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An Unmissable stay at the Luxury Hotels In Shimla

January 3, 2020 by Nirmal Mehta  

The enthusiasm is developing very high, Grand White and Euphoria Grand, added to you with the aid of Hotel Parfait 4 Star Luxury motels in Shimla, welcomes you for a passionate stay with tranquility and beauty that makes it best area to live in Shimla .Our resorts are recognised for their costly style and great location.

Hotel Grand White and Euphoria Grand coalesce to gives gracious hospitality, personalized service with current features. Discover our bespoke grand and highly-priced amenities that include revolutionary culinary dining revel in with craft cocktails in elegant active bars. Our tremendous tailor-made Events include parties, weddings, organization meetings, meetings and seminars, all these high priced services entitles

euphoria grand
really worth location for your entire holiday. Grand White and Euphoria Grand launches Only Luxury with its oversized servicesstylish architecture, and settling better standard for hospitality with custom designed studies makes it high-quality area to stay in Shimla. Luxurious Grand white is intimately residential for enjoying big and Luxurious rooms with warm and comfy


December 22, 2019 by Nirmal Mehta  

Grand white and Euphoria Grand, our two Hotels near ISBT Shimla are housed with Beaux–Luxury buildings restoring its grandeur with style.

The most enticing location is celebrating its privileged site, with picturesque and exclusive view of woods and hills, that allocates you to experience
Grand White and Euphoria Grand in your own rhythm and pace.

Our hotels provides easy access to all the infamous hangout spots and allows you to explore the aesthetic beauty of shimla by being in the centre of the city. It is famous for its amazing offers and convenience for being placed in well connected arena of the city ,casting best deals and offers time to time!


December 13, 2019 by Nirmal Mehta  

Parfait Hotels-The best hotel in Shimla. From Budget to Luxury, you will get the Best price providing service in the region!  offering the astonishing comfort, To inspire, connect people and places. Reflects the art of unique experience… “This experience is completely distinctive spirit of Hotel Parfait”!Best Hotels In Shimla

 Parfait Hotels allows you to enjoy the best and world class service. An incredible rendezvous surrounded with fragrant cedar forests. Our hotel is situated at the best sight with impressive view of snow peaks, scenic beauty of hills with refreshing mountainous allure cradled in the heart of Shimla, makes it the best hotel of shimla. The Parfait Hotel is bestowed with salubrious environment. Hotel Parfait offers you to relish the clean and pure refreshing atmosphere in the dense woods .such picturesque views from the hotel windows offer our guests to experience the romantic instinct of nature.

Parfait Hotels

December 9, 2019 by Nirmal Mehta  

Parfait hotels offers an imperial experience of hospitality and luxury. It is an authentic chain of luxury providers across India. Parfait has its outlets around North India.

In Shimla, it has a unique exuberance and panache. Parfait group of hotels are your stopover for a perfect holiday or a brief holiday. The luxurious ambience and the heartwarming vibe of parfait will keep you entangled in its brilliant aura. Do visit us for an absolutely overwhelming experience.