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Electronics Manufacturing Prediction For 2020 - Miracle Electronics

January 21, 2020 by Pradeep Kumar  

This is the age of the fourth industrial revolution, which is bringing in the developing environment of technologies and trends like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, Internet of Things, and more. All these technologies are highly changing the way we live and work, bringing more and more smart technologies in demand to offer opportunities like never before. And, these opportunities in turn bring opportunities for electronics manufacturers to design even more intelligent operations that can boost speed and efficiency. Here is learning about the key industry trends for such electronics manufacturers to lift and transform electronics manufacturing in 2020 and beyond.


Customer-centric B2C approach

A customer-centric Business-To-Client approach is becoming more and more popular, acknowledging its benefits. The entire supply chain, right from raw materials to the end product and delivery is impacted and benefitted with a B2C approach. One can also use the Internet of Things technology to better understand the end user, and bring greater opportunity to make improvements to future repetition of the products, in order to enhance customer experience.


Customers are demanding more of personalized and custom-made products, no matter what the merchandise. Taking this into consideration, electronics manufacturers are bringing in more active and responsive manufacturing techniques. Micro-manufacturing is taking place with small batches of a product being produced in small facilities. All components of electronic board production are thus being made smaller and smarter to maximize space, and boost energy and time.

Increased IoT usage

As mentioned above, the Internet of Things is bringing a major shift to the landscape of traditional manufacturing; and so is digitization. Smart sensor technologies, cloud computing, connectivity improvements, and so much more is being adopted, and with such increased adoption, industry experts are predicting that the global IoT spend could surpass the dollar 1 billion mark in 2020!

Increasing emphasis on environmental impact

Electronics manufacturers are becoming more aware of the environmental impacts of their processes, and are thus working towards sustainability. They are thus making their factory floors greener with a commitment to optimizing their facilities and production processes, and reducing the emission of waste and greenhouse gases. Every aspect of the product and production process is taken into consideration for environmental impact, right from designing to materials to manufacturing and packaging.

Re-evaluation of the manufacturing value chain

Every point in the purchase journey of any product decides on how customer experience is impacted – positively or negatively. And, with the growth of recognition and importance of brand experience, the manufacturing value chain is predicted to come under close examination, whether it is creating a supply chain visibility, controlling this distribution of time, or sharing of information.

With all of the above, Electronics Manufacturing Services from India are only going to be smarter, more efficient, and much better. You can get in touch with expert EMS service providers like Miracle Electronics for all your electronic product designing and manufacturing like PCBs, GERBER development, prototypes, and a lot more. So, get in touch and fulfill all your electronics demands here.

Have You Chosen A Wrong Cable Harness Manufacturer - Miracle Electronics

December 17, 2019 by Pradeep Kumar  

Choosing the right cable harness manufacturers in Indiais very important; and may seem like a difficult task. Obviously, it is one that requires complete care and consideration, but it isn't as grueling as it may seem. If you have done thorough research before selecting one, you can make the right choice easily. However, it is only natural that we all make mistakes; and if you have made a mistake in choosing your cable harness manufacturer, don’t keep blaming yourself for it. Sure, your wrong choice might have cost your company enormous resources and funds, but you never did that on purpose, did you?




While there is nothing that you can do to reverse your condition, there is something that you can definitely do to save further blunders; and that is to switch to a correct cable harness manufacturer at the earliest. Although this process can be strenuous and time-consuming after you have encountered such a problem, this blog is here to help give you a perspective of what you must expect in such a case.


Current Engineering Drawing

While you have worked with a cable harness provider in the past, it is likely that you have existing engineering drawing files. These files are very important as they provide with a lot of information regarding every aspect of the cable harness. This information could include the length of the harness, the color codes of the cables, other specifications, the attached bill of materials, and much more. The bill of materials can provide the exact same part details to accurately match pre-existing designs. This means that you can identify the exact same part to be used for the new cable harness, to make an identical one. Also, any previous revisions shown in the bill of materials can help analyze the previous areas of concern, so that further steps can be taken accordingly.

Past Issues and Concerns

There could be certain issues and concerns that may have forced you to change your cable harness manufacturer; and you definitely don't want to repeat those mistakes again! This is why you will now proceed with extra caution to avoid any kind of bad experience you have had while previously manufacturing a cable harness. You must remain forthright and outspoken with any issues that you have has earlier, so that they can be addressed and solved out with your new cable harness manufacturer. Unless you discuss these issues, you won't be able to come up with actionable measures to counter the problems. This could even let the new manufacturer know if there is a need for substituting any parts in the engineering drawing with other alternatives. (You don't need to completely stick to your existing drawing if it is causing problems with the product or equipment the product is being used with.) Substituting these parts may be a little more expensive or a little cheaper, depending upon the situation. If it is cheaper, you definitely would have no problem; but if it is expensive, just look at it as a way to avoid any hassles in the future, meaning that even the expensive substitute may prove to be cost-effective in the long run.

