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5 Things to Consider Before Investing In Real Estate

September 11, 2019 by radiusdevelopers  

Investing in real estate Property in Mumbai has become more popular in the last 20 years as more people seek real estate investments as means to diversify their investment portfolio. When you invest in real estate investments, you enjoy excellent rates of returns. Real estate investment can be a stable and lucrative way to channel your finances and plan your future. However, for first time house buyers, making the right investment decision can be a difficult and overwhelming process, given the many factors that have to be considered. 


Here are 5 things to consider before making a wise real estate investment:


Property Location: Whether you are looking to rent out or re-sell your property, or stay there yourself, the location is all-important. Look out for proximity to public transit systems,shopping malls,hospitals, schools, colleges, employment hubs, multiplexes, restaurants and cafés. The more centrally located the property, the better the choice. Buy Property in Bandra East.


Flat Amenities: Look out for amenities and attractions both within the residential complex and around to ensure that the property will remain in great demand. Parks,sports facilities, tourist attractions, swimming pool and other kinds of social infrastructure are useful to have in the neighbourhood. Buy luxury Residential Property in Santacruz West.


Future Development: Search out about the plans for real estate development in the area. Future infrastructural development can impact your project of choice either negatively or in a positive way. It’s advisable to invest in an area that is not entirely saturated in terms of development.


Safety: Picking a safe and secure locality to invest in is a must. Enquire about the crime rates and general safety provisions in the area before going ahead with the investment.


Property tax and insurance: From the financial point of view, the amount that you pay towards property tax and insurance can affect the returns on your investment significantly. Make sure that these rates work in your favour before going ahead with the investment.


Looking for residential New Properties in Mumbai? Go with Radius Developers one of the best Real Estate Builders in Mumbai.



Buying A house in Mumbai Is a Profitable Investment

September 7, 2019 by radiusdevelopers  

Mumbai is becoming a most preferred realty market for house buyers because of the continuous improvement and development in infrastructure, connectivity to travel other parts of the city, the emergence of new business hubs, shopping malls, hospitals and the increasing availability of the land section in Mumbai which are encouraging house buyers and investors to buy Property in Mumbai and is proving as a profitable investment as well. In general, real estate investments have proven to be a profitable investment in todays age. 


It’s estimated growth in the coming decade will be around 25-30% and is also gaining immense momentum in India. Real estate industry is growing day by day in major areas of Mumbai and also in properties near Thane. It is extremely important to consider various factors before making any real estate investment commitment. If you are looking for New Properties in Mumbai it is necessary to consider these points so that you can definitely profit well on your next real estate investment.


You can now notice a reviving face of real estate in Mumbai as renowned real estate developers are developing exclusive Residential Projects in BKC. Real estate developers and Builders in mumbai are concocting premium living projects and are forming premium living properties into enormous townships. Today, real estate business solely depends on quality living and is advancing the green living idea and Luxury housing. 


Mumbai is the main city where you can experience the best of the two worlds. With its fantastic connectivity to other parts of the city, traveling time is detectably less and you can invest quality time with your friends and family as opposed to being stuck in rush hour traffic. Areas like Hughes Road, Santacruz West and Bandra East.Regardless of whether it's quality education or top healthcare centers, Mumbai has everything. In addition, sufficient recreational centers make Mumbai, even more, a happening spot to live in.


Residential Property in Santacruz West is like a breath of fresh air for individuals living there and who are very tired of the congested lifestyle. Many real estate developers are coming up with various projects and offering different options for those house buyers who have the desire and budget to live large.

5 Steps To Buy A House, For First Time House Buyers In Mumbai

September 5, 2019 by radiusdevelopers  

Planning to buy your dream house in 2019? We look at some of the dos and don’ts that can make it easier for house seekers to raise the down payment and service the EMIs.

Finance is one of the most important determinants, when it comes to buying a house Property in Mumbai of the other considerations revolve around this. As a property purchase is often a once-in-a-lifetime decision, it is essential to evaluate your funds accordingly. To buy a home, one nowadays has to utilise their savings and also opt for a house loan. The process of taking a loan has also become simpler, with a majority of people opting for it. Nevertheless, there are some basic principles that one can follow, to plan your finances for buying a house this year.

