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Clear the Browser footprints in AOL

July 16, 2019 by Peter Parker  

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While browsing on the internet, browsers such as AOL store information about the websites that you have visited to improve your experience completely. During this process of enhancing your experience, AOL footprints would then display the records of the websites that you have visited, the information that you had entered in the websites, items that you searched and therefore turn out to be a huge privacy issue if you are working on a shared computer. The footprints that AOL store on your system would also slow your browser and the performance of the computer system. When you come across such an issue, the most ideal option that you would have is to connect with aol support phone number. The users also have the option of seeking information from this blog, which would help them in clearing the footprints saved by AOL.

What is the need to clear AOL Footprints?

The saving of your footprints can also look like a breach of your privacy, and in order to protect your privacy and to improve your system’s performance, it would be ideal for you to clear ‘My Footprints’ in the AOL explorer regularly.

Process of clearing all footprints in AOL browser

If you wish to clear all the footprints from your AOL Explorer, then the steps which you would have to trail are as mentioned below:

·         Access the AOL browser window and then choose the ‘Security’ option, now you would have to click on the option which says ‘Clear My Footprints.’

·         Then click on the footprints button and select the clear selected footprints option.

·         You can then easily change the list of AOL footprints by using the select footprints to clean option.


What is the process of clearing specific footprints in AOL Explorer?

In the AOL explorer, you can easily choose to keep some footprints and then clear the remaining footprints.

When you wish to clear specific footprints in the AOL Explorer, the steps to be followed are:

·         In the AOL browser window, you would have to select Security and then ‘Select Footprints to clear.’

·         Further click on the boxes which are next to the footprints you wish to clear.

·         Then click on ‘Clear Selected Footprints’ button and finally click on OK.


What is to be done to clear footprints from the ‘History’ panel in AOL Explorer?

If you wish to clear footprints from the ‘History’ panel in AOL Explorer, then the steps which the users would have to follow are:

·         To access the History panel on your AOL browser, you would have to press Ctrl+H option.

·         Then you would have to press the Clear My Footprints button on the window.

·         Finally, click on the Clear Footprints option and press on OK to finalize the decision.

If you come across any confusion while following the given steps, then you can promptly contact aol technical support number and let the professionals help you with the issue. This service is available all around the clock and is also free of cost.

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Problem to update AOL account

July 8, 2019 by Peter Parker  

aol tech support - AOL desktop gold is quite a useful software that is being used widely in the world. it has some quality features that are well connected with the audiences’ experiences and their requirements. You have the proper facility to access the AOL desktop gold for a complete entertaining purpose or completing your tasks easily. It helps you to process with video streaming, games and music. It has opened up all the world for you to access the best knowledge and valuation. you only need to install the software and have an account to process this. Now you should update the account as well from time to time to continue having the easy access to the software. If you need further support you can contact at AOL customer care number  and get the maximum assistance.


Easy methods to fix the AOL account not updating issue:

Method 1. Check the system requirement

First of all, you need to check the system requirement before you go to updating the software. That should be the first step and it will solve a lot of issues that may happen if you install the updates before checking the system’s requirement such as viruses and other sluggishness issues.


Method 2. Getting a proper internet connection

You should check the internet connection that you would require when you try to update the software. Make it sure that it is working quite fast as well because you will need that to install the updates quickly. With a poor internet, the updates may get stuck during updating the software.


Method 3. Disable the firewall protection or any other program

Firewall and other antivirus programs help you to avoid the issues and virus attacks but sometimes it may interfere with the installed or updating program. In case you are facing situation then you should disable the software for a while and after installing all the updates then you can enable them again. Not even the firewall but also the installed antivirus software should be disabled for sometimes.


Get customer support for further support:

During the process, you may need further support to get a prominent solution. You may get some other issues as well that may prevent you from processing the installation update. So you need to contact at AOL customer support to access the expert and experienced professional knowledge and resource of AOL desktop gold. You can contact at any time 24X7 exactly when you get the issue and resolve it with such ease saving your time and money.


