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Custom Patches & Custom Shapes Are An Excellent Match

November 18, 2019 by embroideryfactory  

Custom patches are a great way to personalize backpacks, clothing, and other stuffs. They’re an excellent way to show your membership in a club, group, or other organization, as well as promoting your logo, brand, or business. 


One important aspect to remember when you are ordering your patches is that you aren’t restricted to standard square, round, or rectangular shapes. Custom shapes incorporate another design element that makes your patches unique. 


Custom patches have a long, eminent history. For thousands of years, embroidery was completely hand-sewn, making it time-taking & costly. 


Things significantly changed in the 1800s, with the introduction of the mechanical loom. All of a sudden, embroidery could be produced on a much larger scale & much more consistently. This in result, made embroidered works, including patches much more accessible & affordable. 


The computer technology of the twentieth century led to invention of fully automated, computer controlled high speed embroidery machines. These new machines offer greater control, which allowed for custom shaped patches to become a viable choice. 


For example of your business was named “Liberty Services”, you could make custom patches for your employee uniforms in the shape of the Statue of Liberty to match the same logo on your vehicles, signage and stationery. 


That consistent promotion is the type that helps strengthen your brand. It's really a simple concept. The more customized your patches are, the more they are representative of your vision, your business, and your cause.


A patch shaped like a poodle will no doubt help customers remember your dog grooming business. One shaped like a speedboat will help promote your marina.


It is all about keeping your brand “top-of-mind” for the customer. You wish your brand to stand out from your competitors. If a prospective customer only remembers ONE thing about your business, you want it to stand out.


Credits to the ultra-modern embroidery machines in everyday use these days, it becomes easier than ever to make unique patches of just about any shape & size you can visualize. 


Regardless of if it is a classic ’57 Chevy, a Fender Stratocaster, a wedge of cheese, a griffin, or practically anything else, a reputed patch producer can swiftly turn your concepts into custom patches. 


You’ll have patches that you can be proud to show, patches which are certain to help your business, nonprofit, school, or other organization reach its fullest potential!


For custom Embroidered Patches in china feel free to get in touch with Embroidery Factory. 

How To Sport Custom Embroidered Patches On Jackets

October 1, 2019 by embroideryfactory  

This season, showing off your personality is the way to go. With unique patches for jackets, you will find a fun & easy way to make your previous simple jacket into a genuine work of art. Here are some tips on how to put on custom patches on jackets. 

Pair patches with neutrals:

Patches on jackets stand out against a neutral background, which is why pairing patches with neutrals is the best way to put on custom patches for jackets. With a black, tan, brown or even army green as a background, your preferred Embroidered custom patches custom patches will make a statement for sure. 

Denim patches on denim:

A renowned trend that comes in & out of style is the denim-on-denim look. Patches for denim jackets infuse a bit much-required color & texture dissimilarity to an otherwise symbiotic look. Whether you are looking to integrate flair to your black denim or typical blue denim jacket, patches can do the magic, while sustaining the hard-working look. 

Patches on a work coat:

Fat, bulky work coats have long been the go-to style for those who’re exposed to the elements in their work. Of late, they also have become a little of an urban favorite for their capability to keep the wearer warm even during a harsh city wind. Incorporating a few patches to your favorite jacket is an excellent way to show attachment to associations, clubs, and causes that are critical to you. 

Go sporty:

Athletic jackets such as windbreakers mightn’t look like your regular canvas for custom patches, but they can be an excellent commencing point for somebody seeking to start a collection. Patches infuses load to a jacket, which could be a fun addition to a bulkier sport jacket. Add on patches for your favorite sports teams, championship games, or even food and beverages, and you are sure to be the fan favorite at the next game.

Monochromatic Patchwork: 

If you are presently wearing a monochromatic wardrobe, don’t write off patches for your jackets just yet. Patches available in a wide range of styles and colors, which means you will probably get one that complements the monochromatic look you are looking for. All-black jackets with all-black patches are trending these days. 

Whether you are looking to wear a throwback patch from your scouting days, or you have found an iron-on speaking to the present political environment, fixing it on your jacket is an excellent way to commence a conversation. 

For more inspiration on embroidered custom patches look no further than Embroidery Factory. 

Embroidery Digitizing- What Role It Does Play In Business

June 24, 2019 by embroideryfactory  

The promotions stuffs that a business employs are an extremely critical aspect of marketing. Making certain that those embroidered caps, shirts, bags and other stuffs look fabulous is what professional embroidery digitizing firm does for a promotional company. The process is quite complicated, but fundamentally what an embroidery digitizing services does is, take a piece of original artwork/logo that a company has and turn that into a stitch guide file that an embroidery device employs to produce an embroidered item. Companies can have mascots, logos, slogans or anything else embroidered on products to help endorse their products. 

People love free stuff:

One main reason why embroidered promotional products are so popular is that people love to get free items that they can use. Shirts, bags and caps are the most recognized marketing stuffs. Getting your logo or name embroidered on these stuffs is a great way to attain exposure for your business because people will wear these stuffs everywhere. But to ensure that your artwork or logo seems superb on many different items you need to get the original artwork digitized. 

Adapting art for diverse products:

An embroidery digitizing firm will take your original piece of art & adapt it so that it seems fabulous on diverse products. Having your organization slogan stitched on the left chest pocket of a shirt entails that slogan needs to a certain size to look great. But if you also wish to put that slogan on a bigger stuff like a cap the file has to be resized & changed to ensure it seems just as great on the caps as it does on the shirt. 

This is what an embroidery digitizing firm does. The well-trained graphic artists at the digitization firm will take your art & make files that are appropriate for diverse products. Then those pictures are turned into stitch guides that the embroidery machine will employ as a guide to make the finished embroidery piece. 

Why embroidery digitization is so critical?

Embroidery digitizing service plays a very critical part in business. The image of the organization relies on how good those embroidered promotional pieces look.  Getting artwork & logos assessed, tweaked and perfected by a professional embroidery digitization crew is the difference between fabulous looking stuffs that will offer your business a sophisticated look and sub-standard products that won’t make a business seem very good. 

For custom embroidery digitizing in China look no further than BETOP Embroidery Factory. Our embroidery digitizers work around the clock to get your embroidery files in as quick as possible.