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Looking For A Convenient Airport Ride? Chose A Limo Over An Uber

January 11, 2019 by bostonairportcarma  

When it comes to airport ride, most of the people like to consider a limo ride instead of an Uber – and there are plenty of reasons to justify that. Listed below are a few:

Easy contact:

With a New York City Airport Car Service you’re allowed to talk to real people when you want to reserve a car, get a quote or need any sort of info. The live contact makes sure everything go as smoothly as possible. A knowledgeable dispatcher will respond your call at any given time & provide you clear answer to your queries. Apart from responding the phone, the dispatchers can also track flights & drivers 24x7 making certain that every commuter get top-quality service. 

Meet & greet:

This is one of the many extras that you will not get from Uber. Meet & greet is an excellent option for commuters who require assistance with the baggage when they get out of the plane or want to impress a visiting business associate or friend. You chauffeur will meet and greet you by luggage claim with a sign with your name written on it which certainly make your trip stress-free. 

Choose a driver:

Certain people like certain chauffeur. If you love the style of driving and attitude of a particular chauffeur, you can always request his service for your next journey. However, with Uber you always end with a different chauffeur & different vehicle of course. So, trust a limo service and enjoy your ride with your prefer driver and vehicle as well. 

Money savings:

Though it mayn’t look so on a first instance, hiring a limo service might actually decrease your overall transportation expenditures. By having such services, you’ll not have to take headache of parking fees, getting lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood or arriving late at work. No doubt, the subway may look like an affordable alternative, but what if the subway station is miles away from your meeting point? What if you’ve to reach an unfamiliar place at a specific time but the traffic is disastrous. Designated chauffeurs are well aware of the best roundabouts & will certainly assist you in reaching your destination before time, without needing to worry about GPS or checking mobile map while behind the wheels. In addition, parking charges can be really expensive, particularly in residential neighborhoods & by parking your vehicle in banned places you can risk having your vehicle being taken away & having to pay a huge fine to get it back.

At Boston Airport Car MA we offer high-end New York City Airport Car services that are not just affordable but also very convenient for the busy airport travelers. Call us at 617-499-7772.