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The Perfect Lifestyle at TEN BKC

November 12, 2019 by radiusdevelopers  

Discover an idyllic world of luxury, modernity and serenity at TEN BKC, where every element exudes perfection. Situated in the heart of BKC, Mumbai’s most loved residential destination, the development offers the lifestyle of your dreams. Don’t believe it? Here’s how:


1.The neighbourhood


TEN BKC puts you in the midst of all things elite! Rub shoulders with the crème of the society, all from the inner circle of the business, corporate and glamour worlds.With corporate giants and financial wizards in the vicinity, you can even walk to work. What’s more, you’ll be placed right next to Bandra, the 'Queen of the Suburbs'.The perfect lifestyle is the Bandra lifestyle!


2.The conveniences


Spread over a remarkable 4.9 acres, TEN BKC allows for optimum utilisation of space, even while making room for vast open expanses. Enjoy a host of hand-picked amenities such as:


Tiered Landscape Gardens (Architect POD (Tierra Design), Singapore)

Walking Path

Swimming Pool Kids' Pool

Senior Citizens Area


Salon & Spa

Squash Courts & so much more

The perfect expanse, with perfect amenities.


3.The views


TEN BKC has left no stone unturned to ensure you the most beautiful views of lush green landscapes, bustling BKC & the vibrant cityscape. Forget all your worries as you feast your senses on breath-taking vistas unlike anywhere else in Mumbai.Perfect views, perfect serenity.


4.The interiors


The interiors of your home speak just as much as the external façade. The way your internal space is designed, defines your style and speaks volumes about your personality. At TEN BKC, renowned interior designers such as AEDAS Hongkong have woven magic into the double heighted lobbies, The Clubhouse & Lounges.Perfect minds craft perfect interiors.


5.The returns on investment


Your life is perfect only when you can rest assured your investment will bear fruit. TEN BKC is built for the future! With the influx of corporate giants and consequent increase in the number of professionals in BKC, the demand for residential property is said to be on the rise.


Hence, it is estimated that the value of Property in Bandra East will continue to rise in the future as well.The perfect investment is centred around perfect appreciation.TEN BKC is more than just another luxury development – it is the perfect Residential Projects in BKC, near Bandra.


Source: https://www.radiusdevelopers.com/blog/the-perfect-lifestyle-at-tenbkc


Discover The World Of Radius Ten BKC Lobby

November 8, 2019 by radiusdevelopers  

Ever dreamt of owning an opulent residence located in the city of dreams, close to every possible amenity yet far away from the noise and the hullabaloo of the city life? 


Sounds surreal, doesn’t it? 


Well, not anymore. Elegant luxury has a new address in Mumbai - 10 BKC in Bandra – a tasteful residence for the fortuitous few.


A Signature Lifestyle


The Radius Ten BKC Project is a unique residential project that has redefined the concept of luxury residences in Mumbai. An icon in its own right, the project is a collaborative effort between two of Mumbai’s premier real estate developers - Radius and DB Realty.


The celebrated architect, Hafeez Contractor designed the Ten BKC new luxury Flats in BKC . Spanning an area of 5 acres, the project offers 2, 3, and 4 BHK houses with glass facades in three towers comprising twenty-three floors each. Three acres of land in the project will be transformed into stunning green vistas by the renowned firm Tierra Design – POD (Singapore) to create a relaxing haven for the residents.


Bespoke Luxury


Are you accustomed to the luxurious pampering of your favourite five-star hotels across the world? Now, Ten BKC brings that lifestyle to your doorstep with an artfully curated Residential Projects in BKC that infuses opulence into every aspect of your life.


Located next to the premium business hub of Mumbai, 10 BKC is well-connected to various parts of the city. It has, in its vicinity, luxury dining options as well as world-class education centres, hospitals, and shopping malls. 


Designed by internationally acclaimed architects, Ten BKC is your very own slice of personal luxury – a signature living experience.


Want a Peek into the Future of Luxury?


