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Give Your Cat a Safe Asylum with a Cat Tree House

February 7, 2019 by New Cat Condos  


A cat tree is not just an exaggerated purchase for a cat owner; it is in fact a useful addition to the indoor setting. Human resides in a horizontal sphere whereas cats reside in a vertical world and they rely on lofty areas for comfort, safety, fun and exercise. If you have ever had to take back your kitty from the top of the bookcase or refrigerator you know much she enjoys being on the highest point in the room.

Listed below are a few other advantages of cat tree houses:

Can tree houses can help maintain the peace:

In a multi cat setting, vertical terrain can help sustain peace because the higher-ranking cat can claim the highest perch as a show of her status. In some circumstances where 2 cats might have normally occupied in a physical altercation, the accessibility of a high perch can allow the higher ranking cat to show her ranking by climbing up there rather than fighting physically. In fact it can be the best way to maintain peace when you’ve multiple cats.

Safety for frightened cats:

For a scared or nervous cat, a cat tree house can offer a safe asylum for her to stay reasonably out in the open while sustaining a sense of safety. When she is on a high perch she can observe her surrounding more easily & has more visual caution time of any approaching opponent. Also, the tree can offer comfort to a nervous cat & she may choose to stay in the room more frequently, rather than escaping a bed or at the back of the furnishing. The tree turns out to be a place that is solely hers because it does not feature unfamiliar fragrances that a chair or couch would have.

Sharing is easy with cat trees:

A multi-perched tree lets multiple cats to share a close space while maintaining the pecking order. Two or 3 cat in the home who would not usually share a window ledge in peace, may each snuggly claim a perch to enjoy seeing the birds outdoor. Each cat maintains their repute & feels safe while being in close proximity to one another.

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