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HTTP error 504 in AOL

June 28, 2019 by Peter Parker  

help aol com - AOL mail users enjoy a secured network that leads them to the state of satisfaction. But there are few things that can frustrate them and HTTP error 504 is such an issue that should be addressed quickly to keep your AOL account working. Error 504 is an HTTP state code that is also known as 504 gateway timeout failure. It happens when a server doesn’t get a clear response from others in a way to reload the network page. These servers work together to ensure the clear loading of the network page, but a small interference in their communication may lead to this issue. Now you need to fix the issue at earliest, and you can do so by contacting at aol customer support. However, this blog will also help you to solve the issue with easy steps.

Reasons behind the error 504:

There are several probable reasons that may cause this issue, and you need to know about these reasons to fix the issue:

·         The server slowdown may create the issue

·         Network error may generate the issue at the user’s end

·         Poor internet connectivity may be the reasons as well

·         In a few cases, the problem may be due to the computer error

·         Improper DNS configuration may also cause the trouble

·         Proxy server settings could be the one reason

Easy solutions to fix the error 504:

Now you have seen the reason that may be responsible for the issue so you can easily fix the error to process the exact solutions that are given below:

Solution 1.Once you get the 504 error, you will not be able to open to the web page, but you need to keep refreshing the page and press the F5 key to refresh the page and try to open the page. Sometimes the problem may resolve in a few minutes, and you can successfully open the page, but in some cases, the server issue gets deeper, and it may take a few hours to resolve the issue.

Solution 2.You should check all the network connection and reset these network devices. If the issues are associated with the router, modem, etc. you can fix it on your own by rebooting all the connected devices.

Solution 3.You can review the proxy settings as well to fix the issue. Incorrect proxy settings are one of the possible reason for the error, so you need to monitor the proxy settings. Once you locate them and fix them, the error will be gone.

HTTP error 504 is generally linked with the server connections so you can’t do much from your end. You can try at least these steps, and if you are failed to fix the issue, then you should call at aol remote support and get the most prominent assistance easily.

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Why AOL is No longer syncing or fetching emails?

June 20, 2019 by Peter Parker  

aol customer care - You can connect your AOL Mail account to an email application to help organize and access your emails more efficiently. Syncing your emails to your phone or tablet allows you to stay connected to your AOL contact while on the go. If you have any trouble accessing your emails or if you find that AOL is no longer syncing or fetching emails you can go through the solutions mentioned in this article to try and resolve the error. You can also call the  aol tech support number  and speak to a certified expert to implement advanced troubleshooting solutions to sync your emails.

Steps to solve AOL no longer syncing or fetching emails

The solutions to resolve the syncing error on your AOL email account depends on what caused the problem in the first place. However, if you are not able to identify the source of the problem you can implement the solutions one by one to try and resolve the error:

Solution 1: Log out of your AOL account and add it again

The simplest troubleshooting solution to fix the syncing error is to log out and remove AOL from the application and then add it back once again. Re-adding your AOL email account will help to resolve and errors that may have been caused when the configuration file gets corrupted. Be sure to update the email application before your add your AOL email account so that your emails can sync without any errors.

Solution 2: Check the AOL Mail server settings

One common reason why AOL Mail cannot sync or fetch your emails is because the server settings you entered while configuring your account were incorrect. You can contact AOL customer support and consult a certified expert to find the exact server settings needed to sync your emails.

Solution 3: Review the privacy settings on the email application

If the email client or application you are using to access your AOL account does not have the required permissions you will not be able to sync your emails. You should access your privacy settings and enable the ‘Let apps access my calendar’ option. Next you can go to your Account Settings and click on AOL so that you can change the sync duration.

Solution 4: Edit the settings on your security software

Sometimes there may be compatibility errors between your email application and you anti-virus or firewall software that can be an obstacle while syncing your emails. You can try and disable your antivirus software, at least temporarily, and then check if the syncing problem is resolved. You should also edit the firewall settings and whitelist the AOL email application to resolve the syncing or fetching emails error.

