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Tsavo East Safari – An Experience in Itself

October 5, 2019 by simbajuniorsafaris  

Tsavo East is one of the largest game reserves in Africa, located mid-way between Nairobi & Mombasa. The Galana River passes through the Park and this offers life giving waters in this arid region. It’s home to some of the largest Elephant herds in Kenya.

The main entrance gate to the park is the Mtito Andrei Gate which is placed about 233km (144 miles) from Nairobi on the Mombasa Road.

Tsavo East Highlights and Attractions

• Huge herds of Elephants covered in red dust from wallowing and dust bathing

• Mudanda Rock - this rock towers above a natural dam which draws many Elephants to slake their thirst every day.

• Lugards Falls - these falls occur on the Galana River, passing over some interestingly shaped rocks.

What to do in Tsavo East National Park:

Tsavo East is Kenya's oldest national park. It’s home to the largest Elephant herds in the nation, as well as large prides of Lions. The region was made popular due to the Maneaters of Tsavo, two Lions that killed around 130 people during the building of the railway line in 1898. Today travelers can see the large prides of Lion which call the Tsavo National Park home.

One of the Park's most recognizable features is the Yatta Plateau which is the longest lava flow in the globe, stretching for over 300km. Another attraction is the Lugards Falls, where the Galana River cascades over a string of rapids created by fascinatingly shaped rocks. The Park proides the typical safari experience, and the game viewing is generally best around water sources such as the Aruba Dam.

The Park is home to a good population of Giraffe, many Zebra, Impala and Gazelles, and also irascible Buffalo. Predators are represented by large prides of Lions, elusive Leopards, and the fastest animal on land - the Cheetah.

The Tsavo East National Park has a moderate climate as it’s located close to the equator. The temperatures range between 20 and 30 °C. There’re two wet seasons, the long rains between March and April and the short rains between November and December.

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Ngulia Safari camp – A Budget Friendly Safari Camp in Ngulia Hills

September 4, 2019 by simbajuniorsafaris  

Set against the backdrop of the rocky but picturesque Ngulia Hills, Ngulia Safari camp gives a tranquil view across the immaculate Tsavo West National Park which teams with wildlife such as buffalo, lion, cheetah, elephant, hippo, leopard, rhino and thousands of Savannah wildlife. These can be views throughout the year from the verandas of the camp’s bandas as they frequent the water pond just a few meters below the camp. 

Best Ngulia Safari camp is designed to mix with the adjacent vegetation & landscape. From a distance, one may be forgiven for mistaking it for one of Ngulia Hills rock outcrops. This safari camp feature six self catering bandas, 6 standard rooms and a camp site. The nights have their own unique ambience, a potpourri of hundreds of different birds, animal and insect noises. The bandas are elegantly furnished & feature a well-furnished kitchenette and bathroom suite. There’s a Rock Room which is ideal for honeymooners. 

The camp boasts a modern gourmet restaurant with an elaborate menu. These are specially designed for those who like the outdoors. This safari cam also feature a well-equipped ‘tree bar’. This is a remarkable experience under the tropical sky in the warmth of a campfire. The campsite is lit by a super silent generator that comforts to stringent wildlife & environment requirements. 

At the camp you can enjoy game drives with experienced guides. The camp also provides nature walks & rock climbing up the Ngulia Hills. In the evening you can seat outside your banda as you see the sun go down. 

Facilities you can enjoy at the camp include:

• 2 ensuited rooms with balcony

• Gift boutique

• Main bay for viewing wildlife

• Swimming pool

• Main restaurant

• 2 bars

• Access to game drives

• Conference room