The Radius and DB Realty Ten BKC new residential project launch still has some time, but before it the world got a glimpse of the luxury that awaits, owing to the luxury 10 BKC lobby launch which took place on 26th October. Inspired by top luxury hotels across the globe, the   10 BKC lobby is a magnificent space covering 37,000 sq. ft. Aedas Hong Kong, a firm comprising of globally renowned architects have designed the elegant double-heightened lobby at the project, incorporating global design elements in the overall theme of the project seamlessly.


Source: https://www.radiusdevelopers.com/blog/Discover-the-World-of-Radius-Ten-BKC-Lobby


Makings Of A Luxurious Lifestyle In Mumbai

November 6, 2019 by radiusdevelopers  

The textbook definition of the word ‘luxury’ is a state of great comfort or elegance. And rightfully so, when someone thinks of luxury, they picture limited edition pens, suave cars, designer clothes and a place that reflects their stature, a regal home befitting royalty. But while all that looks great on paper, there are a lot of intricacies involved in the makings of a luxurious lifestyle and to that effect, the making of a luxurious home. And Radius Developers understands just that. Let’s look at all that it involves.




Living in any metropolitan city, and especially in Mumbai, the real luxury is the luxury of space. While the external space is something we cannot control, one would like to feel like they’ve entered their own paradise the moment they step inside their home. And that is the biggest factor for a luxurious home. Real Estate Builders in Mumbai like Radius, offer luxury residences with higher floor to ceiling heights, beamless homes that allow for more space as per your needs, and large windows that bring in natural light. X BKC is one of Radius’ ongoing projects where you can customize the space of the home to your needs and convenience. Isn’t that amazing?




What’s a luxury home worth if it is not located in the right place around the right kind of a neighborhood? There are several residential New Properties in Mumbai, but their drawbacks are that the access roads are a mess and the moment you step out, you’re right in the middle of a congestion. That is exactly what is subverted when you book a luxurious home. A luxurious lifestyle promises that you are strategically located in a place that allows you to be close to all that you need, and yet be around people that are of the same stature and same background as you. Much like Radius’ ongoing project, 64 Greens that has Kunthunath Jain Temple, Santacruz Elevation, Domestic Terminal, BKC Complex and Juhu Beach all within a 6km radius.




Right from smart homes to smart cars, to technology for personal perusal, the real luxury of today’s world is using technology to ease up your daily life. More and more home buyers are not only asking for these technologies but are even exploring them on a personal level. With technological advancements taking the world by storm, a day on day, it is only obvious that the future is in being tech-savvy. And with Radius’ many residential projects designed with only the best architectural skillset and technological enhancements, one can find the perfect home in Mumbai with ease.


Mumbai’s changing face is largely due to the notion of it being a luxurious city offering the right kind of lifestyle for those who appreciate the finer things in life. It, hence, comes as no surprise that there is a sudden rise in the demand of luxurious properties in the city and real estate developers are lapping up this opportunity to not only create masterpieces that pander to the consumers but also to create landmarks that will be worth remembering.


Source: https://www.radiusdevelopers.com/blog/makings-of-luxurious-lifestyle-in-mumbai



Find The Best Residential Property In Santacruz West

November 2, 2019 by radiusdevelopers  

Behold Santacruz’s best residential offering


Santacruz, derived from the Portuguese word ‘Holy Cross’ came into being in 1888, when the local railway station was named after a Holy Cross that was located on Chapel lane. It has since, grown to honour this legacy through many ways, namely, with the presence of illustrious educational institutions like Sacred Heart Boys High School and the SNDT University. Over the years Santacruz has shaped up as a cosmopolitan location which is known for its high-flying lifestyle offerings. It is only obvious then, that people who look to indulge in such a lifestyle, will search for good Residential Property in Santacruz West. Flats in Santacruz will surely match your expectations in terms of locational advantages and modern-day amenities alike. You may want to explore the many benefits of investing in a plush property like Radius Avenue 54 in Santacruz before deciding to freeze on your purchase.


Be it a luxury home or 3 – 4 BHK flats in Santacruz West, there is something for everyone here.


Buy the Perfect Residential Properties in Santacruz


When you walk around the stellar edifice of Avenue 54, you get to witness the beautiful and iconic face of one of the poshest areas in Mumbai, Santacruz (W). Standing high and beautiful among the thriving and affluent suburbs, it is one of the prime residential properties in the metropolis. Owing to its close proximity to the SV Road, easy connectivity to the rest of the suburbs is a given. Here, the infrastructural layout and the architectural design of the complex transcends the benchmarks set by luxury properties in current times. 


