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How to Fix Incompatible Print Cartridge Bug on HP Deskjet D1330 Series Printer?

April 21, 2018 by HP Support  

As an HP printer customer, once you install a print cartridge, the power light continues to blink. It means that the print will not print and you error message “Incompatible Print Cartridge” displays on the computer screen. To troubleshoot the problem of the incompatible print cartridge it is advisable to take HP Technical Support from the experts and qualified techies.

In addition, you can also try to fix the troublesome situation of the incompatible ink cartridge, follow the steps given below:

Close printer cover:

·        Close the printer cover if it is open.  

Determine which the problem cartridge is:

·        Launch the ink cartridge access door and remove either cartridge.

·        Now, you need to close the cartridge access door.

1.     Printer cartridge will remain in the printer, in case the computer message is Print Cartridge Error.

2.     If the computer message is not Print Cartridge Error but instead says ...Either missing, not detected, or incorrectly installed, then the cartridge you removed is the problem cartridge.

·        In order to reinstall the faulty cartridge, follow the next step.

Remove, inspect, and reseat the problem cartridge:

·        Launch the access door of the cartridge and wait for few minutes until the cartridge comes to the center.

·        Now, you have to press down on the end of the faulty cartridge to snap it out of the carriage.

·        Check if there is any protective plastic tape on the cartridge, if it is, then removes it. Make sure that you do not remove the copper-colored strip. 

·        Change or replace the cartridge and locate it in correct place where it belongs slight angle. Now press up and forward till the cartridge snaps into the correct position.  Place it in its slot at a slight angle, and then press up and forward until the cartridge snaps into position.

Clean the problem cartridge contacts:

·        Launch the ink cartridge and wait till the cartridge is silent or idle. Then you have to disconnect all the power cords from the back of the printer.

·        Now, remove the ink cartridge and locate it on a clean paper keeping the nozzle plate upright.

·        Then, soak a clean cloth into clean water and then squash any extra water from it.

·        Make sure to clean only the copper-colored contacts.  

·        Repeat these steps for another ink cartridge too, cleans the electrical contacts in the carriage, placed inside the printer on the carriage slots.

·        Here, you need to reinstall the ink cartridges and then close the ink cartridge access door.

·        Further you need to reinstall the ink cartridge and follow the onscreen instructions.

Insert a new print cartridge:

In case the problem is not fixed, then you need to insert a new print cartridge. If you do not have a replacement print cartridge, then you can print in ink backup mode. Delete the problem cartridge and then print with the remaining cartridge.

If the following instruction does not let you work on your printer or your printer is showing other issues, then you need to contact our customer service at HP Printer Support Phone Number +1-877-645-7494. Here, you will have support under the supervision of adept professionals who ensure to deliver reliable and customized support at your fingertips.


Source Link: http://hptechsupportonilne.blogspot.in/2018/04/fix-incompatible-print-cartridge-bug-hp-deskjet-d1330.html

Troubleshooting Tips for HP Printer from the Expert

April 16, 2018 by HP Support  

HP printers are one of the best printing devices all around the world. Mostly all sorts of businesses and everyday individuals lean on HP printers that are renowned to provide high-quality printouts, challenges often arise. Here, find out some of the best solutions to troubleshoot its wide-ranging issues. For more HP Technical Support, consult experts.

Overcoming Challenges Posed by Firewalls

Firewalls are in place to prevent threats from infiltrating your network. But sometimes firewall also blocks the communication between your printer, computer and other devices on the network. Firewalls can stop you from printing, and cause the printer to not be found because on the network and display the printer's status as “offline” or “disconnected”. This status could occur even if the printer is properly connected to the network. Follow the steps to fix the issue: 

·        First of all you have to double-click the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool.

·        Then, you are required to click the “Network”.

·        On the drop-down menu, you have to click “Troubleshoot Firewalls”

·        Follow the onscreen instructions to fix the firewall hangups.

·        Furthermore, you can also click “Online Firewall” and “Firewall Help” for additional information.

Printer Network Challenges:

Losing connection to the network and/ or display is quite common. Here, you have to search the HP Support page for the document that relates to the installation of your printer for either a wireless or a wired connection and/or for the specific error message that keeps popping up. Most of the HP printers have wireless setup tool that can be accessed in the printer's control panel network. In some printers it is found in the wireless settings menu. You have to follow the setup wizard's instructions. It will prompt you to provide your network’s name and the password that you have chosen in order to connect your printer to your network.

USB Connection Problems:

Users who are facing trouble with USB connection need to try to unplug and then reconnecting the USB cord from the computer and the HP printer as well. If the problem continues, connect the cable to another USB port. It is necessary to verify that all the HP printer models provide support for USB cables that are 9 feet 10 inches and shorter in length. In case, the USB cable is longer than this length, then have to connect a shorter one in order to ensure the compatibility with your HP printer.

To know more and to have more support for your HP printer, feel free to contact at HP Help Phone Number +1-877-645-7494. The number will help you to reach our customer support service without any trouble and delay. Here, you will be assisted by the team of experts and adept professionals with advanced approach and methods.


Source Link: http://hptechsupportonilne.blogspot.com/2018/04/troubleshooting-tips-for-hp-printer.html

What to do when Smart Test Failed Error Code 303 Occurs in HP?

April 12, 2018 by HP Support  

While working with HP printer, you may encounter the HP Smart test failed Error Code 303, which usually appears because of any technical problem with the hard-drive, faulty sectors and virus issues. The problem can be resolved with some manual methods. Moreover, you can also use HP Contact Number that will take you up to the reliable support desk.

