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Vitamins and Minerals Functions in the Body

November 13, 2019 by Pharmics Vitamins  

Between vitamins and minerals needed for the human body to function, none are more important than iron. Iron is a vital mineral for our body because it’s a constituent of blood and muscles, and is also crucial for the function of transporting oxygen. Iron is not like other vitamins and minerals; its primary function is related to the ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen to sustain cellular support of the body properly. When it comes to iron deficiency, it’s not hard to see; it can be a dangerous problem, more common in women, especially women in the prenatal stages. Iron deficiency is also a regular concern for post-weight loss surgery patients. Preventing iron deficiency from developing into anemia is of utmost importance. That’s why Pharmics Inc., a company based in the state of Utah, has taken the lead with advanced quality pharmaceutical, nutritional products since 1970. Pharmics has produced reliable supplements like Ferretts Chewable Iron, Ferretts IPS Liquid Iron, and more. These supplements are also gluten-free and non-constipating. They are especially made for quicker and successful absorption. Vitamins and minerals are paramount to help our bodies function. To know more about Pharmics products and offers, visit the following website https://www.pharmicsvitamins.com. You can also contact them at 801-966-4138.