If you have made a choice of working with Miracle Electronics from the very beginning, you will never have to look back and think over your decision, or think about changing your choice, because when you choose them, you can be sure that you have partnered with the best cable harness manufacturers in India!



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Which Power Transformer Manufacturer Should You Choose - Miracle Electronics

December 13, 2019 by Pradeep Kumar  

With the various kinds of transformers available in the market, each supporting different applications, power transformers in India are the most popular types of transformers used. These transformers are highly efficient in transmitting high voltage levels at loads above 33kV. In fact, they perform their best at 100% load! This quality of providing maximum efficiency has resulted in power transformers being used in transmission networks, transmission substations, and power generation stations. These power transformers are further categorized into step-up and step-down transformers to increase or decrease the voltage levels as required. These power transformers are used in a varied range of applications that fall into domestic, commercial, as well as industrial sectors.




Whatever your application, you need to be sure that the design and function of transformers is perfect down to every detail. And for this, you need a manufacturer that is well-known and reliable to produce the most efficient power transformers. Miracle Electronics is one such name that you can rely upon to provide you with the best power transformers in India. This is because it satisfies all the necessary requirements a transformer manufacturer should; some of the most important ones mentioned below.

Providing a wide range of products

While you know what you require at present, and you also know that the manufacturer you are choosing can fulfill those requirements, yet it is important to check that the manufacturer has the expertise to provide a wide range of products. This is because what you need today, you may need something different tomorrow. So, if you have a transformer manufacturer with a wide experience of building various variants, capacities, and inclusions of transformers, you wouldn’t have to go search elsewhere to fulfill any new requirements you may have in the future.

Having years of experience in the field

The manufacturer you choose must have years of experience in the field and a good range of products they must have worked upon. Experienced manufacturers have professional engineering excellence and a diverse customer base. Having good experience means they have faced various kinds of scenarios and can overcome any possible issue in the future. Also, and increasing customer base means they are definitely good at providing quality to satisfy their clients.

Providing quality service followed by after-sales service

The manufacturer should be one who takes up all the responsibility of the products, right from delivery to installation to maintenance. They must be reliable for delivering products on time. Along with this, it is equally important that they provide good after-sales service too. Quality maintenance, product servicing, and repairs and replacements should be undertaken by them.

Having customizable options

It isn’t always necessary that a standardized transformer satisfies your requirements, no matter how efficient and perfect it may be. At times, you may require customized transformers to fulfill your requirements. Thus, it is important that the transformer manufacturer provides options of customizing products too.

If all of the above conditions are met, you can rest assured that you have found the perfect transformer manufacturer! So, go right ahead and get your hands on the most suited power transformers in India for your applications.

How To Identify Professional Cable Harness Manufacturers - Miracle Electronics

December 12, 2019 by Pradeep Kumar  

Would you like to work with professional cable harness manufacturers in India or amateurs, to provide you with cable harnesses for your application? Obviously, you would opt for professionals. But, how would you know whether the manufacturer you are selecting is professional or amateur? Is there some kind of label that can differentiate them? Well, there are certain things that distinguish and make professionals stand out. Consider these elements to make sure you are purchasing your cable harnesses from the right ones.



Cable harnesses make it easier to make cable connections and minimize any kinds of potential damages that may occur if working with cables alone. Complicated wire hookups can be easily installed with harnesses. This makes it even more important to choose the right cable harness partner who can provide you with superior quality harnesses. In fact, you can also look out for cable harness manufacturers in Indiawho provide customized cable harnesses specifically tailored to your needs and applications, one like Miracle Electronics. Take a look at the elements that can help you find the right professional cable harness manufacturer.

Check whether they do it in-house or outsource the job

Professionals always prefer doing their job themselves. Those who outsource their manufacturing cannot be considered as professional; even if they are having it outsourced it from a professional company. You never know what kind of job they are getting done from elsewhere, and what kind of quality you may get. Therefore, it is best to choose one who manufactures cable harnesses in-house.

Look for their customization capabilities

At times, your application could do with readymade harnesses, but there are times and situations when your specific application will require specially tailored cable harnesses. Thus, it makes it important for you to check if the manufacturer you are approaching has the capability and skill to customize products as required. You never know when you may need this talent from your manufacturer. In fact, customized cable harnesses can always ensure safety, and enhance output and performance.

Look for the experience they have

There are many manufacturers who focus on a small limited market, while there are others who produce different varieties of products catering to different industries. No matter which segment your cable harness manufacturer belongs to, it is imperative that he has enough experience in the field. Ensure that they already have an experience in manufacturing the type of harness you would want them to create for you; and that they are not doing it for the first time.

Look for their certification

Do they have any kind of certifications from authorized organizations? What kind of certificates have they achieved? You need to look into this matter to understand how professional and approved they are. When you deal with a manufacturer who has an authorized certification, you can be confident that you will be provided with products that are made as per industry quality standards, with the right skills, expertise, and experience.

With just these four factors, you will be able to identify professional cable harness manufacturers in India, who you must approach to provide you with superior cable harnesses, specially customized for your application.