Track your spending:

Real estate is an expensive investment. However, with modern buyers being exposed to global standards, they refuse to settle for anything but the best. In such a scenario, every penny counts. Experts suggest that an individual’s monthly budget should be based on the 50/30/20 thumb rule, where one spends 50 per cent on basic necessities, including groceries, utilities, medical expenses, etc., 30 per cent for indulging yourself and your family, while the remaining 20 per cent should be saved. This 20 per cent will help you in your down payment, getting house loans and also in case of any other emergency.

Pay off all your existing debts:

You can never assess your net worth, if you are debt-laden. Any partial payment towards this debt, will show up poorly in your credit ratings and this may affect the house loan process. Paying off your debts completely, will help you move ahead in the direction of house buying. Besides relieving one’s tension, it can help you to properly allocate money for your basic requirement and for your big real estate purchase.

Invest in multiple assets:

One should learn about the different financial instruments available in the market. This can help you to invest your money wisely and use the returns, to fund the purchase of your house. Financial experts always stress on having a mix of different asset classes in one’s portfolio, as this will help you during big-ticket purchases, like property. “Before making the decision to buy a house, one needs to ensure that the current asset allocation is not skewed towards a risky asset class like equities. If that is the case, one needs to shift a chunk of those assets to less risky ones that are also liquid. Book your dream house New Properties in Mumbai.

Standing instructions for automatic transfer of money:

Initiate standing instructions at your bank, for transferring money from your salary account to your savings account, every month. This will keep you in check and you will only spend what is left after savings. Going forward, when you take a house loan, you can follow the same method, so that monthly EMIs are taken care of, right at the beginning and you avoid getting into any financial mess.

Maintaining a balance between rent and EMIs:

Proper planning is especially important, when one plans to buy a home while also living in a rented accommodation. This will entail an outgo of EMI, as well as the rent for your current house.




How To Buy A Property In Mumbai?

August 31, 2019 by radiusdevelopers  

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you may make. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider some of the important factors before zeroing in on your choice. What are the factors to consider you ask? Read the important ones following:

Choose A Reputed Builders in Mumbai:

It makes perfect sense to choose a reputed builder to buy Flats in BKC as you’ll be investing your hard-earned money. By choosing a flat from reputed Real Estate Builders in Mumbai like Radius Developers Group, you can have a complete peace of mind.

Radius Developers Group has built a number of residential Apartments in mumbai that are designed for upscale and comfortable living. So, if you are planning to buy a Flats in Mazgaon, choosing one of the residential projects of Harbour Heights Mazgaon can make your investment worthwhile.

Decide Upon The Location:

Deciding upon the right location is one of the important aspects of choosing a flat. Whether you are buying a flat for the first time or buying a second house for a lifestyle upgrade or investment purpose, choosing the right neighbourhood can help you achieve your goals.

Radius Developers Group, Residential Projects in BKC are located in various prominent areas of Mumbai. These locations are well-connected to the rest of mumbai. You can easily choose a 2 bhk,3 bhk Flats in Bandra East.

Check The Amenities:

Amenities add value to the flat you choose. The general rule of thumb is the more amenities, the better. Also, more amenities also mean higher resale value which can be great if you plan on selling your flat in the future.Flats from Radius Developers Group are equipped with a myriad of useful amenities such as hi-tech gym, outdoor playing area, community hall, cafeteria, swimming pool, CCTV, and parking space.

Check The Timeline Of The Project:

If the flat you choose is available for booking but isn’t ready to move in yet, make sure to check with the builder and find out about the completion date. By doing this, you may be able to give yourself enough time to plan about the furnishing of your new house and making temporary adjustments with your daily routine so at to ensure moving in isn’t hectic.

Choose A Safe And Comfortable Living With Radius Developers Group:

Flats from Radius Developers Group are designed to reflect a contemporary style of living in which peace, good health, and well being are uncompromised. Book your dream house Upcoming Residential Projects in Mumbai.



Why real estate investment best with Radius Developers?

August 28, 2019 by radiusdevelopers  



The Indian real estate market is known for its ever-changing dynamics and iconic structures. It is Asia’s second largest residential colony. Hence, it makes for a great realty investment for NRIs. Though they reside in foreign lands, they’re rooted to their homeland by way of culture and traditions. Therefore, this emotional connect helps increase their desire to own a Apartments in Mumbai in India.


Of all the major cities, Mumbai is known to be the financial capital of India. Therefore, making it the ultimate location where NRIs can invest in lucrative/great real estate property. In a span of 5 years, Radius Developers has established itself as one of the best Builders in Mumbai, thanks to their modern approach to real estate. From world-class amenities to great connectivity, their class apart homes are NRIs' one stop shop to a great realty investment in India.



