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Jammer blocked contact with the outside world

February 20, 2020 by perfectjammer  

The US military is working on the next-generation of gps jammer to defeat improvised explosive devices (IEDs) that pose such a grave threat to US forces deployed overseas. The jammers are called Joint Counter Radio-Controlled Improvised Explosive Device (RCIED) Electronic Warfare (JCREW) devices. They are high-power, modular, programmable, multiband radio frequency jammers designed to deny enemy use of selected portions of the radio frequency spectrum. They come in 3 varieties – fixed, mounted, and dismounted.

This illusion is, in fact, the phone is in offline mode, signal signal jammer to block any cell phone contact with the outside world. Regarding the radiation, as long as there will be large and small radiation of electronic products. Any piece of electrical equipment, there will be radiation. As we used to use the phone every day against the inevitable next ear, there will be radiation, the state must set up a standard cell phone radiation, radiation and our shield of mobile phone signals generated by the rest much lower than the national standard, and it has not been every day count around the ear, so the human body is almost no harm.

RF transmitters and anything that can generate RF energy is regulated by the FCC to prevent interference with other frequencies and to not interfere with licensed and / or licensed uses of frequencies. That said, I do not know if there is a specific regulation prohibiting the devices as such, but nothing has yet been approved by the FCC for such public use.I have nothing against people who use their usual 4G jammer, if they speak in a normal tone and do not scream loudly, but this damn continuous beep is as annoying as being bitten by mosquitoes and listen to the other end of the conversation that is usually returned (REAL LOUD is simply unbearable).

The integrated design for RF cell phone jammer makes the most of commonality across all capabilities, reduces life cycle costs, and provides increased protection against worldwide threats, Navy officials say. It is for the US Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force, and is under supervision of Naval Sea Systems Command. The current option exercise is for Engineering Support Services for JCREW to introduce new technologies; address diminishing material and depot repairs to keep JCREW systems viable for future production as well as maintain operational readiness for the field. 

The jammer can be used indoors and outdoors

February 10, 2020 by perfectjammer  

This is a very worrying fact. This means that our means of communication may be controlled by China in the future. American telephones could be monitored by China at any time to steal our confidential information. So, the defense department is considering developing portable jammer to prevent this from happening. But the plan is still awaiting congressional approval, and the FCC could get into trouble.

At the measurement locations inside the prison cell, measured differences in incident power between when the jammer was on versus off showed that jammer incident power levels were much greater than that of the ambient CMRS power levels. For the outdoor locations where jamming was not intended, the jammer’s incident power was measurable at 100 feet from the building. However, outdoors the incident jammer power levels were lower than the ambient CMRS levels. This was because the 4G jammer signal strength was lower outdoors than indoors, while the ambient CMRS signals were stronger outdoors than indoors.

According to the weapon’s designers, no special training is needed for the Drone Gun Pro operator, only aiming at an aerial vehicle and pressing the button to activate the suppression system is required.The US Navy’s Next Generation Jammer, promises a new, more capable electronic warfare system that combines agile, high-power beam- gps jammer techniques and state-of-the-art solid-state electronics.

Billed as the only operational tactical wifi jammer fighter in the world, the Growler is a specialised version of the F/A18-F Super Hornet, and since achieving initial operational capability in September 2009, it has been equipped with the AN/ALQ-99 airborne EW system.Enter the Next Generation Jammer (NGJ), a new, more capable EW system that combines agile, high-power beam-jamming techniques and state-of-the-art solid-state electronics to give wider threat coverage, greater precision and enhanced mission flexibility.

Jammers are a quick way to block signals

February 7, 2020 by perfectjammer  

That even state intelligence services have had difficulty in determining the source of the wifi jammer and whether or not it was deliberate, highlights how effective these tactics can be even during an uneasy peace. With electronic and cyber assaults, Russia has found an effective way to disrupt the military and government activities of its regional opponents while maintaining a surprising amount of plausible deniability.

5g jammer is a piece of equipment capable of blocking reception or transmission of cell phone signals. This is mostly done by creating some form of interference at the operating frequency ranges of cell phones, which results in no signal or significant loss of signal quality 

“The last 15 years have seen a dramatic proliferation of GNSS jamming systems: from the preserve of the military, through criminal groups, to the point where jammers are now sought and owned by everyday citizens seeking to hide from a perceived risk of being tracked during their day-to-day lives."

According to the state minister for national security Pearnel Charles Jr, the government is advancing the process of identifying and selecting the best, and most modern cellular gps jammer and other technology solutions. Meanwhile, he says the restoration of the jammers at Tower Street highlights the lack of maintenance and underutilisation in recent years.

Your wireless home security system uses RF signals between your different sensors and the keypad to monitor your home. Each security system emits those signals at a specific frequency that is filed with the FTC. A portable jammer simply sends out a super strong signal on the same frequency as your home system and causes white noise which effectively makes your system deaf to any alarm, such that the main panel cannot detect when a door or window is opened while the alarm is set.

In order to reduce traffic accidents, should cars be equipped with jammers?

January 14, 2020 by perfectjammer  

cell phone jammer are illegal in the United States, but that doesn't mean they aren't used. They are apparently becoming more common and are expected to spread quite a bit in the near future. The FCC says that using a whine is considered "theft" of radio waves because this spectrum has been assigned to a commercial entity. However, the author of the article wonders whether it is "passive jamming" - such as erecting buildings made of material that blocks cell phone signals. While some may not like the idea of ​​having their signals blocked - others think that if they only have areas to "separate" it could become much more popular in the future. The article points to the rise of camera phones as a bottom-up surveillance company as one reason why we need areas that have no signal. That doesn't make much sense to me, since anyone who uses a camera phone can still take the picture and upload it later when they are within range of a signal. Still, it will be interesting to see if anti-jamming equipment becomes popular. Most people have no idea if a jammer is being used because it looks like there is no service. This makes it very difficult to find out if someone is using a jammer and means that nobody gets caught with these things.

In real life, these places can use disruptors, and some of the interviews below are real quotes from US netizens.

I would like to have Handy wifi jammer on my car when I drive down the street. I'm tired of having drivers who are still on their phones while driving and are not careful on the road. I caught more drivers on my cell phone and dropped nearby. It would be nice if my car bothered this idiot cell phone driver to get attention ON THE ROAD. NY State is illegal to use a cell phone while driving. Hence SCREW FCC law, it's my safe drive down the street with my car without being hit by careless cell phone drivers.

I work in a high school discipline office. Repeated cell phone use during school makes up 1/2 of my student suspensions. 1st violation is imprisonment, 2nd violation is 1 day suspension, 3rd violation is 2 days suspension and so on. I would like to know if teachers can legally place a signal jammer / blocker in their classrooms. would this be considered passive blocking?

I totally agree with the opinion of the article. I think everyone in our daily lives needs a cell phone signal jammer. It is usually used where noises are prohibited or silence is needed for a moment, such as churches, mosques, libraries, cinemas, conference rooms and others. it can help us a lot. A friend of mine, who is a teacher, was once annoyed by his students typing short text messages during class, and later he bought a portable cell phone jammer, then all the students were confused that their cell phones could not receive any signals, even when it was most my friend said he bought it well online.