Avenue 54 has plenty of locational advantages. It is in close proximity to much-famed educational institutes, luxury hotels, and hospitals. There are plenty of fine dining restaurants, entertainment packed malls, multiplexes and other public amenities within easy driving distance, thereby making Avenue 54 the perfect residential haven.


Why Avenue 54?


This well-designed and laid-out residential property in Santacruz West stands testimony to the passion and zeal of its developers. It has the best blend of design and décor for the recreational benefits of people of all ages. This combination of culture in Mumbai is certainly worth a look when you are starting off your search for the residential space of your dreams.


World Class Amenities


Be it an outdoor playing area for your kids or a nicely laid out reflexology tracks that destresses, you can be assured of getting the best benefits when you choose an apartment at Avenue 54. Here, fitness and wellness come packaged with the most spacious homes in the city.


Source: https://www.radiusdevelopers.com/blog/Find-the-Best-Residential-Property-in-Santacruz-West

What Makes The Lobby at Ten BKC One Of the Grandest Edifices in The City?

October 30, 2019 by radiusdevelopers  

Art and luxury have always been subjected to varying opinions from those who have experienced them in a multitude of ways. But when it comes to real estate and the search for the next best thing in a luxury project Flats in BKC, what really seals the deal on unparalleled opulence?


The lobby at Ten BKC is a striking testimony to what constitutes as a symbol of grandeur. From the resplendent features of the edifice, brilliantly executed by renowned architectural firm Aedas, to the enchanting ceiling illustration that’s adorned with more than 300 geometrical metal pyramids – every facet of this grand lobby spells magnificence and leaves a lasting impression on your mind.


However, what makes the structure a true benchmark of elegance, is the sheer space that captures the essence of how magnificent the lobby really is. With a grand total of 35,000 square feet – 7,500 of which have already been delivered – you could easily fit in an entire football field or 7 basketball courts in the humongous space! The splendour doesn’t end there. Picture yourself sitting by a tantalizing faux fireplace, as you entertain family and peers in a setting that’s both intimate and effortlessly gorgeous. Or imagine strolling through an aesthetically perfect sunken courtyard, designed to give you only the most mesmerizing experience that Ten BKC has to offer. All these, and more, create the very essence of the property that redefines luxury unlike any other residential project has offered before.


So, if you are still curious as to what does seal the deal on unparalleled opulence in the real estate sector, come home to Ten BKC and become a part of a lifestyle that redefines the era of luxury that’s built around you.


Source: https://www.radiusdevelopers.com/blog/What-makes-The-Lobby-at-Ten-BKC-one-of-the-grandest-edifices-in-the-city



Harbour Heights - The Residential Jewel In The Heart Of South Mumbai

October 24, 2019 by radiusdevelopers  

Harbour Heights by Radius Developers and Sumer Group is a premium apartment complex situated in Mazgaon, in the heart of South Mumbai.


Harbour Heights Property in Mazgaon is a beautiful residential complex that overlooks the bay and offers beautiful views of the Mumbai shoreline to its residents. Mazgaon is one of Mumbai’s most coveted residential areas because of its connectivity to important parts of the city as well as its prime South Mumbai location. The Eastern-Freeway also provides easy access to the suburbs.


Harbour Heights is located amid the old-world charm of South Mumbai. It has awe-inspiring contemporary design and architecture. From the apartments to the duplexes and the penthouses, the design is inspired by the majesty of the bay that Harbour Heights overlooks. It is not without reason that Harbour Heights apartments are known as “luxury bay suites”.


Brought to you by some of the most premium Builders in Mumbai, Harbour Heights by Radius Developers and Sumer Group also has best-in-class amenities designed by world-class architects. These amenities allow residents to live a relaxed, premium lifestyle even in the heart of the maximum city. Here’s a list of just some of the amenities that Harbour Heights possesses.


