping with fibre rope to cover the post. It looks great and no one can know what is there beneath the post.


  • Looks

As you know most of the Tiki Huts have a rustic look. The aged, distressed woods are not at all easy to install. They are prone to cracking and thus it is good to opt for counter top installation that provides a rustic look.


  • Service Provider

This is an important thing you should not miss. Make sure you select the right company for your work. Remember, a good company can provide you with the right service.



Hence, above given are a few things that you should take care of while constructing Tiki Huts. As discussed above, there are many companies that offer this service and searching on the internet is the best thing you can do. BIG KAHUNA Tiki HUTS is one of the reputed company in Florida that provides construction of Tiki Huts. It is a fully insured company that offers services like construction of Tiki Huts, Bars, Rethatch, Repairs, etc. for both residential and commercial sectors. It serves Florida and surrounding areas at an affordable price. For details, please visit this link https://palmhuts.com/

Tiki Huts: The Tropical Haven

June 1, 2019 by Big Kahuna Tiki Huts  

Tiki huts possess several possible traits that can be useful for many. One that promptly comes to brain is really a tiki bar. They are often created adjoining an eating place or bar to create an authentic outdoors tropical theme. That is true specifically in temperate seaside areas. Following trend of dining places in southern climates, countless northern establishments own exposed tiki huts for warmer summer months use to supply their consumers with additional seats for outdoor kitchen and enjoyment. Some construct them inside their restaurants for result and to tackle a definite exotic feeling.

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Often vendors apply these island fashion cabanas for marketing their wares. Stuff like swim attire, beads, necklaces and beach things are ideal goods to be presented to their customers. These bamboo constructions can be employed as rental counter for bikes, ships or any beach-related service. They are generally used for workplaces, storage facilities and also restrooms. Other employs include wedding party chapels, banquet features, outdoor entertainment regions and dance flooring surfaces. Designers and contractors have place them to utilize as entry porticos and valet parking huts, and several landscape professionals designate them for exotic landscape features. Programs are extensive and various. Two notable attributes that produce these structures hence useful will be the ease of design, and the several capabilities of the tropical showcases.

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An organization that focuses on these thatched structures can create a hut swiftly and economically to basically any specification. As soon as a framework will be organized and made, bamboo paneling will be affixed compared to that skeleton, and hand thatch is put on the roof framework. With regards to the size and the form of the machine, the process can be relatively straightforward. There’s very little carry out work to be achieved on interior surfaces, except for house windows, if needed, being an added way of measuring protection from sun and rain. Natural thatch will be most often applied to the rooftop, but more durable synthetic materials have become more prevalent. The tiki signals are hung, along with the structure is prepared for business. The procedure can be accomplished in days, definitely not weeks or calendar months.
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Marinas and shore clubs have discovered several employs for Tiki Huts in Florida. They make functional shelters for decks or patios and may be constructed by maintenance staff members who are secure dealing with the bamboo paneling and hand thatch. Tiki huts could be designed on docks for motorboat coverage or on shoreline for shade. They will have a variety of uses, well-suited for most functional software, and impart the feeling that may be described as becoming fun and efficient.