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How to activate Norton Security 2019 License Key?

January 10, 2020 by Stephen Prince  

Norton Security is rated among the top antivirus software which is available for the users. This software has constantly been enabling the user to tackle all kinds of online threats which might affect the system. Norton security provides users with various option on the aspect of computer security. They ensure the users are always protected. Norton provides the users with various kinds of features such as child lock security which is an essential feature in the present age; this ensures that the system is secure for the use of children and also prevents kids from accessing harmful or malicious content. Norton provides antivirus protection to all devices, be it a desktop, laptop, tab or even a smartphone. They ensure that the users are protected at all levels. The users can at any time connect with Norton Phone Number where they would get all the required information regarding Norton Security 2019.

One of the most frequently asked questions is How to activate Norton Security 2019 product key. The users often face issues while trying to activate the Norton antivirus software. The process to activate the software is highly simple and can be done without having to face any hassles. By going through this entire blog, the users would be able to understand the most effective ways by which they can activate the software.

The accurate way to activate Norton Security 2019

The steps that the users would have to follow to activate Norton Security 2019 accurately is as given below:

·        The user would first have to download Norton Security 2019 license.

·        Then you would have to find the downloaded file on your system.

·        Further, you would have to run the downloaded file with the administrative rights on your computer system.

·        You would then receive the prompt to install Norton Security 2019 to which you would have to click the ‘OK’ button.

·        Once the installation is complete, you would have to make an account. To make an account, you would have to click on the ‘account’ button and then enter the desired email address and password to avail the activation code for the downloaded software.

·        You would now have to open the Norton account, and under the option of product details, you would be able to find the product key.

·        Now enter the 25 digit product key in the respective field and make sure that you enter the accurate digits.

·        Then confirm by clicking on ‘OK,’ and you would be able to activate Norton Security 2019.

If you come across any issue while following the above-given steps, you would then have the option of connecting with Norton Helpline Number. This service is available on a 24-hour basis and is completely free of charge, the users can connect with them at any hour and can get the issue which they have come across solved in at the earliest.

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How to Fix the Norton Error during a Quick Scan?

December 31, 2019 by Stephen Prince  

A computer virus can be a costly affair and may result in the loss of important personal and financial data. As a security software, Norton is designed to identify and eliminate any harmful viruses or malware that may affect your system. The quick scan feature on Norton allows you to run a basic scan of your computer to check if there are any files that are damaged or corrupted. However, there are times when you may come across a quick scan error that does not allow Norton to run. A Norton error during a quick scan is quite serious because it does not allow you to check your system properly. This article will give you a basic overview of the steps you can follow to resolve the Norton Quick Scan error and get your security software up and running again. If you need additional assistance, you can also call the Norton Support Number and consult a professional software expert to troubleshoot the error.

Symptoms of Norton Error During a Quick Scan

If you are looking to ensure that your Norton anti-virus software runs smoothly here are a couple of things you need to look out for:

·        A system error message is displayed: ‘Warning! You are at risk.’

·        The Norton scanning process keeps crashing or getting stuck

·        The anti-virus scan will suddenly stop, and no results will be shown.

·        Your computer slows down considerably during a Norton Quick scan.

·        A server error caused your Norton anti-virus software to malfunction.

If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, you can be sure that there is a technical error connected to your Norton software.

Steps to Fix Norton Error during a Quick Scan

An efficient anti-virus software is the cornerstone of cyber security and data protection. If you face a Norton error during a quick scan, you can refer to the steps below to try and resolve the issue:

·        Step 1: Save your data and close all the background apps that are running.

·        Step 2: Restart your computer and update your operating system if needed.

·        Step 3: Click the Norton desktop icon and update the anti-virus software.

·        Step 4: Access the security options and click the ‘Scan’ option.

·        Step 5: Select the required settings and run a full system scan using Norton.

·        Step 6: Press the ‘Finish’ option once the scan is complete and complete any prompts that are pending.