If you want to know how to implement the steps mentioned above you can always call the  aol contact number  and ask for additional tech support. Experts are available 24 hours a day and will be able to give you a detailed guide on how to troubleshoot the error as soon as possible so that you can sync your AOL emails.

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How to Transfer Email from AOL to Outlook PST File Format

June 10, 2019 by Peter Parker  

aol tollfree number - Syncing your AOL email account with Microsoft Outlook allows you to use all the email management tools available on Outlook to send or receive emails. Microsoft Outlook uses the Personal Storage Table, or “.pst,” file format to store messages and calendar events. This article will give you a general overview of how to transfer your emails AOL, which uses “.pfc.” file format, to Outlook PST File Format. Apart from the steps mentioned below, you can also call the aol tech supportnumber and speak to a certified expert to get more details on the transfer process and to clarify any doubts you may have.

Steps to manually configure your AOL to Outlook

Outlook is described as a personal information manager that is developed by Microsoft and is used primarily as an email application. You can refer to the steps given below to sync your AOL email account with Outlook so that you can transfer emails in PST file format:

·         Step 1: Open Microsoft Outlook application on your computer and log in.

·         Step 2: Navigate to the ‘File’ option and click on the ‘Add account’ option.

·         Step 3: When the account settings window opens press ‘New’ and proceed.

·         Step 4: Look for the option that says “Manual setup/additional server types.”

·         Step 5: When the list of server settings opens click on “IMAP / POP.”

·         Step 6: Select an appropriate account type and enter the settings given below

·         Step 7: In the login, section enter your AOL email username and password

·         Step 8: Mark the checkbox that reads “Remember Password” and continue.

To complete step 6, you can have a look at the server settings mentioned below and then enter the relevant data. Once you verify all the details entered, you can save the changes and then restart your computer.

Sever setting to configure AOL and Outlook

Once you select the manual set up option or the advanced setting options, you will need to enter the server settings to finish syncing your account. When entering the settings, you need to make sure you type in the details exactly as they are given below:

IMAP Settings

·         Server: imap.aol.com

·         Port: 993

·         Encryption: SSL/TLS

POP Settings

·         Server: pop.aol.com

·         Port: 995

·         Encryption: SSL/TLS

SMTP Settings

·         Server: smtp.aol.com

·         Port: 465

·         Encryption: SSL/TLS

While configuring your account and selecting the account type, you will probably have to use the IMAP Settings. However, if you are not sure about which server settings to use or if you need help completing any of the steps mentioned above you can call the aol customer care phonenumber and ask for additional technical assistance to troubleshoot the issues you are facing. Well trained and experience AOL email experts are available 24 hours a day to give you the best solution to fix any error you may face on your email account.

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How to install AOL One Point

May 17, 2019 by Peter Parker  

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When you use different online applications and accounts, it can be challenging to keep track or remember all the login details for those accounts. AOL OnePoint is an innovative desktop application that stores and protects your passwords. The software gives users the benefit of a one-click secure login to all their online accounts. AOL One Point is especially useful for AOL users since it allows you to create a single access point for different AOL products and services. The AOL One Point desktop application has a user-friendly dashboard that gives you ‘one-click’ log-in to all your password-protected accounts. You can call the aol tech support number and speak to a certified expert to learn more about the app and how it keeps your data secure.

Features of AOL OnePoint

·         Enhanced Encryption technology: AOL One Point encrypts your passwords securely, so much so that even if your device is lost, damaged or stolen, the passwords are kept safe.

·         Constant Monitoring: The application monitors and scans almost ten thousand websites regularly and maintains a record of secure sites so as to prevent you from using a malicious website.

·         Connection Security: Since AOL One Point allows you to connect to your accounts through without typing, hackers find it difficult to bypass the app to steal your information.