For more information visit:Miracle Electronics



When To Have Your Cable Assemblies Customized - Miracle Electronics

November 29, 2019 by Pradeep Kumar  

In this digital age, we are all so dependent on all kinds of varieties of electronics; and every such electronic device is powered by some type of cable or wire. But, there is no one size fits all for such devices. Whether it is computers, automotives, medical equipment, or any other personal or professional applications, every device needs a cable of a particular length or size that can perform at a certain level and withstand unique environmental conditions. In situations where standard cables won’t perform or work, customized cables become necessary. Customized cables provide a unique fit and functionality for the particular application.


How to find the perfect cable?

Finding the perfect cable for your particular application is important for better performance. But, it can be challenging to find one such perfect customized cable. There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration like the cable dimension, level of flexibility required, environmental conditions, temperatures it needs to withstand, and whether it will be used indoors or outdoors. Once these factors are considered, you will land at a solution that is perfect for your application, and complies with all the required standards, while offering the most successful performance.

How to have your cables manufactured?

You need to trust professional cable assembly manufacturers in India to get your cable assemblies. Such professionals can help determine the kind of materials required to build the ideal cables and cable assemblies for your application. At every stage of the process, there will be a talented team of designers and engineers that can work closely with you to identify the best materials for your cable, and develop a design that is suited to your particular application. You can sit with these professionals and work out the design that you require. If the manufacturer is really a professional, then as soon as you have settled on the design, they will start working on it and deliver the product on time, with the right packaging.

Where to get your cables?

You can get all kinds of cables at Miracle Electronics , the best cable assembly manufacturers in India. Here, you can get not only single and discrete cables, but also a variety of different cable assemblies like EMI shielded assemblies, multiwire assemblies, flat assemblies, ribbon assemblies, RF assemblies, airborne assemblies, military assemblies, and power assemblies. You can either get the assemblies ready off the shelf, or have them customized. Whatever you choose, you are sure to get the best quality products. All the production processes are certified for quality to ISO 9001, AS9100C; and the quality of the cable looms and assemblies are certified and approved by DGAQA and MSQAA for platform specific applications. Moreover, every cable assembly is tested for dimension, weight, continuity, Megger/HiPot, environmental compliance, and pull test. Miracle Electronics also undertakes requests for custom designing and development of cable assemblies. Thus, you can be sure that you have partnered with the best and most reliable cable assembly manufacturers in India.

Why Should You Use Isolation Transformers In UPS Systems - Miracle Electronics

November 28, 2019 by Pradeep Kumar  

Just like any other transformer, an isolation transformer is also used to transfer electrical power from a source of AC power to devices or equipment, with the only difference being that this transformer isolates the device from the power source for safety purposes. There are a number of benefits that isolation transformers have to offer , which other transformers cannot provide.




How does an isolation transformer work?

An isolation transformer is built with special insulation between the primary and secondary coils; and is specified to withstand high voltage between windings to ensure safety of the electrical devices. Additionally, isolation transformers block the transmission of DC components in signals from one track to another; thus allowing AC components in the signals to pass electricity.

How can isolation transformers be used in UPS systems?

Today, several organizations use isolation transformers in India in their online UPS systems to secure valuable machinery. Many UPS systems contain the transformer of voltage conversion and allow output voltages constantly to protect electric equipment. When isolation transformers are used in UPS systems, it results in lighter and more efficient systems, as compared to other transformer-based UPS systems. In fact, if isolation transformers are not used in UPS systems, the input and output won't be isolated from each other, thus hindering complete safety. Also, neither will the interference be restrained, nor will the neutral-ground voltage be reduced. With the above problems seen in UPS systems that do not use isolation transformers, it clearly shows how important and beneficial it is to use isolation transformers in such systems. Isolation transformers also shield against current spikes when appropriately installed to ensure desired performance and safety. Last but not the least, these transformers also help in eliminating general mode noise; thus making them the perfect choice for medical, research, and IT industries where both tranquility and security are required.

Where to get your isolation transformers from?

Now, you clearly know why and how isolation transformers are important to be used in any electrical device. But, do you know that you can't just use any isolation transformer? It is mandatory to get your transformers from the best isolation transformers manufacturer in India, one like Miracle Electronics. This is one of the leading manufacturers in the country that offer modern, smaller, and lightweight isolation transformers in India at reasonable prices. You can make the most of your electrical devices with these transformers that are extremely durable, highly efficient, come with superior winding and connection terminators, and provide excellent regulation with minimal temperature rise. All the isolation transformers available here are RoHS and REACH compliant, adhering to the regulations under UL 60601-1 standards. Thus, Miracle Electronics’ isolation transformers have excellent creepage distance, excellent air distance, maximum high voltage test between windings, minimum enclosure leakage current, minimum temperature rise at load, and limited maximum earth leakage current. Here, you can also get sleeves, connectors, thermal fuses, thermal switches, line filters, and more with your isolation transformers that are available in a wide range of variants to choose from.