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What Are The Tips To Choose Lapel Pins

September 9, 2019 by Pinable  

The Custom Made Lapel Pins are those that you wear on your suits and accessories, so as to look more attractive. It symbolizes versatility and pride, and shows character and individuality. It comes in different sizes and colors from which you can choose accordingly. Lapel pins are suitable for every occasion.

Ways to Choose Lapel Pins

Following are the tips to choose correct lapel pins for your garments.

  1. Wearing One Lapel Pin: Wearing only one lapel pin at a time will make you look elegant and classy. Do not wear too many lapel pins as it looks disturbing and messy. Your purpose should be to make people focus on your look and not on other accessories unless you are in military or air force. 

  2. Wear Match Colored Pins:  The color of your lapel pin should match with other accessories so that your personality may look cohesive. You must wear uniform metal on the buckle of your belt and watch in order to look distinct and polished. The metal of your lapel pin must match with other accessories.

  3. Wearing Matched Size Pins: The size of your lapel pin must match with your suit or tuxedo. You must not wear large sized lapel pins so as to avoid looking funny and distracting. Your pin should make your image look good and not only your outfits.

Services Provided By Lapel Pin Companies


There are many lapel pin companies in the United States that sell Wholesale Lapel Pins. They sell outstanding custom lapel pins of different size, designs and color. The companies offer products at affordable rates.  The manufacturers deal not only with lapel pins but also with key chains, tie tacks, car badge, pendant, scuff links, key tags, and ball markers and so on.