In case your Norton software still encounters an error you should call the Norton Customer Care Number and ask for additional technical assistance. Trained Norton software experts are available 24 hours a day and will be able to give you advanced troubleshooting steps to help you resolve any issues related to your Norton software.

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How to disable the Norton antivirus software from your device

December 23, 2019 by Stephen Prince  

Norton antivirus is one of an essential software for your device the work as a safe-guard and help you to protect your system against the virus or malware. It allows you to use your device freely without having hacking threats. But in some cases, you need to disable it for a while because it may start creating issues such as system running slow or other software getting interrupted and even not working. So you may require to disable Norton antivirus from your device. You can contact at Norton Tech Support Number and get the easy solution, but for now, you can follow this blog to get a simple step to complete the process.

A three-step guide to disable Norton antivirus:

Step 1. Go to the taskbar in your system and navigate the Norton icon that you will get on the right side. You should also look into the hidden icons if you cant locate that.

Step 2. Once you get the Norton icon, then you have to right-click on that and get a pop-up menu with some options to choose. You have to click on the 'Disable antivirus auto-protect' option. You only require to activate this feature to turn off the application.

Step 3. Going further, you have to choose the duration for turning off the software. You will not be able to get secured by the antivirus software so you should avoid using the internet on your system. In this period, your system will be vulnerable, so you should choose the duration of turning off wisely.

Re-enable protection: Since you can't turn off Norton antivirus for a long time as you may get some virus or other malware using the internet of downloading stuff from the internet. Firstly you should avoid using the internet and stop the downloading process. You need to turn off Norton antivirus in some cases. As it has mentioned earlier, you may need to disable it while getting interrupted using other software or system start running slow. So once you fix the issue, you have to go to tasks bar again and right-click on the Norton software. You will get the option 'Enable antivirus auto-protect,' and by clicking on it, Norton antivirus software will be active again.

If you need further assistance, you can get connected with Norton Customer Service Number and avail the most prominent expert support to fix your issues easily and get the guidance to know more about the issue and further avoid it.


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How to fix ‘You Cannot Connect to Norton Server error’ Error?

December 13, 2019 by Stephen Prince  

What if you get to know that somebody has access to all your personal information that is on your PC? You will be left terrified! Isn’t it? If you want to keep away from any such situation, it is highly recommended to go for any trusted antivirus software which will help you protect your device from unwanted online threats. Norton antivirus is known to be one of the most reliable security software, which uses its exceptional features in order to keep malware and other threats away from your system. But there are times when you may encounter an error message saying ‘cannot connect to the Norton server,’ which basically comes up due to various reasons. When you confront this error, it means there are some connection issues with your network. The problem does not stop you from accessing the software, but it may take your system in a critical situation later. Do not worry and go through this article to understand the causes and methods you could use to fix this error. If it is urgent, you can also ring up Norton Customer Care Number and ask for additional assistance from the experts.

Possible causes of the problem:

     When the software was not installed completely

     Corrupted Windows system file may lead to this error

     You might have made any changes in the firewall settings recently

     It may be caused due to some malicious programs.

Solutions to overcome the error:

     Method 1: Verify if the browser is set as default: Firstly, you will have to visit the browser settings and make sure that you have activated Norton shield in the browser

     Method 2: Go for the Norton activation repair tool: It is recommended for you to visit the official website of Norton and download the Norton activation tool from there. After downloading the tool, it will ask you to reboot your computer. Once you do that, open the software again.

     Method 3: Uninstall and reinstall the software: If the two steps above fall short to help you, the right choice would be to uninstall the software and then install it all over again from the official Norton website.

     Method 4: Use the ‘Remove and Reinstall’ tool: Finally, you can also make use of the ‘Remove and Reinstall’ tool, which has been provided to you by Norton. Download the tool from Norton’s official website and install the same on your system. Once completed, run the tool to fix the connection problem with the server.

If none of the above solutions work, you should immediately reach out to the techies at Norton Tech Support Number and explain your query to them.

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