System Requirements for AOL OnePoint

Before you try and download AOL One Point, you need to first make sure your computer has the necessary system requirements needed to run the software. Here is a list of the primary system requirements you need to have on your computer before you install AOL One Point:

·         PC Users: Windows 7, Windows Vista (32 or 64-bit version)

·         Web Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later (You can also use Google/Firefox

·         Processor: 600 MHz or faster processor

·         RAM: Minimum 512 MB Random-access memory

·         Memory: AOL recommends at least 1 GB free storage space

Currently, AOL One Point only works with Windows operating system and does not work on Mac devices. Apart from computers, AOL One Point is also compatible with Android as well as iOS.

Steps to install AOL OnePoint

Once you verify that your computer meets the system requirements needed to run AOL One Point you can follow the instructions given below to download and install the desktop application on your device:

·         Step 1: Open your internet browser and go to the AOL my benefits webpage

·         Step 2: Enter your AOL username and password and sign in to your account

·         Step 3: Navigate to the products and services section look for AOL One Point

·         Step 4: Select the AOL One Point plan feature click ‘Download Now.’

·         Step 3: Go through the on-screen instructions and follow the steps to finish installing AOL One Point

If you have any trouble downloading AOL One Point or if the installation is blocked you can call the aol contact number and speak to a certified expert so that you can resolve the issue. AOL One Point experts are available 24 hours a day and will help you to identify the root cause of the error so that you can implement the correct solution and install the desktop application without much effort.

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Update AOL Mail settings

May 9, 2019 by Peter Parker  

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AOL mail provides its users with experience of using a personalized mail. This is what the users have been seeking. AOL has promptly looked into what the users exactly want and have provided them with the same. AOL email provides the users with several features, and along with these features, they get the benefit of personalizing it in their way. The users can know more about the features and services that AOL email provides by connecting with the AOL customer care number.

AOL email can be customized in such a way that it would aptly suit the users need. You can efficiently personalize how you write emails, manage income mails, how your inbox looks and a lot more.

Process of updating AOL mail settings

The process to be followed if you wish to update your AOL Mail is as given below:

·         Sign in to your AOL Mail.

·         Under the username, you can see an option of ‘Mail Settings.’

·         Once you click on the said option, you would get a tab for settings that you can manage as per your need.

Update General Settings

In this setting, you can easily manage the given options.

·         Today on AOL- Here you can manage the box to show the latest news, the unread messages that you have, and mail tips for your assistance.

·         Sender Name Display- You have the freedom to choose whether you want to display the sender’s name or email address.

·         Reading- You have this option where you can select how you want your emails to be displayed to you.

·         New Mail- You can also change and manage the sound that should be played when you receive a new email.

·         Auto Sign off- You can also opt for the auto sign off option, which would ensure that your account automatically signs off after a specific period.

·         Contacts- You can also choose how you want your contacts to be displayed and sorted.

Once you have made changes to the above options, click on save to finalize your changes.

Update Compose Settings

·         Cc/Bcc- You have the control on whether you want Cc/Bcc to be displayed or not.

·         Default Compose Mode- You can ultimately choose how you want your compose screen to be displayed.

o   Write an email in a pop-up screen.

o   Write mail in full plane compose.

o   Write mail in a separate window.

·         Rich Text/HTML- You can easily create a signature and enable rich text/HTML editing to use your preferred font and color.

·         Display Name- You have the option where you can enter the name you want to be displayed when you send an email.

·         Sending- You have the freedom to opt on how you want your sent messages checked:

o   Choose if you want messages checked for spelling before sending.

o   Choose if you want email addresses automatically added to contacts.

o   Choose if you want a sent confirmation to appear on a different page.

There are a lot of options that you would have when you choose to update your AOL email settings. There is nothing that you cannot personalize as per your need. If you face any issue while taking up the given steps, you can quickly contact the AOL tech support phone number. The professionals would provide you all the required assistance on how to accurately follow the steps.

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