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How to recall an email in outlook 2010?

September 9, 2019 by printercustomerhelp  

There are always bundles of mails lying around in your Outlook. Users don’t bother about clearing out their junk mail or temporary mail. Now in these case, they get suffered by tons of mails. And these sort of situation occur when users try to recall any old email. It does takes lots of time to find the mail. So most of the user done know the ways to recall their email. Simply going through all the mails has been the solution so far.

Steps to recall an email in Outlook 2010

·         First head to your mail, and locate sent items

·         Click at the mail and open it to recall

·         In the message tab click on the move group and click on Actions.

·         Lastly, remove messages which are unread

With the following ways user can easily recall an email in Outlook 2010. If the steps doesn’t work out than not to worry. We have professionals working at these sort of situations over their career. Call us at 1-855-617-9111 and our Outlook technical Support Number will help you out.

Networking Support for Lexmark Printers

September 9, 2019 by printercustomerhelp  

While working with Lexmark printer, users often have involvement with Network support. Wired connection printing does not cause that problem that much but. Since wireless system has been announced. Problems are seen often like such and users are pretty lost what to do in such sort of situation. In these Network issue certain kind of issues are seen frequently.

·         Printer connection issue is observed.

·         Print jobs are pending in other network and printer is connected to some other network.

There are various situations where network issue is seen. And it is not possible to share each and every. So in situation like this, we will help you out. Give us a call Lexmark Printer Customer Support Number at 1-855-617-9111. Here we work in a very different way. We don’t just give away solutions to our user. We get much deeper into your situations and problem and after the investigation, suitable steps of information are provided.

Backup/restore Outlook account

August 21, 2019 by printercustomerhelp  

How long have you used Microsoft products? Most of you would say Outlook is the most used product from Microsoft. Let’s talk about some features in Outlook which can be very useful in various situations. What IF you came to know you can save your work or keep backups of your information? That sound very useful. So, let’s look at the ways of Backup/restore Outlook Account.

·         You can always save a secondary mail address to back up your Outlook account,

·         After back is made, whenever you lose your account users can restore by forgetting the password.

If you also want to secure your account and keep back up of your Outlook account than for more information and steps give us a ring at 1-855-617-9111. Our Outlook Customer Support Number will be at your help with numerous helps and other features of Outlook.

HP printer setup support 1-855-617-9111

August 21, 2019 by printercustomerhelp  

When any person goes to get any electronic main focus will always be on HP products, whether it is for Laptops, printers and others. So basically, users have also option of selecting the products within the product. In this section let’s get into setting up HP printers. So, it is not so hard to get through the process. Just few steps and your setupis done.

·         Firstly, connected all the wires and connections from power supply to Pc to printer.

·         Next thing will be to install the drivers which are provided at the time of purchase.

·         After the installation restart the device and your setup is completed.

Start the device and check if its working, if the setup was not successful than it would be easier for you to setup with some help from our experts. Just dial HP Printer Customer Support Number  and get assisted by experienced technicians.

Create and Add Signature in Outlook

August 5, 2019 by printercustomerhelp  

In order to create or add signatures in MS Outlook, kindly refer to these following steps:

1.       Open a new email in Outlook.

2.       From the Signatures option in the Message menu, select Signature.

3.       Inside the Select signature to edit, select New, and in New Signature box, type your name for the signature.

4.       Compose your signature under Edit signature.

5.       Choose the email account to associate with the signature from the E-mail account box. If you want to add your signature to all new messages. Select your signature from the new messages box.

6.       Hit OK and you’re done.

This is how you create and add signature in Outlook. For inquiries and assistance, dial 1-855-617-9111 and get help from the Outlook customer support of Outlook.

How to connect printer to Wi-Fi?

August 5, 2019 by printercustomerhelp  

When a printer is connected to Wi-Fi, printing to the printer can be more efficient. Besides having the advantage of lack of wires, the printer can be placed anywhere within the range of Wi-Fi and use from any computer on that network. If configured systematically, the wireless printer can also be operated by devices like mobiles and tablets.

Depending upon the printer, process to connect it with Wi-Fi can be different.

·         Printers that have built-in menu system can easily connect to the wireless network referring to the printer’s documentation.

·         Printers and routers which support WPS push-to-connect can be simply connected by pushing WPS button on both devices.

·         In some cases, printer needs to be connected with a computer to set up the wireless connection. For this, USB is used to connect the printer with the computer and software is used to set up printer’s wireless connection.

If the above steps don’t work then contact Printer Customer Support Number.

Canon Printer Technical Support Number 1-855-617-9111

July 30, 2019 by printercustomerhelp  

The print spooler issues on canon printers can be solved by restoring default printer state. To restore the default printer state, follow in below mentioned instructions:

1) Update the drivers. Your drivers may be corrupted causing spooler problems when it tries to handle faulty data from the printer.

2) Clear the print queue: often this process solves the problems.

·         Windows key + R > type services. msc> press enter

·         Find Print Spooler and select it > click the stop icon.

3) Reset your printer from fresh start. Unplug the printer and Search for "Devices and Printers".

4) Right click the icon that is creating printing issue and click ‘delete’.

If the issues remain the same, contact our Canon Printer Customer Service Which is 24/7 available to solve your quires.


Clean Junk Mails from Inbox in outlook

July 30, 2019 by printercustomerhelp  

People find very easy on using the mail service to transfer files, information over the web. But these systems not only work for sending and receiving information. And In that process, loads of data are also being simultaneously stored in the system. With excess numbers of temporary stored file may make your system work slower than before.

So, let’s look on how to remove or clean up Junk mails from Inbox

·         In outlook open Junk Email option dialogue box

·         This process works for Outlook 2010 or latest versions

·         On the home tab, click on ribbon

·         Next click junk and Junk Email Options

·         Next in options tab click on clear the permanent Junk files

·         And, then click ok

With these steps users can remove any sort of Junk mails form their Outlook and keep the system free from cache information. And do repeat the process in a regular period of time. For further information please feel free to call 1-855-617-9111 and get Outlook technical support service.

Fix Blocked or Suspended Account in Outlook Email

July 26, 2019 by printercustomerhelp  

Sometimes, for reasons unknown, you may find that your Outlook account has been blocked or suspended. In such instances, you may find that you are blocked out of your own live account, and you may get the blocked account message, rather than your familiar inbox.

Follow these steps to fix this issue.

        Go over to the sign-in page and enter your user ID.

        Click on Forgot my password and you’ll be directed to a new page. Select the reason to reset your password. Click Next.

        Enter the captcha in the field and click Next.

        You’ll receive a security code on your phone. Input the code and click on Next.

        You’ll be directed to the Password Reset page. Create a new password and click on Next.

Now you’ll be able to access your account. If the issue doesn’t resolve, dial 1-855-617-9111 and get in touch with the Microsoft Outlook Technical Support team for further assistance.

HP printer troubleshoot problems

July 26, 2019 by printercustomerhelp  

HP printers are amongst the best printers one can come across in the market and is recommended by many in the business. The print quality, easy to access menu, relatively easy setup and amazingly ergonomic design which allows setting up at any location of the house or office makes it first choice among users.

The HP printers are known for their high quality build and great operating system but these devices also face a lot problems. The troubleshoot problems with error codes like 58.xx , 79 spooler, 60.02, 1797 and much more can occur time and again. Do not worry as a highly professional team of HP Printer Technical Support expert are ready to help you at 1-855-617-9111 a phone call away.