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5 Most Common Oven Problems

November 23, 2019 by Surrey Oven Cleaning  

Ovens, like all household appliances, are vulnerable to wear and tear. If they’re not cleaned and serviced regularly, they can develop issues over time. Poorly maintained ovens have a shorter lifespan and aren’t as reliable as well-maintained appliances. Using a damaged oven can cause further damage and place your well-being at risk. In this article, we discuss some of the most common oven problems. If you notice any of the issues mentioned below, stop using the oven and call a professional for oven cooker repairs immediately.

Oven Doesn’t Heat or Cook Evenly:

If your oven doesn’t heat or cook evenly, it is often the fault of the oven igniter or the bake element. Your oven won’t be able to draw enough heat if the igniter isn’t working effectively. If the baking element is damaged, the oven will only rely on the broiler to cook food and that leads to uneven baking.

Oven Broiler isn’t Working:

The boiler is essential if you want to cook meat to perfection and get the delicious crust over the ingredient. Boiler applies high heat directly to the food and ensures it cooks quickly. There are many reasons for your broiler to stop working; the fault can lie with the broil element, igniter, or the spark electrode. If you notice that your meat isn’t cooking as well as it used to, check the broiler element and see if it glows red. If it doesn’t glow or has visible signs of damage, you need to call a technician for repair.
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Oven Doesn’t Self-Clean:

Most modern ovens are self-cleaning. If your oven doesn't self-clean, the grease and debris can accumulate over time and cause problems. This can happen for several reasons like a damaged thermal fuse, problems with the temperature control thermostat, and the door switch. An experienced technician will carefully examine the appliance before recommending repairs.

Interior Light is Out:
Ovens have an interior light that allows you to see the food without opening the door. Like all bulbs, the light has a fixed lifespan and will go out eventually. You need to replace the bulb as quickly as you can to ensure the insides are visible again. A technician will have the type of bulb required on hand and will be able to replace it promptly. It is a good idea to ask the technician to carry out thorough oven cleaning when you call them in for repairs.
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Oven Door Doesn’t Close:
It’s not safe to use the oven if its door doesn’t shut. You need to check the door carefully to ensure there’s no damage to the components. The most common issues are with the springs, hinges, gasket, or sensors. A technician will examine all of these components carefully and replace them if needed. If you notice that your oven door isn’t closing fully, don’t use the appliance until the issue has been fixed.
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