  • Kids’ Outdoor Play Area.
  • Senior Citizens’ Area.
  • Jogging Track.
  • Two Swimming Pools and a Kids’ Pool.
  • Kids’ Indoor Playroom.
  • Skating Rink.


The project is ideal for people who want to maintain a premium standard of living in Mumbai. It has its 1, 2, 2.5, 3 and 4 BHK homes along with exclusive penthouses and duplexes. The apartments start at a price of Rs. 1.89 crore. Harbour Heights runs across a sprawling 10-acre campus, giving the feeling of a large, safe, enclosed and beautiful living space right in the middle of Mumbai.


So, if you’re looking for a 1,2 or 3 BHK in Mazgaon, you don’t need to look any further than Harbour Heights.


Source: https://www.radiusdevelopers.com/blog/Harbour-Heights-The-Residential-Jewel-in-The-Heart-of-South-Mumbai


The Perfect Guide To Luxury Residences in Mumbai

October 22, 2019 by radiusdevelopers  

Mumbai has always been the centre of attention in terms of real estate in the eyes of the general populace. Investors have always been keen on investing in Mumbai as it is considered the safest market for real estate. It is one of the largest cities in terms of population, due to which there is a high demand for residential properties. 


Luxury Apartments in Mumbai provide its residents with all the modern facilities. The following are the list of projects in Mumbai that provide you with an excellent range of luxury residences in which you can invest to gain profits. 


1. Ten BKC


Ten BKC in Bandra East is an upcoming premiere residential township in the BKC, the queen of suburbs, it offers homes of spectacular opulence and grandeur. Located near MHADA Office, Ten BKC resides in a posh neighbourhood and is well connected to eastern and western expressways as well as the Eastern Freeway.


Luxury apartments in Bandra at Ten BKC have a number of world-class amenities such as a swimming pool, kid play area, gymnasium, convenience store, multipurpose hall, reflexology path, and spa. It comprises luxurious flats starting from 3 BHK to 4 BHK. Hurry up, this is a one-time opportunity to own your dream home and live a happy and contented life. For more specific information of the project, please check the update on our website.


Pricing: Starting at Rs. 7 crores*


2. Harbour Heights


Fronting the majestic view of the Arabian Sea, Harbour Heights is a premium residential township which stands tall in the heart of Mazgaon. Of the numerous residential projects in Mazgaon, Harbour Heights is a sight to behold, as it is spread across a sprawling 10-acre property. If you are looking for luxury apartments in Mazgaon, look no further than Harbour Heights. Not only is it a fine residential abode, but it is also well connected to various parts of the city. It is located 1.9 km off the Eastern Freeway and is strategically located to be in close proximity to all major parts of the city.


The residential project lends luxury living a new definition, courtesy of its world-class amenities. So, if you are looking for luxurious 2 BHK in Mazgaon, investing in a property like Harbour Heights is your best bet. The amenities here include a jogging track, swimming pools, kids’ indoor playroom, skating rinks, senior citizen park, kids pool and outdoor play area. Harbour Heights offers 2, 2.5, 3 and 4 BHK luxurious homes.


Pricing: Starts at around 1.91 crore*


3. Imperial Heights 


Setting the benchmark for luxury living, Imperial Heights in Goregaon West is a masterful display of superb architecture. Of the many apartments in Goregaon West, the flats in Imperial Heights stand out for a variety of reasons. The flats in Goregaon West at Imperial Heights are well-connected to various parts of the city and is in close proximity to various educational, health care, and entertainment centres. The township is skirted by S.V Road and Link Road. Say hello to state-of-the-art amenities that include a skating rink, badminton court, steam room, spa, toddler and adult swimming pool, library, cafeteria, sun deck and many more. So, if you are looking to invest in luxurious 3 BHK in Goregaon West and 4 BHK in Goregaon West, look no further than Imperial Heights. Book a flat in and gift a paradise to your loving family.