Imperial Heights in Goregaon West - Radius Developers

August 23, 2019 by radiusdevelopers  



Luxury is not an attraction here; it is ingrained. From the spacious landscape gardens to the splendid homes & clubhouse, you are spoilt for choice. With 'The Epitome' (Tower C & D), one of the finest Luxury Apartments in Mumbai, we have spun every single piece of this new residential tower into a lavish experience.


If it is space you are looking for, this is it. If it is classy neighbours, then this is it. If it's about being well connected, this is it. An apt mix of solitude and accessibility, this project is a residential dream come true.


Set in the backdrop of a no construction zone, the tower boasts of an obstructed view of the skyline with the glistening sun spreading its natural light brightening every corner of your apartment.


Welcome to 'The Epitome', this is as good as it gets. 3 BHK, 3.5 BHK, 4 BHK apartments in Goregaon West. 44-Storey towers with a 4-Level podium car park.

Harbour Heights in Mazgaon

August 22, 2019 by radiusdevelopers  

Overlooking the magnificent bay, Harbour Heights Mazgaon is a gorgeous property that is created to perfection. Spread across a sprawling almost 10-acre property, in one of the city’s most accessible areas, Harbour Heights is set to be one of the most premier addresses in South Mumbai. Domestic Airport, International Airport, Lower Parel and Nariman Point are all easily accessible when you live by the bay in the luxurious Harbour Heights.


With a host of exclusive amenities including kids’ outdoor play area, skating rink, jogging track, and kids’ indoor playroom, the property boasts of prime connectivity to Mumbai’s prime hotspots via P D’Mello Road, Eastern Freeway and Sandhurst Road.


Inspired by the bay, the 1, 2, 2.5, 3, and 4 BHK Flat in Mumbai, along with exclusive penthouses and duplexes, have been aptly called luxury bay suites owing to its majestic views and a plethora of amenities that elevate luxury living to a new dimension.

Inspired by excellence!

August 20, 2019 by radiusdevelopers  


Welcome to 64 Greens – the most iconic Residential Property in Santacruz West. Standing tall amidst the affluent and thriving suburbs, the development presents a lifestyle that transcends four walls. Set perfectly in close proximity to educational institutes, hospitals, luxury hotels, fine dining restaurants and more, 64 Greens offers Luxury Apartments in Santacruz that are an exclusive haven. It stands testimony to the passion and zeal that comes from a vision of excellence, created to inspire those who covet a spot among the elite and the affluent. So, if you’re seeking beautiful flats in Santacruz that are harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor spaces, 64 Greens is the destination for you. A project that embodies the perfect melting pot of culture that is Mumbai, there’s no place better to create a bountiful legacy that will treasure joyful memories of your family, for years to come.

Homes That Reflect Perfection!

August 16, 2019 by radiusdevelopers  


Understanding your need for comfort and precision, we present exemplary residences at Ten BKC. These exquisite 3BHK and 4BHK Flats in BKC are strategically located in the city, giving you unmatched connectivity and an assortment of hand-picked amenities that suit your stature.


Endeavoured to create only the finest indulgences that are expansive and filled with richness, Ten BKC is a part of one of the most premium Residential Projects in BKC that is built while keeping in mind the evolved lifestyle that you lead. From the resplendent lobby designed by the world-renowned firm Aedas, to the tiered landscape designed by award-winning POD (Tierra Design) Singapore, every inch of the magnificent edifice has been created to cater to your every need.


Come home to Flats in BKC that have views, architecture and luxury that are nothing short of perfection - all in the heart of Mumbai’s most coveted locale!



Best Real Estate Builders in Mumbai

August 8, 2019 by radiusdevelopers  

Spearheaded by Mr. Sanjay Chhabria as its Managing Director, Radius is a modern take on Mumbai’s real estate. Team Radius is a blend of professional flair and entrepreneurial passion and is one of the trusted developers of Mumbai.

Sanjay is a renowned and respected Real Estate Builder in Mumbai, and Radius is his independent foray into real estate.

Radius is an amalgamation of integrity, transparency and ability to deliver challenging projects on time. Radius is an outcome of the succession plan at the Wadhwa Group, where Sanjay led the business as a Managing Director for over a decade. Above all, everything that we do will be built around all our stakeholders. Each development by Radius is an affirmation of its dedication. We bring to life unique concepts in urban real estate, which remain faithful to the philosophy of 'Built Around You'.