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Why Industries Prefer Window Pouches?

January 23, 2020 by Radhika Awasthi  

This question strikes up in a lot of people’s head and here’s all that you need to know.

Packaging industries has evolved a lot with time offering us a variety of packaging services for different kind of products. The items can be edible/food content, the beverages or even any home care goods that include bathroom and kitchen equipment or pharmaceutical items such as syrups and medicines. There are specific packaging solutions for every product that will help amplify the value of the product. If we talk about food items, there are products such as snacks, namkeen or any other edible content that looks better in the packaging if the content is visible. More and more food industries prefer getting their product to be packaged in attractive window pouches as it helps boost the brand image and evokes the tempting sensation for consumers. Window pouch packaging offers a window to let people judge your product’s quality and with visibility, they can get attracted to your item while the packaging will keep your content fresh, aromatic, and safe. 

Here are some of the major perks of window shaped pouches that are mentioned below.


  • Affordability: Since it requires less material and resources during the manufacturing process, it doesn’t cost much. They are light-in-weight and are easy to be handled; hence it is much easy for the firms to have their batch transported from one end to the other without spending a lot of capital. 


  • Convenience: Flexible pouches are available in re-sealable option, tear notch aspects, and even bottle shaped pouches where you get a lot of space to package the content. As they are flexible in nature, the packaging doesn’t consume much space in the storage. These packagings can be easily flattened and once you consume the content, you can dispose of that.  
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Such pouches are manufactured in such a creative way that leaves a nice impact on consumer’s mind with the high-resolution graphics and new creative packaging methods. 

Things to keep in Mind When Contacting Lamination Rolls Manufacturer

May 29, 2019 by Radhika Awasthi  

Flexible packaging has been gaining popularity and is preferred by most of the brands now over the conventional methods. Businesses are always seeking methods to save capital and delivering products quickly, well that is when flexible packaging can become your blessing in disguise. This particular method of packaging can be of huge help in preserving the nature as utilizing flexible packaging for pharma products, edible items, and whatnots will not only be economical for you but also will be counted as a contribution from your side in getting rid of those non-decomposable packagings. Since they are hassle-free, easy to handle, attractive, consumes fewer resources in production, it will be more than beneficial for one to contact the leading packaging firm to hire services.

Here is something features that you should be aware of when seeking (hiring) quality lamination rolls manufacturer

HIGH SLIP: Foremost is that you should check whether or not they have high slip as it offers slick finishing that makes the laminated product too easy to handle. Also, such products are best for swift automated lamination.

FLAT FILM: You might not know that but quality laminating films are flat and doesn’t curl up so whenever you are investing in such services, make sure that they are flat. Matched films are created and utilized to design perfect two-sided flat products.

FOOD GRADE: Ensure that the films they use or offer are compatible and are food gradable. The quality films that comply with federal food act are friendly with edible content and hence can be wrapped in films and are amazingly resistant to chemicals.

FINISHING: Precisely manufactured lamination films tend to amplify the look of the laminated images making them look brighter, cleaner, and with a perfect finish.

Keep these pointers in mind when seeking the best flexible pouch packaging manufacturer.