Pricing: Starting at Rs. 3.75 crore*


Source: https://www.radiusdevelopers.com/blog/Flats-in-Chembur-The-Rising-Residential-Destination



Uptown Chembur - A Promising Investment Destination in Mumbai

October 18, 2019 by radiusdevelopers  

When it comes to residential investment options, there has been no dearth of choices available to residents of the Maximum City. Being one of the rising destinations for real estate in the country, Mumbai is no stranger to the floodgate of questions that enquire about upcoming infrastructure projects for prospective homeowners. Some of the primary concerns that feature in these questions are: proximity of the property to prime hotspots, ease of connectivity, kid-friendly neighbourhoods, and even the presence of parks and recreational spaces for the community.


There does exist one place, in particular, that can assuage your concerns and put all your real estate worries to rest. For a homebuyer who seeks all the above criteria for their perfect home, pursuing an investment in Chembur can reap the most financial rewards in the future. Strategically located in the heart of the city, the region is soon emerging as a rising choice for property investments across the city, making Uptown Chembur a coveted locale for an effortless lifestyle.


Here are five reasons why you should invest in the beautiful suburb of Uptown Chembur.


1.Centrally located


Live in close proximity to all central business districts and prime landmarks in the city and enjoy the perfect work-life balance to enjoy time with your loved ones. Discover shorter commutes and stay within a few kilometers of all your essentials and daily needs.


2.Matchless connectivity


Experience easy access to all parts of the city, including Bandra-Kurla Complex, Nariman Point and Lower Parel, via important railway stations like Chembur and Lokmanya Tilak Terminus as well as major roads such as Chembur Eastern Freeway, Eastern Express Highway, Santacruz-Chembur Link Road, and Sion-Panvel Highway.


3.High ROI


Thanks to its optimum location, unrivalled connectivity, and a high-ranking on the Child Friendliness Index sourced by Housing.com, property prices in Uptown Chembur have appreciated to 300% in the last 9 years, and 31.3% in this year alone.


4.Green spaces


When you buy property in Chembur East, you get to savour the amazing moments spent with your family and friends amidst verdant landscapes and a host of sports clubs for recreation, making Uptown Chembur an ideal investment choice for your future home.


5.Social infrastructure


From state-of-the-art medical institutions and fine-dining establishments, to renowned retail stores and excellent educational institutes – gives you a multitude of options to choose from through its well-developed social infrastructure.


These factors, and more, make Uptown Chembur a promising investment destination in Mumbai, bringing you an awe-inspiring life in the vibrant, pulsating heart of the city.



Source: https://www.radiusdevelopers.com/blog/Uptown-Chembur-A-Promising-Investment-Destination-in-Mumbai

Things NRIs can't afford to miss if investing in Indian Real Estate

October 11, 2019 by radiusdevelopers  

The non-residents Indians usually buy properties in India for investment purposes, when they want to stay connected to their roots and in cases where they are looking to retire and settle down in their home country. In any such case, NRIs that are planning to invest in the Indian Real Estate should be aware of the regulations that govern the acquisition and sale of any property. Here we have listed down some of the most important aspects of investing and government policies that NRI investors must know.




Foreign Exchange Management Act allows for transactions related to NRIs. The real estate falls under the purview of FEMA respectively. It states that an NRI can only purchase a residential or commercial property in India but an agricultural land, plantation, or a farmhouse can only be owned when it is inherited or gifted to the NRI. 


The act also prohibits citizens from certain countries from acquiring or transferring property in India without prior approval from RBI. These countries are Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, China, Iran, Nepal, and Bhutan. It is imperative to purchase any property following the guidelines mentioned under the FEMA Act.



Taxation and other benefits 


NRIs are eligible to earn returns from their investments in the form of rental income and short or long-term gain. Further, with more than 90 countries, India has a double taxation avoidance agreement. This means an NRI can claim the tax credit on the taxes paid by him/her on income earned on the immovable properties. They are liable to pay taxes on the capital gain arising in India. We have mentioned the type of capital gains in detail below:


Rental Income 


The rent earned from the property asset in India falls under the category of income earned in India which makes it taxable. Irrespective of the residential status, it will be taxable since it has been acquired from India.


Short-term Capital Gains 


If a property is sold within the two years of purchase, then the amount of profits earned through the sale is categorised under the short-term capital gains. The difference between the sale proceeds and the cost of acquisition is calculated as the capital gains in such situations and it is taxed as per the applicable slab rate for the NRI.