Lets’ check out the best method to fix the Smart Test Failed error code 303:

Method 1: Resolve the issues of Bad sectors on the hard drive-

If there is an issue or problem with the hard drive, then the error might arise anytime. Thus, it is important to perform a quick check on the hard drive, that if there is any problem or any kind of damage inside the platter of the hard drive. It might be possible that the hard drive is completely defective or dead or any part of it is damaged. In this situation, you are required to simply replace the disk quickly.

Method 2: Buy a new hard drive-

Next solution is straight word and simple to buy a new hard drive to boot your computer in safe mode. For this, you are required to press the F8 button and copy all the data and files from your hard drive to the new one. If you do not want to buy a replacement hard drive, then load the system in the CD ROM drive to boot your computer easily. You need to begin with switching off your computer and the place the pled drive accordingly. It will set the jumper in slave mode. Further, boot up your device and then copy all the files from the hard drive.

Method 3: Remove all the virus related problems-

One of the major causes for the error is the virus or malware related problems. Here, you need to remove it from antivirus software in order to fix the error. Start over your device and then press the F8 key continuously till the menu of boot appears. After this you are required to click on the icon of “Safe Mode with Networking” and you are done.

If the above solutions are not suitable for the error you are facing, consult experts at our support service via call at HP Technical Support Phone Number +1-877-645-7494. The number will help you to contact directly one of our support representatives who are adept and well-trained to fix any sort of technical problem at any complex level.


Source Link: http://hptechsupportonilne.blogspot.com/2018/04/fix-smart-test-failed-error-code-303-in-hp.html

How to Repair HP Laptop Motherboard?

April 10, 2018 by HP Support  

Usually when the motherboard of your laptop gets damaged or need a strong repair, then it more likely to buy a new laptop. But, as a user of HP laptop, you must try to check the damage and then go for steps in order to repair the motherboard. Find out the sign and the causes of the HP laptop’s motherboard issues and follow the workaround to repair the motherboard with quick HP Help and guidance.

Symptoms of Motherboard Failure:

·        Boot and startup failure    

·        Blue Screen of Death issues appears more frequently

·        Randomly freezing and hardware no longer works

·        Audio and/or laptop screen are not working

·        Connected devices fail to work

There are multiple causes behind the occurrence of motherboard failure on your HP laptop and some of them includes-

·        Fluctuation of electric wires connected to your laptop

·        A smear of Dust particles, smoke, debris, etc.

·        Liquid damage

·        Overheating caused my fan failure

·        Physical damage

·        Excessive use of the laptop without any repair

Follow the methods to repair HP laptop motherboard issues-

·        Check Your Monitor:

Turn off the screen of your computer and check that the video cable is connected properly to your computer device. Check that no loose connection should be there by simply unplugging and plugging the cable back in.

·        Check Your Graphics Hardware:

If there is any graphics card connected to your laptop’s motherboard then take it out and plug in your monitor’s video cable into the motherboard. After this, restart your device. Check if your laptop starts without any issue, it means that there is the damaged graphics card that needs to be fixed or replaced. 

·        Check Your Internal Hardware:

It might be possible that there is some additional hardware installed in your laptop. To work properly, a motherboard requires RAM, Processor, Fan, and SPMS. In order to fix the motherboard failure, you must try to additional hardware to test if the issue. After removing the additional hardware, you need to turn on your computer, if it is working correctly then all the problem occurs because of the external hardware.  

·        Check Your Battery:

It might be possible that the motherboard issue may appear due to the damaged battery that gets drained more often. In order to repair the battery, you need to remove the CMOS battery and then start your laptop again to check if the problem still persists.

For more help and support you can connect our support service available at HP Support Phone Number +1-877-645-7494. We always strive to secure your time and money with high-quality service and we help you to avail computer support service online within the least possible time. We are committed to benefits our customers far more than anyone else.


Source Link: http://hptechsupportonilne.blogspot.com/2018/04/repair-hp-laptop-motherboard.html

Repair Your Faulty HP Devices with Experts’ Support

April 5, 2018 by HP Support  

HP is one of the manufacturers of computer devices offering topmost devices to the people globally with the best accessories and hardware equipment. People are using HP devices worldwide that give overall satisfaction based on the performance and functionalities. However, while using the HP products, such as laptops, printers, scanners, computers and other, if you are having any sort of problem with them, you can use the HP Phone Number to overcome your problems quickly over a call.

Here, the experienced and well-trained technical executives are available 24 hours to cater their customers quickly. They strive to resolve your problems associated with HP devices as quickly as possible. The support providers are intended to make their customers trouble-free by providing best solutions at their fingertips. On the other hand, the team of skilled technicians at HP Printer Tech Support Number is right here to deliver complete guidance to the client of HP devices. They are clearly able to resolve any complex issues at any complicated state like Wi-Fi connectivity problem, IP address issue, printer speed issues and lot more. The team is ready to fix the issues completely without any hassle.

Moreover, we offer remote access service that can resolve a lot more computer bugs and problems quickly without any delay in time. This is an ideal solution to run your device perfectly and instantaneously without any interruption of issues. With remote access service, our technicians would take your device on remote and then diagnose the problems. Once the technicians found the exact problem of your computer, then he starts working with the effective solution according to the model and version of the computer device.

The user could get quick solutions for all the issues of HP devices HP Customer Service Phone Number - (+1-877-645-7494). By contacting at this number, you will get exceptional technical support which is suitable for delivering all complaints within limited time and solve it. Here, you could clarify your all doubts and maintain high your devices with best techniques.

Source Link: http://hptechsupportonilne.blogspot.com/2018/04/repair-faulty-hp-devices-with-expert-support.html