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Glass railings

May 18, 2019 by parsco  

The glass fence with natural beauty and the possibility of natural light reflection is the perfect option for fence framing in buildings with modern architecture. Due to the glassware used in the glass rail, this type of fence is suitable for installation in staircases and spaces where ambient light is important. Glasses used in glass railings are balconies of zeritot laminate. Insoluble glass, in addition to its apparent clarity, has a good strength against impact and pressure, with which the performance of the glass fence on the staircase is of high security. The types of glass railings used in staircases and balconies include glass window fences, glass expose glasses, spigot glass railings, glass railings with glass stool. The Akat Group, with a direct supply of all kinds of fittings and fittings of glass railings from Turkey's products, gives you the guarantee to your dear customers that the quality of the fences performed by this complex is very high and by providing a varied model and the appearance of glass railings Thanks to the beautiful and modernizing of your buildings, the fairest and most competitive price of glass railings will be offered to you. Decorative art The interior and exterior of buildings are still becoming more complex, yet more beautiful and sharper. Engineers and architects of the building industry have come up with a lightweight texture that will help with the shape of the building with a glass facade. Features such as elegance, precision, security and a different style of glass fence give them a special class that is very eye-catching. The design and implementation of this class of glass rail requires a very high level of skill and skill that can only be mastered by skilled craftsmen. Glass railings in Iran are new, but they are catching up at a fast pace. The Akat Group is proud to be one of the pioneers in installing and implementing glass fences in Iran.

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Steel shield

May 18, 2019 by parsco  

As you can see from the name of the steel case, protecting your homes, banks, shops, and business and business locations will be a bit more affordable. The door shield can be installed on the main and secondary doors, and even inside (depending on the application). The very important feature of the stainless steel safety doors is to prevent it and to prevent a person from entering illegally, especially the robbers. At the same time, its elegant and precise design makes it even more comfortable for your building. In this case, with the help of a steel shield, the entrance of the doors and the glass facade of windows and balconies, while being safe and secure, will have a bit of beauty. Steel wraps design goes so far as to fit perfectly with the customer's view and the overall view inside and outside the building. The stainless steel used to make it is of the highest quality and guarantees the quality of stainless steel. The steel shield should be of the 304 steel type in all conditions and climatic conditions whether inside or outside the building. Never use stainless steel 201 because of the reduction in production costs, because without any doubt, with time, it will encounter the problem of rotting metal that is known for rust.

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Stainless steel railing

May 18, 2019 by parsco  

The use of stainless steel as a functional and beautiful material in the manufacture of staircase rails in today's buildings has become widespread. The main reason that steel is used to produce fences and protect the building is its beauty and durability. Due to its anti-corrosion and rusting properties, Steel can maintain its original quality and durability for long periods of time. On the other hand, with its glossy appearance, Steel adds to the more beautiful and modern appearance of the fence and the building's shield. According to the aforementioned explanations, stainless steel fences, as a durable and affordable option, are a surefire replacement for old and traditional railings of wood and iron fences. Steel fences with a variety of designs and models, and having some very beautiful shapes, can provide the taste and taste of every building. The stainless steel fences are divided into several categories in terms of quality and durability, which we will continue to explain each one.