Long Term Capital Gains


A property that is held for more than two years from the date of purchase is taxed at 20 percent and is categorised under long-term capital gains. However, unlike short-term capital gains, the exemption can be claimed under sections 54, 54 F and 54 EC.


Power of Attorney


An NRI purchased Property in India can have a Power of Attorney (PoA) since the NRI is not physically present in India to fulfill the responsibilities. Although, it requires an agreement that must be signed in the presence of two witnesses who should either be physically present in the Indian Embassy or the signatures should be mandatorily attested by a local attorney. The document is later attested by the Indian Embassy and the entire registration should be completed within three months from the date of execution.


The PoA agreement will empower the respective person to act on behalf of the real authority of the property. It helps NRIs manage their assets in India efficiently. An assigned PoA can be used to manage the mortgage, lease, sell, rent-collection, rising dispute, as a representative for bank requirements, etc. 


Ensure that a legal registration is done first with proper identification before completing handing over the property. Frauds, disputers, and stamp duty evasion are prevalent and it’s imperative to have the necessary identification done from your end.


Home Loans 


Like any other normal citizen in India, NRIs and POIs are can avail home loans in Indian Rupees up to 80 percent of the value of the property. The loan taken must be paid back in the same currency. Also, if an NRI is planning to pay back the loan with EMIs through personal earning abroad, then they must understand the effects of forex (foreign exchange) as fluctuations may cause a burden. You can also pay off the loan through the rental income from the property.


Cookie Bonus: Have floating interest rates while taking a home loan in India instead of fixed interest rates.


Repatriation of funds


As per the rules under FEMA, the repatriation of proceeds from the sale of a property cannot exceed $1 million in a financial year. However, if the property was a gift or inherited by the NRI then they are eligible to exceed the $1 million per financial year limit. Also, repatriation can be done only if the property is purchased by following the FEMA directives.


Note: Repatriation of funds is restricted up to maximum of two residential properties and the property is purchased by a person outside India, repatriation will only be allowed after attaining the requisite approval from RBI.


Source: https://www.radiusdevelopers.com/blog/Things-NRIs-cant-afford-to-miss-if-investing-in-Indian-Real-Estate


Neighbourhood Features That Increase The Value Of Your Home - Radius Impertal Heights

October 10, 2019 by radiusdevelopers  


Some of the most important moments of our lives are a culmination of milestones that we achieve in every stage of our adulthood. One of these milestones include buying the perfect home for our family and spending time with our loved ones in our haven of comfort.


However, what makes the perfect home even better, is the prominence of a fantastic neighbourhood that caters to all your needs without having to travel far for your necessities. This is where Radius’ Imperial Heights steps in, to give you everything you could desire in your dream home. Offering 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments, the project is nestled in the heart of Goregaon West and offers unmatched connectivity to several prime landmarks and hotspots in the city.


Here are some of the prime neighbourhood features that make Imperial Heights your ideal residential abode.




We understand the value of excellent healthcare, and proximity to health institutes are a vital factor for any household. When you live at Imperial Heights, you gain access to premium facilities like Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital that are just a stone’s throw away from where you live.




Give your child nothing but the best in education and learning. Ryan Global School, Vibgyor High School, and ITA School of Performing Arts are just some of the renowned educational institutions and academies in the vicinity that will ensure a bright future for your little ones.




Forget the hassle of travelling several kilometers for your needs and necessities. Say hello to quick and convenient ways of shopping and retail therapy with a host of malls and hypermarkets just around the corner from your home, including Inorbit Mall, Mega Mall, Hypercity Mall, and Infinity Mall.




Immerse yourself in the joy of recreational avenues just around the corner, including fine-dining establishments such as the Seasonal Tastes and Prego at The Westin Mumbai Garden City, as well as several Cinemax and Inox multiplexes for wonderful movie nights with your loved ones.


When you reside at Imperial Heights, you become a part of the community that is designed to make your life easier with every step you take. Handcrafted for the elite, and dedicated to your indulgent lifestyle, ‘The Epitome’ welcomes you to the new era of luxury living.



Source: https://www.radiusdevelopers.com/blog/The-Perfect-Guide-To-Luxury-Residences-In-Mumbai